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As he did last season, Master Matchmaker and VH1 Tough Love commander Steve Ward will weigh in with his thoughts on each episode of his show. Below, Steve talks about episode 3: Sally’s sex appeal, Rocky’s restraint and Taylor’s ‘tude.

Any outstanding thoughts on the photo shoot?

Yeah, here’s something outstanding for you: Sally. Blew my mind. I was shocked. Here was something that also shocked me: Did you hear that sound bite that she gave when we started talking about sex? “I usually sleep with guys before the first date.” That’s a pretty big deal. There’s a phenomenon taking place today: guys want to hang out with a girl before they date her. Before spending money and going out of their way, they want to get to know them that way. What Sally’s doing is hanging out with the guys and having sex with them before they can ever take her out. The guys aren’t showing her the respect of taking her out on a date or going out of their way. There’s no challenge in it. It’s not as much of a prize. She’s giving it away. I wrote about that in my book: when it comes to sex, a woman should treat herself like she’s a luxury car dealership. A lot of people may walk by and take a look at the show room, but if she wanted to give someone the opportunity to take her out for a spin, she first needs to make sure he’s a qualified buyer. Even after that, you have to be under the impression that he’s motivated to buy it, that he’s serious about moving forward. I think what Sally’s doing is giving someone the full experience before checking his qualifications. I think that at the photo shoot, she showed a part of how this works, by showing how sexy she is.

The photo shoot also led to an argument with you and Taylor…

This was so recent after my last argument with her. It was just constant castigation from me to her and it’s exhausting. I couldn’t deal with it. Watch the bonus clip of her talking s*** to me in the hot seat. It’s like Taylor, “Don’t you get it? Just do what I ask, even if it means just going through the motions. You’ll get what you want.”

So what’s her deal? Does she just figure that you and her have a combative dynamic?

No. Taylor wants to be the boss. Taylor needs to be in control. She needs to feel like everybody’s eating out of her hand, even if she doesn’t have the upper hand. She’s feeding the pony.

Why would she even sign up for not having the upper hand another time, and return to this show, then?

She wants to be showcased. She wants to be the center of attention. Wait till you see how that becomes a problem for her. It’s her ultimate demise. The Greeks had a word for it: hubris.

Dr. Drew and I have talked about how such a need for attention can be helpful in a case like Celebrity Rehab: people want to be on TV, so they sign up and then once they’re in there, he can do the work with them. Could a similar thing be happening here?

Exactly, yes. She thought she was fixed from Season 1 and she just wanted me to tell her if she found the right man. It doesn’t work like that. Taylor has a lot of work left to do if she wants too be in a reciprocal relationship. “Reciprocal” is the operative word. If she wants a guy to put her on a pedestal and idolize her, she can find that already. But that’s not going to be healthy for her.

What did you think of the Rocky/Taylor fight?

Rocky showed her maturity by not going after her. Rocky showed a lot of poise. Very impressive. Rocky gets it: I said to her on Day 1 that she’s got to be a role model for her little girl at home. The way that she carried herself at the masquerade ball shows that she has dignity and is capable of grace. When it came to Taylor, she was in her room, on her bed, speaking her mind, and Taylor should have left. When Taylor poured the beer on Rocky…that’s like the ultimate insult. It’s just higher than spitting on somebody, in my opinion.

Any thoughts on the dancing challenge?

Sally did great, Kanisha did great. She was disappointed she didn’t win. She’s very competitive. She took the challenge very seriously. A lot of them did, and their insecurities rose right to the surface. Jenna was scared of getting sweaty and how her body looked. Tina went right back to conservative, right back to her comfort zone. Taylor, when she shows up and she’s sleeping in the middle of a competition, I don’t know how that’s possible when there are nine cameras on you. I can’t speculate. Maybe she’s narcoleptic, but there’s no excuse for that, in my opinion. It’s not like she was exhausted from practicing all day.

What do you think is the deal with Tina’s fashion regression?

I think that she feels like being conservative makes her seem very refined or sophisticated. I think it’s a matter of self-confidence. Like, come on, put yourself out there. Stop being so afraid of the world.

You tell Jenna she’s crippling herself.

She is, and it’s sad. She’s literally shooting herself in the foot with all the s*** she pulls. I see a lot of hope for her, but everyday it’s something new. What do you do when you see someone who’s beautiful and smart and has everything going for her, but just hates herself? How sad is that?

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