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Due to a birthday in the family, our For the Love of Ray J 2 Blog Party will not be taking place tonight. Feel free to use the comments section of this post to discuss the episode, or just wait for the recap. Ray J blog parties will resume next week.

If you have a problem with any of this, take it up with our girl Exotica.


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  1. Rach says:

    Too bad Exotica sounds like Frenchie, she’s the hottest chick on the show.

  2. EmilyRose says:

    Everyone is LAME!

  3. kishaboo says:

    well ray j im your biggest fan, u will never find what u are looking for unless your heart is really into it. i know u want love, and this gigg u got its makes u money not that u need it but hey u can use it, but these girls u got on this show they never would have been on it if u didnt have the show! u cant find real women like this u always end up back at square1! u dont see p.diddy doing this,do a show were u are tring to make some one your +#&~#^*#%(+^*@) istant u never know,just chill and let it ride u will find real love then if u keep doing this u go be tired, to many personalities and different vibes, your mind go always be confused then! do it big and bigger! peace

  4. jasmin says:

    man todays episode was too funny….Ray! Ray! Ray J u did it this time picking more amusement to my eyes..besos

  5. Faith says:

    uhh…I think Kishaboo missed the point-IT WAS RICHS BIRTHDAY!

    “Happy birthday to you…
    Happy birthday to you…
    Happy birthday thebestbloggerinthewholeworld
    Happy birthday to you!”

  6. NotRayJ says:

    Ugh. Why does RayJ keep saying the phrase “Smash a homie” Seriously annoying… who IS this guy and why would anyone want to “smash” him. He sounds so dumb when he talks! And why wont he stop taking his shirt off? At least the other fake celebrities on reality shows have the decency to do some sit ups. eeew!

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