Taylor Gets Her Wish On The Next VH1 Tough Love!


On Sunday’s episode of VH1 Tough Love (premiering at 9/8c), Taylor is finally reunited with the object of her obsession, Willy Northpole. Check it out in the extended preview above. It’s a pre-Christmas miracle!

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  1. realwomen says:

    Willy Northpole is fine as hell…Taylor don’t know what to do with that. pass him over here!!!!!

  2. Denzel W says:

    This girl not only has a very awkward body but a face as well. With her orange skin and body, actually everything about her is exactly like an umpa lumpa. like identical to one. Most people who look like her have a good personality. I dont know what she is thinking. She might be certifiably insane.

  3. Valerie says:

    First of all, reality shows aren’t REALLY reality. The production company makes most of the decisions to make sure the show stays interesting, I would know cuz I’ve been on one. But I do agree with the umpa lumpa thing and I’ve got to say I’ve NEVER seen hair extensions look that bad! Lol! I’m sure taylor really is obsessed with willy, who wouldn’t be, but he’s probably not REALLY feelin her, its just publicity for him…if he is in to her wtf is wrong with him…

  4. lawsLH says:

    come on willy northpole can get a hoe better looking than dat man looking thing and dammnnn most of them black men she’s got were FINE AS $!@~_%*~#*_“_$& she’s just crazy doubt she’s like day in real life tho coz who da hell would let fine guys like day past them by!!!!!!