VH1 Tough Love 2 Recap – Episode 4 – 10 Things We Loved About This Episode


And now, for a very special episode of VH1 Tough Love


While the first thing we loved this week has to do with watching these women cry, that is not the reason itself (even I’m not that mean). Instead, it is:

- The emotional honesty of these women

Steve asked the girls to write letters to their fathers and the results were just…so…sad. Liz’s dad died, Rocky’s abandoned her family, Jenna’s told her he didn’t want her, Angel was adopted and then ignored by her adoptive father, Sally never knew her biological dad, and the list goes on…

It’s very impressive that these women are invested enough in this process that they aren’t afraid to make themselves vulnerable. Steve persuasion is nowhere near as tough as his love.

The next thing is directly related:

- The comforting powers of string cheese

Not to make light of Jenna’s justified pain, but it was kind of adorable to watch her seek solace in this decidedly kiddie snack while she cried about her dad. It was like a calcium-fortified pacifier. Everyone has their emotional string cheese, I guess: the food that tantamount to returning to the womb. Mine would be graham crackers and apple juice.

- Rocky’s reaction to Willy Northpole

When Taylor introduced her man…

…here’s what Rocky had to say about that:

Later, just for the sake of messing with Taylor (and probably because she meant it a little), Rocky told Willy, “You are adorable. You are hot.” Glad to see she’s got her game face on, even though this isn’t a competition!


- Angel’s reaction to Taylor’s reaction to Willy’s reaction to Rocky:

After the drink-pouring madness of the last episode, Angel was justifiably shaken to hear Taylor tell Rocky, “I just want to tell you that I love you and I’m sorry.”

Seriously, you probably never get used to living with the mindf***-a-minute that is Taylor.

- Alicia hitting it off with a 23-year-old.

It was fleeting, but whatever:

He was hot throughout the duration of those 15 minutes where it seemed like something might happen between them.

- The best date ever

OK, so it’s hilarious that getting tattoos together brought Angel and Adam to a new touchy-feely high in their relationship…

Nothing like needles to induce canoodling, huh? But really, how uplifting was it when Angel revealed that she’s a mother and a stripper, and he barely batted and eye?

For real: what a guy. Hopefully he turns out to be every bit the keeper that he’s presenting himself as.

- The worst date ever

There’s something poetically unjust about choosing a princess party…

…as the place to break up with a brick wall of a dude because he might be weak. “I’m just scared that you might be passive or you might not understand my sense of humor,” Liz told Dave. Really? The choke-out has her wondering if this professional fighter is passive? Here I thought I had her sense of humor figured out, but she’s making it really hard. From viewer’s perspective, this was a FAIL.

- Willy Northpole’s restraint


Another gif classic, courtesy of Taylor! Clearly, Willy really does make her better.

- Jenna’s ode to herself

OK, so anyone who had to put down 50 things on paper that they like about themselves would most likely get to a point where they were reaching (I’d have a hard time listing 50 things about myself, period, much less ones I liked and I don’t think I have anything close to what Steve would term “crippling” self-confidence issues). That said, there was one item on Jenna’s list that Steve made her prepare that was particularly comical:


See it?


I know nail beds are extremely important so some people, but when spelled out like this in the context of important character traits, it really does seem funny. On the top of things I like about Jenna: her ability to be funny, whether she’s trying or not.

- The best of the week


For her reveal to Adam, Angel got this week’s unofficial award. And, in a post-date interview, it turned out that Adam wasn’t blowing smoke at Angel’s g-string:


He really isn’t deterred by her kid or profession. Seriously: keeper.

Sadly, Alicia’s time with her young hottie seems to be coming to a close…


“It’s her biological clock that’s ticking,” he told Steve in a jerky interview. Alicia cries now…


…but she’ll love later.

Finally, it was Taylor who was in the hot seat again.


In a somewhat shocking turn, Willy Northpole’s feedback wasn’t all roses (or, perhaps, penguins and igloos): “I don’t like to be controlled, and she doesn’t like to be controlled, and sometimes it’s Taylor and no way.” Taylor broke down after not receiving the unqualified praise she was looking for…


…and also said that she can’t see Willy again until he says something about his feelings regarding her, much to Steve’s disgust.


But then after Steve calmed down, Taylor agreed that she’ll work on her relationship with Willy as part of this Tough Love process. “I love you, thank you,” she told Steve. He didn’t shoot her another look of absolute surprise as a response to this, but he should have.

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