Top 20 Celebs Gone Good: See Who Made the List


We counted down the Top 20 Celebs Gone Good. Check out the list below to see who made it to the No. 1 spot. Also listed are the charities and organizations each of the celebs support.

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1. Matt Damon (Water, mult.) – Water.Org, OneXOne, Not On Our Watch, Tonic Mail Stopper

2. Oprah Winfrey (Mult.) – Angel Network, Leadership Academy in Africa, Education, African Support, Disaster Relief, Cancer Research

3. Angelina Jolie (Refugees) – UN Refugee Agency, Jolie-Pitt Foundation

4. Lance Armstrong (Cancer) – Livestrong, Lance Armstrong Foundation (Cancer Research)

5. Wyclef Jean (Haiti) – Yele Haiti

6. Shakira (Youth) – Barefoot Foundation (Youth in Columbia), UNICEF, Support for Disaster Victims in Latin America

7. Brad Pitt (Environment / Disaster Relief) – Not On Our Watch, Make It Right, Jolie-Pitt Foundation

8. Alicia Keys (AIDS / Youth) – Keep A Child Alive

9. Ashley Judd (AIDS) – Population Services International, PSI’s YouthAIDS Projects

10. Leonardo DiCaprio (Environment) – Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (Eco), National Resources Defence Council

11. Bono (Mult.) – ONE Campaign, (RED) Campaign, EDUN Clothing Line’

12. Pete Wentz (Invisible Children/ Mental Health) – Invisible Children (Uganda Civil War Support), MTVU Half Of Us (Mental Health Awareness), Jed Foundation (Mental Health Awareness)

13. Russell Simmons (Arts/ Peace/ Africa) – RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation, Diamond Empowerment Fund, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, Hip Hop Action Summit Network, Meditation, Yoga

14. Christina Applegate (Cancer) – Breast Cancer Fight For A Cure, Revlon Walk, Lee’s National Denim Day, Right Action for Women

15. Ellen DeGeneres (LGBT) – Against Prop 8, Gay Rights (LGBT), Breast Cancer Research

16. Jonas Brothers (Youth/Diabetes) – Change For The Children, Volunteerism, Diabetes (Nick is the Bayer Company’s Diabetes Care Rep), Special Olympics (The “I Win” Run)

17. Chris Rock (Youth/Community) – UNICEF, (RED) Campaign, Salvation Army

18. David Arquette (Hunger) – Drive Out Hunger Tour, Feeding America, LA Soup Kitchens

19. Carrie Underwood (Troops) – United Service Organizations, CATS

20. Hayden Panetierre (Animal Rights) – Save The Whales

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  1. MAF says:

    Short list. You left out Josh Groban, who has his own foundation, Josh Groban Foundation, and sings for charity events all the time.

  2. MAF says:

    Short list. You missed Josh Groban, who has his own charity, Josh Groban Foundation, and has contributed his talents in numerous charity functions for years.

  3. KK says:

    Thought Josh Groban would be somewhere in your Top 20???

  4. ellie says:

    I’m watching this now! Saw Rich on it! Yay Rich!!!!

  5. nick says:

    im glad vh1 is recognizing all the good these celebs are doing instead of showing another 20 greatest fights or fueds or divorces or something like that

  6. John says:

    I didn’t realize this show would be based on people voting on some website. I thought it would be based on reality.

  7. Am says:

    You left off the person who holds the world record for being the most charitable celebrity ever: Michael Jackson.

  8. Am says:

    You left off the person who holds the world record for being the most charitable artist of all time: Michael Jackson.

  9. Krshna says:

    Michael Jackson has done far more then any of these people. What about everything that he left for charities in his will. Or Heal The World, or We Are The World, or Earth Song.

    Its about time you give him some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  10. Heather says:

    What about hanson ? Theyve started a worldwide campaign to help the children in Africa by providing , food , water, shelter and antiviral drugs, with the help of TOMS shoes. They set up take the and for every one person that walks a barefoot mile, a dollar goes to the people in Africa. Over 35,000 walks have taken place. 250 mothers have received treatment and care. Enough money has been raised to drill one well and provide water for a city. They are currently raising money to also build a school. Theyve been raising awareness for three years. I highly respect it, and i though they should have made this list. They are supporting a cause over seas, that doesnt affect their life at all.

  11. Khadijah E says:

    I am personally offened that the legendary, extraordinary, King of Pop and Greatest Entertainer of All Time the late, great Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson did not make this list. How is this even possible? He is one of the greatest humaratians of all time. Us has donated over 333 million dollars to various charities throughout his life including at times giving his entire proceeds from certain concerts to charity. He should be up there next to Oprah.

  12. wheyp.roteinsideeffects says:

    Very great site.
    The info here is super important.

    I will refer it to my friends.


  13. Jenny Reichert says:

    I totally agree with the post on Hanson. I watched the whole list waiting for them to show up, and I think they’ve missed out on a lot of valuable promotional power by being left off the list. Not only do they donate large sums of their own money to charity, they actually ACT to raise awareness as well (with the walks).

  14. Garland O'Quinn says:

    Thank you for being an example of compassion is a world full of greed.

  15. AH says:

    How on earth could anyone leave MICHAEL JACKSON off the list. This man dedicated most of his life helping children and people in need. Organizations he’s donated to:
    AIDS Project L.A., American Cancer Society, Angel Food, Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles, BMI Foundation, Inc., Brotherhood Crusade, Brothman Burn Center, Camp Ronald McDonald, Childhelp U.S.A., Children’s Institute International, Cities and Schools Scholarship Fund, Community Youth Sports & Arts Foundation, Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Dakar Foundation, Dreamstreet Kids, Dreams Come True Charity, Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation, Heal The World Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Love Match, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Minority Aids Project, Motown Museum, NAACP, National Rainbow Coalition, Rotary Club of Australia, Society of Singers, Starlight Foundation, The Carter Center’s Atlanta Project, The Sickle Cell Research Foundation, Transafrica, United Negro College Fund (UNCF), United Negro College Fund Ladder’s of Hope, Volunteers of America, Watts Summer Festival, Wish Granting, YMCA – 28th Street/Crenshaw

  16. AH says:

    How could you leave MICHAEL JACKSON off the list? This man has spent most of his life helping children and people in need. I don’t care if people didn’t like the man, you cannot be blind and deny the charitable actions he has taken numerous amounts of times. He has donated over $300 million of his own money to various charities and along with supporting these charities causes through his actions. Here are a few organizations that he has donated to:

    AIDS Project L.A.

    American Cancer Society

    Angel Food

    Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles

    BMI Foundation, Inc.

    Brotherhood Crusade

    Brothman Burn Center

    Camp Ronald McDonald

    Childhelp U.S.A.

    Children’s Institute International

    Cities and Schools Scholarship Fund

    Community Youth Sports & Arts Foundation

    Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)

    Dakar Foundation

    Dreamstreet Kids

  17. DD says:

    why are the Jonas Brothers aaaaaaallll the wat at 16th position? theyve done sooo many good things..?

  18. DD says:

    why are the Jonas Brothers aaaaaaallll the way at 16th position? theyve done sooo many good things..?

  19. katie says:

    how the HECK did the jonas brothers get to #16??????????????????????????????? they deserve WAAAAY higher than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Best Affiliate Programs says:

    Such a good site. I am saving this page.

  21. Kristy says:

    Matt Damon topped the list?? Seriously?? I mean, he’s charitable and all, but what about Bob Geldof or mainly where is Michael Jackson in this list?? Hayden Panetierre for saving the whales?? VH1 has got it so wrong this time…

  22. Kristy says:

    this list is so wrong… why isn’t Michael Jackson in this list and Hayden Panetierre is?? VH1 has got it so wrong this time… it’s a joke…

  23. Katea9tails says:

    Lisa Marie Presley is seldom mentioned for her charity work. An news about her is about her troubles in life or the fact that she is the daughter of a legend. Elvis Presly instilled in his daughter the responsiblity to help others, especially those who may not be able to help themselves equally. Elvis was very generous, Every year he would give large amounts to several charities and individually was known to hand out things to people most mentioned were the cars. Today his estate which Lisa Marie has inherited continues to give. In fact to be considered an official fan club and there are thousands of those, the club has to show proof of their donations to charity. Lisa Marie has taken time to be apart of Presley Place which was build in the space of a home her father lived during his years before fame and fortune and has been converted to a home for those who are struggling to make it on their own. Also like her father she doesn’t go around blowing her own horn saying look at what I do. Please don’t let her slip thru the cracks.

  24. rss says:

    bon jovi should be on this list. they support many charites and have started many of their own! :)

  25. Alex says:

    What about Hanson and their Walks? They are doing a lot to help children who have AIDs in Africa and they are inspiring a whole generation to walk a mile barefoot to understand what it is to not even have shoes. I think social awereness is extremely important.

  26. nikky says:

    What??? I can’t believe it… I read it over and over.. “do i need glasses, or have they forgotten about Michael Jackson???” OMG. After all he has done… It’s a disgrace. Well on the other hand MJ is beyond this list… Have a good weekend everyone!