VH1 Tough Love 2 Recap – Episode 2 – 10 Things We Loved About This Episode



She’s baaaaaaack. (And more orange than ever!)

The first thing we loved about this week’s show, obviously is:

- Taylor’s return


What a fascinating person.


When Steve told her, “You look like Simba,” he was almost being kind. Her mane was much more on the Zoobilee Zoo tip than Lion King. The Lion King was waaaay too neatly drawn to make that a totally accurate comparison.

And then she was pissed when she was asked to change her hair!


Like walk-off-the-show pissed! Like needs-embracing broken-up…


Two awesome things came from this:


Steve ended up with makeup on his shirt (check his right shoulder for the sweetest consequence of comforting there is) and Taylor was able to note, “Steve loves tough. And I need tough love.” Listen, lady: asking you to change your hair back to a naturally occurring color wasn’t tough love or even love love. It was common courtesy.

But no matter what she looks like, at least Taylor brings the drama, like how she she booted Kanisha from her bed and reclaimed it (it was Taylor’s bed last season) on grounds of “seniority.”


Seniority, arbitrary nastiness, a plot point…it’s really one in the same on reality TV. “If you can’t get along with me, then there’s something wrong with you!” claims Taylor. Hey world: it’s not her, it’s you. Got it?

Oh, and if you’re dying to know about her new dude, Willy Northpole…


…may I direct you to his Wikipedia page? You’re welcome.

The next thing we loved isn’t a thing at all, but a wonderful, hilarious woman:

- Elizabeth


Elizabeth is bar none the greatest source of quotes this show has ever seen. The best of the week? “I don’t usually pay attention. I’m usually thinkin’ about kittens or sunshine or somethin’.” Mariah Carey, meet your pierced, Southern, human-bottle-opener reality TV doppelganger.

Who could forget such hits as:

“I am tickled pink, orange and burgundy.”

“You’re the most amazing person, like, on earth.” (That was during her date with the hunky Dave…


…who is, in a phrase, swoon-inducing…)


And then there was…


“I wish we could, like, make out and talk at the same time.” I can say with certainty, I would pay to watch her try.

Also, a quote that might be as good as the kittens and sunshine: “My heart just, like, stopped and melted into a puddle of the stuff that’s inside Gushers.” This woman is made of an unidentified candy liquid. Yep, sounds about right.

With the latter, she was referring to another highlight of the week…

- The season’s first kiss!


And yeah, I love love and all, but the best thing about this was it led to yet another amazing description from Elizabeth:


“He had those, like, lips that are juicy and plump, but it’s not overwhelming to where they, like, suck your face off or anything.” Thank god. If he sucked her face off, she wouldn’t be able to say such consistently awesome stuff.

- The dunking


Look, whether or not repeatedly dropping women into cold water for not remembering the details of the guy they shared some time with at an amusement park date’s is beneficial to anyone and/or their memory is not for us to say. We are not experts. It’s Steve Ward’s world, we just watch it for an hour each week. I will say that this entire ordeal was worth it to see Taylor squirm every step of the way…





…and to see Steve beam…


You get the sense that he really, really likes his job.

- Post-challenge fierceness



Who needs makeovers when you have such an easy time achieving bathroom glamor?

- Just kidding: MAKEOVERS!!!










This occasion comes but once (OK, sometimes twice) a reality show season. Enjoy it.

(But for real: check out the complete and total upgrades across the board. Especially Taylor’s! It’s like watching a lion become a butterfly that’s fluttering around a tide of Gushers liquid in Elizabeth’s brain!)

- The shock over Angel’s wig-wearing…




Uh, girls?


This is VH1. It’s shocking when the hair isn’t fake.


Let this be a lesson to the slack-jawed lot of you!

(RIP, Sylvia.)

- Masquerade


For a brief moment, it felt like Labyrinth and that felt really, really good.


- This:


God, what the hell was that fight?


Rocky’s jealous, the other “bitches” (Rocky’s word) are jealous, Taylor hates Rocky, Taylor loves Rocky…


…Rocky’s crying in a bathroom, bam bam bam. It’s like a roller coaster that beats you up instead of taking you on a ride.

- The best of the week:


Regardless of Rocky’s behavior and motives for claiming that Elizabeth’s Dave (he of drool-worthy pythons and juicy lips that don’t consume you) was flirting with her, it was genuinely nice to see her succeed. And look pretty! And tone things down to the point of resembling a person, and not just a force of hilarity. I mean, granted, she’s still a ham…


…(that’s her after the unmasking of the dude who’s feeling her)…


…but at least she’s a softened, love-ready ham.

The woman who did the worst according to Steve was Angel…


She just tuned out of her date completely and was, obviously, raked over the coals by Steve as a result: “You made your bed, now you gotta sleep in it. Stop living a lie!” (regarding Angel not telling her family about stripping) and “Don’t bulls*** me!” (regarding, oh, everything). This heated exchange elicited this response from Taylor…


Admit it: you’re as engaged as she is.

VH1 and Shecky’s have teamed up for a contest, in which the grand prize includes a trip to New York and a consultation with Steve and JoAnn Ward. Click below for details!


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  1. Chelsea says:

    So the guy that gave Jenna feed back tonight was totally my cousin. I was in utter shock when he took his mask off.

  2. Lane says:

    VH1 is making good choices like bringing Taylor and Poprah back. Now all they need is Arian! But 51 Minds Has gone down the drain…. ILM3 is a nightmare for VH1 But for us fans is a miracle waiting to never be seen..

  3. Ro says:

    Girls (and I use the term loosely” like Taylor, who call other women %*)&^(^^!^^&&&&^_ s and constantly instigate drama are SO DAMN SAD! Her entire attitude totally sucks…did they bring her back for ratings?? I don’t want to see her “attention suck” personality…I want to see women who know they need to change and who are totally open to doing the work put in front of them. UGH!!!

  4. Cricket says:

    Taylor looks so much more awesome with brunette hair. She’s gorgeous! Please keep the darker locks, so much more flattering, you look like a soap star!

  5. lisa says:

    omg taylor looks so much better with dark hair!

  6. arizonagirl says:

    I love Willy Northpole…I’m so glad to see him on Vh1. he needs his own show, for the love of Willy. If it don’t work with Taylor…holler

  7. straybeat says:

    Why are the Kanisha’s of the world always the gold diggers? She is physically ugly to me and because of her arrogance she is the one I would walk up to in a room and ask to get the hell out of my way so that I can see the rest of the women there. And what sucks the most for her is that she will never get it because she is SO sure that she’s the hottest thing there. If she were “normal” I would probably ask her out right off the bat, but she’s just an amazing turn-off!

  8. Ashley says:

    I thought Angel looked really pretty in this whole episode. She’s my favorite. I like Jenna too. I dont like Liz or taylor. Listening to them is like torture to me.

  9. carol s. says:

    Rocky looks beautiful. It would be really nice to see this girl become a successful and happy woman. I just don’t think she knows who she really is.

  10. Lynn s. says:

    Rocky looked beautiful tonight. I hope she has learned that being hard is not getting her what she needs.It would be a real pleasure to see this woman become happy, secure and successful. I think she is talented but the tough exterior is holding her back.

  11. Lizzie L says:

    Rocky? Best? smh… She did make the biggest change with men at the party, so I guess theat’s all that counts in group. But her look and behavior offstage? I’m thinking Classy Girl is as big an act as Rocker Grrl. Much more attractive though.

  12. tat says:

    Funny to me how so many people make judements on the shows that come on yet, not one of you is getting up off their lazy +#_@+~&~@!^)%&& es to make something else worth watching.

  13. Amy says:

    Why on earth did Taylor go blonde she looks better as a brunette and Angel is too closed off

  14. J says:

    taylor looks so ugly >:p

  15. Kay says:

    wow. i love Elizabeth..
    “My heart just, like, stopped and melted into a puddle of the stuff that’s inside Gushers.”
    She litterally cracks me up.

  16. Babbygirll says:

    i love taylor ; just not her hair lookin like “Simba” lmfaoooo =]

  17. madison marie says:

    Taylor, Omg what were you thing with the critters hair ball, that was nuts you look soo much better as a brunnet, you have a crazy personatliy but you dont have to look crazy at the same time!

  18. sarah says:

    taylor is such a distraction to the show. Why is she still there? she is like the bad kid in a class, keeps the others from learning. I just don’t see the value of her being there. Others are improving, she is not interested in following the exercises and suggestions. I think she needs to be removed. Unless she is to add “drama”. Do we really need that? Amazingly Steve has very good insight, she needs to be sent home.

  19. Elle says:

    Taylor needs to get kicked off. She’s obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol most of the time. Besides I’m pretty sure she has some type of personality disorder. Steve, look up the definition of histrionic personality disorder. See any similarities?

  20. luvvh1 says:

    I love Elizabeth I think she is sooo funny!! I think Taylor is completely annoying and full of herself, was she really necessary a second time around??? I was so glad to see Willy knock her off her pedestal. I just feel bad for Rocky I think they are like the “Mean Girls” to her, yes she was a complete idiot on another reality show…does anyone remember her it was about “stage moms?” But I think deep down she’s a good person just trying to fit in, like maybe she had a really bad life?

  21. shannon says:

    CAN YOU Believe it…watch the new episode now… Thye trial episode. Watch Taylor while she is sitting with the other girls. she cannot even keep her eyes open..she is definately on some kind of opiate.

  22. taylor hater says:

    Taylor needs to be taken off the show immediately. I honestly dont think anyone in the entire USA likes seeing that ugly gold digging skank _$(`(^##%**!&+` hoe up on TV.

  23. The Dominion says:

    Love the picture where Steve is holding the mallet, ready to dunk Taylor in the water…the one where “he really, really likes his job”…the one with the sadistically maniacal, slightly twisted grin…

    He looks like he just wants to club some of those women with the Magical Matchmakin’ Hammer O’ Steve.

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