VH1 Tough Love 2 Recap – Episode 3 – 10 Things We Loved About This Episode


Funnily enough, nothing about this picture suggests “tough”…


But whatever, it’s sexy time! Yay!

The first thing we loved this week?

- The sexy photo shoot (duh!)

Many, many photos of the women giving sexy were shown. Here are some of them:

View Photo Gallery

A few things worth noting happened during this shoot. We found out that Liz pronounce “lingerie” like “linger-y.” Whatever, if it’s Liz, it’s adorable. On her modeling philosophy, Rocky said, “You’ve gotta wanna f*** the camera!” Another thing you gotta wanna do is make Steve’s panel of guys wanna f*** you. For the most part they did: most of the women got good reviews (I think that Jenna’s was good, at least – one guy said she looked “slutty,” which seems like something you want to hear given the task). Taylor’s feedback, on the other hand, was…not so positive. “Women that need to go to the bathroom is not really sexy to me,” said one of the guys. Maybe, but you know what is sexy? Subject-verb agreement.

- Liz’s date with Dave


OK, so maybe “love” isn’t the right word for this, but it sure was something. After wrestling around with Dave…



…and then watching him get choked out (see above) with a reaction that initially didn’t suggest it had affected her nearly as much as she later said it did…


…Liz reported that their relationship is “haltered a little bit.” If you don’t know what that means (and god help you if you do), basically it’s like this: because Liz was faced with the brutality of Dave’s job, they’ve gone from this…


…to this…



And to that point…

- Liz and Dave found themselves out of step during the dancing challenge…


Again, not exactly something to love, but who can resist a visual metaphor?

- Sally stepped it up


She had such chemistry with her dance partner, she even worked in an impromptu kiss:



After doing so well in the dancing challenge, the sky’s the limit for Sally. There’s no dance she can’t do. Next up: the horizontal ones.

- Taylor’s dancing


This one speaks for itself.

- Taylor’s utter obliviousness



- Tina’s obliviousness


“Is this conservative?” she asked about freaking floral print. It is, and of course to Taylor, who probably even considers crotchless wardrobe pieces to be conservative, it was especially conservative. And so, she gave Tina a makeover (her second in that many weeks, what luck!).


The funniest thing?


Taylor made over Tina in her own image. Maybe that’s more entirely predictable given reality TV’s tendency to cast only the most egocentric members of society, than it is funny, but whatever: notable all the same.

- This:


So I guess Taylor and Rocky are going to fight every episode? What was this but a clash of egos/fight for attention? And isn’t that always what it comes down to? Seriously, though: the foundation for this fight came from a question that Angel asked Rocky: “Why do you keep telling people I’m talking bad behind their backs when I’m not?” And then Rocky said, “I was gonna ask you the same question.” Oh girls, a wise woman (well, not really: Tyra Banks) once said it best: “Everybody talks about everybody.” Without backstabbing, the entire concept of reality TV confessionals would disintegrate. You need the backstabbing to have something to do, and we need it to watch you do something.


(Those are Rocky’s nicknames for her peers, as revealed in a confessional that, again, wouldn’t have been possible without backstabbing.)

But the best thing about the gif above is that after the fight had escalated to that point, and a now-wet Rocky fled the room, Taylor calmly turned to Angel and said, “So, anyway…” No matter what you say about her taste level, you have to give it up for Taylor’s sense of timing.

- Orange strikes back


I thought last week’s makeover had washed it away for good. But it just goes to show that you can’t keep a good nuclear glow down.

- The best of the week


It’s nice to see Sally excel, since she seems so quiet and shy that it’s conceivable that she could go the whole season without coming to fruition as a character. But she did it! Already! And without pouring anything on anyone! Way to go!

Also, it was very impressive that Tina took her lumps when Steve called her up as the woman who did the worst this week, mostly because of her business-casual chic.


“I deserved it, I get it, but damn it was nerve-wracking to be up there,” she said. Steve advised her to use Michelle Obama as a style guide. “Show a little edge,” he told her. If she dressed up as a giant circle, she’d be showing more edge. Really, the only place for her to go from here is up.

Taylor was also called up for showing a complete lack of interest in her dancing date (Valentino, who she also dissed last season)…


Steve told her that she won’t get to see her real man, Willy Northpole, until she gets with the program and invests herself in this process. In response, Taylor told him…


“You can’t break me down…I will never f***ing cry here!” Funny thing is, she already did earlier this episode, when she and Steve argued over the “sexy” pictures he chose for her:


Jeez, when this girl is wrong, she’s really wrong. It just goes to show that you should never say never, especially in when talking about something you did just a few segments earlier. Get it together, Taylor! Be as bright as your skin tone!

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  1. Anthony Velazquez says:

    Hope everyone out there enjoyed the episode. I enjoyed being a part of the show, what a great time!

  2. Jo says:

    When did Taylor get so fat?

  3. frediej115 says:

    kick taylor off the show i dont like her two faced personality

  4. brandie says:

    oh my gosh…..i am watching this show right now and i dont understand why that girl taylor thinks she is everything????!?!?!?!…… she is UGLY, she doesnt have a cute body and obviosly she sucks at life since she STILL doesnt even have a boyfriend tell alone even get the “game”!!!! god she sucks!!!! and its so funny how she is still arguing with the expert!!! what is she? a million years old by now and she cant even get a boyfriend??!!!! and she is lucky she was on a show with rocky instead of real life bc ROCKY would have KNOCKED HER OUTfor dumping beer on her!!!! wow taylor get a life and stop being such a gold digger!!! do something for yourself!!! why dont you worry about your life and how your going to succeed instead of trying to mooch off of men!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Savanna says:

    I was just watching the show and realized tha David and I went to high school together…Hope all goes well with this show these things get crazy! GO PREW!

  6. Savanna says:

    HOLY CR*P David Prewitt! Hope that girl Liz makes the right choice Dave is a good guy.

  7. EmilyfromKY says:

    I LOVEEE Liz….I think she needs to reconsider breaking up with “Hot Stuff”. He seems like a genuinely decent guy. I know what its like to be married to someone who has a dangerous job and the love you have for them makes up for the fear. now on to another subject

    Crack )~#(!$&*!)$%%$(%+ Taylor….YUCK YUCK AND YUCK….Simba needs to get over the fake tan, lip implants and fat legs. This girl is DISGUSTING!!!

  8. ASHLEY says:

    im utterly just shocked at taylor and for any woman that acts like that, since when do grown ^_`~%*!@)~*~$%@ women act that way. Taylor your fat and a ^%&&&^(+_^_@~@^~! youll never get anywhere like that, if you had a good personality you might would have something going for ya ! blah

  9. dori says:

    Taylor is a hot as mess let her go.Let rocky whip Sasquatches %_)$(#&()+`~!!! Who does she think she is AWFUL.

  10. Amy says:

    what was up with that guys wrestling coach? he almost killed Dave on national TV not KILL him dumb !_+&)+%(*#(#+`+ anyways yeah that’ not good it was supposed to be a demonstration and Taylor is acting stupid if she’s with someone else why on earth is she back on tough love? if she doesn’t want to be there then she should just LEAVE and do herself and the rest of the gals and Steve a favor seriously it’s obvious she’s there for the drama. Sally I was impressed by today
    and it’s good she realizes that if she’s not into someone she should not waste time and get it out of the way now instead of breaking someone’s heart later on down the road

  11. CS3 Fan says:

    Taylor is truly an example of how your insides shape others’ perceptions of your oustides. Many people have commented that she’s ugly and fat, but I don’t think she is either. True, her fake tan is hideous, but if not for that she would have great looks.

    If she was a nice, classy, compassionate, down-to-earth person, I think people would comment positively on a “curvy” body and “cute” face. But because she’s got such a nasty personality, she is perceived as ugly (as she should be!).

    Instead of compliments, she has the nicknames Simba and Sasquatch. Nothing to be proud of!!

  12. LOL@Taylor says:

    I agree with Rocky with Taylor being a Sasquatch. xD She hella looks and acts like one. @_@ I REALLY hope Taylor leaves. She would deserve it.

  13. mnchick says:

    Ok, not so sure about Taylor this season…I really adored her last season. This season if it is possible, she is just..worse than she was last season when she first came on the show! I am still holding out hope that she will step it up.

    Liz and Dave: Man is he ever cute! I hope she doesn’t let the choke out incident affect the good thing they have going. I hope she just is honest with him and voices her concerns about it and then that they move on from it and keep moving forward with their relationship. They are adorable together and he is sexy!

    Sally: wow! She really stepped it up and was HOT in the photoshoot! Go Sally!

    Jenna: I hate to say it but her name should be Debbie Downer. I understand her self-esteem issues but at the same time she is totally failing to see the big picture and is hearing absolutely NOTHING the men are saying about her that is positive. It’s almost like she enjoys being so negative about herself. She takes the positives and turns them negative and that has got to stop! She will never find a man that way and if she finds one he will eventually get tired of her negativity and lack of confidence.

    Rocky: I am liking her a little more but I think that she is simply putting on a good show for the camera. But that’s just my opinion..maybe she is truly changing but I kinda doubt it.

    Keneisha (sp?): Wow..kinda didn’t see too much of her this episode. She seems to be making a genuine change but again, like Rocky it is hard to tell. I am really on the fence with her at the moment and what will happen once she meets someone on the show…

    Who am I missing..I know I am missing at least one other girl.. anyway…

    Oh and to Jo as for Taylor GETTING fat, she has never been uber-thin. Not last season either. I don’t think she looks much different than last year. But that’s just me.. perhaps I will have to watch last season again to see…

  14. Mrs. T says:

    Was liking Taylor at the end of Tough love 1, but WTF happened to her this time!!! She comes in like she’s queen of the ball and treats everyone like she’s the $*!%, takes a bed from somone(which would not have happened if that was MY bed) talks $*!% to everyone, argues with Steve, is rude to her dance partner, and throws drinks on people about things that aren’t her business to begin with!!!! AND THIS IS ONLY THE THIRD EPISODE!!!(SHE WASN’T EVEN ON THE FIRST EP.) Why hasn’t steve kicked her dumb (+(&^&#+_&`!(%@ off the show yet?!? She doesn’t want help, she just wants to be on tv! OU-sooners said it best when they said the next corn I find in my poop, I’ll name after Taylor!!!

  15. olskooljay says:

    I hope that Tina sees this comment…
    If there is anything that you need at all, it’s simply confidence in your beauty and to let go. Clearly you have proven yourself to the world of work. What you need is to avail yourself to the world of play. You are a gorgeous woman! Know that about yourself.
    Sexy?? I see you in a wispy gauze sundress, slightly see-through, thong, hair down, barefoot…given the right situation, have MERCY!

    I think I love you. Good luck with the search for the right fella. I really wish I were there.

  16. Brenda says:

    I absolutely love this show!!! it gives me great dating tips!!! Id like to submit an idea for next season- how about tough love for plus sized women!!!??? im sized 18-20 ish & bet there are plenty of beefy guys for us voluptuous women!!! whaddya think???

  17. Larry says:

    Tina is hot, I don’t understand why she is on this show maybe she needs to understand when guys are flirting with her, she must get hit on all the time

  18. T says:

    I think tough love is a good show.but personally some of the ladies or ugly with no swagger an have the nerve to be picky. its okay to have confidents but stay grounded.

  19. Olivia B. says:

    Wow, Okay So What Is Up With Taylor, She Got invited back into The House Because She Needs Some more Work And Yet She Cant Stop Arguing About Leaving :p Dude She Needs To Just leave :p If Shes Gonna Keep Walking Out Thats What Shes Gonna Do With Her Partner If She Ever Finds One :p

    Anyways Adam And Dave Are Really Hot Haha (:

  20. roulette spielen says:

    I cannot believe this is true!

  21. Kayla says:

    liz I LOVE YOU GIRL you are the best seriously but what were you thinking breaking it off with dave come on girl get him back hes a freaking hottie =]

  22. nuckSquinny says:

    Very nice Blog, I will tell my friends about it.