Duncan Roy Alleges Homophobia Kept Him Off Oprah, Tyra



Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew has been making the media rounds, as everyone from Conan O’Brien to Oprah Winfrey have attempted to wrap their audiences’ heads around the concept of sex addiction. One cast member/patient absent from the coverage, though, has been openly gay producer/director Ducan Roy, and he says this is no coincidence on his blog. In a post titled “F*** you Oprah,” Duncan writes: “How do I feel about being excluded from Oprah’s Sex Rehab special? You may well ask dear blog readers. I feel PISSED OFF! The producer are [sic] blatantly, rampantly homophobic. The producer’s excuse? They didn’t want to confuse the issue of sex addiction with a gay story. F*** YOU OPRAH!”

Duncan shades in his anger a bit: “Mostly, though, I am seething about the media’s approach to anything gay. Our stories are never integrated hence we are never integrated.” He also says some stuff about the gay and black communities that’s at least beside the point and also potentially problematic. You should read it all, if only to pick his brain.

The thing is, while homophobia is still so socially acceptable that it’s almost always a conceivable explanation for any misdeed against a gay person, really, there are clearly other factors at work. Only three of the eight cast members — Jennie Ketcham, Amber Smith and Phil Varone — appeared on Oprah. Obviously, time and space constraints factor in: the hour is only so long, the stage is only so big. And even if a producer did tell Duncan what he reported (although it seems strange that anyone would contact him to tell him he wouldn’t be appearing on the show, so his information is almost certainly second hand, at least), there’s probably more to the rationale than just blatant discrimination. It’s unfortunate that Duncan feels left out, as his story is particularly fascinating and singular, but at least he gets to tell it via his blog and Sex Rehab, where he is most certainly integrated.

He’s pretty funny, though. In a separate post titled “F*** you Tyra” (see a trend?), he writes: “Oh yeah-f*** you Tyra for not having me on your show-but actually I don’t care, she’s too tabloid – even for an attention hound like me.” Too tabloid for Tyra but not for VH1? LOL!

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