I Want To Work For Diddy 2 – Blake’s and John’s Exit Interviews


A double elimination means a double batch of exit interviews for this week’s episode of I Want To Work for Diddy 2. Blake’s is above (ladies and gentlemen, we have a “not here to make friends!”); John’s (bitter, but not racist!) interview is below.

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  1. LoveJ says:

    Why would diddy ever run the risk of *(($*~`+`+_*%*$ igning “stressed” “rushed” people who hve never driven a petty cab through such a busy city as new york? Really should think these task through. Saftety first Diddy.

  2. MZ.SWEATHOGG says:

    I would just love to say I almost had 32 heart attacks when Poprah called ivory a roach with a wig…o.m.g…sooo funny,and true..why is it that the ugly people are always the loudest?Ivory needs to take it down about a thousand.she is the only one that I cant stand,all that loud for no reason.I bet everyone at her last job hated her…maybe that’s why she is trying to work for Diddy.Besides her I am loving the show so far.

  3. Joey D says:

    This is not a joke. Spiity is serious and has money. you want it doggy-dog that stuff. Make the money and watch the reptilian show V. I missed the last episode. I wasnt hypnotised:(. infinite knowledge says bye bye.

    make money
    good luck everyone

  4. Kai says:

    I did not realize that the point of this show truly is not to find an `&#$`#*&(^!@~*% istant who is capable, competent, and sane until this episode when they allowed BLAKE of all people to go home!!
    Sure the other chick is “passionate” – whatever that means in the context of her never doing much for challenges, starting drama, and loudly yelling at people in the moment of a challenge and back at the loft – but I wouldn’t trust her to pick up my dry cleaning let alone handle the complicated necessities of a daily existance such as P.Diddy’s!! Blake consistently proved herself to be a person levelheaded and sharp enough to be trusted to deal with anyone and who KNOWS the brand well enough to sell it with class.
    However, as a first time watcher to the show now filled with disappointment, I know and I can get on with my life without it – I had a few people who I had my eye on and knew were competent and now two have gone home… so I’ll use my reality TV hours elsewhere!

  5. Chriss says:

    I am aghast at Blake’s elimination. I just can’t believe it! After Zach proved himself insane, I just knew that Blake was going to be the next winner (I called Mike from season 1 early in the game).

    They’ve got to be bringing her back once Poprah is revealed as a mole…that’s the only way this makes sense. Otherwise, I’m tempted to pick Dalen as the next winner, but I know that would just mean he’d get the boot next.

    I don’t understand this season.

  6. Lori says:

    I was happy that Blake went home. She seemed to be the Groupie type! You know the type…. Small town, always thought she was better than everyone then reality set in once she was out on her own. So Diddy is supposed to be her free ride to the life she thinks she is entitled too! Allison, Get a life!

  7. sicilia says:

    Lori, did you have a bad experience with her? i did know her from our semi-small town. i did think she was stuck up.

    however, watching the show Blake or Alison was really good and carried herself well. even though i never liked her, she was very impressive and should not of gotten eliminated.

  8. Boo says:

    I just watched the episode online because I’ve been missing it. I can’t believe that Blake went home, I kind a liked Ebony but she didn’t get any donations so I felt she should have went home, I thought Blake was going to go all the way. I felt so bad for John, I liked John.But unfourtunatly he got wasted and it went downhill from there. I don’t think John is racist and I felt that Ebony blew the whole thing out of proportion, John was drunk and he was still sobering up when he apologized. When he made that statement about Jennifer, I took it as him liking Jennifer but because he was still buzzed, it came out all wrong. I orginally thought that Blake,Noelle, Daniel, John, and Ivory was going to make it in the top Five boy was I wrong. I agree with LoveJ, Diddy was stupid to have them do that, how would he know if all of them knew how to ride a bike (I don’t know how to ride a bike, so if I was a contestant my team would have lost and we would have ended up in the ER (LOL)

  9. Paulann says:

    Clearly John missed the ENTIRE point about integrity & loyalty. He threw his teammates under the bus w/the other team. The judges didn’t even have to discuss anything else, disloyalty is a deal-breaker.

    Also, missed the point about thinking Jen’s looks were a major +*@#_^#%#&*#~#@ et. To paraphrase Capricorn, with all the companies this man has, you think something as superficial as looks are the issue?

    He’ll talk his way into some job then get fired when they realize he’s form over substance.

  10. Vicki says:

    Notice daniel ies his hands after he shakes a colored persons hands or how he rushes himself offafter he hugs them. Sad. Cant believe someone didnt pick p on that earlier – he never shouldve made it as far as he did.