Now You Can Be As Well-Heeled As VH1′s Reality Stars!



Do you want to dress like a reality star? I’m sorry, that’s a stupid question. Who doesn’t want to dress like a reality star? VH1 is obviously known for its fashion more than anything (fun fact: the “H” stands for “haute!”), so it only makes sense that a shoe line has been created in honor of the footwear that has defined this great channel. Or whatever!

But really, Shiekh does have a new Reality Starr line that features VH1 talent like Prancer (Flavor of Love 3/I Love Money 2), Cali (Real Chance of Love/I Love Money 2), Jessica (Rock of Love/Rock of Love Charm School), Lady (Real Chance of Love 2) and the always-radiant Luscious (For the Love of Ray J 2). Check out the video of the shoot below. The best part is when Lady is talking about her music career: “I had a dream that Lil Wayne was on my remix, so that’s my motivation to keep going.” Keep reaching for your dreams or whatever, Lady!

Finished shots of the ladies getting their America’s Next Top Model on are below. See how well they smile with their toes (“smoze” is the technical term).

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[Shiekh Team]

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  1. Destiny says:

    So Tara Price is all bragging about the new reality show PlayBoy ShootOut and being on it and stuff When we gooin to see stuff for that show? i seen this girl naked on that webcam site doin porn and want to see this

  2. BlakeD says:

    Too bad they have all the boring VH1 “stars” that nobody cares about.

  3. urshler says:

    ray j, i really feel that you should just get you an ordinary female if you really want true happiness and love. the females thats being on your shows are just really there for to be seen on tv. i am a concern citizen andi know personaly how it feels to be looking for someone to love like you love that person. all these strippers and exotic people are extremely not for you. if thats what you want. your mom knows she knows for a reason. she just want you be happy without the drama. i know that you are a nice young man and one day you will find that special someone just for you.

  4. vh1 starr says:

    they should have in there Heather, New York, Bootz, Megan, Buckeey, Ashley, and Brandi C.

  5. roni says:

    sick. why did they not retouch her huge cottage cheese thigh. eeeeeegh thats disgusting

  6. Rick says:

    On what website was Tara on?

  7. camilla says:

    is there going to be a real chance of love 3 this year or next just asking it would kind of good to make a real chance of love 3