VH1 Tough Love: Couples – Now Casting!



An upcoming installment of VH1 Tough Love is going to do things a little differently: this time, Master Matchmakers Steve and JoAnn Ward are inviting not single women, but unmarried couples to go through the rigors of the VH1 Tough Love boot camp. Some info is in the short release below. To apply, check the VH1 Tough Love: Couples casting site.


The producers of the hit series VH1 Tough Love want to know if you need some tough love injected into your relationship. They are calling all existing couples in need of a relationship revival to apply to for VH1 Tough Love: Couples. Selected couples will be put through Steve Ward’s boot camp to see if their relationship can make it for the long haul. Those that are willing to do the work and follow Steve’s rules are sure come out the other side stronger than ever! Visit VH1 Tough Love: Couples casting for more info.

Also VH1 and Shecky’s have teamed up for a contest, in which the grand prize includes a trip to New York and a consultation with Steve and JoAnn Ward. Click below for details!


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  1. Jenna says:

    The rocker mom is from I Know My Kid’s A Star… A VH1 show… is this show all actors??

  2. Mel says:

    Ahhhhhh! I knew she looked familiar! I just couldn’t quite place her ugly face…….

  3. Rosie says:

    Hi i wanted to know when & if there will be a season 3 for singles? i think i’m ready for Steve to be all up in my Love life as a matter a fact i know im ready!

  4. Angela and Elijah says:

    We definately need your help Steve and JoAnn – we have been together 6 years on and off and have a 3yr old – when am i getting the ring????

  5. Angela and Elijah says:

    We definately need your help Steve and JoAnn – we have been together 5 years on and off and have a 3yr old – when am i getting the ring????

  6. Mary Lee says:

    I have been in a relationship with this guy since high school and I am unsure if he’s the one. We have our differences yet..I don’t know if he’s the one for me,if I truly love him or if there is more out there. I need some help here.

  7. Kaitee says:

    I love this show. I hope they do a 3. I so need the help!

  8. double_r says:

    jenna i think rocky is just a reality tv `#$%@%)&$)~@(^+(+

  9. Melinda says:

    Omgosh I definetly need to Steve to help with my relationship…I never want to get married and my boyfriend thinks we’re gonna get married ASAP =X idk what to do with him!

  10. Crystal says:

    I really hope that there is going to be an upcoming season for singles! I really need some tough love! so Steven if you’r reading this…i need all of the tough love you can give me! i know some of the changes needed i just need YOUR help. :)

  11. Jennifer hoy says:

    Ive been with this guy for 4years now and we have 2 kids together. hes asked me to marry him but with being married befor at 16 im very scared please help!

  12. Logan says:

    I really hope they do another season for singleeesss i soo need helpp!

  13. ashley donnell says:

    Dear Steve,

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months and he proposed to me. but their are somethings that i’m not sure of yet. like i want to marrie him but i also want to be single again. i love him and other days i don’t want him apart of my life. we live at his parents house and i just don’t feel right being there. so what do i do? i really to be on your show.
    thank you ,

  14. Chelsea says:

    Joe and I would like to be on Tough Love Couples

  15. Melissa says:

    Hi My name is Melissa. Kyle and I live outside of Philly. We have a two and a half year old and have been engaged for about 2 years. We have our issues but remain dedicated to one another. We have a difficult time moving away from constant sarcasim and just being ourselves around one another, like we once were. I think we both have walls up which is stopping us from moving ahead. We are getting to the point where we have to decide to start planning for a wedding or moving in different directions. We love to learn more about the show!

  16. Karen Robles says:

    Hi Steve I am ready for season 3 I real think i need this experience in order to move on with a relationship. I seriously need though love cause I am very inscure and dont deal with relationships so good. As a matter a fact I little crazy when dealing with a guy.I wana be on season 3… I willing to put up with the challenge in order to sucessful.

  17. April Moore says:

    Hello my name is April Moore. I’m 23 years old and i just got married March 1st2009. I have been with my now husband for almost 10 years. We used to get along sooo well and now i’m really not filling that marriage connection.I’m not sure if it’s because we mainly based our relationship on sex when we meet that’s really what attracted me more to him.I just don’t want to be in a marriage that’s really not meant to be.He was like my first real man I had no sexual experience worth talking about until i met him,that’s why i think it was the sex that bonded us. But now we only get along if I’m bring in a good amount of money,getting him something,or having sex. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

  18. JASMINE says:

    Im so glad to hear about tough love couples as soon as I heard I applied. We need help and Steve and his mother would be heaven sent to us!

  19. ciera rivera says:

    Ugh i need help wit my relationship im currently 6 months pregnant and i dont know if me and the babys dad are capable of being together after ever thing we have been through . . And if im only thinking we can just because we have a baby on the way? :(

  20. Jill Doyle says:

    My boyfriend and I are young and in love. We talk about how we want to get married all the time but he graduated our college last semester and i’m still here! We are 100 miles away and the distance is getting to us. He is 23 and i am 20 turning 21 in september. I want to be with him for the rest of my life and i see everything i want in a man in him but we argue a lot and I have trust issues. I really don’t want to ruin my relationship with my soul mate, please help

  21. Abby says:

    I’ve been with my childrens father since I was 18 on and off. I’m 25 now, we have 2 children together that are 3 and 4. I love him but I feel like I’m his mom sometimes. I kick him out like 3 or 4 times a month. My problem is I always take him back. I’m talking like over 200 times I’ve probably ended it and took him back. I’de really like Steve and JoAnn’s help to either get things to change between us or help me just let go. I really think there are serious problems here.

  22. chelsea E says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now and we live with his mother. i have tryed to talking to him about when it would be the right time for us to move out together. in my opnion if you have a girlfriend and it has survived this long with the constenet interferance of his mother, when is he going to get serious.. i have seen the Tool acadamy but this seems ALOTTT better i know my love is not a tool. now i jst want to know when he is going to leave the nest!!

  23. Mike(LYFE) & Elizabeth says:

    What’s up Steve!(I was about to call you the “Tough Love Guy”)
    Man I really think you are doing an excellent job with those girls. I love that you stay on top of them, and if you have to put your foot on top of their neck. I do the same to my wife, even though currently we are seperated, because I feel like she doesn’t let me live with her jealousy, and on top of that her insecurity! I told her why we were seperated and the problems we are about to face, so I feel before it gets any worst seperation was necessary. It would be an honor if you could please pick us for your show,because I know it will do our marriage some good. If not I really don’t know where our marriage is going at this point,if we are not careful “divorce” will be rearing it’s hurtful head,which in a way,I don’t want that.
    Thank you for reading my post.

  24. jennifer says:

    I want to know if steve is single? I would love to go out on a date!

  25. Mike(LYFE) & Elizabeth says:

    What’s up Steve
    Man, I love how you are handling those girls when you have too,because finding love is a beautiful thing. Fortunate for me, I have found love, but I really don’t know where its going. She is a beautiful person inside,but she has some issues that I think has got worse. We are currently seperated because of this, that she doesn’t realize she has these problems. Let’s just say ‘jealousy’,’insecurity’ and covered up with some ‘biopolar’ excuse. In choosing us, it could really benefit our relationship, because at this point I don’t know where we are headed. If not I don’t know if we are going to get a divorce or just stay to together because she loves me alot more than I love her.
    Thank you for reading my post

  26. Alicia says:

    I NEED HELP! i need to find that right man. i am ready to settle down but i need a good man! Steve i think u r SO GOOD at finding the right man or atleast helping girls find the best in them to find THAT ONE! please help me and i hope ur have a season for NON comples

  27. Andrea says:

    my boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years as well, and we have 2 children together. I deff think we need to go on this show! Im as ready as ill ever be, because if things dont start changing soon, I dont know whats gonna happen!

  28. Shelby says:

    my boyfriend and I have been together since my sophomore year in high school he is now in the air force so we never see each other and him always being gone makes things really tough he asked me to marry him but since I’m in school now I won’t be able to follow him to `!#`+(&#!(_~*)! an or Germany if he gets stationed there which will be the first four years of our marriage we won’t get to see each other and him being a combat controller will make things so much more difficult knowing he could die anyday also with us being so young ( 18 and 19 ) I’m not sure if we make it work even though we really want it to

  29. Lashaun Kinlock says:

    i need help i been dating this guy for 2 years need i dont no if hes the one for my

  30. Jessica and Robert says:

    Robert and I have been together for a little over 5 years. We dated through high school and have two kids together. We’ve been together so long I’m not sure if we’re together because we’re IN love or because we have kids together, or because we’ve been together so long we dont know different and its comfotable for us. I need to know if we’re wasting our time. Are we meant for eachother? Please help us, we need it. This will be our last chance.

  31. nicole says:

    steve me and my bf really need your help its the time has come where if we dont get your help we could be makeing a huge mistake its eaither makeing it or breaking it for good

  32. Samantha says:

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years and recently had a little boy together. I do think he loves me, but sometimes wonder if he’s only sticking around because of our son. I want to get married someday and I’m afraid it’s not in his plans. Also I think sometimes he stays because he’s too lazy to start over with someone knew. I try to kick him out on a regular basis, fortunatly (or unfortunatly, I’m not sure) he never leaves us. We could really use your help. I don’t want our son to have memories of us fighing all the time. Please help us!

  33. Megan says:

    they’re probably going to do season 3 after the couples season, for all the girls who decide their guys not the one, so they can go on the show

  34. Shawna says:

    hello steve..
    well i have been with rich (my fiance) for 9 months.. and recently just moved in together about 1 month ago. i have been burned by men before and have major self esteem issues and trust issues.. at first things were great but now the fighting has begun. unsure if it is the stress of living together but i would love to conquer everything with him and being on boot camp will really help me and us as a whole… i am hoping to hear from you soon…

  35. Amanda Ortega says:

    I am a married and parent of two children. We both are deaf. We are separted and we have the marriage issues. I am hoping that Steve ward can set the show for the marriage couples after the show of tough love unmarried couples.. Please! I prayed hardest for Steve Ward to be heartful to help the marriage couples TOO, thanks :)

  36. Loreal says:

    Me and my man has been together 3 1/2 years. We have 1 little boy and have serious problems in our relationship. We love each other but we argue too much about little stuff. Help us Steve

  37. Khandace says:

    Hey steve i know how those girls are feeling i am with someone that lowers my self confidence each and everyday makes me feel like nothing and he tells me each and every day that i am a loser no one is ever going to want me because of my past

  38. aliseth says:

    i am 20 years old and i have a boyfriend that is 24years old and his name is freddy i feel that i love him and i think he does too, but im not sure some times? he has this thing that when i get close to him, he always pushes me away i really dont like it beacsue it makes me feel that im nobody to him. and im this girl that will not tell him any thing buecae im scard on losing him in any kind of way. if there’s any body that could help me i will really be thankful.

  39. lindsey says:

    Sounds a lot like Tool Academy

  40. carrie says:

    hi steve..i may need ur help!!

  41. Natasha says:

    When is the casting for the single women again?

  42. craig says:

    ok you say unmarried? if im 26 shes 23 been married 2 yrs together for 7 and not doing good because i think it was to earliy what do i do if i think i made the wrong disision. nothing makes me think its the right one now. i get beat up by her family and disrespected and then by her to. main thing tho is we have a kid. 2 yr old daughter. i want best for her but is it going to be if i stay with her?so much to say not enough answers.my moms a police officer and she cant even help me out. what do i do i love her to death but not happy. i talk and share my mind and thoughts but she lets it go in on ear and out another you think you can help even if not on the show. because it looks like its not going to have a happy ending if its up to me. tired of the divorce rate and i dont plan on following my biological dad by hurting her and leaveing. help please

  43. rebecca says:

    Shaun and i have been together for 3 1/2 years.
    theres a lot of love and anger involved. we both know we love each other, we cant leave, but we have soo many issues that are causing us to not treat each other right. Theres anger, mistrust, and we have a son involved. we need help. we need tough love.

  44. Sarah says:

    You couples with children need to stay the eff home with your children instead of running off to be on MTV

  45. Daniette says:

    Which way do we go? I love things and hate things about the same man. Do we continue to move forward or cut our losses? I am sure he feels the same way. Looking for direction.

  46. Daniette says:

    Which way do we go? I love things and hate things about the same man. Do we continue to try and move forward or do we cut our losses? Looking for direction.

  47. Jordye says:

    The application did not work, so I decided to e-mail Vh1 directly.

  48. Aramis Miller says:

    Here’s a suggestion: A LOT of couples in need of help are military families with spouses deployed. I would love to see a show that gives Tough Love to those in a very difficult situation. We sometimes go 7 months before seeing our spouse. Please give us tips as to how to make that survive.

    Aramis Miller
    (Army Wife – 5 years – 3 deployments)

  49. Jaime says:

    Hello Steve,
    My name is Jaime and I wanted to tell you a little about me and Jason. We have been together for six years.
    We are going to get married but before we do we help with are relationship.He don’t even know I am doing this but he knows I feel we need to work on somethings before we commit to each other. I have ended it with him before and he promised he would and myself as well to work out things better. He is very hard headed and every thing has to go his way or he gets mad. I don’t like this I feel like things may never change. If you ever do read this Steve please choice us. We need your help to make are relationship stronger so we can learn to communicate. I really hope you get this it would be my luck if it did happen. I wouldn’t even know how to tell Jason.”Jason by the way I had written a letter to Toughlove and they wanted me and you do be on the show yea that”s funny that’s sounds even made up. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Jaime

  50. Leena says:

    Ahhhhhhh!!! Steve, Please please please please Help our relationship!!! We can’t even define one problem, theres so much going on with us… Your show, is the only one on VH1, that he will actually sit down and watch with me, which I find amusing, and when he found out about the Couples Casting Call, he was all about it. which shocked the hell out of me…. but it means he KNOWS we need as much help as I KNOW we do!… *at first I was like God, this guy has no clue what he’s talking about* but now… I’ve learned so much, and I’m just trying to get through this relationship one day at a time! ergh.. why do I love him soo much?

  51. Sandy says:

    Hey, I would really like to be on VH1 Tough Love: Couples because me and my boyfriend are like the best couple…or at least it seems that way. We have been together for two years and we love each other to death. However, we are opposite, he is the creative and I am the reasonable one, I would like to find out if opposite really can be together? I would like to know if having strong love for one another is enough to last a stable relationship?

  52. Jodi Coffman says:

    Hello, my name is Jodi i am 21 years old. I got a girlfriend named Ashleigh and we are tough love couple we are always fighting. We have been together for over two years and we want to make it work but we just fight to much and i love her. I think that we would be wonderful for this show. Thanks need to know more just write me.

  53. Teresa Craven says:

    Hi, I’m interested on being on VH1 Tough Love Couples because I’m madly in love with my boyfriend of 3 years and I want it to last forever but I’m not sure if he feels the same. Yes I’m very young and we started going out at a very young age but I’m growing up so fast that I’m ready to move on from where we are to more of a serious relationship. We are serious we love each other we talk about our future and our plans together. I’m in college about to graduate and I have my career set for me and I want my relationship to grow with me not stay in the same spot. My boyfriend and I want to get married but his plans to get married are farther in the future than mine. I know he wants me but how much of me I don’t know and I would like to find out if he wants me the same. I really want this relationship to last. I would love Steve to help my boyfriend and I to see if our relationship to last.

  54. Teresa says:

    Hello, I’m Teresa I’m only 19 but I’ve been with my boyfriend Aaron for 3 years and I’m madly in love him. I feel that we both have a problem of bring the pass up and it makes our fights bigger. It’s a problem we have been struggling for 3 years and we get through it but it is getting old now. I feel like now that I’m on my last year of college, having my career set that I’m growing up and he is still stuck at where we were in the beginning. I want this relationship to last. We talk about the future and we have our plans but I want this relationship to last. I would really love if Steve could help Aaron and I to see if this relationship will last. Thank you.

  55. drea says:

    My bf and I have been in a long distance relationship for 2 years! Its tough! but i need to know if we are meant to be, now later or never! We know long distance relationships don’t have the best of reputations, the only thing keeping us in this stress full situation is what we think is LOVE! i filled out the application. hopefullyy you can help us! thanks.

  56. April says:

    hi, I would really like to be on the vh1 tough love couples but i don’t think my boyfriend would go for it. I am 26 yrs old and he is 33, we have a 9mth daughter, and my son from a previous relationship. He has been married before and thinks marriage is life in hell. Of course i would love to get married one day but he dosen’t and I can’t seem to wrap my head around that.We have been going thru some rough time financially, and he has been changing due to that, but I want us to be able to handle the difficult times as well as the good.
    I want to know if i should stay in a relationship that I want more than he does, he doesn’t know if he would ever want to get married again, but just not right now.
    What does that even mean.

  57. Lauren Travis says:


  58. dominique says:

    hey i will love to be on tough love couples.because me and my boyfriend is having a tough time.we have been together for 4 years and its like when we first meet we fell in love we coulndt stay apart from one another.know its like are relationship has went down the drain we dont even kiss or tell each other that we love one another we barely talk to each other or have sex i think the only reason why were together because of are one year old son please help us i think we can work it out so we can be a happy family please write back love the show

  59. Adrienne Ervin says:

    Hello Steve, I’m a Philadelphia native who has had problems either getting a good man or keeping him. It can be tuff in the city of brotherly love! Now I have what I’ve always wanted a live in boyfriend and I find it to be HARD WORK! I’m not even sure if I have the skills to make someone happy, in the end I guess I’m not sure what a real relationship should be. My mother has been married 2 times and has 4 children by 3 different men and none were around growing up. I have serious commitment issues but yet I’m not sure of my worth….sounds like I need therapy!

    Anyway, I would love to learn what I am doing wrong or what I’ve been doing right. What should I expect out of love and what is just unrealistic. Can you help me? You seem pretty sharpe on TV and I guenualy need understand.

  60. Rick says:

    Lets see I don,t know where to start. I had been dating my ex fiance for 7 yrs we always wanted to do the family thing, so we had a child. After a year had passed we started losings each other, due to the fact that she worked weekends and I spent alot of time gone for work,(doing what i had to do for the fam). Everytime i came home she was futher away. We are at the very end i have already moved out but we still talk on a daily basis. Everything was cool until the engagement, think we both lost it. I’ll do whatever it take to get my life back

  61. Corrina Harris Garrett says:

    My name is Corrina H. Garrett. I’m 22 years old and my husband Jeff is 23. Jeff and I have been married for a month. We eloped to Las Vegas to tie the knot and even then we couldn’t get along for the 5 days that we were there. And even now we’re contemplating getting an annulment. We’ve been together for almost 2 years and we already have a 5 month old son together. I feel like this relationship has moved entirely too fast but I see potential in it. We have a child together and I think its extremely important that we work out the small kinks in our relationship. We get along pretty well but we NEVER resolve a problem completely. We’re both stubborn, hot tempered, and thick headed. Sometimes, no, A LOT of the time Jeff holds grudges. I try my hardest to get past whatever issue we have but its impossible when Jeff continues to dwell on the past. It’s so damn frustrating. What we need is someone who can tell us both WHAT we are doing wrong and HOW we can fix it. I only want to be married once. And I need Steve to help me SAVE THIS MARRIAGE.

  62. Derrick says:

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year and 5 months but have been talking on and off for 3- 4 years. We both love each other, but our relationship has many pot holes in it this is from huge trust issues about mine and her pasts. I love her to death and hope we could become one and stop fighting all the time. i really do not get how no matter what we seem to do to try and fix things those ideas DO NOT WORK we need some professional help so we can finally get thing right and we both can truly know to to love one another.

  63. sheryl says:


    WHAT ABOUT MARRIED COUPLES. I watch your show and love the advice you give and learned a lot already. But my marriage still suffers. I WISH YOU COULD HELP MARRIED COUPLES. DIVORCE RATES ARE HIGH AND I WANT TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE!!!!!! Marriage counselors haven’t helped, I know you could.

    Helpless in Hawaii,

  64. Andrea Occhipinti says:

    I’m a 32 year old waitress dating a 23 year old veterinary student. Having just passed our three year mark, this is by far the longest relationship my boyfriend has ever been in. I’ve never been married, no kids, but have a history of long term emotionally abusive relationships. So, like most girls I have issues with trust. This guy I’m with now is definitely the best, most mature guy I’ve ever dated. Unfortunately I feel like we’re on different paths that don’t necessarily lead to the same place. I need help to see whether this relationship is worth pursuing, as I hope it is, or if we’re just wasting out time!

  65. Kiana says:

    Me and my boyfriend were like best friends before we started dating. we are both 19 years old and i have a two year old daughter. we love each other to death and know we want to always be on each others side no matter what but we constantly argue and trust issues is also a factor. help us….

  66. leah says:

    i would like too be on the vh1 couples rtough love because my boyfriend and i have been arguing alot lately and i think we need steves help ive watched the show and i think your pretty good at what you do i would apprciate if you could get back at me about this

  67. Katie says:

    So I’ve been dating my boyfriend for the past 2 years now, and I have to say that I’ve loved almost every minute of it. I tend to be the jealous type (and especially since my b/f has a “friendly” personality),but always shock it off because I thought that I was in the perfect relationship. In Oct this year, I found out that my boyfriend hooked up with another girl (that I hate btw)and didn’t tell me until I found out on my own. We’ve talked it out and we’re still together, but needless to say I am still having a rough time. I’m not sure what to do because I love being with him, but I’m jealous, nervous, and just upset. We’ve been talking about possibly moving in together after school, but I’m not sure if I can fully trust him, and I really want to. Do you have any advice for me and my relationship? Would applying for your show help at all? I ask this because I feel like I really want to be with him, but we need to work some things out. I just think we need a litle kick in the rear. Any help you be very helpful! Thanks a lot!

  68. Nytiasha Gibson says:

    Hi! My name is Nytiasha and i would love to be on tough love couples because me and my boyfriend been together going on four yrs and we have a five month old son and we been together since my 3 yr old been 4 months so we should be the happy family. when had alot of ups and downs but we still trying to stick it out through all the downs but now all we do is fight when we should be happy about getting a new aptartment and really bringing a new love in our life but Steve we are stick on the past and really need to move on and build a better life together for the kids in our life……pls help Steve

  69. chantel lona says:

    hi i would really love to have steve help me and my boyfriend of five years.six in may.we have a son and we have so much love for each other.we are very different and sometimes that makes things hard. when we are good we are wonderful,happy as can be,like a happy coupple we shoul be. but when we are bad its its really bad,we have our bad times like everyone else but im not so sure if its suppose to be like this,we both know we need work and we really wanna be happy,not just for us but for our son,so please steve can u help us.

  70. chantel lona says:

    hi i would really love to have steve help me and my boyfriend of five years.six in may.we have a son and we have so much love for each other.we are very different and sometimes that makes things hard. when we are good we are wonderful,happy as can be,like a happy coupple we shoul be. but when we are bad its its really bad,,we both know we need work and we really wanna be happy,not just for us but for our son,so please steve can u help us.

  71. Paul David Cox says:

    Hi,my name is Paul and I think that my fiance and I would make a great couple for your couples show cause I have been married 2 times looking for love and obviously made the wrong decision is she going to be able to make it the long hall?

  72. Kelli Kupkakes says:

    My name is Kelli, I am 28, and I really think that my ex and I need tough Love Couples. We were together for two and a half years and I know he is my soul mate, however I broke things off when after two years he could not tell me that he loved me. After about two months of not being together he finally came forward and told me that he loves me and now we are at a point where we need help. I really hope that Steve can give us the insight to get back to ok. I really do love him and I believe that he loves me too but we need to be able to work through our issues.

  73. Charlene says:

    Hello my name is charlene and im 21 years old as well as my boyfriend. I despritly want to be on Tough Love because me and my boyfriend love each other so much but i think his insecurity issues along with my outgoing personality disrupts our trust in each other. It gets to the point where we dont talk to each other for months. I always have to be the strong one to make us get over our issues. Out arguments get to the point where its some what not normal. I need help getting out relationship on the right track!! im tired of getting in fights weekly when we both know its us…not us and every person around us that trys to ruin us.

  74. Celia Reyes says:

    Hi my name is Celia Me and my boyfriend have been in a long distant relationship Bout 3 years. First 2 years we called it dating. It took him a while to say i Love you and its still hard for him to say it all the time.And every time i talk bout moving in or marrige. He changes the subject.In says wait til hes 30. We are Both 28. Also it upsets me that i havn’t met his family. He really is a good guy. Hes not a cheater and very honest and sweet. Just don’t know why he is scared of commitment or something. I just want to know do good things come to people who wait. Should i keep trying. He tries just in sometimes. guess that’s why i stick around. Last thing we are

  75. Jennifer says:

    Hi Steve and Joann! My name is Jennifer and I am in a relationship for almost 2 years with a man who i feel i could be with forever. I do love him and he does love me and we’ve been engaged but he had some trust issues.. still does. But I’m trying my best to make this work. Another thing, he might want to leave to live outside the country too one day and I’m not sure about that. Also I have a 3 year old son from another relationship so I’m scared he’s going to keep thinking he is his father, not only that but get more and more attached to him if one day its just not going to work,so our future is really rocky.Every time we start to talk about the future we do a lot of talking, but not a lot gets said. From watching your shows I know you guys could help and we’re open to try anything to save our relationship. We would really appreciate your help to help us figure out where this is going. Thank you so much.

  76. Erin says:

    My name is Erin and I am 25. My boyfriend of almost a year is Erik and he is 26. I would love to be on this show. When my bf and I met we were love at first sight. For both of us we were the first people that we could truely and honestly be ourselves around. We have only spent one day away from eachother and we were on the phone the whole night. Both of us have been struggling with drug addiction through our whole lives and because of that have issues that need to be worked out before we can think about having a baby or getting married. He is my best friend and unlike all my other relationships we do not fight…ever!! But we both have reservations about our future and trust issues that are ridiculous. We are going to end up just being two people that live in the same house. We need a healthy love for my five year old who is so impressionable right now that she needs a good role. I grew up with a mom who was in and out of guys and constantly know abandonment,,,i dont want her to feel that pain. Please help me help myself!

  77. Taryn Fry says:

    Hey, I’m Taryn and my boyfriend’s name is Ben. We are both 21 years old and would love to be on tough love couples! We have been dating for almost two years and the relationship has been great, but recently we have been fighting alot. Both of us are working hard to keep the relationship strong but I think Steve could really help find our core issues to make our relasionship even stronger. Please consider us for tough love!

  78. Kristimae Knight says:

    Steve please help me. My husband and I got a divorce a year ago, we have a 6 year old daughter and we both still love each other. We want to be together and be a family, we just don’t know how to mend the past and move foward. Please help us. My daughter misses her daddy and I miss him too. We r both willing to do the show, please take a chance on us and help our family. I’m 25 years old and he is 30. I don’t want to much time to go by to where we can never fix it. I’m begging u to help our family.

  79. Marissa says:

    Hi VH1 me and my boyfriend havent been together for that long but so far weve lasted 10 months. Were both 19 years old we live in seperate towns and we sometimes get to see each other. everything is good but recently I feel like all my boyfriend wants to do is just stay home and not have fun with me what so ever. I mean for my birthday we went to disneyland but didnt get to go on any rides because of his “back” problems but most of the disney rides are just sitting and relaxing the only ride we went on was the haunted mansion and thats only because he likes the nightmare before christmas. I want to know if this normal in relationships or not he is getting really serious about me but I dont even know if I’m ready to be in a long term relationship. Please help me!!

  80. Stronje says:

    im 17 and my bf is 15 we have been dating 2 years. and we love eachother very much. but we fight everyday, most of the time 3 4 times a day. we talk on the phone all day and thats when we aruge. when were together were just fine but hes always so touchy. i just want to know if this is healthy for people our age to be going through this already.

  81. Jessica says:

    I would love to be on Tough Love Couples because I really love my boyfriend. We have been together for two years, but all we do is fight. I want to know if we can make a life together, and if we can I think the show could really help us and if not at least the both of us will finally know and move on with our lives instead of dragging out this realtionship.

  82. Miyaka says:

    I would like to be on Tough Love Coupleas. Me and my boygriend has been together for 2 years and I think I’m ready to be married but he knows he’s not. I say I think I’m ready because there’s days I feel like I love him with all my heart and I can’t live without him and there’s some days I can’t stand him I just want to be alone. I’m confused about what I want as far as a relationship is concerned. He loves me and I love him but there’s a lot of things we just don’t agree on. I’m 22 and he’s 31 so the age thing comes up a lot. He treats me like I’m dumb because he believes that just because he’s older he knows more. Also he was raised to believe that it’s a womans job to cook, clean, wash clothes, braide his hair, etc. but he still wants me to have a job. Well I was raised to believe that if a man wants a woman to do all the things around the house and cater to him then he should provide everything and the woman shouldn’t have to work. I’m young and still have my whole life ahead of me and I want to get out and see the world but he would prefer to sit in the house and play his ps3 all day. He never takes me out on a date but when I want to go out with my friends or go to my mom’s house he gets upset. I’m starting school in the spring of 2010 and he believes it’s a waste of money to get a degree that will never be used because a person don’t have to have a degree to get a good job but he wants his son to be a genius. You see our views are really different and we really help figuring out if this thing is worth the wait or a waste of time.

  83. Zorina Czora says:

    Hello my name is Zorina Czora i am 18 years old and I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years.Everyone tells us that we are very young and its just puppy love.I understand they are older and wiser but we love each other.My boyfriends name is chris and he is also 18 .We fight alot over little thing and I know that .WE BOTH BELIEVE THE OTHER PERSON STARTED IT. I am very tired of fightig and not trusting each other.Somethings always brings us together I dont want to be with anyone else.I know all we need is a lilttle help.I know without a doubt that not only tough love couples would be great for us it would be great for other young couples like us to learn from us.I know we are young but we still love each other. Please email me with more information itzzjustzorina@aol.com

  84. Cheryl says:

    Steve,my boyfriend and i of 10 years need a jolt. we love each other. however, our issues are over our differences. Some are minor but many! from the way we dress,to our friends, to our families! We have been through MAJOR infidelity issues where he now has beautiful little girl that is 5 yrs old by another woman. We got through it but not easily. 5 yrs later i wonder if i made the right choice? he is great with my children from my past relationships.but he is bad with his. he is such a nice boyfriend,he showers me with hugs,kisses and sweet nothings.i love him but i tend to forgive him too easily. but my problem is i am “mean” andd tough on him.i tell him he does what he does because ITS EASIER TO ASK FOR FORGIVENESS THAN FOR PERMISSION. we have made progress but friends say i can do better. that its hard to let go. i believe in working on a relaionship. he is 36,me 37. I’m at my breakingpoint Steve. Help us.

  85. Krystal Steen says:

    Hello..I’m Krystal!My boyfriend were really good friends for 6 years and have been dating almost 2.We were the best couple and had our whole lives planed out together.We have been through so much.We broke eachother’s hearts and I just don’t know how to fix it.That’s why I came to you. I have seen your show and your amazing! Please help us!

  86. Jennifer says:

    Hey my name is Jennifer and My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 months and I would love to be on tough love because I think we need a reality check. We never fight because we don’t know how so instead we just walk away from each other. As you can tell we are both really passive. I don’t know if it is going to last because it’s impossible for us to call each other out when were in the wrong. Please help us learn how to talk to each other when were mad!

  87. Lyndsi Fillmore says:

    My name is Lyndsi. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. We have a 17 month old daughter together. The relationship is very stressful because of how he’s been treated in his past he hardly ever gives me any affection besides sex which is the same every time. We fight alot. I’m really emotional and he doesn’t like that so we get in fights if I start crying. He likes to control almost everything. He’s very very controlling. We have alot of issues to work out before marriage or going further. We need some tough love!

  88. Tina says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years. We have been up and down and are still going strong. The problem is that at this point we want different things for our future. At times he talks about marriage and children and then he will change his mind. Are we wasting our time or is there a place we can meet in the middle? He certainly does have commitment issues but he won’t acknowledge them. He says he doesn’t “believe” in marriage and having children is just not a good financial decision. Who says that? We are talking children, not cars! We really are a great couple who joke a lot and love each others company. However, is this a hiccup we can get over or is this the H1N1 of our relationship? Help Steve and JoAnne!

    P.S. If we don’t work out…..Wuz up Steve? LOL J/K

  89. Rosalia says:

    Hi my name is rose my fiance and i we been together for 2years were both controlling and im not alowed to talk to anyone. Hes not allowed to talk to any girls what is wrong with us why are we so controlling! is that a healthy relationship

  90. Joshua says:

    My girl and I been with each other for 3 years. The crazy thing about us is that we both push each other buttons but for some reason we can tolerate each other 24/7. We are in love but some of the things she does are annoying. We moved in with each other about a year and 1/2 into the relationship. She’s 21 and iam 24 is it our age or we just moving to fast. I really think my girl and I need to be on Tough Love: Couples to make us stronger

  91. Crystall says:

    my name is crystall, and i am just about 21 years old, i AM married about to go through a divorce. My husband is 25, his name is brody. we are at make it or break it point. we love each other so much but we let so many little things get in the way, were seeking for help to test our marriage to not only see what we can over come but to see if were meant to last. i beleieve this would save our marriage and im not ashamed to ask for help when we no we have been wrong. HELP US re light what we have, or realize what we dont have!

  92. Stacey says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months and we have a 5 month old son. He is actually not the biological father but he has been the only father my son has ever known. We moved in together about 4 mos ago and things have really gone down hill. I go through his phone a lot and see things in there that I dont feel is very appropriate given our relationship and he gets mad for me going through his phone. When things get really bad I try to leave but then he will ask me to stay or I’ll decide not to leave. I love him and I know he loves me and we want to be together but we are at a point that I dont have any idea what to do next. We would benefit from your show so much and possibly will help save our family.

  93. Tabatha says:

    I feel that if my husband and I was cast on tough love couples Steve and JoAnn could show us how to connect and work out our problems. We have tons of baggage. Our families are from a different class. I have 2 children. One from a prior relationship. I have trust issues and my husband is extremely flirty. However we love each other. Please help

  94. Madison Peyton says:

    Hi, my name is Madison Peyton. My boyfriend, Eric, and I have been together two and a half years. I need to be on tough love. I have big issues with trust. I always think that he is cheating on me. He tells me everyday that he doesn’t, and I know that he wouldn’t lie. I want our relationship to become something great. I know that we are going to be together. I just want to know that we are going to be happy, and not argue. We NEED to be on this show.

  95. Charmaine Tompkins says:

    Good afternoon!!!!
    Just wanted to through this out there..why are you not helping women of all ages. Us baby boomers are all in the same boat as the 30yr olds you are helping. I know there are alot of single 50+ men looking for love in all the wrong places too.

    Charmaine Tompkins

  96. Danielle Felitto says:

    Hey Steve my name’s Danielle Felitto and I am 20 years old. I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 years on and off. I have already applied to be on tough love couples but I have new information to add to what I have written on our application. Aside from the fact that he has cheated on me 3 times in a very short amount of time I have also found out that every time I ask him to tell me the truth about a period of time when we were split up it takes a long time for him to come clean with the whole truth. This wouldn’t bother me so much and I wouldn’t even ask him what he did while we were apart if he didn’t make me go into excruciating detail about what I did while we were seperated. I am also afraid that since he does take a while to tell me the whole truth that if he does something that can cause him to contract an STD while we’re apart I won’t know until it’s too late. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve endured alot of things since the very begining of our relationship and he’s begining to realize all that he’s done to me but i’m starting to believe this is a too little too late situation. I would really love to be able to give him a full hearted whatever number chance he’s on now but I need to see big changes in his attitude and behavior and I sincerely believe that you can give us the help we need to get back on the right track. So please please please consider us for your show because unfortunately this is becoming a real last ditch effort. Thank you for your time and consideration. Danielle Felitto [dfelitto@ksc.mailcruiser.com]

  97. Steph says:

    I really want to be on VH1 Tough Love: Couples because my boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years and really our relationship was great from the start but now I feel we are on two different pages sometimes.I Love Him but I feel this tough love couples would really help us see what we want and where we are both at. I’ve been with this person sense I was 16. I think this would be crucial to our relationship and needed. I put so much time and effort in to this relationship that I want to feel like I’m doing the right thing?

  98. Steph says:

    I really want to be on VH1 Tough Love: Couples because my boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years and really our relationship was great from the start but now I feel we are on two different pages sometimes.I Love Him but I feel this tough love couples would really help us see what we want and where we are both at. I’ve been with this person sense I was 16; I’m now 22 and he is 23. I think this would be crucial to our relationship and needed. I put so much time and effort in to this relationship that I want to feel like I’m doing the right thing?

  99. amber says:

    i think my husband needs a kick-in-the-ass but thats done nothing for him so far they would see hell if we were on here all we do fight nonstop it’s ridiculous we want to try harder to improve ourselves, our relationship,and hopefully not screw my kid up

  100. Kelly McGuiness says:

    So basically me and my boyfriend (fiance) have been together for 3 years, I’m 21 and he is 31. We’ve been having problems ever since we moved in together 2 years ago, but we’ve stayed together because we love each other. Now it’s getting to the point after 2 years of not being able to live together if love is enough to stay in this relationship. We are currently sleeping in separate bedrooms, he works early in the morning to late afternoon doing construction, and I work late nights because I’m a bartender, so we never see each other, don’t sleep together and it’s really starting to feel like we’re just room-mates or something. I know we would like to stay together, but we would also like to know from a professional at this if its just not meant to be because our personalities don’t mix or for whatever reason. And if it can work we would like to know what tips we could use to get back to the way we use to be, because i dread having to see him and like i said we never even see each other, so there’s something wrong here and we could desperatly use some help. thanks!

  101. stacie says:

    short and sweet something needs to change. please email with more info…

  102. Trish Jones says:

    Hi Steve I have been watching your show on and off for quite awhile and now just tape all of them :) I have gone thru two failed relationship/marriages and listen to all the advice you give these women. I am so sweet and seem to probably be way to much because I get walked all over. I would love to be on one of your shows but couldnt do the couples one I dont have someone in my life anymore at this time. Those women have no idea how lucky they are to have you and your mom help find them great amazing men, because you find the best sweetest guys on here. Thanks for all your encouraging words.

  103. tiffany cox says:

    I submitted an application for the “tough love couples” and actually recieved a call from someone wanting to interview us for the show, unfortunately we are hardly at home and rarely check our home phone voicemail since we use our cell phones for everything and we returned the call a few days too late! I was and still am very bummed, for we would have been perfect for the show and could have REALLY used the help! I hope and pray for a season two of “tough love couples” so we can try again…but if an alternate couple is needed for this season let us know!:) ……hopefully the show will offer enough advice to get us on the right track, considering Steve is fabulous at what he does. This is the only show that did not seem fake or offering out money for contestants- just offering the chance at true love, and that is why i would ‘tough loves’ help….

  104. ShalisaC says:

    I would have really liked to be a part of Tough Love couples! My relationship really needs the help, so much so that if we don’t get it SOON, we may not even last until the next casting call! If there is an alternative method, please let me know! I would GREATLY appreciate it!

  105. janay says:

    Hello Steve,
    I’d always make it my duty to watch your show and believe I can and must learn more than I have in the relationship department. Also, would love to be one of the contestant on your next singles show. At this time, due to my unsuccessful relationships and failed marriage I have decided to not date anymore blackmen because of the bad history of abuse,cheating and lies. I would like to meet new people and become more open minded when it comes to love.Not saying that all men of color cheat but I just desire to meet and date outside my race to see, if the love of my life is out there and just maybe he is of another race (other) than black. Well, I hope to hear something positive from you soon. Your doing such a wonderful job, I just wish that all women could get schooled on your relationship 101. THANKS STEVE, FROM A BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN.

  106. lorraine says:

    My name is Lorraine and I have been dating my new soon to be boyfriend for 6 months
    But I have always been the one who was the dominant one in the relationship. Now I find myself nerviouse around him and uneasy and he want me to be more aggressive. I find myself not telling the truth to him a lot of the times because I don’t know if I can trust him and plus I don’t want to put myself out there and then he does not feel the way about me . When we get on the phone after talking we don’t say anything compassionate after like by love or bye dear I don’t know what to do I like him but I don’t know how long I am going to deal with it.

  107. crystal says:

    Hey steve, I love watching tough love.You work miracles with alot of these ladies and I feel like my relationship needs a miracle. My relationship with my boyfriend of only a year is hitting rock bottom. I know the first year is suppose to be the best and it was for the first six months. Now my relationship is falling apart. I love my boyfriend so much I am willing to do anything to make this relationship work. My boyfriend and I are suppose to be moving in together but I feel if we do not get the help we need this realationship will get worse or come to an end. I hope you can help me steve :)

  108. Emily says:

    I know your casting for tough love couples, but i was wondering if they were doing another just regular tough love bootcamp after bc i was looking to send in an audition tape and wondering where to go and how to go about it.!

  109. danita says:

    I submitted an application for tough love couples and hadn’t heard anything was wondering if you were still casting for it or not?

  110. Latanya Griffin says:

    Hello my name is latanya griffin i am 28 years old i am a young woman that sometime make big mistakes when it come down to finding the right man. i always some time be weak when it come down to man or putting my self always out there. I open up fast. All i want is a great man that fit for me someone i can talk to and someone that going to be there for me as well as i be there for them. I am a real sweet young lady. All i want is truth love i been alone for almost a year is not fun being alone. I am ready to do what ever it take to put a wondful man in my life. time is pasing by and i don’t want to end up alone so please please give me a chance of my life to be on the vh1 show tough love. THANK YOU GOD BLESS!

  111. ThinkPositiveTestnegative says:

    I need help, I have had a bad relationship with my father and cannot hold a stable relationship. I dont know where else to turn i’ve never been in a true “relationship” i’ve always been the hidden girlfriend and am tired of being treated like a leper. My ex boyfriend drives a vespa…. need i say more!? I am book smart however when it comes to relationships I definetly don’t pass the test. Please put me on this show, I dont want to go through my life continuing on the same path that i have paved for myself. Please show me how to pave a new road and start a new brighter, healthier, happier future.

  112. teshia lang says:

    Hello, Steve I’ve seen all episodes of tough love and have listen to the advise. So heres my issue one i believe that my only goal in life is to have children I am 26 years old and have for children and one one the way, I am in the process of getting my GED and then going the community college for medical coding and billing I am currently in a relationship with a man that is about 7 years older than me, for 2 years now and i explained to him that I want a real relationship meaning that I want him to knowledge me as a girlfriend beccause we do everything couple’s do were together all the time and he says he scared of a relationship. So since I’ve been pregnant we have not been getting along and we have been arguing all the time and its really getting hard to go through this i wanted to know what I should do there’s alot more to the relationship but I don’t want to get into it all can we be on a couple’s show if he agrees. So to keep going on and on.

  113. kelly says:

    hi steve, im am in desperate need of your help. i watch every season of your show and learn a lot but i need advice for my situation i am a single mother of 3 and i have always attracted losers who have no job,home or ambition its so hard to date or even find time with 3 kids but im tired of being lonely in the companion area i dont ask for much just someone who will love me and my kids unconditionaly.honesty a must and definitly fidelity……..thanks so much

  114. Jessica DiFlavio says:

    Hi Steve.I been watching Tough Love since it first came out.I felt like i needed it myself/I am 21 years old.I have a 2 year old daughter.I am not with her father.He cheated and verbally and emotionally abused me.I was with him for 3 years.My other long term relationship was for about 2 years.He tried to kill me 3 times and also physically and emtionally abused me.I am now with this guy whom I love.I have alot of trust issues with him though because of my past and he does do some “fishy” things.He has a rocky past as well.We do love each other we just need help to keep our past from effecting our present and future.I personally think that you are that one person that can really open our eyes.I know that this is really late but I would even be ok with going on Seanson teo for couples.

  115. katelyn says:

    i was wondering my girlfriend and i can get casted on tough love couples… we are havin a horrible time… physical and emotional stress we dissagree on almost everything… we dont seem to have the same vibe about things i just dunno whats wrong with us and we could really use your help thank u…

    ~katelen evans

  116. Maria says:

    I would love to see you do a season on married couples. I love my husband and I’m always worried that he’s ready to quit on me. I get so mad because I have so many questions and he never answers any of them. I’ve asked him in the past about getting help for our relationship, but he’s always cowed back from the idea. I just want to be happy again. Please let me know if you ever decide to do a show on married couples so people like us can get help too. Single people aren’t the only ones that need help with their issues, us married ones do too.

  117. Victoria Franco says:

    I watched this show with my boyfriend for the 1st time.
    Excuse me, where did they get this guy who is hosting t he show? He is lame. He and his mom giving advice.. How stupid. The host needs to grow up and leave his mommy…. Show is a turn off…

  118. adriana says:

    hi steve i would love to be on tough love couples me and my boyfriend fight all the time and dont get each othere i love him but latley he tells me he dont love me but when i pack and leave he holds me back…i dont understand him anymore

  119. Jackie L. says:

    Steve!! WTH!! I absolutley “Love your Tactics” please help those women get a clue! I am so happy you are helping singles, couples..you are truly blessed! You should have been born many moons ago with this gift! Much continued sucess! Right now I am breaking up with you cause I have to go to sleep! LOL! I love you saying “You’re breaking up!
    & “Taylot your hair looks lie SIMBA in Lion King” actually she looked like Simba’s Dad the King! Utimatley “Taylor you are a beautiful person!

  120. valary says:

    love your show, my boyfriend and i realy need your help. we have drama and trust issues that need dealing with,we would love to be on the show. we have three wonder ful kids counting on us to get it together…please help….

  121. Ms. Ariel G. says:

    Hi Steve! Ever since your show started with Tough Love & now Tough Love Couples and I’m trying to be like every one else but I need some serious help with my relationship. Its like a love and hate one to the point that it gets verbal & our family involves themselves specially my in law & her duaghter. And to make it worse his family is racis and we been together for a 1 1/2 also I have a 3 1/2 year old son who calls him daddy and only knows him as daddy. Its very complicated but I need help, he even says we need help. So it would be nice to have someone like you to make my relationship better and last long. Thanks :-)

  122. Ms. Ariel G. says:

    Hi Steve! Evey since your show started with tough love I’ve enjoyed watching tough love couples more. I’m one person who can say that my relationship is juss a complete mess. Please help me save what I can be cuase my boyfriend of almost 2 years thinks you can helps us as well by watching your shows and getting to the bottom of it. Thanks onces again.

  123. Dawn says:

    Hi Steve,
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. Our relationship has turned upside down within the last year. I used to have all the trust in him until we went through a break last year. Now every issue is about trust, lying and everything else under the sun. I know your not casting anymore but I was hoping if you can tell me when the next casting is. My relationship reminds me of Mario & Christines, except 30 times worse. Ever since this year the both of us has gotten worse with the verbal and emotional abuse and stress, but we can’t let eachother go no matter how bad it is. My boyfriend claims I have been insecure since a car accident, but I feel I he’s changed for reasons I need to worry about.Well I hope you will get back to me, thankyou.

  124. Hamida says:

    Hi Steve, My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 year’s. I want to marry him yet he’ll won’t pop the question. I love him and other day’s I don’t want him apart of my life cause all we do is fight and fight. He’s very jealous, has a anger problem, alway’s verbally and mentally, and pysically absusive toward’s me. Don’t know what to do, I really need to be on your show Steve.

    Thank You,


  125. Jeffrey St. John says:

    My wife and I have been together since we were both very young. We have been together for 18 years and have 3 children together. We are having severe financial problems due to me being fired from a job I had for almost 10 years, and she “just” got hired. But we were homeless for a while and since I am not working and she has to, and since we are struggling it feels like we are very close to our marriage falling apart. Neither of us has any passion and we might make love once every few weeks. I don’t know what you are looking for, but I hope you might find our situation interesting and important enough that you would be willing to choose us. Thank you.

  126. Kristine says:

    I think your shows are amazing. I hope to be casted for Tough Love Couples season 2! I am still young but I have been in a hard relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years. Everything happened so fast but I know with your help we can figure things out. I do try and follow your advice and use it for my relationship but I feel that things are only working on my side of the fence. Please help us!

  127. esmeralda perez says:

    how do you apply for tough love couples? me and my boyfriend could really use the help we are going through it right now and i am willing to try anything to try and make it work!

  128. Hannah Woleslagle says:

    I just applied my boyfriend and I for casting on Tough Love couples it regretfully informed me that it is not casting at the time, but would save our application for the future… I’m just praying it’s the near future. Keith and I have been together for almost two years and ever since day one things have been getting worse and worse I love him to death, but it just seems that every time something gets fixed that there is something else to fight about :-( I want to spend the rest of my life with him, but I just wish he could be happy with me and see how hard I try to make our relationship work. Most of all I wish we could trust each other, I’ve never cheated or even thought of cheating on him (and as far as I know he hasn’t either) but he constantly accuses me of it because his exes cheated on him… and it hurts. I just wish we could just fix all our issues, but I know it takes two and he doesn’t listen to me and according to him I don’t listen either and talking about things just leads to arguments. Please make another tough love couples installment soon! We’ve held on this long, but I’m terrified that he’s ready to let go.

  129. ANALY MEZA says:


  130. Kelly says:

    My boyfriend and I of 3 years recently broke up. Although I initiated it, we were both at fault. I’m willing to work things out and have been trying. He says he loves me, misses me, and the only thing he’s certain of is that he wants to marry me one day. However, right now he doesn’t want to be with me. How is that fair? I can’t wait around. Do I walk away for good and find someone else or suffer while the guy I love more than anything in the world pushes me away until it’s convenient for him? Please e-mail me the best advice you can offer.

  131. Kelly says:

    My boyfriend and I of 3 years recently broke up. We’ve honestly had feelings for each other for 10 years. Although I initiated it, we were both at fault. I have admitted my mistakes and apologized. I’m willing to work things out and have been trying. He says he loves me, misses me, and the only thing he’s certain of in his entire life is that he wants to marry me one day. However, right now he doesn’t want to be with me. How is that fair? I can’t wait around. Do I walk away for good and find someone else or suffer while the guy I love more than anything in the world pushes me away until it’s convenient for him? Please e-mail me the best advice you can offer.

  132. octavi says:

    i’ve tried over and over to fill the form for the show but there is always any erra when i’m done

  133. natalie says:

    i have been watching tough love couples and i’ve just been so jealous. I would love an oppurtunity like that were i could either fix my relationship, which i believe needs a lot of help or end it for good. I would greatly appreciate an oppurtunity like that because we definately need a change and some help to mend our relationship. So give me a heads up if there is a tough love couples 2 and i will def put an application in….lol.Help me Steve…lol

  134. Gina says:

    Hi Steve, I love your show. Do you ever plan on doing a tough love for married couples that may be on the verge of going through a divorce. Really hope so, would love to apply and possibly save my marriage. Thanks for all your encouragement..

  135. Deseanae Griffin says:

    I wanted to no when the next time you were doig casting for tough love couples. I’m really having problems in my relationship of 5 years. We cant seem to get to the next step and our relationship is start to grow very dual. We have trusting and how we treat each issues. Also the sex level is cold. I fear that if we dont get threw our issues our relationship is going to fail. Or get really ugly. Like hurting each other in a physical way. We seem to get really anger when dicussing our issue. I’m starting to become really scared that we cant work through them. I hope that you can help me steve please!

  136. Deseanae Griffin says:

    I wanted to no when the next time you were doing casting for tough love couples. I’m 19 and i’m really having problems in my relationship of almost 6 years with my boyfriend 21 years of age. We cant seem to get to the next step and our relationship is start to grow very comfortable as long as i lie about my true feelings. We have trusting and how we treat each issues. Also the sex level is getting cold like there’s no attraction or no willing to do anything different. I fear that if we dont get threw our issues our relationship is going to fail. Or get really ugly. Like hurting each other in a physical way. We seem to get really anger when dicussing our issues. I feel like i’m losing myself. It puts a lot of fear in my heart to look at him and lie about what has happened. I have to many secrets and lies that i have’nt told him .I fell like i’m living a different life when i’m not with him. He gets mad when I try to explain that he’s part of the reason why I cant be truthful and I’m starting to become really scared that we cant work through these issues. I really want him to be my husband one day i dont know what i would do with out him in my live.I love him, but i cant continue to live like this and have a sucessful relationship and have a sucessful like together. We’ve been through so much together as kids till now. I don’t no what to do. I hope that you can help me steve please!

  137. christine says:

    dear steve,
    I really love your show and i really think that me and my boyfriend need to seriously be on this show. please let me know some info.

  138. Kara says:

    I love the show! The weddings nearly made me cry! Great Job Steve! You and your mother really have created a wonderful show. CANNOT wait until next season!

  139. Chelsey says:

    I love this show. i was so happy to see the couples at the end get married and to see they went threw a lot to get there. But i’ve wondered how steve tells these couples how to main tain a realtionship when he doesn’t even have one.

  140. Ayesha Ayala says:

    My partner and I are currently married we have been to counseling and it seems to be working, so I therapist said that we have been doing well and we just need to come in when we need to. However now it seems like he doesn’t want to deal with some of the issues that we have and always wants to avoid them. Im hoping to seek a different type of !+#_+~“)!&%~~# istance that we can actually use all the time when we are home.

  141. Marie says:

    Dear VH1,Steve and JoAnn Ward, I have been in a relationship for five and a half years that has been an on and off battle! I love this man and he says he loves me and we need your help!! This relationship has been struck with cheating, lying and betrayal. I have observed all of your shows and especially Tough Love Couples! I feel that you and your mom could help us figure this love out! Should we? or shouldn’t we? bee together?! I know we want to be together but we don’t know how to repair the trust and get us back on track! Could we possibly be considered for season 2 of Tough Love Couples? I love this man with my soul and don’t want to lose him! PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!

  142. Tamara Ballesteros says:

    My husband and I are big fans of Tough Love and Tough Love couples. We came up with another idea for a new Tough Love show. It Would be called “Tough Love Married couples” And we would be the best candidates for the show. It should be for couples who have been together for at least five years and are having marital problems that they can’t seem to resolve or over come. Steve can give them some challenges, obstacles etc to help them over come their issues, as well as some counseling. My husband and I have been together for 10 years. I know that he is my soul mate. We met at a club in Las vegas. He approached me on the dance floor and asked me to dance. I didn’t want to but I felt bad so I did. Later on he offered to buy me a drink and we talked. It turned out that he was from the same city that I was from. We have been togther since then but every year we have our issues and talk about a possible seperation. I hope that day does not come. I would love to come to a conclusion and find out what is going sour in our marriage. I think it would attract alot of people and could possibly be an eye opener for alot of married couples having the same isssues.

  143. Monique Goyette says:

    HI Steve,
    I abuostley love this show i can relate to these women on here, it is very hard to deal with men who don’t treat you right. I have been in a 5 almost 6 year relasonship with my boyfriend we have two boys together things are hard at times. But i always saY Keep Your Head Up And Always Smile :)

  144. melissa fernandez says:


  145. yuseline says:

    First of all me and my boyfriend have been together for over 5 YEARS and with 2 kids!!!!! He has not yet made a commitment to me!!! We are always fighting and arguing for everything! We dont agree with eachother. He does not know how to show love!!!! We really need the advice. Ive tried everything to try to make us work but nothing seems to work. We need help from a professional. If we dont get any help I know our family is gonna fall apart. Please help us! Thank you so much for your time and please let me know if any positions for tough love couples is available.

  146. olivia jones says:

    hi there i watch your show alot and seeing that you help pepole with the realtionships and i need help ive had bad realtionships and now i have someone and hes great but its starting to fall apart and i would like some help to fixing it and have him see my point and make us stronger we are like the couple that always fights and dont get eny were so steve please help but my bofriend is stuberned so it would be hard i would like to be on the couples show and fixs it and make it better

  147. Briana Cabello says:

    My name is Briana i have a daughter she is 2 years old, me and her father attempted to get married when i was pregnate, but legally it never happened, the whole time i was with him he cheated on me he always told me he loved me but some how he always mannages to break my heart when things are starting to get better… i really want things to work out with us so we could be a happy family..i realize that we both have issues…we have tried counsling together but we need your help…i have whatched your show and i know its exactly what we need to make our love come back alive and help fix all the problems that we have please please help me for the sake of my daughter i dont want her to grow up with seperated parents!!!!!……

  148. Jamarrisa Watkins says:

    Hi my name is Jamarrisa me and my boyfriend who i been with for 5 years are going through some thing. He means the world to me but we just can get it right. I watch your show and have witnessed how you got the couples were then need to be in life. So before we call it quits, i was wondering if you could please help us.

  149. Christine Figueiredo says:

    Hey Steve! Whats going on? I am a beautiful young woman and i feel i have alot to offer in a relationship, but i always seem to be taking the wrong steps in a reationship. Ive been in and out of relationships my whole life, trying to understand myself and others. Ive bought self-help books and done almost everything. I would love to be a part of your show and gain some insight and learn a few things, i think that would be amazing! Well thanks for your time!

  150. Derekka Wilson says:

    Hey Steve Me an my boyfriend have been in a 5 year on and off again relationship..we have 2 kids and really need the help..we have watched your shows and believe that you can help us. I think it would do use both some good to have you help out our relationship..and wold love to be on the show to see i need to go left and he goes right and just be there for the kids or is this love worth saving

  151. missy ulmer says:

    hi steve i cant get my pic to send i guess ther to big..but please hel ive been dateing thin guy for 3 year…and we fight about every thing what i wear.. my makeup we need help i do want to lose him… i feel like this is my last chance… PLEASE HELP……we r both very good lookig n we fight abou every thing…..i need ur help u help so many others i know u can help us… i can send pic to u love issy

  152. Steve,
    I am so glad to have this opportunity to send you my story. I would love to be one of your students. I am a 46 year old divorced mother of four. I do believe I am a wonderful woman, I am told over and over that I am the total package; beautiful, intelligent, sense of humor, sweet, compassionate and I have to agree but I am a mess. I have secretly been trying to figure myself out and won’t reveal to people what my problem is. I can remember at age 19 eating a lobster dinner with a nice gentleman, girlfriend’s brother and I am still just about as awkward on recent dates as I was then. Steve I have done so much work on myself, but for some reason I can’t seem to deal with this one I am terrified of a ‘good man’ but don’t want to settle for anything but. Please Help! I live in Baltimore, excited to see you aren’t too far up the road. P.S., I can handle myself in any social situation but alone I am faking it until the drink hits. If you only knew how bad.