Tool Academy 2 Recap – Finale – One Last Cry



T Shaw: Keeping Kleenex in business since Episode 1.

As the show opens, we see both T Shaw and Nicole, and (separately) Tyler and Shea talk about how making it this far means that they’ve won the show either way, no matter who gets the money. Good thing this isn’t Liar Academy, or this show would have just spontaneously combusted.

Trina unveils a cage that will be used for the final therapy session.


This cage is supposed to represent the guys’ fears of being trapped inside a relationship. And then, they get inside their fears…


…thus turning themselves inside out, if we’re to believe the visual metaphor. This is perhaps the most theatrical therapy session this show has ever presented. It’s theatripy. Anyway, Terry talks about the fact that he keeps Nicole away from his friends. They live separate lives, except that unlike whomever Phil Collins sings to, Nicole does have a right to ask him how he feels, since, duh: this is therapy. It, in fact, behooves everyone to speak so kind. Sorry to go on: it’s just so crazy when you realize that life is not a Phil Collins song.

Also: I forgot all about this problem of theirs. I guess repeated infidelity has a way of dwarfing things. I’ll just assume in good faith that he’s been working on this issue diligently since we last saw it mentioned. Trina encourages T Shaw to get out his frustration and so he rants a little…


He doesn’t want to be trapped in a horrible relationship, and he doesn’t want to be afraid to love Nicole. He ends up apologizing for not committing more before.

Tyler takes the opportunity to use the cage as a vertical set of monkey bars…


…which seems appropriate, considering the level of civilization in these parts. His catharsis goes: “Get off my back! Leave me alone! When I’m ready to get married, I’ll get married!” Great! At least we know where he stands. The whole freaking show could have ended here, but that would have left, like 50 minutes of dead air, so we press on.

The challenge finds the couples having to clean an extremely dirty minivan…


…these are supposed to represent their futures as couples. All this symbolism! But it makes sense because, after all, what is a minivan but a cage on wheels? Anyway, the couples must do this (somewhat predictably) tethered together…



Nicole and T Shaw end up bickering a little, but he resolves to take some time out so that things don’t escalate.


Tyler kind of drags Shea around, but it ends up working for them, as they win the challenge.


At their victory dinner…


…Tyler apologizes for yanking Shea around during the challenge. For every action there is an apology on this show. They don’t call it Apology Academy for nothing.

Oh, and then some dude with a violin comes out and they dance…


…and it’s weird and kind of awkward, but she cries anyway, since this show is also called Tears Academy.

Meanwhile, back at the Academy, Nicole asks T Shaw to get rid of his porn…


…because it makes her feel insecure. I don’t know, a little insecurity is a small price for staving off another man’s misery. But whatever — it’s their minivan-driven future, not mine.

The final showdown arrives…


Helping Trina and Jordan are some old faces:


Tyler points out Charm’s “I (Heart) Charm” shirt and Charm says, “Thank you, I love myself.” Well, that makes one of us! These guys, being tools, seriously add nothing and are gone within three minutes, though not before Charm can refer to T Shaw as “T Shawn,” and ask Tyler, “You feel like you could beat my ass still?” He’s supposed to be asking Tyler questions about his relationship, and once again, Charm finds a way to make it about him. Great. So glad we were able to share this last bit of time together.

Trina asks T Shaw how he’s changed. He says he’s different. He was afraid to be fully committed. He went deep with this therapy. Tool Academy yanked out his fears and put them on the table (not to mention his porn stash). That said, Nicole is the only girl that he wants.

She asks Tyler how his outlook on commitment has changed. He used to just be worried about himself. He thought therapy was a joke, but now he feels more committed. He’s falling in love with Shea again. The guys are then shuttled to a jewelry store to pick out engagement rings — the winner will get not only $100,000, but a ring for his girl, should he choose to use it. T Shaw has never looked at an engagement ring before in his life. Indeed, they are rare — they’re the unicorns of the tool world.

Then, it’s time to graduate.


Trina’s concern regarding Tyler is that being in love is something that should come naturally — it isn’t something you should have to work on. Ideals, ideals. T Shaw has progressed, but can he maintain commitment once Tool Academy is over? He’ll get the chance to find out because, despite him being “not that much of a tool anymore,” Tyler is not graduating.


He tells Shea that he wants to make it work with her. He asks that she trust that he’s in love with her and that his old ways are done. Of course, she gets in the car with him and the last thing we hear her say as he begs to give her back her promise rings again is, “Let’s go home and see how things go.” That’s the most reasonable thing anyone’s said all season. Even without the money, you win, Shea. The prophecy comes true.



…victory gives T Shaw the excuse to cry again. I think he might have a nine-episode streak of tears, but I’m not going to check because this show is OVER. Still, few would deny that T Shaw is impressively sensitive. But this is a joyous occasion. It’s not everyday that you become the second person ever to graduate from Tool Academy!


As the ANTM finale music plays, T Shaw rushes out to see Nicole. They share an exchange that goes:

T Shaw: I graduated!
Nicole: Tell me what happened!
T Shaw: I graduated!

OK, so it isn’t Vocabulary Academy. But it is, for this lucky couple, Engagement Academy:


She says yes, of course.


To a porn-free future!

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  1. lois says:

    i am so glad t-shaw won. way to go. thank god charm got put out he should have been out first.

  2. EmilyRose says:

    I think that in finales of shows like this they should both graduate but only one of them should WIN. I think it’s unfair that Tyler didn’t graduate.

    Also you should post a follow-up or something because without a reunion we don’t know who stayed together and who broke up!!!

  3. Amy says:

    This was a funny recap anyways it was ironic that all along everyone kept thinking oh Tyler was gonna win but it turned out T Shaw was more in love i wish we could do a reunion show to find out what happened

  4. Briseyda Gonzalez says:

    AaWW IM sOo glad t-shaw Won bc Nicole & t-shaw r soo Cute togeTHEER!

  5. maria says:

    AwWwWw I Am GLad T_shAW wOn!!!THey ShOuLd hAvE a ReNUiOn

  6. casey429 says:

    i wish they would do a reunion show to see what happend once they went home!

  7. ashley says:

    I hope it works out for TShaw & Nicole…she is a doll, but Tyler sure had our vote! And I agree, a show like that MUST have a Reunion :-)

  8. angi says:


  9. angi says:

    I will never watch this show again!!!!

  10. Roddrick Bowers says:


  11. Plummie says:

    I DID NOT think that tyler was gonna win and i’m glaaad he didn’t. I missed the show last night but the recap does it for me. way to go t-shaw. He needs to stop cheating but I could tell from the shows that he had “committment and letting go of his heart” issues. good luck!

    Follow-ups: hellyea!!! please vh1 we neeeeed follow ups. even with real and chance c’mon

  12. Terrie Helton says:

    hey way to go T shaw I’m really glad you made it and i hope you and Nicole are very happy. i was hoping you would would win i watched every episode of the show and wanted you and Nicole to win from the start. congrades. I’ll be ready for the next show.

  13. Tia says:

    No! So wanted Tyler to win. Yeah We need reunion shows for all our favorite VH1 shows……like how the hell is Bret doing??

  14. Abby says:

    VH1 should host a new show called Tool University and focus it here at Arizona State University…theres tools at every damn corner.

  15. bree says:

    Would really like to know what happened when they got h!!o!!!m!!!e!!!!!!

  16. natalie chapman says:

    omg he won go t shaw and i am so happy for them to you to are so cute toget her t shaw and nicole

  17. lala says:

    im so glad t shaw won there such a cute couple

  18. sharon says:

    ummmmmmmmm tyler should have won NOT t-shaw….. you people SUCKKKKKK

  19. bj says:

    y dont they do the reunion show any more does anyone know y?

  20. kelly m says:



  21. help says:

    please inform me as to how i can be apart of tool academmy 3, 4, whatever ill keep trying but first i need to know HOW? pppleaseee. xoxo.

  22. Brandy says:

    Its funny that he won..considering they aren’t even together anymore. Neither is half the people on the show. Amanda and Stew arent together..Now Amanda is with Jdaddy..and Leah and Dre p broke up.,.now he is with Hot Wings from Real Chance of Love. True stuff, weird and doesnt suprise me either.

  23. brandy says:

    Its funny that he won..considering they aren’t even together anymore. Neither is half the people on the show. Amanda and Stew arent together..Now Amanda is with Jdaddy..and Leah and Dre p broke he is with Hot Wings from Real Chance of Love.I know Charm and his girl arent together either..but that doesnt suprise me because well come on charm is a douche. I am not sure about Tyler and shea but i do know he was recently arrested..but still this show does need a reuinion..I think it would be funny to see their outcomes..

  24. Darcy says:

    T Shaw is so fake it’s ridiculous. I can’t believe that he won the money over Tyler and Shae. Tyler at least shows genuine affection for his girl. T Shaw makes everything about. Look it’s Charm Jr. Tyler and Shae earned that money not T Shaw. Nicole dumping him proves that!

  25. jourdanerica says:

    I agree. I think they should both GRADUATE, but only one can win the overall. It makes more sense that way.

    But also, I am absolutely thrilled that Terry won. He deserved it.

  26. teebaby says:

    I’m looking at the show on vh1 now and came to the web site to see who won. I’m happy t shaw won the other tyler seem like he was in it for the money.

  27. amber says:

    I am so happy terry won he is a wonderful guy and him and nicole are so right for one another i hope him and tyler both make it through life without ever becoming a tool again both nicole and shea deserve it they are all wonderful

  28. Jason says:

    Reunion Show Needed!!!

  29. cassandra says:

    I happy for yall. And I hope that this change the both of them. His girlfriend going to have to work on the trust cause he cross the line when cheat with one of her friend. U need to kiss her behind everyday and pray to god and yall will work out I can c he love her she love him and make sure you go around her family her mom is nice and smart.

  30. cals says:

    lol he’s such a big baby but its funny. i’m glad he won

  31. Raivyne says:

    Yes! Im so happy for T-Shaw! My two favorite people in the whole house made it to the final two, but my real favorite won! I hope they stay together. And I agree, they do need to do a follow-up on the cast! Or atleast have them do exit interviews on the website like they did for Daisy of Love, lol :D

  32. nikki says:

    im really curious who is still together? and are they actually going ot get married?! we all want updates!!!

  33. Z says:

    Does Nicole’s kid brother date African American women, cause he is fine!!

  34. Z says:

    Nicole’s kid brother is fine!

  35. moneyman says:

    i dont no if he does but i do z

  36. Maxine says:

    Love You Guys, Good Luck!!!!!

  37. Katie says:

    I hate reality TV but I love this show. It’s hysterical! These people need more than a crash course (those girls need serious therapy!) but it’s like a train wreck, you just have to watch. I hope someone at VH1 reads these comments because we all want a reunion show. Please give us notice, I cant miss it!

  38. mary says:

    i wish they both could have won
    . they came along way
    . reuion needed

  39. Anthony says:


  40. jassam says:


  41. jay z says:

    man i wish the black coupe win but thay did not win

    t show win his girlfriend is hoooooooooot

  42. brooklyn's mommy says:

    i am so glad he won. i think t-shaw progressed the most and he wasnt afraid to cry like most guys are. and they were the hottest couple on the show ne way. i liked them from the beginning. i hope their marriage works out!!

  43. brooklyn's mommy says:

    i am so glad he won. i think t-shaw progressed the most and he wasnt afraid to cry like most guys are. and they were the hottest couple on the show ne way. i liked them from the beginning. i hope their marriage works out!! i wish they would do a reunion so we could all see who stayed together and who broke up!

  44. PiLyAaK0 says:

    i knew Tshaw will win this… he is more sincere than nay of the guys there… goodluck to the both of you!

  45. Melissa! says:

    Dang. It bugs me that there is no reunion show..
    I have been looking forward to it, :/
    Does anyone know why they don’t do them anymore?

  46. Boss1250 says:

    I swear, for the life of me, I can not understand why it is so hard for these girls to see these “TOTAL” losers for what they are and move on to someone who would appreciate them for “WHO” they are and not for what’s between their legs.

  47. suck says:

    man lets go back to sid comes cuz reality tv suckkkkkkkkkkkkk

  48. Jenny says:

    Hey Dude…Good seein U in Rantoul today @ the Baseball Game! Loved the Yellow Shirt & Armband…Big Pimp! lmao