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John was accused of many things before being booted from I Want To Work for Diddy 2: a racist, a turncoat, a chauvinist. In the interview below, he answers all those accusations and also explains how the show made him take a good, hard look at his life and take steps to change it.

How was your time on the show?

It was a great experience. Obviously, there was a lot of turmoil and living with everybody in the house was very different. But after being on the show and being around everyone, it’s good to know that I get along with everybody outside of a competition setting. I’ve been with the cast in Miami, and I just saw them Monday night in LA. There was always so much arguing going on in the house, but I realized that it is a show, and it is a competition, and competition makes people act accordingly I guess.

So are things cool with you and Ebony now, too?

Yeah. I was with her Monday night and in Miami. And as soon as I saw her, she ran up and gave me a hug and a kiss. People probably think that she probably hates me, but there are pictures of us all having fun and hanging out and hugging and kissing on Facebook.

What do you think of her suggesting that you are both a chauvinist and a racist?

A racist? That’s just preposterous. I have several black friends. I did make a comment: “I don’t hang out with black women.” And then she said in the interview, “He doesn’t hang out with black people,” which could be really misconstrued. I have all kinds of black [friends]: my boys. I don’t hang out with girls in general. I mean, I date women, I’m with them intimately, but I don’t hang out with girls. What’s the point, you know? But, as far as being a chauvinist, everyone has their opinion. I guess I do have a mentality that what I want to get done I’m going to get done, and that could be portrayed as being a chauvinist. But being a racist? Not even an issue.

Weren’t you implying that Jen was safe because of her appearance, while Ebony was not so fortunate?

No, I wasn’t. I watch the show of me being drunk, and I say to myself, “S*** man, I don’t even really remember going off on this tangent.” All I know is that I woke up and everyone’s mad at me, and someone told me that I had gone off on Jen. The episode doesn’t show that I had given it to Jen. So when I went to go to Jen, I was just trying to fix whatever was broken. With Ebony, I didn’t think that I had called her out, so I didn’t feel like I had to give her an apology. But I do think Ebony is a beautiful black woman.

Do you look back on that drunk scene and laugh at all?

No. My mom has signed me up for AA.


Yeah. After she saw that scene she said, “I’m making you move back to Alabama and I’m reintroducing you to Jesus. You’ve gotta get out of LA, because I don’t think Jesus is out there.”

So are you doing that?

Well, I definitely am reevaluating my life. In all honesty, I am 25, I’m no longer this 18-year-old frat boy who just gets f***ed up all the time. Because, to be honest with you, living out here, it’s real easy to do that. The girls, the women, the booze, the parties. I can go out every single night. And I have! But after I saw myself on video I thought, “Man, I just act so stupid.” At the end of the day, nothing really positive comes from alcohol. Except for a couple…or, a lot of one night stands, but I mean, at the end of the day, who cares about that? I want to be able to provide for myself, stay focused, wake up the next day and not feel like crap. So it’s been a real eye-opener. Alcohol doesn’t have to be such a big part of my life, because it obviously ruined me for that challenge. I mean, with me and Dalen, we had that alliance. And if I didn’t get f***ed up, we would have just chosen the girls to get out. But because I drank to excess, I shot myself in the foot.

Any thoughts on that alliance? When it came out you were called a “turn coat” and “disloyal” and stuff, and it ended being your undoing. Do you regret forming it?

Absolutely not. I’m still good friends with Dalen, I think that he’s a great guy and think that choosing Dalen to strategically partner up with him in the beginning was smart, because he was my only competition. But then when you throw alcohol into the mix, things got misconstrued and I blew it.

I have to say that your attempt to clean upholstery with Drano was classic.

Everyone’s been making fun of me for that. I mean, I was real f***ed up, I spilled a drink, I went and got the Drano. Now, obviously no one knows that every f***ing thing in the house is taped up so that its labels don’t show on camera. A red bottle is a red bottle, and I thought it was Resolve. I just don’t think that I can handle my alcohol, and that’s why I’m reevaluating because I need to be more of a social drinker than just someone who goes out and just drinks to get drunk.

You said that you had a lot of options in your exit interview. Are you pursuing anything? What are you doing now?

I just started at a nonprofit organization to help inner city kids achieve success. You know, there’s a huge gap in between low-income students and what we’re doing is providing tutoring and ACT prep and SAT prep to kids that don’t have much of a chance at success as kids who are in private schools and stuff like that.

Any thoughts on Diddy?

No thoughts on him. I just want to tell him: thanks for the experience. Thanks for allowing me to have a chance to have a billboard in Times Square. That was something that definitely touched me, and I thought that that was a great moment for myself, as far as being a part of something so cool.

Keep up with John via his Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.

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