I Want To Work For Diddy 2 – Jen’s Exit Interview


Above, the latest contestant booted from I Want To Work for Diddy 2, Jen, shares her parting thoughts. In her thoughtfully drawn-out way, she talks about Ivory, breaking bonds with the group and why this isn’t the last we’ve heard from her…

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  1. Shy Simmons says:

    I feel none of the canadates fit the Bad Boy image in my opinion.Daylen maybe but if he wants to win he really needs to turn his game face on. I would of told Diddy that the tye-dye shirt was a hot !*&#$#^@%^#$@+! mess!!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Jen is very gracious in this exit interview. The show will be another plus on her resume. The job of working for Diddy is one where the _#$))@%)*`_&%&( istant really has to push, and _#$))@%)*`_&%&( ert to get things done. Good luck Jen.

  3. H_I_D_E says:

    WOW cannot believe that she even made it thru the preliminaries…she is as dumb as a box of ROCKS.

  4. Kavine says:


  5. Akimbo says:

    Yeah, Dalen is the only decent candidate left, and even HE is slipping up. They let the best person (Blake) go too soon!

  6. jj says:

    On the episode where the contestants had the task of organizing a fashion show for Sean John; Poprah referred to Dan as a politician. In her confessional she made fun of him by calling him a diplomat and she begun to hum what she beleived was “Hail to the chief” when in reality she was humming the traditional “Wedding March.” Poprah is so stupid.

    Also, not to Ebony: It is NOT a compliment when someone says, ” I see alot of myself in you” when the person making the statement is Poprah.

  7. Andrea says:

    Ur a talented self (!+`&%(@^!^+)_& ured pleasent lady NEVER back up on ur ambitions due to a reality show elimination. Im sure ul prevail.See u in upcoming media.Best of luck to you.