Danger Tweets That She’s Pregnant (Again)



As she did last time, For the Love of Ray J‘s most talked-about contestant of either season, Monica “Danger” Leon, announced via her Twitter that she is once again with child. Keep in mind that this is less than two months after the birth of her first child. This woman’s womb is unstoppable! With her guest appearance on For the Love of Ray J 2 coming up soon, Danger’s fertility isn’t the only impressive thing about her — her timing is, too.

[Update: Danger told TMZ that this tweet was a result of a Twitter hacking and that she is not pregnant.]

Also of note: There seems to be some kind of hash-tag raging against Danger on Fabolous’ Twitter. It started with him tweeting, “So yall really believe that dumb ass Danger is pregnant by Fabolous rumor.. Not in hundred, thousand, trillion years!” It only got less coherent from there. He’s resorted to name-calling by commenting on her face tattoo. A shining example: “#dangeraka Exxon gas station mascot face! Lol.” Clearly, this is the work of a lyrical genius.

[via Bourgy]

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