Poprah’s Video Blog – Episode 4


If you know anything about I Want To Work for Diddy‘s Poprah, it’s that the girl loves to talk. Seriously – just try and stop her! Since we can’t (and don’t want to), we’re going to be hosting weekly video blogs, in which she tells all about her time on I Want To Work for Diddy 2. Her take on last week’s episode is above, and it features a very special tribute to her “roach with a hairpiece” comment directed at Ivory…

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  1. Jodi Parks says:

    Wow. You are just evil sometimes. I love it. The only thing that your missing is a side kick. I WISH diddy would let me in there! Between you and I there would never even need to be another I Want To Work For Diddy because we would have it covered.

  2. elizabeth valdez says:

    Poprah, the kinda luv I showed you, the respect and how we spoke….let’s keep it real… I KNOW ur not a turncoat. bobblehead? I never spoke about your weight-spoke about your breasts holding that coffee and they r huge so….keep it real

  3. Keep It Real says:

    WTH Valdez & Mrs. Clark (repetitive *ss) talkin about. This is freakin reality show, its entertainment. Everybody gets joked on, have u seen Saturday Night live, Madd Tv, any late nite talk shows. These reality stars are free game now as public figures and if they don’t have a tough skin they shouldnt have done it. It comes with the territory. So both of yall tightwads who obviously love reality tv need to shut the f-up, or go watch you relatives or national geographic!

  4. Keep It Real says:

    Elizabeth Valdez – WHO R U?