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  1. says:

    ok i just watched the show and i loved it but that kanisha(sorry if spelled her name wrong) she gets on my nerve…she make BLACK girls look so superficial and stupid. she has this fake squeaky voice that is so annoying and an attitude that is so not called for…i am sure that out of all the women that auditioned to be on that show they could have chosen someone better that fake kanisha….she is the worst..i cant say that she is broke but by the way she is acting she comes off that way…i hope this show really help her because she needs it.

  2. Nisey says:

    Ok, either VH1 producers don’t do thorough background checks, or their reality shows are just as real as Kanisha’s hair. I knew she looked familar. The question that I have is, if she is such a gold digger, then why was she on CW’s “Farmer Wants a Wife”? Also why is she listed as an actor. Really, if they have past television experience that causes conflicts with the current status they claim to have, then they need to delete all the sites that they are on.

  3. michelle says:

    Hey Steve. Im curious to know if you are going to do a show strictly for the women 40 plus? I know that dating is so different once you hit 40! I think this will be interesting! keep us posted!

  4. ??????? says:

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  5. 2cents says:

    Seriously?! I enjoyed the show last season but I have a hard time believing that 20,000 people applied and two of the eight that he picked were already on ONE reality show?! Uh, seems like some of them are looking for fame rather than love. Yeah, I knew the minute Kanisha opened her mouth that I’d seen her on something else – Farmer wants a Wife – Nisey I think that Farmer was worth mega-bucks by the way. And who can forget Rocky asking her daughter if her tampon string was showing on that reality show about child stars – didn’t that air on VH1?!!! Get with the program, if you’re going to cast “real people” for a reality show try to find ones we haven’t already watched on another reality show. Word to your mother.

  6. Sam B says:

    This is a good show.Steve gives the low down to the girl’s straight and uncut!…Kanisha(Gold-Digger)that body is a 10,the face not so much.Yes I’d do her though.Angel(stripper)has a exotic look.Cute and sexy.I admire her for doing what it takes to take care of her son.Rocky(HOT-Mess)this broad is totally MENTAL!…You’re not 18yrs old anymore.I’m sure she doesn’t live in a “Mosh Pit”so don’t dress like it.Jenna(Weight issues)she’s cute but still a lil’ on the plump side for me.This season is gonna be a blast.

  7. 1/3!!! says:

    Three out of nine contestants on other reality shows. Taylor on one other show (Tough Love 1/VH1), Kanisha on one (Farmer Wants a Wife/CW), and Rocky on two (I Know My Kids a Star/VH1 and Impossible Heists/Court TV). Plus Rocky has an extensive B-movie/sexploitation-films career.

  8. jen says:

    steve is so hot! i wish most guys can be like him and tell it how it is then play games.

  9. CDub says:

    Rocky reminds me of that psycho girl off of Dexter!

  10. picoturbo says:

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  11. ???????? says:

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  12. MichelleL says:

    Wasn’t Rocky on that show with danny bonaduce trying to get her kid an acting career?