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As he did last season, Master Matchmaker and VH1 Tough Love commander Steve Ward will weigh in with his thoughts on each episode of his show. Below, Steve talks about the second season premiere, the new batch of women seeking his help, the problems women in their 40′s face when looking for love and why he tends to haunt the people he advises like a ghost.

Did you take a different approach to Tough Love this season?

The biggest difference between this season and last season is that everybody knows me now. The men and the women. They know what the show’s about, they know what I’m about. They know what they’re signing up for. In Season 1, no one had any idea what to expect, including myself. Despite how provocative and outspoken I was, I still held back in Season 1, because I didn’t know how it would come across. Once I saw that and I was convinced that the producers are looking out for my best interests, I just took the gloves off in Season 2. I mean, I just threw caution to the wind, and I didn’t give a s***. And I went out there and did what I wanted to do, and I told the producers, “If you need to dial me down, or reel me back in, you go ahead and do that. But I’m going for it.”

You tell the girls that you’ve studied them very carefully. Does that mean that you were involved in the casting process?

Towards the end I was. I mean, there really were 20,000 women who applied to be on the show. And they had to filter them all down. So when it got down to about two or three dozen women, my mom and I got really involved in the selection of the final cast.

What were you looking for?

Basically, room for improvement. It’s one thing to work with somebody who is completely off base and has no idea what the hell they’re doing. But if you really can’t get through to them, there’s really no sense in even bothering. Additionally, I wanted to work with women that I felt were marketable. No matter what, I felt that I could match them.

One of the first things you have these women do is write what qualities they’re looking for in Mr. Right. And they’re all off, by your gauge. Was that a surprise?

No, not at all. I do that on purpose. I knew exactly what they’re going to write. A lot of the time, women are wishing for things that are completely unrealistic, things they have absolutely no chance in getting. So it’s sort of like, “Why even bother?” I mean, seriously. The purpose of the exercise was to see how reasonable their expectations are. It’s pretty obvious to me, and hopefully to the audience at home, that they were all unrealistic.

You end up later yelling at Kanisha regarding this issue, telling her, “You’re going to get what I give you.” Did you find her particularly unreasonable?

She came on the show making demands, and this happens all the time. It happens in my business, too. They come to me and say, “This is what I want. This is about me. It’s about what I want. This is what I’m looking for.” You know what? Spare me. I don’t give a s*** what you want. I’m going to tell you what’s good for you. These women think that they can just walk out and choose a man like they’re buying a puppy at a pet store or something. It doesn’t work like that. I need to break that down. This girl felt like she was entitled to all of this wealth and success and all of these other things. And I’m like, “What the hell are you going to give in return?” And that’s the thing that these girls don’t realize: you’d better get your s*** together quick because before you know it you’re going to be 40 and single and guys aren’t going to touch you with a ten-foot pole.

Do you think it’s totally hopeless for people who are 40 and single?

No, just a lot f***ing harder. And why deny it? Let’s just face it: it gets harder. Guys who are in their 40′s don’t want to mate with women in their 40′s. Period. I mean, it’s biological. They want to mate with somebody that they have a far greater likelihood of developing healthy offspring with. When a woman gets into her 40′s and is ready to have a kid, you have high-risk pregnancies, you’ve got chances of birth defects. And whether men even realize this or not, subconsciously, they know the risk is there. It’s like going out and buying a car. You’re not going to walk into the dealership and say, “Hey, do me a favor. Give me a car that’s 10-years-old but has no miles on it. Because it’s just as good to me as the brand new version with no miles on it.” You know what I mean? It doesn’t work like that. You want all of the perks and amenities of the newer model.

But when you say something like that, or “For women, sexual partners should be like golf scores: the lower the better,” are you speaking on how things are or how they should be?

I’m just saying that that’s what men are hoping for. For the sex partners, I’m going to use that car example again. You go into a car dealership. You ask for a CARFAX. You see the car has 10 different owners. Are you going to buy the car? No, you’re not. When girls have the reputation of being with a lot of men, or if it’s revealed that they’ve been with a lot of men, all of a sudden you don’t feel that special.

In an ideal world, somebody would buy that car because recycling is good for the environment.

In an ideal world. But unfortunately that’s not the world that we live in. And it’s only getting worse.

I know that you’re very pragmatic.

It’s like, look: I’m not an incurable or hopeless romantic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely romantic, but I’m also an extreme realist. And this is just what I’ve observed and doing what I’ve been doing for the last ten years. This is an opinion, OK? This is observation.

After the blow-up dolls, you have the women projected into a screen and then have guys sort of rate them. What was the philosophy for basing a challenge entirely in the realm of the superficial?

If you remember in Season 1, we made them walk individually in front of the guys. They were aware that they were being judged, so you can almost see some of them trying harder, or consciously trying to seem as if they weren’t trying to impress the guys. In this season, I wanted to do it in such a way that they didn’t even realize that they were being looked at. That’s why we filmed them just walking up to the house. The purpose of doing it at the City Walk in front of the public, and also in front of them, was so that they could learn from each other, and so that they could learn from the reactions of people in general, not just those three men.

When you’re going over these results, you mention that Angel’s dealt with a lot of trauma.

Oh yes, she has. Let’s see: she was adopted and then she had her son and was abandoned by his father. I mean, that’s pretty serious.

It’s heartbreaking.

Oh, tell me about it. Your heart goes out to these women. There are episodes that are probably going to make you cry. Just like every single woman in the room did. You gotta understand, most of what we do on this show is very cathartic. And I mean that in every sense of the word. It is literally expunging all of this negativity, and abuse, and neglect, and abandonment, and trying to exorcise it like a demon.

Yeah. There’s also Jenna. Her insecurity is striking.

That kind of insecurity can be more off-putting than arrogance. At least arrogance shows a sign of confidence. That type of insecurity is just so draining. It’s freaking exhausting. Look, her weight loss is an incredible accomplishment. I try not to take that away from her, but in the same breath it’s like, “Good job. Move the f*** on.” I mean, “Congratulations. You’ve accomplished something really terrific in your life. Move on. Move on to your next accomplishment.”

Elizabeth strikes me as the girl who’s the furthest along in her process.

She isn’t. You’ll find this out later on. First of all, she shows up for the show with a nose ring and biting off the caps of beers. I’m trying to class the girl up a little bit. She’s like Jacklyn from season one, except from Kentucky rather than Texas. Her father died two years ago, and she’s so desperately looking for a man to fill the void in her life that her father left that she actually interrogates every single guy that she’s with to make sure that they’re ready to get married, like within seconds of meeting them.

You have the women sit through a speed-dating session this episode, much like you did on the last premiere. As a matchmaker, what’s your opinion on speed dating?

Well, let’s see, on January 29 I’m hosting the world’s largest speed dating event at the W Hotel.

OK, so you’re a firm believer.

Well, it’s not that I’m a firm believer, I just think that you can meet anybody anywhere at any time. You know? You just have to be able to maximize the utility of that time. And really, the biggest point of the speed date was actually to help us. I mean, we put 32 guys out there. It was helpful for my mom and I to see how they acted when meeting men, which guys they were most attracted to and why.

By the end of the first episode, what was your overall impression of the group? Did you know that you had your work cut out for you?

Yeah. If you recall, the very last thing I say in the supertrailer, which was filmed at the end of the first group, was “I’m exhausted.” I mean, honest to god, by the end of that first week I was getting ulcers and headaches again just like last season.

Do you have any goals for this season or just overall?

At the end of the day, whether or not these women leave this show in relationships, or maintain the relationships that they leave the show in – that’s all inconsequential to me. What matters most is that they’ve grown from this experience and learned to love themselves. And that they can then carry that forward with them in their future dating endeavors. This way, the next time they do meet somebody, it works in their favor as opposed to working against them. I guess what I’m trying to do, and the whole purpose of the show, is to increase the awareness of these women and make them more super-conscious of what they’re doing. I think that if I’m successful in doing that, then I’ve done my job. From the feedback I get from these women since filming wrapped, it’s almost like I haunt them like a ghost. They go about their love life, and I kind of appear to them, like an apparition, and remind them not to fall into old patterns by doing the things that they would normally do.

Follow Steve Ward on Twitter! And check the gallery below for the new batch of women and their show-designated titles.

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Also VH1 and Shecky’s have teamed up for a contest, in which the grand prize includes a trip to New York and a consultation with Steve and JoAnn Ward. Click below for details!


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  1. AmeeJo says:

    Ok Miss Jenna aka I’M FAT…
    Well I weighed 210 lbs. in Feburary and now I’m down to 145. I am so proud of myself and I can’t believe someone who has lost so much weight is gonna sit there and whine like that?!? I have been overweight since I was 8 and it took me to be 22 to get at the right weight. I love being called thick because I don’t wanna be all skin and bones she needs someone to lay into her a** about the way she acts. I think it’s a cry for attention. People still call me fat and it doesn’t bother me because I know the weight I have came from. I wish I could be on there just to set her straight.

  2. MBee says:

    Just wondering how Rocky from “I know my kid’s a star” got on this show. Is this all set up? May not watch it as much as the last season…

  3. Cami says:

    I agree with MBee about “Rocky”…it does seem like they are looking for drama because she caused a lot of it during the “I know my kid’s a star” show…I also find it very harsh of Steve to say what he did above about being 40+…yes, it is #($@%`%%((*!^)&^ ing harder, but he makes it sound completely hopeless from his answer…I found that very disheartening as I am over 40 and feel like I should just give up after hearing his answer…I don’t think I’ll be watching as much this time around…I don’t need to see another reality show that isn’t “real”.

  4. Cami says:

    I agree with MBee about “Rocky”…it does seem like they are looking for drama because she caused a lot of it during the “I know my kid’s a star” show…and bringing Taylor back…shouldn’t this be about the new girls? Its like he picked the same kind of girls that were on last season…just different names…surely there are more women who are “marketable”…and no offense to any of them…most of them seem like great candidates, but it did seem like some had the same issues as the last girls.

    I also find it very harsh of Steve to say what he did above about being 40+…yes, it is #`@)@`)__`##!+#$ ing harder, but he makes it sound completely hopeless from his answer…I found that very disheartening as I am over 40 and feel like I should just give up after hearing his answer…I don’t think I’ll be watching as much this time around…I don’t need to see another reality show that isn’t “real”.

  5. Squirrel says:

    I just wanted Steve to know that Rocky is not there for a man, she is to crazy, she was on another show with her daughter trying to get her to be a superstar and she is trying to do the same. She is nuts she need therapy not touch love, she needs touch life. Let her know that.

  6. Funkym0nk3y says:

    Now let us try and forget that Rocky is here for finding love and the fact that she was on “I Know My Kid’s A Star” and that her music career has nothing to do with it.

  7. christine says:

    I think Rocky needs to come back to reality because she is the girl at the bar that I turn my head and look at because she is so needy for attention and loud. She thinks she is being hot but she looks unclassy and easy. Guys don’t want easy they like a chase and want a respectable woman.

  8. Mike says:

    So far, I think the best 3 are Sally,Jenna, and Liz. We all know that Jenna has some issues to get through but I see a lot of potential. Liz has a connection with someone already and that’s great but I think she’s the type to cling to someone too quickly just because they’re there. Sally, too, has some issues but I think she’s honestly trying and will make a lot of progress as Steve leads her to self improvement.

  9. Kristi says:

    Women are not cars, you misogynistic jerk.

  10. isa says:

    I don’t really understand why Rocky is on the show. I’m sure there were other women that had similar dysfunctional behavioral pattern. She has a lot of different issues and problem with finding love is the last one she should deal with! She had her 15 minutes on another show…. I feel like she’s taking a spot from somebody that truly deserves it. One thing that I do not like about her is that she loves to start fights and there is always drama around her…. I understand the real world, but I feel like the house for those women should be a safe place. They’re going thru so much and they’re trying to change (at least some of them). Why would you subject them to so much drama at the house?
    I also hope you have a mental health professional on staff… there’s a lot Steve cannot and should not touch. But, it sounded like in one preview, Steve said “I’m not a doctor.”
    I like this show even though Steve is more aggressive…. It’s interesting, but both Rocky and Taylor bother me as I don’t think they should be there…. But I guess it’s all about good TV…

  11. MICHELLE says:

    this is to STEVE WARD. Do you plan to do a show for the women in the 40yr range? or are you going to keep it diverse in all age ranges? I would like to be on the show!! Dating when you’re 40 plus is a lot different from the 20-30yr. range!! This would be an exciting twist!! Im 42! one thing i’ve learned about men, they play mind games at all age ranges! Im looking forward to this new season…i’ll be watching!!

  12. Susan says:

    I can’t get over Rocky being on this show either. Is her star child sitting at home fending for herself? This lady is a fame hungry crazy person. She is not on this show for the right reasons. The other women seem to be clones of last season’s girls. Some of them act like they never saw the last season either. I don’t get why they don’t just play along, they’re so resistant. The former fat girl is the most interesting one, and it’s sad because she needs to like herself before looking for a guy. (by the way, I keep getting 500 error messages and duplicate comment messages when I comment. I hope I’m not spamming with comments here!)

  13. LEGALLYBLONDE39 says:

    I’m glad you guys recognized ROCKY too. Does VH1 think we are all “mindless”? This is just a casting call.. THere are no REAL people here.. Just another show i won’t watch anymore.

  14. Kim says:

    I love Steve. I would go on this show. He is tough but good. Not to mention I think he is hot. I will be watching this season. The girls might have some of the same problems as last season but lots of girls out there have the same problems.

  15. Ward says:

    I see value in this program. It will help to communicate to the rest of the girls out there that some of these issues really are troubling to relationships. I think specifically that the body issues situation is something that many men out there hear from their girls all the time and that by showing how ridiculous this type of behavior is you are taking care of communicating this in a real way to those women.
    Thank you.

  16. Over 40 says:

    I think Steve should shut his pie hole about the comments he made about women over 40! After being with a few toads, I married my hubby at 41, had our first child at 43 and our second at 46! Both boys are happy, healthy @ well grounded. The problem is that women want an unattainable ideal of a man who is going to take care of them. You should be with a partner to enhance your life, not be the primary focus. My man may not be rich, but he satisfies ALL my needs! And I DO HIS….Women need to stop being pushy, needy and whiny @ take care of self first. Your self-confidence @ positive attitude will draw the right man to you. And STAY AWAY FROM BARS!

  17. ErinP says:

    It is so disappointing to me to tune into a show that I love only to find they are again cycling through the “reality show )#@&_`&!^(~`@~(*~ s.” There is nothing I hate more than seeing the same people over and over again on TV. Don’t you think you could look a little harder and find people actually deserving of Steve’s help rather than the same desperate fame seekers we have seen countless times. I’m debating whether to even watch the show this season simply because it seems set up because of this one person. Come on VH1, can’t you do a little better and come up with some original, real people who actually could benefit from these types of shows??!

  18. autumn says:

    i love steve hes so handsom and he comes from a genuine place even if it hurts to tell u the truth and rocky is a reality ^__~&)$@^&_@(*`$$ we should of saw that coming a mile away

  19. Dawn says:

    I agree with MBee. WTF is Rocky doing on this show?! I’m sure Rocky slept with someone to get here. I hope she’s out within the first few weeks. It just goes to show you that the producers are not select your average american woman.

  20. LadyNita34 says:

    Ok I missed the beginning of the first episode and Kanisha looks sooooo familiar. Can anybody tell me if she was on another show? I wanna say farmer wants a wife? I just can’t place the show but I seen her on another show before!!

  21. LadyNita34 says:

    Ok I missed the beginning of the first episode and Kanisha looks sooooo familiar. Can anybody tell me if she was on another show? I wanna say farmer wants a wife? I just can’t place the show but I seen her on another show before!! But she already on my nerves lol…

  22. Melanie Wildy says:

    I LOVE STEVE WARD!!!!! His honesty is rare and beautiful!!! This is one of my favorite shows!!! I wish I could be on there those women are definitely not appreciative of Steve’s help! And the men he picks…WOWZA this is a reality show I hope is not fake! Love the show KEEP IT RUNNING!

  23. felx rivera says:

    I am glad your back.I have leard alot of things and have matured in alot of things as well. I preffer your show because you talk about real love and have not compromise your show by tryng to match men together.

  24. china says:

    same here when i hit ma teen i blow up andi styll not able to go down…but only cause im big it does not me im cry or act like a little baby when a sexy like like him say thick thick is da new sexy…get it stright…and he didnt not say it to make u feel like %~^+*`(*%&@$@~^~ he said it cause he likes it…

  25. china says:

    same here when i hit ma teen i blow up andi styll not able to go down…but only cause im big it does not me im cry or act like a little baby when a sexy like like him say thick thick is da new sexy…get it stright…and he didnt not say it to make u feel like @_`@(!!^%$@+*^+~ he said it cause he likes it…

  26. Jerri says:

    Rocky was the crazy Mom on another show that had Danny Bonaduce working with a group of wannabe child actors. She was a freak on that show as well.

  27. Tammy Ray says:

    Of all the people you could choose to be on the show why Rockie? There are real women who need real help finding love. This woman has already been on one reality TV show for VH1 and only seems to be looking for attention. At least during your last show there was an older woman on that was relatable to real women…it makes me sad to this Rockie is the only female on the show to talk for women my age!

  28. glai2507 says:

    I don’t know if anyone noticed this but the girl Taneisha isn’t she on I love RAY J 2??? the girl that just got cut..lava???

  29. glai2507 says:

    HAve u guys noticed Taneisha is from I LOVE RAY J 2..Lava??

  30. matthewj10281 says:

    Kanisha is a disgusting person. It is inexcusable for anyone to act like her, but she is ugly on top of being a gold digger. Sorry hunny if your going to be all about some guys money you better be hot, and you are not even a little attractive. I would pay you to keep your ugly $@#!^$`(~^_($)% in the house, because I would never wanna be seen with you.

  31. matthewj10281 says:

    Kanisha is a disgusting person. It is inexcusable for anyone to act like her, but she is ugly on top of being a gold digger. Sorry hunny if your going to be all about some guys money you better be hot, and you are not even a little attractive. I would pay you to keep your ugly _)~_&&$*#($%@$_ in the house, because I would never wanna be seen with you.

  32. Butterflyz says:

    About Steve’s comments for anyone over 40…I would love to know what his mother says about that…they claim to be the best matchmakers…well, here is a reality check…there are a lot of men and women over 40 who are looking for love…and not every man over 40 is looking to “mate”…maybe they already have children or don’t want children…so to say what he did is completely ignorant…I’m terribly disappointed in him for being so close-minded about this and some other things he said…I submitted to be on the show because I really thought he could help and we could learn from him, but now I know that I didn’t even stand a chance because of my age…so why should I even watch this show? Shame on you VH1 and Steve Ward!

  33. surprised says:

    Tonight was the first time I saw the show, of either episodes. I think wheather or not these are real girls the show can teach men and women a little about one another. Sure the show seems a little like entertainment but I do think there is a lot of education that can be learned from the show. I think the girls were named specifically so viewers can relate to that particular trait and learn what he is trying to teach to that general personality. Maybe he is being a little close minded about women in a particular age group. Surley women in their 50′s and 60′s might be trying again or even trying for their first love experience. But this show is for an age range of real first time loves to create families out of is what it appears. We are all looking for love at some point in our life the age ranges may vary, but to have children at a later age does have an increased rate for complications. Not for everyone but for most and I think women know that and want to try to start and be done by that age. I could be wrong but I might be right.

  34. Kat says:

    OK first of all Rocky is a NUT case who fails to realize its no longer 1984. Now can we talk about that money grubbing GROSS nasty ugly Gold Digger? WOW I cant believe that people actually act like this. And she wonders why she has NO man. And if she thinks she is the caliber of woman that it takes to land a man like she wants she is WRONG. GET a clue.

  35. Jen says:

    The rocker mom is from I Know My Kid’s A Star… A VH1 show… is this show all actors??

  36. Mikey J says:

    I just wanted to say that Steve is awesome in how he is straight up with these women. Although they’re not average women, because of their issues, they desperately need to be shown how stuck up or gold diggin or the lack of self esteem they have. Most women are beautiful caring people but this cast obviously needs help.

  37. Helen Rosado says:

    I really am happy VHI brought back Tough Love part-2 .
    As a woman, i like to see and kind of understand the male perspective on relationships. I think your show is great ! Love it !!

    PS. I hope one day you will do a Tough Love for older woman the “40″ generation — I am in that group and i do have to admit i have learned a few things from the youngman–:)

  38. Laura says:

    I agree with Kristi, women are not cars!! The analogy was not even necessary, it was mean, and I will not be watching the show anymore. The show is tackier this season as well.

    P.S. Sometimes women want a “newer model” as well you *&+%$@@`*~@%$%)

  39. Butterfly says:

    Also…regarding the comment about women who are 40+….I wonder what kind of advice he has for his mother…I wonder what she has to say and if she is still single and does this mean she will most likely stay single (if she is) according to her own son? Geeze, according to him, everyone who is 40+ might as well give up already…NOT…what a jerk!

  40. OMG says:

    Ladies, ladies, ladies…STOP LISTENING TO THIS RIDICULOUS NONSENSE! Please, really, stop! We have the right to vote, we broke through the glass ceiling, we’re half the population of the world, we can wear pants now! When are we going to get it through our heads that we are just fine the way we are?? In a world of almost 6 billion people there is always going to be someone out there that will love us for exactly who we are. Stop listening when you’re told you’re too fat or too smart or too goofy or too whatever! Just be you, whomever that may be and be proud of it!

  41. Real Clear says:

    @Legallyblonde39, Dawn TammyRay, etc: You’re right. This show is not all about casting the average American woman. If Rocky is an example of most women here, I’m moving to Europe. Some of the other women seem to be cast just to stir up drama too, but she is the most extreme and obvious example.

    BUT – It’s VH1. Based on their other shows, it’s a good bet that drama will attract their viewers. The producers are smart to do what might increase ratings. They probably don’t think viewers identify with or believe Rocky. They allow her to lie about her age on her bio page, because it’s obvious she’s in her 40s, not 30s. They know that will get people talking and stir up more drama and viewers.

    Rocky is not so smart if she believes people are watching because she is sexy and talented and someone everyone admires. We’re watching because it’s fun watching trainwrecks! (Actually, I don’t think Rocky is stupid – she and the producers are hoping to laugh all the way to the bank. But her ego seems big enough that maybe she believes her own hype too.)

  42. VH1Fan says:

    So you’re saying VH1 fans are stupid for liking drama? So why are you bothering to watch and comment. Jerk

  43. Paul Steezo says:

    WOW…Out of 20000 applicants they chose that “rocker wannabe” Rocky for Tough Love 2… She is about a lousy musician as you can possibly be AND that she was on another reality show?? Cmon guys really now

  44. jaime says:

    Kanisha was on a show as well. I have been racking my brain, she looks so familiar. She was on a CW11 show, “Farmer Wants a Wife”.

  45. Deeeeeandra says:

    I seriously don’t know why in the world Rocky is in the show. She is clearly out of her mind and up to no good. I thought it was stupid how in the 2nd episode she said Liz’s man was trying to flirt with her and give her a rose. It’s just dumb. But anyways, my favorite out of all these girls is sally. I’m sure she’ll do well and find that man of her dreams. :] .. you go girl !

  46. sheryl says:

    what about married couples???? my marriage needs help. please help us!!!

    helpless in hawaii

  47. Martha says:

    Just wanted to say that I love this show and the advice that Steve gives to these women and all women all over the world. The only thing that disappoints me is HOW he talks to some of these women. It’s okay to be honest and give “tough love”, but it’s not ok to talk down to these women and belittle them the way he does with some of them. It is appalling. For example, there’s Jenna. She was overweight all of her life, and therefore, rejected by men and even other people around her. When you are constantly rejected by people (and I also say this from experience), that causes LOTS of insecurity which takes lots of time and patience to overcome. Even if you lose the weight, the insecurity is still there. Like I said it takes alot to overcome what your mind (and people) have told you for so many years. Call it a psychological issue or call it whatever you’d like, the problem is there and she simply needs help to take care of this. I’m afraid it will take more than Steve to help her out. I definitely know this much, talking down at her and about her the way he has in this interview is not the way to go. SMH…

  48. MJ says:

    Just wanted to say that even though I love this show because I love the advice Steve gives, I do not like HOW he gives it. He talks down to the women and belittles them. This is appalling. For example, there’s Jenna. If you haven’t been in her shoes, you really can’t understand where she’s coming from. She’s been overweight all of her life and therefore, has been rejected by men all the time…even from people around her. So when you’ve been rejected for so many years, you are bound to feel LOTS of insecurities. Even if you lose the weight, to most people, these insecurities still exist. It takes time and patience to change what your mind, and so many people, have been telling you for so many years. I’m afraid it’ll take more than Steve to help her out. Call it psychological or whatever, she needs someone to help her love herself before she can love someone else. Now, I definitely know this much, the way Steve talks TO her and ABOUT her, like he did in this interview, does not help at all. SMH…

  49. tia marie scott says:

    Hey girl, If you could just know that I have been able to relate wicha since “I want my child to be a star.” Been routin’ for ya.

    If you could and would want to help a gal out, please put in a name for me. Was pleased to see you on Tough Love. You rock.

    I’ve been sex free for the sake of my kids for manya years. My husband died when he was 37 (unexpectedly)13 1/2 yrs ago. Bottom line, I can identify wicha.

    May God bless you and your lil’ girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. sharon morgan says:

    i come to you for an answer or help maybe im in tears b/c the man ive been married to for 10 years has ran off and left me for one of his family memebers deep down in my heart i know i love him i would take a bullet for him and i dont know if its b/c of olur two childern or if its true love i never felt this way abouta man before til him.. and he dont want to hear me when i wantto let him know how i feel im almost all out of tears to sheed i really neeed an answer or even your help please

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