Basketball Wives: Coming Soon To VH1!



Yet another VH1 show on the half-hour docu-soap tip is coming to VH1 next year. Basketball Wives will follow the lives of loves and ex-loves of such basketball players as Shaquille O’Neal, Eric Williams, Antoine Walker, Jermaine O’Neal and Udonis Haslem. Check the press release below for info on Basketball Wives:

VH1 has teamed up with the wives and girlfriends of some of the NBA’s most elite players to give the viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the glamorous life of a professional basketball player’s wife in VH1’s original series, Basketball Wives. Production is set to begin on the series in December 2009. The eight-episode 30-minute series is set to premiere on March 15, 2010.

This series is about the insider life of the wives, girlfriends and a few ex-wives of some of the biggest ballers in the game. These ladies live the life. They drive the best cars, live in the biggest mansions, wear designer clothes and jewelry and only travel first class. But living the high life is not all glamour. In order to protect it, they have to deal with the jealousies and dramas of living in — and staying in — the inner circle. They must also keep the groupies at bay while their husbands and boyfriends are traveling on the road for over six months of the year playing ball all-the-while wondering if their spouses are being faithful to them.

The cast is filled with the wives and ex-wives of superstars including Jennifer Williams (wife of Eric Williams), Evelyn Lozada (ex-fiancé of Antoine Walker), Mesha O’Neal (wife of Jermaine O’Neal), Royce Reed, Faith Rain (Udonis Haslem’s girlfriend) and Shaunie O’Neal (wife of Shaquille O’Neal) who will also serve as executive producer on the series.

“The public has an obvious fascination with the wives of star athletes. This series will show viewers not only the glamorous side of being a celebrity wife but also the challenges and hard work that go with it,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Production. “The wives of star athletes form one of the most unique and exclusive groups of women in the world. You only have to look as far as the nearest headlines to see what sort of pressure they are up against to keep their relationships and their families together. These women truly have a strength formed by fire. We are thrilled that they are allowing us into their lives to see things through their lens and understand why their friendships and bonds make them a force to be reckoned with.”

“Having been around these remarkable women for several years, I have always recognized that behind every NBA star is a strong, exceptional woman, one who must deal with the unique challenges of being married to the game as well as the player. I am happy to be teaming with Shed Media and VH1 in bringing this entertaining and enlightening world to television,” stated Shaunie O’Neal, executive producer for Basketball Wives and wife of NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal.

Shed Media is producing the series. Executive producing for Shed Media are Nick Emmerson, Jennifer O’Connell, and Alex Demyanenko. Tom Huffman is a consulting producer. Shaunie O’Neal is an executive producer. Executive producing for VH1 are Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes and Noah Pollack.

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  1. Lynn G. says:

    Can’t wait! This sounds like it’s gonna be good!

  2. Aaron says:

    I’d rather see I Love Money.

  3. Gundosquz says:

    Aloha! umm

  4. Lo fruit says:

    I think the show going to bring something fresh to Vh1.

  5. E says:

    How is this show premiering next week and I still havent seen a trailer for it?

  6. smh says:

    Where is the advertisement for this show…. It will be hot like the RHOA. Please why are we seeing trailer for another Ray J and brandy show.WHY! Their show can’t compare to Basketball Wives!!!

  7. Yawn da B-ball says:

    It’s is prepped and lame… I had he horrible experience of observing some of the “reality” taping… watch a white wall fade.. It will be more exciting

  8. april orlando fl says:

    what time is it on????????? anyone???????????

  9. shanda says:

    did they cancel it before it started??? it isn’t listed anywhere

  10. Bucky says:

    Yoooo- Whats good??? IM pumpin this show and people are clownin me on facebook!!!! They talkin about RIP the RUNWAY- but NOOOOOO NBA WIVES!!!!!! Come on son???? Sheesh. LOL

  11. bryan w/ a y says:

    I’m sure many of my brothers just won’t understand this, but what’s new? Is it no longer important to be responsible for the choices that we/you make? How do we prevent the single parent households that are all across our country, not to mention the overall effect on our sons and daughters, if at some point we don’t decide that I/you need to change the way we look at ourselves and one another. Fame has its price,but the question thats not often looked at is how much are we willing to pay, and for how long? I totally realize that every young and juicy body parts bulging female is not the next Mrs. Wife. So that means just because it looks like a candy store, doesn’t mean that the candy doesn’t carry a price, you don’t just walk in any store and just eat some merchant’s candy, without paying for it at some point. I’m just curious to know, why would any adult male not want to accept and provide for the child that he helps bring into the world, regardless of who the mother is? Shaunie, do a good job of researching the facts, and be sure to cover it from both sides, because as you and I both know, there is dirt on both sides of the track. I wish you well with your project–Peace BKp

  12. nikeiya says:

    sounds goood but i think the show should’ve had more STAR players like kobe ray allen kevin garnet and dwayne and people like that but sounds intresting

  13. Sheri Davis says:

    Magazines and media blogs hyped up the show and it seems VH1 is having a problem delivering. When will the show air?

  14. fluff says:

    just saw the trailer for this and its coming on this sunday, and all i have to say is i feel sorry for real houswives of atlanta because these girls are gonna put those girls and their money to shame lmao hillarious and the fighting…..OMG…they were giving each other champaigne showers the whole show lol

  15. Ms V says:

    When the Evelyn and Jennifer were talking to Royce about her action at the pool party, I was on their side. Until you the footage from a differnt angle those two were cheering her on. I am not saying that she should have did the dance (that was very groupie like) what I am saying is that if Evelyn and Jennifer were worried about what people would say about them well they should have not been there.

  16. Veronica says:

    Please add Monique Payton to the cast. From what I’ve seen of Monique she has personality plus and will definetly bring a extra spark to the group. I’d like to see her put Lisa Raye on front street and bring her fake @`%(@*##*##~_`# down a few notches!

  17. nunu says:

    I think I might add this show to my roster of t.v. shows to watch. It seems as though there will be a lot of drama, and as we all know drama makes for good tv.

    Clearly Shaunie is the HBIC in this click with much class. She carries herself like a lady should and seems like a real down to earth chick, I really like her. Although everyone gives Royce a bad rep for her immature ways and vulgar dance movies, I believe that she is the realist one on the show. The rest of these chicks seem real snooty because they got a little money to their name. I guess time will tell. My opinion may change…..or not. lol

  18. Jess says:

    Just watched the show loved it!!! I think the only reason why those he male looking ladies keep picking on the dancer is because she is the only one on the show besides shaqs wife that does not look like a drag queen.

  19. charlene says:

    this show is like the housewives of atl, oc, and ny, a HOT MESS. our televioions have been conquered by bad reality shows. when will it end?

  20. charlene says:

    clearing up my blog, i was saying that our televisions have been taken over by bad reality shows. trust me this isn’t the only one. someone mentioned that drama makes for good t.v. it’s all about the ratings. there’s nothing good. they talk about their shoes, bags, but are they all shallow? everyone goes through something. evelyn and the break up, my ex isn’t a pro player, but he broke my heart & it hurt like hell to be left raising 3 teenage boys and he’s not worried about nothing other than how much child support, i got nothing much, but i finally moved on w/o a house, bags etc.

  21. APPLE DIEZ says:


  22. nc girl says:

    I think these young ladies who act like old bitties are a little jealous of Royce. I think that at least Royce is being her real self. I think that she is used to expressing herself artistically. I admit sometimes it is a little trashy (the day out when she danced) However if they dislike her so much and talk so much junk behind her back, why hang out with her. The little birthday tribute was harshly criticized but none of this was said to her face. I have a lot of respect for Shaunie and hope that the negative characteristics that these rich snobs are exhibiting are not ones that she also possesses. Where is the sisterhood, the love, the support? I understand they all have issues with their rich husbands, boyfriends, and exes, but they also have issues with their female relationships.

  23. Emmanuell says:

    Most people can’t handle being rich because they were brought up on the rough side of life. But still you are a human being. Getting into something rather it be for the money or real love. When are we/you gonna see that tomany women are being hurt because we/you want to have your cake and eat it to. Where does it say you can hurt someone just because your rich? Men look at how we/you treat these women. I’m sure you have some women out here that you think might deserve it but it’s a reason she may be like that. Hurt travels in a circle.
    Some how so way we/you have to make a change. There are more divorces in America and I have ever seen before. If you meet someone treat them like they are your queen for ever or vice versa. Women are turning Bi because of all this hurt and that’s not how it should be. To many families are ripped apart because of cheating. Your children are the one that have to pay for your acts in the end. Please everyone. Let’s make a change.

  24. Kay Morris says:

    `!`()_#+%*~_*+% le of show is bogus. What an insult to ex-wives and wives. A girlfriend is not a wife. Those women should not be on the show. Trust me, I and all women know the difference. If not, a girlfriend especially one for a decade is not good enough to be a wife. She was just strung along, get over it and move on.

  25. KB says:

    Royce do your thing girl! Dont let them females talk down on you. Your a grown ^$%&@(_#)%#%(~@ woman and you can do what you wanna do. I hated that you let that female get to you to were you started crying. Child please if they dont care for you then they shouldnt hand around you. You have to remember that people get mad when they cant do certain things and so they take it out on the person whom they wanna be like and bash them. Think about it. Their just mad because you got all that attention. Do you and dont get twisted up behind those females.

  26. John says:

    I want to see Jkid’s ex and MJ ex they must have lots of stories about the bull !*#(^^`*$~_#%~`~ these NBA guy’s have…..

  27. Janice says:

    the show is ok but i dont see why Royce is on the show???? The @ big ones just disrespect her and then its almost all about Evelyn Lozada and Mesha O’Neal

  28. Mrs. Bee says:

    I have run in circles that were composed of athletes’ wives and know the ups and downs of that lifestyle….so this show will be very entertaining to watch, at least the first few episodes have been thus far!!!!

  29. chrystyle says:

    I started watching the show and the only one that is married is jen. and as snotty and stuck up that she is she shouldnt be, The real name of the show should be wanna be basketball wives, because shaunnie is getting divorced,
    2- quit hating on Royce, she has a baby from a player that she was in a relationship with and she is in the same boat that you guys are in!
    3- leave gloria alone, you guys are jealous of her especially jen and she has nothing to do with her sister!!
    4- men are men, they all cheat youre is nothing special, they are just athletes. you guys act like the world is ending because they step out on you, like you were really in love with them and not the fame, money and status!! give me a break!!!!!!!!

  30. ohwow says:

    People crack me up approaching other women about their husband being slick. Approach him. Leave the groupies alone bc a man gonna do what he wants to do. Don’t embarass yourself trying to argue with 1 of 100 groupies he probably screwed. You going to chase them all down.

  31. genie says:

    I think the whole show should dropped. These women are just ridiculous. Gloria should keep away from them, keep them at arms length a bunch of negative, fauny, misguided women.

  32. Ishmael says:

    i see why the players leave the ex wives for white girls!
    the ex wives has zero class and the look like @%@%!~!!&@))~(~_ Shanna got them infront of the cameras looking busted and ghetto while she hide behind the scenes giving stupid comments. they need to move on instead of trying to confront all the so called grouppies. if they can’t hold on to theur husbands its nobody fault but their owns or they need to confront their husband,
    they all on tv trying to be classy when their not at all !!!
    they only trying to hold on to money and the spotlight not the husband

  33. manouge 101 says:

    this is for Jennifer i think you are a big hater and your mad because your ~)!%(_$`(!`!^%#^ at home didn’t work out for you maybe if you would mind your own bizz you could have found ways to keep you own man happy leave gloria alone and try to fix your own ~)!%(_$`(!`!^%#^

  34. Rissa p says:

    First of all why is this show called basketball wives? Almost all of them are divorced or are a ex-girlfriend. There is only like one or two on the show that have a current relationship with the athlete. It seems to me all they do is complain about the relationship they had with the basketball player and what comes along with being married to one. Come on now ladies, i dont see why you are complaining. you know who you married, which is a professional basketball player. you know there are groupies and a millions of chances for them to cheat. its nothing new, they are going to do what they want to do.Hell, yall probley had to do a lil something something for you to get that ring on your finger. or should i say use to have that ring on your finger. Shaunie you shouldnt be complaing since Shaq is the one paying for the show!!!

  35. MA DEAR says:


  36. deborah says:

    I commend you ladies who are married to or have been with long enough to be those are relationships because rather they understand it or not you are the ones who keep them strongand they must appreciate that fact. I like the show I think it is wonderful, but who is that one girl who is so jealous she was talkin mess at the party to the other girl you all need to check people like her in because if she goes after one of you she’ll do you all I did’nt appreciate just the jealousness for no reason PLEASE DON’T INVITE HER ANYMORE SHE IS NOT WORTH IT how do ugly people be upset because you are who you are? I think she was messin with Evelyn and she has nothing on her she’s the FAKE I watched Ms Evelyn she so down to earth and the one who gave the party handle your business Mz Mam. Some people yooooou don’t have to hang with that’s how you know whos do what how do she know how that man feels about his wife, she act like she has to much information or think she does. I always wondered about you ladies and how you put up with mess because just on a normal level it no joke so I knew on your levelI can’t even word it,but just let me say this listen to what a stanky is sayin as well as the groupies you know watch your, and don’t make yourselves look bad do class not a@$$o ok GO SHANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. GINA B says:

    Jennifer is truly settling for less but at the same time she seems to be the most superficial. Why? She was so disrespected at the dinner table by her husband. He clearly wants to do what he wants to do and she is expected to deal with it. It saddens me that we as black women are so strong, elegant and beautiful but if and when a man does not respect us we have the power to walk away and not accept less than what we are worth. She is no better than the groupy or a lower class woman because disrespect is disrespect no matter what side of the tracks you are on.

  38. chelmaw8 says:

    Im lovin it Ms. Shaunie, you are doing your thing…..much success with the show……I love Jennifer thats my girl…

  39. sueme says:

    Suzie looks like something from Avatar. What is her purpose on this show?!?!

  40. Elle says:

    I believe that Gloria is above the Drama that the other women bring to the show. So what she doesnt like Royce the other girls dont really like her either it appears. The other women seem to be in envy of Gloria and her relationship with Matt and it is really none of their concern. Jennifer worry about your own man.

  41. Guy Style says:

    I am CRAZY for these ladies!!! Love it all except can you please turn down the earings, I mean come on I don’t know were to look because all I see are these sheilds hanging next to your beautiful faces… And Jennifer girl, I know you love your girls but all their drama not once have I heard a word of prayer to get them out of it. And if they have, well look how good the’re doing now..

  42. Mary says:

    Great show!!! My husband and I look forward to watching every week..Keeping beautiful Jennifer in my prayers..She’s lovely and I wish her the best, with or without her husband.

  43. Rebeca says:

    This show is fricken awesome!!

  44. Michelle says:

    I love the show. Jennifer is my favorite. I love the big earrings. Everyone has relationship problems, especially people with money. Moe money moe problems. I peep how ole girl keeps telling Jennifer that she needs to cheat on her husband. She knows that will not solve any problems. I think Jennifer knows what time it is. All the hataz wish they could lead a lifestyle like these girls. If they had the chance to they would trust me, and u all need to quit acting like u neva been in a relationship where u got cheated on I mean seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haters get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  45. Michelle says:

    I love the show. Jennifer is my favorite. I love the big earrings. Everyone has relationship problems, especially people with money. Moe money moe problems. I peep how ole girl keeps telling Jennifer that she needs to cheat on her husband. She knows that will not solve any problems. I think Jennifer knows what time it is. All the hataz wish they could lead a lifestyle like these girls. If they had the chance to they would trust me, and u all need to quit acting like u neva been in a relationship where u got cheated on I mean seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haters get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. mona says:

    i would like to more black basketball wives instead of hispanic woman.

  47. verde210 says:


  48. Cristina says:

    I’m not trying to be rude but seriously the reason why your men leave you for other woman is because you all are just so @~~(^*@~#(~!+!#%! y and really stop throwing drinks in womans faces, have a little class. Out of all you trashy lower class ladies the only one who is faboulous is Gloria and she needs to stay far from the “stripper” Royce!! Don’t worry ladies your loss is my gain! So keep messing up while I’m having fun with your men! Ciao

  49. MEC says:

    I have watched this show a couple of times and I cannot believe how immature my fellow sisters are in public. Why would someone who is supposedly a socialite or within a certain social click behave the way some of these women do. I just want to say “Grow up and stop inputting yourself into nasty situations”. I do understand that this is what keeps ratings up on a show so good luck.

  50. Amy says:


    I am so late and just started watching the show, catching up but the women are a joke. First off, why do most of them act like they are better than Royce? None of them are married except for Jennifer. Evelyn, had that me you threw water on, you wouldn’t live to tell. But the girl she threw water on hit a nerve, “you’re not even a wife.” Lol, she told her the truth! Jennifer, stop trying so hard to be pretty with the fake hair, fake eyes and fake boobs. You either have it or you don’t. Faith, I believe it’s Faith, you are so average and you need to stop messing with Royce because you are not married as

    Royce you are funny to me.

  51. Rebecca Smith says:


  52. Renee says:

    I am not a negative person and try hard to keep negativity out of my life. However, when watching television and seeing first hand the shameless use of a former spouses/boyfriends/fiance’s celebrity by money hungry, uneducated, immature and snobby women it forces nothing but negativity. My comments are opinion based but true. THe women did nothing but talk behind other supposed friends backs and worse lie to their faces. Shaq’s ex portrays herself as the epitome of class, when that is farther from the truth than Royce marrying a baller or Jennifer actually being happy with what she has. Evalyn, stop projecting your miserable past relationship on others already. Gloria may not be what you “ladies” deem a good b-baller wife; but what was really expected when putting her on the spot. Was there a doubt that she would choose her family over a group of snarling harpies? Really? Grow up before next season ladies; show class and possibly be role models for young woman

  53. Danielle says:

    Sandra u one crazy ~+`*~%++@~@!!@#*( i woulda beat da `)&)`@^)#!%((_%+ outta susie, throwin water on me twice. wat ever was goin on between jennifer an susie had nothin to do wit sandra she jus wanted to be in it but yeah i woulda gave it to susie `&!_+%#^^&+_%#)

  54. soul says:

    The comments on this site vary, so here are my opinions too about this whole Basketball Wives….Drama!

  55. Chloe says:

    I have not watched the show regularly, but the times I have seen it has been very interesting. These grown women who appear to have nothing better to do everyday, but spend money, throw parties, complain about their husbands or ex’s and fight. They all seem to be gold diggers and apparently aren’t educated or skilled enough to work on their own, but just live off of athlete’s money. Go get a job!

  56. person17 says:

    man nobody want to watch football wives go back to basketball wives we waiting

  57. Pheonix1 says:

    VH1 could not have picked a more classless group of females to represent what should be the backbone of the athletes that they are associated with. Aside from Gloria, the others especially Shaunie come off as jealous, bitter, gold digging backstabbers. The got involved with these men for the fame so they in turn got out of those relationships exactly what they bargain for…Thank you for limiting it to only 1 season!

  58. nettie says:

    Gloria was wrong, I can see her not chewing her sister out in front of others but she should also tell her sister that she was wrong, but it is OK because what goes around comes around Gloria thinks she is safe,not so honey, there is a groupie for you also, of course your huisband would not tell you if something was going on, the wife is always the last one to know…OK

  59. lia says:

    Jen needs to stop being evilyn pet.if she wasn’t to busy follwing evilyn, she could’ve save her marriage. Evilyn you worthless and make new yorkers look bad. between u and shaunie i don’t know who’s worst. both of yall run yall mouth like somebody suppose to be scared. smdh. evilyn stop being a h*e. what is chad thinking. chad boo please role with class not trash. jen your a gold digger. because your not in love and you still stay for the money of course. gloria, tammy, suzie, royce keep being who you are.

  60. deb says:

    OMG this show lacks in so many areas. these females are a bunch of low life no class bitter females who got just what they deserve. i really hope this gets taken off the air. negative energy only pulls negative energy. the bad girls club girls say who they are and do what they say this group are too dam grown to act like this….sad shameful….must be their way of getting paid

  61. Anna says:

    So I’ve been watching the show….um I like it but then I don’t, it seems like they are all bitter and mad and hate on the girls that have men in there lives. My least favorite is Tammie she is ghetto she has daughters and she acts like that if you cant handle your alcohol don’t drink get her off the show! Suzy I don’t blame you for leaving when you see Evelyn she can talk a lot of mess she overdoes it at times get over it move on Evelyn! I use to like Evelyn But she’s getting to getts for me I actually like Royce and Suzy this season.

  62. c says:

    BEST SHOW ON TV… keeps me coming back everytime! Say what you will about the girls… they are pure entertainment!!!!! LOVE IT!

  63. Bgoin says:

    I’ve watch the show since last season and I thing Shaunie was right for telling Gloria’s stupid ass off. Gloria had her nose in the air and it got smacked off when her fiancee, excuse me boyfriend called off their wedding. LOL!!! I think Evelyn has no class what so ever she makes even Tammie’s ghetto a#$ look good and that’s hard to do. Jen to me lacks intelligience and a back bone that’s why her horse mouth husband don’t want her dumb behind. As for the rest of the cast they are just space fillers. (USELESS)

  64. iceman360 says:

    why is this show even on.these are ex’s. a bunch of bitter and lonley women with nothing going on.

  65. REYNA says:

    Drama,Drama and more Drama.. These women(most)are ‘has been”..and are too old to be bullies. They bring so much negativity to the show, They portrait them selfs as, bitter, ghetto, and gold diggers. I think Evelyn is nothing but a barking dog, that likes to intimidate women that don’t step down to her level. What kind of message are these old ass women setting. That it’s okay to be bullies…Please get over the fact you were dumped.!!move on to onother dummmy that is going to like your ghetto ass.

  66. jlo says:

    i love the basketball wives elevnly an jennifer make the show i dont like tamki i cant wait to see evenly and tamki fight .tamki dont need to be on the show because she is a drunk an can not whole her liguid. rocye see to be to face.susuie is stupid.stand up and face it she run her dam mouth to dam much.

  67. Denyta says:

    I really think Jennifer and Elvelyn are being very selfish. They were so worried about how the “clothes” look when it was about “breast cancer”. They took the really issue too lightly and that made me very angry. I also did not like how Jennifer was acting about the “foodstamp” issue. All she had to do is go out in the real hood. I guess she is just too good for the real world. I will not continue to watch this show. These women only care about their “circle.” This makes all women look naive and selfish.No thank you, I can do without this show.

  68. DEMMI says:


  69. ronnet says:

    i like the basketball wives but all the ladies are not wives except 1 of them, so shouldn’t the show be called basketball ex’s. they all seem to be spoiled women with nothing else to do but complain and think they are better than the rest of the women in the world.

  70. DH says:

    They need to call this show the X-Basketball Wives…

  71. 1730691 says:

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  75. dehope says:

    what the heck is wrong with Tami she takes a jouney every second of the show she acts like a teenager my god can some body help her please or is that just for rating sake

  76. linda wainwright says:

    l just love to watch to watch your show keep up the good work

  77. terethamason says:

    i liked all the ladies on basketball wives. they all add different variety and flavor to the show.That keep you watching every week. Shaunie keep up the work don’t worry about the negative VIBES you will be okay.MAKE YOUR MONEY!!!!. You all need to come back for another season.

    thank all of you for reading.
    May God Bless All Of You.

  78. Just sayin bbw go,that tami go,meeka slow,jennifer dnt knw,royce is young but cooland shaunie…..

  79. I just watch basketball wives and i could not believe how they acted. It was sad and they should be a shame of how they acted. I know i was. Shaunie i know you could of found some of the wives that are more postive to the young wives thats coming up. Something is missing ? Call DR PHIL

  80. Ms Arsha McDuffy says:

    Dear Ms Kiesha and Ms Royce
    The reason why I have written this letter is to let you now that Kiesha whenever you have a problem with Tammy or anyone in life. You need to stop talking to Royce Suzie and others about the issue pray to the Lord in heaven and tell God the problem. Then you need to yourself Kiesha go directly to the person and talk to them about your problems. Royce you need to stop listening to Kiesha talk about your friend Tammy and you should tell Kiesha to talk to Tammy about the situation. This would eliminate a lot of the arguing and confusion on the show.
    Please remember that galatians 6:7 saids that whatever a man sows that he will reap. If you sow to the flesh you will reap coruption in hell. If you sow to the holy spirit you will reap everlasting life in heaven. 2 Thessalonians Chapter1 verse 8 said bringing judgment on those who do not wish to know him and who refuse to accept his plan to save them through our Lord Jesus Chrsit. Verse 9 The will be punishedin everlasting hell, forever separated from the Lord, never to see the glory of his power.
    You can purchase the prayer book called “Prayers That Avail Much buy Germaine Copeland out of the bookstore for $22 dollars. “Unbroken Curses ” buy Dr Rebecca Brown for $15 dollars out of the bookstore.

  81. Ann says:

    Evelyn if your friendship with Jennie meant so much to you then why couldn’t you speak with her alone instead you had to include your other so called friends. Tami you seriously have a problem and if they were truly your friends they would not encourage your bullying actions. Suzie you need to stop, keep your mouth shut, stop going from one person to the next telling what the other is saying. Shaunie when I first starting watching the show I thought you were the one who would make sense out all the madness between the ladies but lately I have noticed that you are just as bad as they are with the running back and telling what your friend discussed with you. All the ladies on the show need to grow-up and stop being so two-faced.