Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair – Meet The Cast!



As promised yesterday, below is your first up-close look at the 15 women who will vie for Frank the Entertainer’s heart when Frank the Entertainer… in a Basement Affair hits VH1 on January 3 at 8/7c. Get clicking!



To see more of Annie, click here.



To see more of Cathy, click here.



To see more of Christi, click here.



To see more of Dana, click here.



To see more of Felicia, click here.



To see more of Jennifer, click here.



To see more of Jessica, click here.



To see more of Kari, click here.



To see more of Kerry, click here.



To see more of Mandy, click here.



To see more of Melissa, click here.



To see more of Melody, click here.



To see more of Renee, click here.



To see more of Stephanie, click here.



To see more of Tammy, click here.

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  1. kristina says:

    go team ann!!!!

  2. kristina says:

    ann is so cute!!!! i could eat her up!

  3. ann fan says:

    ann ann ann ann!!!


  4. jewsus says:

    is Ann like the new Donald or something? anyway….

    there are some REAL winners in this bunch! wow

  5. trinidadian says:



  6. Come on VH1!! says:

    So, so, so many possibilities and this is the one they settle one – Well…at least there is Tough Love!

  7. rian says:

    ANN = HOT

  8. GORdon says:

    If I got Ann in the basement, I’d never let her out!

  9. Joe says:

    Man all these girls are busted except for Tammy and Felicia. I mean seriously, they couldn’t find the funnest man on VH1 better looking girls? All the people on here saying things about Ann are straight up gavones who prob know her.

  10. GORdon says:

    If I got Ann alone in the basement, I don’t think I’d ever let her leave!

  11. Crystal says:

    Team Kerry…Frank would be buggin if he doesn’t choose her. Represent ma..BK to the fullest

  12. Biff01 says:

    I agree with trinidadian……he’s a nobody why anyone would want to be with him is beyond me. Just want to be on TV is my guess.

  13. Monica says:

    Go team Ann??? What are you people blind as bats she looks like something out of “revenge of the busted nerds”!!! Kerry, felicia are the hottest in the bunch the rest look old and/or scary. Get with the program people….

  14. Crystal says:

    Team KERRY. Frank is buggin if he doesn’t choose her. Represent ma. BK to the fullest!!

  15. ann fan club says:

    ANN!!!! She’s adorable!!!

  16. shanshan says:

    those have to be the most unfortunate pictures ever taken

  17. Emily says:

    Looks like a bunch of skanks to me!

  18. mikeyboy says:

    YOOOO,Im all about TEAM KERRY. ive seen this girl around bk and shes one of the most beautiful,hottest women ive ever seen! these pics to not do justice for her…..KERRY YOU ROCK!!

  19. daveedt says:


  20. tina says:

    christi and felicia are definitely the prettiest in my opinion and they look italian so they’dd be perfect for frank!

  21. joyride says:

    damn these baboombas is bouncin’! that christi is somethin’! i’d be smoochin’ all over that baby face!

  22. Emily says:

    Only 2 that don’t have brown eyes….interesting.

  23. kourtney says:

    TEAM CHRISTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. mary lamb says:

    frank is dumb if he doesn’t choose christy!!!

  25. Aaron says:

    This show is gonna be a hot !@+^+^!^%(!~+#` mess. Can’t wait to see it.

  26. eyesack says:

    ann is the new awesome

  27. jimbobimbo says:

    Christi Rantis is #!@)$#__~#@^+$%~ in smokin. Go Christi!!!

  28. Jo says:

    Christi, Jennifer, Kari, Renee, and Stephanie are the only hott ones. yipes.

  29. JLK7788 says:

    Can’t wait for this show!!! That Christi girl is beautiful! i Bet she wins the whole damn thing!

  30. Jo says:

    Kerry looks like a straight-@ss hooker!

  31. Melissa says:

    wish i knew i would have joined Frank is HOT

  32. brittany says:

    She’s smokin ;D

    okay and barf @ ann…

  33. Unknown says:

    Frank is the not the funniest man on VH1 It takes that he needs his own show if Frank can get his own show then It can too I bet Ann and Kari has a mother personality they wouldn’t be the best choice for Frank the parents will most likely like them out of all the women.

  34. manda says:

    fugly or not, why would any of these girls want to be with a BOY that lives in a basement and has no job?! I guess they deserve him if they are going to do anything to be famous..get your 15 minutes ladies!

  35. tawanna says:

    yea his choices suck, like what trinidiada or whatever said. They all ugly except for like 2, i mean entertainer isnt all that his self but geesh, u could have gave him some decent girls to choose from. Not hating just keeping it real!

  36. Frances says:

    Jennifer is too pretty to be on this show. lol.

  37. Sheena says:

    O #$*!@_~_)~!$)$+~ ann gettem

  38. Sheena says:

    O _^#%$*_)%$+#&^&) ann gettem

  39. kevin says:

    whoah hopefully some of these girls are actually attractive than what their pics show. half look like trannies/men/or grandmas. tammy looks like a popular singer in thailand named tata young google her. stephanie-cute, but whats that on her arm? renee-too plain,melody-wow grandma alert!,melissa-another old lokin chick with a fake tan.,mandy-wow looks like shes a crack )$@*&*)+%_`(%@(*^ with too much collagen!,kerry-eew tranny.,kari-total white chick, jessica-whoah tania from my antonios long lost mother/sister?,jennifer-cute,felicia-hot,dana-man ,she got apenis,christi-whats wrong with a face. ann-looks like someones mom, cathy -looks like a italin/jesey chick.

  40. Amanda says:

    I’m for TEAM Melissa:) Work it girl!

  41. vh1fan2009 says:

    Team Melissa ALL the way! Her pictures are amazing!! I think the rest of you are blind, she is going to win it ALL!!

  42. caseym says:

    wow, christi looks like common street trash you find on the corner. the best looking chicks are felicia and tammy hands down.

  43. jackie says:

    most of the girls aren’t ugly but all just ok looking to be honest with you. I wouldn’t see any of them on the street and be like wow their gorgeous but i do think that the prettiest one of the bunch are definitely melissa, felicia, and Jennifer.

  44. caseym says:

    also, i think Kari is very pretty too..she’s underrated probably because she has that pale complexion and she doesn’t fake and bake like a lot of them but she’s def a beaut

  45. black_heart says:

    omg…first of all, why anyone would greenlight anything with him in it is mind-boggling. Secondly, obviously the “go ann”‘ people are either Ann, or people she knows. Thirdly, and probably saddest of all, no one cared enough about these girls to photoshop their truly awful pictures! And most of them needed it! But, surprisingly, not all of them did! So good for those two women! This show = horrible idea. I mean, if it’s not him being ridiculously annoying it’s his parents!

  46. Joe says:

    Yo these girls are all fake lookin, except for Kari, Melody, and Renee. I think that’s what Frank would most likely go for? Those girls look real, and are very cute. But that’s just an opinion. Why’s everyone so mean on here anyway, don’t be jealous they got on vh1 and you didn’t! Just watch the show, and have fun!

  47. bigblack says:

    Tammy be lookin like ginormica out on the ho stroll

  48. someone says:

    omg a lot of rolb girls namesakes

  49. Rave says:

    Wow all these women look cold hearted with the exception of Renee. She’s about the only one who looks like she has a genuine heart. Your gonna be in for a lot of drama and catfights on this show Frank.

  50. benny says:

    KERRY IS SMOKINGGGG….other girls aint got nothing on her! all u other people are just HATERS!

  51. jessica says:

    god couldnt they get just one good looking chick on this show… alot of them have really big noses, need to have a convo with a pair of tweesers, and a bottle of proactive… just saying… frank you could do better… becky was better looking than these chicks

  52. sheryl says:

    sorry but their is no way these girls are there for him i mean come on he lives in his parents basement what they are going to move in with him? he is a 32 year old loser…. these girls are in it for the fame!!!!

  53. gigidi gigidi go says:

    dangggggg…biidies aint lukkin 2 gud…..frank u shud’ve let ray-jay pikk yo girlz …he got sum taste…. srry mann…but gud lukk

  54. Logan says:

    Christi. smoking. hot. fire. super. amazing. perfect. awesomely. Sexy. Yes Please!!!

  55. andrew gutshall says:

    dude get some %($#*(`)$!+~*~`_ ing cuter girls come on their all ugly u have no taste btw ur gay nobody likes you and u searsiouly dont need to be on tv thats what makes people commit suicide people like u on tv

  56. michelle says:

    wow. who did the casting on this show??? slim pickings. lol

  57. Bridget says:

    all these girls are ugly expect for 3 girls. cathy, dana and fellcia. ill watch it though.Franks the mannn.

  58. Chad says:

    I think Tammy, Renee and Cathy are by far the hottest girls. They have the best bodies too! Everyone else looks like they have bad skin, or are just trying to hard. No one is really ugly though which is a plus.

  59. Jorge R. says:

    Is Cathy from i survide a +*($~`_*+`#___! anese gameshow season 1?

  60. IHeart$ says:

    o wow this is 4real….i dont get how all the girls are gonna be staying in the same house as Franks parents are they gonna be sleeping outside in tents!!! well i for will tune in to watch this…becuase i like vh1 shows!!!!
    Hurry Up With I LOVE MONEY!!!!!1

  61. brenda says:

    im so glad hes getting a show cant wait to see it if anybody deserves a show its him hes hilarious….. good job vh1 send him to new york in an appt and see what he can do up there. there another good show

  62. TAMMY says:

    Tammy is the only blonde headed chic. N HOT!!! lol

  63. KingofBowlin says:

    I vote Renee!! She looks like the sexy girl next door. Conservative yet naughty.

    Tammy and Kerry are cute but a little fake for my taste.. but the rest of them I would have to consider it a team effort.

    My two cents.

  64. kingofbowlin says:

    I vote Renee!!! She seems like the sexy girl next door. Conservative yet Naughty.

    Tammy and Kerry are cute, but a little fake for my taste. The rest I would say would be a team effort.

    My two cents..

  65. Lynn says:

    What the hell these girls are busted except for Dana , Mandy , and Tammy. One of you three must of been in the running cause the rest have to go.

  66. laurie says:

    Hot girls and ugly &&$@(%#*`#`~&!+~% es! Frank I hope you picked the hot one like Tammy , Dana , Mandy. They r hot ladies.

  67. mike says:

    Dam can I get your number shortie? That would be for Dana you is hot sexy mamma. The other ones you need to invest your time and try to look good . Christie no disrespect but you is not that attractive . Are you a man?

  68. Dan says:

    Whats that big wart on the side of your head Cathy .You need to go !

  69. Mike says:

    Get that wart off your head Cathy. The only cute sexy ladies r Dana , christie, and Melody. The other girls you are all unattractive,

  70. Kandi says:

    The 1st girl is ugly do not pick her

  71. Tim says:

    I agree there are only a couple cute girls. I think that Jenny, Christy, Felicia, and Dana are the only hot ones. The other girls are mediocre. I bet Jenny or Christy or Felicia win, they look like girls he would want.

  72. Dan says:

    Oh man this show is gonna be awesome! Frank is the man, and is so funny! So far Melody, Renee, and Kari have my heart! All look so sweet and innocent. Frank if you don’t want them, send them all over to PA!!!!

  73. Jared says:

    These pics are clearly not photo edited. That isn’t good for ratings vh1! But you know Frank is an average looking guy, and mostly all these girls are at least a seven. Prob better in real life. Maybe thats the point. Maybe Frank wants a girl like Kari, Renee, Melody, or even Ann??? Those girls I’d take home to mom and dad for sure! The rest probably wouldn’t make it past the front door! I love $$!

  74. Michelle says:

    WTF, why are these pictures so big! I wouldn’t look good either all blown up like this! Poor girls! And photo shop is your friend!

  75. Jessica fan says:

    Jessica is gorgeous!

  76. sunshine says:

    Dana looks like a perfect match for him, she looks like trouble too. Let’s see what happens!

  77. Tad says:

    If I were Frank, I’d be looking for the most natural and real person. You can’t judge a future wife with just a few pictures but I can say that my preferences right now are Kari and Renee. These two could meet the family. Can’t wait to see this show! Good luck, Frank.

  78. Amanda says:

    Well all these girls looks like trash so probably only there for tv purposes. Sad, because he still lives with his parents so what makes him think he’ll even get a girl?

  79. Anna says:

    They are all hot woow

  80. er9804 says:

    Team Ann!!

  81. WH says:

    My money is on Jennifer.

  82. H_I_D_E says:

    I cannot believe that they are giving entertainer a show WTF? VH1 has stooped to an ALL TIME low. and @Jennifer BECKY BUKWILD dont look better than ANYONE…so stop the bull $**@~`*^#~~&^%^_

  83. chunlee13 says:

    I really cant judge off of a picture – The girls sometimes look better on the shows than in these photos, plus, I am a firm believer that a persons mannerisms and personality make a big difference in how we view their beauty! Some of the girls definately look like trouble and I see two that “look” sweet innocents. We soon shall see.

  84. thoroughbred says:


  85. Jim says:

    Are you guys on crack, Becky is not better looking then ANY of them! But wtf vh1, these pics are not very good, where did you get your photographer? You can tell its not the girls, its the lighting, and the fact that these pics are HUGE. All the girls are attractive. Frank’s a lucky guy, but probably won’t go for any of them in the end. He’ll go back to Becky.

  86. blah blah blah says:

    sooooo ugly all these girls! well ugly girls for an ugly man!

  87. Jacquez says:

    Well i hope Entertainer get’s what he want cause he have been looking for love for awhile now…

  88. Tom says:

    Holy S*$^&*. I’ve met that girl Renee in real life before, and these pictures don’t do her justice. She’s very cute, and seems like a lot of fun! Hope you do well hun!

  89. Phil says:

    Shame on you vh1. Why wouldn’t you post flattering pictures? I feel for these girls.

  90. Kassey says:

    Come on, these girls aren’t here for Frank! They are here for their shot on tv! Vh1 isn’t stupid, all these girls got picked for a reason. You people just hatin!

  91. Kim says:

    these poor, pathetic women. It’s sad they’re lowering their standards to find “love” in a “celebrity’s” basement.

  92. Bonnie says:

    I love Frank ! I am very excited to see his show and wish him good luck on finding love !

  93. Danielle says:

    This is all for show… No person in there right mind would go looking for love with someone that 1)Stays with his parents. 2) Has no job. 3)Has temper issues… I dont care how people feel about my opinion because (keyword)Its “my” opinion…

  94. Roxy Girl says:

    Hey, Check this this video out…its Ann. Her real name Allison? I think so.

  95. alan says:

    the first one, Ann looks so old!

  96. manny says:

    why does he get his own show he is a loser

  97. stella says:

    …. hä ???? What’s about Buckwild ???

  98. Stacey says:

    what the heck would these girls want with frankie, i mean come on has no job and lives in his parents basement. What can he really offer? For these women it has definately got to be for a chance on TV. Its gonna be one of those shows that you just have to watch to see what happens.

  99. sugar says:

    Um…true that Frank is broke, no job and has no place to live but his parents basement…but he is Frank the “Entertainer” and he’s funny and he’s a freak and he’s kind of cute!!!

  100. Tessio says:

    yeah! it’s has been a while… glad to see something fun is coming up soon! Viva The Entertainer!

  101. Boston Jon says:

    Renee is the sweetest girl I’ve ever met with great family values and a huge heart, among being absolutely gorgeous!

  102. Janelle says:

    This should be a funny show. Frank seems to be a really good guy at heart. I hope he finds the women of his dreams and finally gets out of the basement.

  103. Tatiana says:

    Jennifer, Dana, Stephanie you r all so beautiful . White girls are so plain.

  104. amycake says:

    team kerry!!!shes def the hottest one…she looks really sweet too! cant wait to watch!!!!!!

  105. Beth says:

    Someone needs to whip that boy in to shape

  106. Antonio says:

    Hey Dana you r hot shortie i seen your facebook . Jennifer Dana u guys r hot’ Felicia sry but u r not pretty ! For the compliments that Kerry chick is getting nice body but the face is looking not good. My vote is for Dana and Stephanie.

  107. tiffani says:

    Look at Jenn from Charlotte wow look at this… wow i hope this breaks ya modeling career u want…

  108. guesswho says:

    people need to stop hating on Frank. Just because he lives at home in his parent’s house doesn’t mean sh*t. I bet there’s probably hundred of 31 year old men who are even writing on this page right now who still live at home. Times are tough, give the guy a goddamn break…and not for nothing but saying he has no job isn’t accurate bc afterall he IS a reality tv star so i’m pretty sure he gets paid doing that. STOP hatingggggg…Frank is one of the nicest guys and a good person. Can’t take that away from him. His shows going to kick &&#(&(^`(+$@%“ and knock the rest of those bs tv shows off the ranking.

  109. PreppyX5Guy says:

    I think Kerry and Renne are the prettiest, the other ones look like they are just ringers. I like how Renee isn’t fake and baked.

  110. PreppyX5Guy says:

    Kerry and Renee are the pretties, the others just look like ringers. I like how Renee isn’t fake and baked though.

  111. Miss. Butterfly says:

    ?I can spot out the fakes’ right off the bat FOnyyy ness is in the basement?

  112. Kristen says:

    I am a professional photographer, and I can tell you that the lighting in these photo’s is terrible, and would make even the best looking girl look bad. Ann is NOT old. None of these girls are. Vh1 why did you get lazy and not edit these? These girls all have beautiful features, why wouldn’t you wanna show them off like the rest of the girls on vh1?

  113. Brittany says:



    they look like the cast of planet of the apes

  114. Devin says:

    I no who wants to go out with someone who lives in a basement for their life

  115. tyne says:

    Dam ya want the basement dam you must be low like him!!!!!!!!!lol

  116. angel says:

    awesome! he’s so sweet, i hope he finds love with one of these girlz :)

  117. Brittanyisanape says:

    Hey Brittany what do you look like? Bet you aren’t that good looking yourself. Keep your head up girls, you made it! And take care of Frank, he’s a keeper! :)

  118. scott says:

    renee looks like a busted @$_)_+~(__))^`% jackie burkheart

  119. Nicole says:

    Frank the Entertainer has had my attention on television for the past 2 years or so & with all due respect, I feel that he deserves his own show. I imagined this happening. It’s only more than obvious. But what I can say is that there are only 4 attractive women on the show. I feel sorry for him because I know he can do so much better. I hope he doesn’t find love there.

  120. ILoveFrank says:

    It’s about time VH1 did something right. I can’t wait for this show.

  121. CHICHI says:

    HONESTLY…yea frank is not the best lookin guy…but u are all hating so bad…these girls are allpretty…watch the show and give them a chance before u start calling them ugly and )^@~_@“$*+$*^_^ you all probably are fat ugly `@~$&#^&()(&*(^&& es! anyway….KERRY and FELICIA got my vote! those two are BANGINGGGGGGG!!!!

  122. CHICHI says:

    HONESTLY…yea frank is not the best lookin guy…but u are all hating so bad…these girls are allpretty…watch the show and give them a chance before u start calling them ugly and ^*!`**~@)_+@))`% you all probably are fat ugly _+*$&%_#%$@~&*!#& es! anyway….KERRY and FELICIA got my vote! those two are BANGINGGGGGGG!!!!

  123. kaseykahnefan98 says:

    im sorry, but when flavor flav and bret michaels can get hotter woman than you, you have sunk to a new low!

  124. CHICHI says:


  125. Justin says:

    Dana’s nose looks like a p****… Most of the girls are way to baked. Mandy’s lip stick is hurting my eyes. Did she choose that? Renee kinda does look like Jackie, I think she’s alright. Tammy, and Felica’s alright too. Ann? Why??? Maybe she’s funny. Christi’s face I’m not too sure of. Looks kinda harsh. Steph looks like she has a huge wig on, looks bad. For the most part, everyone is just alright. I’m not impressed. Oh well.

  126. Jilllovesfrank says:

    Okay I am going to do something totally different and say something NICE about each girl on here.

    Ann- Looks very sweet, innocent, has a style all her own

    Cathy- Pretty hair, nice smile, nice body

    Christi- I like her makeup

    Dana- Unique exotic looking girl

    Felica- Nice features, pretty smile

    Jennifer- Beautiful smile, is probably a model

    Jessica- Another unique looking girl with a style that she seems to own, I like her hair

    Kari- What a cutie all around

    Kerry- Nice fit body and smile

    Mandy- Has an edge and she owns it

    Melody- Looks wholesome, beautiful hair, nice smile

    Renee- Pretty eyes, nice smile, fit body

    Stephanie- Nice skin tone, nice long legs

    Tammy- Adorable, love her eye makeup, love her outfit

    I believe in karma b*$&%*#, be nice to others and life will be nice to you! These girls put themselves out there, which is more than I can say for prob most of you. Props to them! Stop hatin, the world is filled with too much of that! Can’t wait for the show!!!!

  127. JessaS576 says:

    I think you guys should back off these girls! It’s obvious these aren’t the most flattering pictures. So what?! Give them a break. They are probably reading this sh*&*9 and that wouldn’t be good for anyone! They are all human! Guess you all are perfect? Doubt it. Hope ya find what your looking for Frank!

  128. gerardo says:

    ugh he is such a loser !
    hes definetly not gettin my view !

  129. mee says:

    ugly girls!!!! maybe like 3 pretty ones

  130. Magic10 says:

    You all just are haters, and jealous they are on tv, and YOUR not. You could throw in a picture of Jennifer A or Britney in the mix and you all STILL say these girls are ugly! NO ONE IS UGLY. GET REAL. What kind of person sits here and puts down people they don’t even know?! Stop eating ho-hos in front of the computer and get a job or a life!

  131. jello says:

    OMG wat r u guyz talkin about!!!???? I LUV THE ENTERTAINER! i cant wait to c this!!!

  132. FabianfX says:

    wow…ill definitly look at that chik renee differenly. what scum.

  133. FabianfX says:

    wow…ill definitly look at that chik renee differently.
    what scum!

  134. FabianfX says:

    wow…ill definitly look at that chik renee differently. what scum!

  135. matt says:

    did you see the girls that he’s got to choose from!! They can’t be picky, looks like they just crawled out of a cave!

  136. dafuturemizbarefield says:

    frank may be broke but he does get paid for this show, so he really isnt broke anymore…

  137. zaida says:


  138. Heather says:

    It’s so visable that these females here only want publicity! Surely none of these woman really want to be with someone who lives in the basement of their parents home!! I think its silly to keep airing these kind of shows! How about putting a show up that helps children in need or BETTER YET, a show that actually makes a change in ppls lives! Dont get me wrong I love VH1 but geez….the entertainer? come on!! What a loser!

  139. PreppyX5guy says:

    Why are people hating on Frank, my god I wish I had a TV show with 15 girls competing to for me….hate much?

  140. Sister Maria says:

    Some people are really complete liars and should not be able to voice their lies on a computer. Erika Campanelli and Leslie from Coyle Cassidy are trying to disgrace Renee because their own pitiful lives are so unhappy. I can tell you that you could be sued for mentioning Coyle, etc. by the school itself. Grow up and get over yourself or we will discuss Erika’s abortions and Erika’s affairs, and the delights of Leslie as well, along with her roaming husband.

    Don’t worry this is not one of the girls going for Frank’s love. SISTER MARIA and FATHER JOHN

  141. JeSsIcA says:

    this show is gonna be wack….i think my life is way more interesting than his… he is a loser..

  142. jaystar says:

    i like Tammy and Kerry the best,SEXXXYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  143. i luv money fan says:

    C’mon VH1, enough with the dating shows already. Seems like its the same results over and over again.
    Frank will pick his winner at the end, and 3 months down the line we will find out that there will be a “Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair 2″. Stick to the more dramatic reality shows like “sex rehab”. Also, you guys need to stop the B.S. and air “I love money 3″ Who care what happened to Megan’s Suicidal boyfriend from here show WTF !!!!

  144. datwhitegirl says:

    what woman would sign up on this show…… hello he lives in his parents basement and hes like 30…..

  145. realitylvrr says:

    these pics are horrible. its clearly not the girls and just bad pics. looks like they picked the worst pics on purpose or something. bet they will all look better on the show. im gonna watch!

  146. JOSERIO says:


  147. IH8myFATwife says:

    I just wanna say I’m proud to hear a local girl next door made it on TV, go TEAM RENEE!

  148. NOT A DUMB BLONDE says:

    I agree with the I love money fan.. I wanted to c the new episode also. I am so tired of the same lame azz reality shows until it makes me sick. Just like Real chance of love 2 I didnt even watch that really this second time around. Because 2 me they are all about the money. And then for the entertainer show that is coming out. Who wants a man that stays at home with mom doesnt have a job, and isnt trying to help himself out of his parents basement. I know these woman arent that darn dense that they want a man like that. I know it only for t.v. Ok supose he chose one of the woman. Is he going to leave the basement and become a real man and learn some responsibility about himself. Heck no I’m out. Bring back I love money VH1.. That really was the only show i loved..

  149. Sidneyvh1 says:

    You guys are all so dumb saying that Frank is a looser. What do you think he does these shows for FREE???? Really?

  150. brandonboyd says:

    My Dearest Renee,

    Meet me in paradise where the flowers never die and the birds sing your name. Will you marry me?

    Love Always,

  151. JacobJohnson says:

    Hey Douchebag just so you know Renee is mine, and so is Jessica and Tammy! Those girls are hott yo. Give me some of that. Frank you bettah keep your eyes open, cause big J is coming at ya!

  152. colt45 says:

    i agree with i luv money fan! Enough with the losers who dont deserve their own shows and just air i love money 3 and give us something to look forward to in 2010!!!

  153. teresa says:

    I’am not surprised that he has his own show he deserves it as many times he’s been on tv.

  154. Kitty says:

    These chicks look old, Frank you can do much better! ME yo ME…I LOVE FRANK!

  155. Min-D says:

    Seriously VH1 wut is up with the reunions??????? How come your not doing them anymore?? Is it because nobody lasts as a couple?? I miss the reunions :o(

  156. skizzles fo shizzles says:

    yo, Renee looks like my momma. I bet she is the one kicked off first for looking like Franks Momma. Yo can’t +^`(`#@^#+^$!@(& ya momma Frankie B Boy. Slap that Ho to the side and recognize!

  157. kyle says:

    Why is everyone talking like a dumb a$$, I think renee and tammy look the youngest out of all of them. Mandys prob the oldest, but who cares! I think its the pictures, plus if these girls are old they are def milfs! Haha jealousy is evil guys cut it out!

  158. Lisamarie says:

    Kerry is the most beautiful one here !!! <3
    Whatever you haterZ gotta say is casue your just mad you got nothing on her <3 Beat it <3 lol
    Team Kerry <3 <3 <3

  159. Nick says:

    Frank, you are a lucky guy to be able to pick from all of these beauties. Judgemental people who say the girls are all ugly would probably be the first in line to be with Frank if there were a raffle. Let’s get serious, VH1 does not look for the unattractive or the unwanted. Frank you are a talented and funny guy!!! I know the show will be a huge success!!!!!

  160. Pete says:

    Ann came back as the reincarnation of Ann Frank. Seriously. That’s crazy. Christi is hot as ~)#`+%^_%%_*&$&% Definitely the best looking girl on this show. Renee looks very trashy

  161. Cloak says:

    jennifer, jessica, and melissa are pretty. Theyre not gonna air I love money 3 cause that murderer was on it. but I think they should totally cut him out of the scenes he was in, but i guess it depends on how far he got.

  162. Brad says:

    I wish they’d air I Love Money 3 as well. I heard Frank was on it. He’s funny as hell, bet these girls are little entertainers themselves!

  163. Player-Not says:

    Seems like a lowbrow show…lets face it…everyone is using everyone else!

    Ann-Looks normal and may be the only contestant with a college degree!
    Cathy-Tries too hard…nice smile.
    Christi-Too much make-up…looks ‘high maintenance’
    Dana-Probably has a nice personality.
    Felicia-Pretty…chest seems awfully full figured!
    Jennifer-Why draw the eyes to the chest with such a pretty face?
    Jessica-Pretty. Looks ‘normal’ in comparison to the others.
    Kari-All American Girl.
    Kerry-Stay out of the hair salon!
    Mandy-Watch out for this lady…cut back on the red lipstick.
    Melissa-Tries too hard…also stay out of the hair salon.
    Melody-Nice eyes….looks classier than some of the others.
    Renee-Looks immature but pretty. Way out of her league with the crowd.
    Stephanie-What does she look like with her real hair? Not her best side.
    Tammy-Seems perky…drapes match the carpeting?

  164. Elle says:

    Where did they dig half of these women up??? I have never seen such fugly women on VH1 before!!!

  165. BeeDazz says:

    Kerry is one HOT biShhhh!!!! Get em’ GIRL!!!!

  166. norbak123 says:

    Ann is the most beautiful girl on cast LMAO.

  167. Shonuff25 says:

    These women need dermatologists badly!!!!

  168. Mswitit says:

    Wow some of these girls are really pretty… but these girls are vying for the same Frank the Entertainer who has no job and lives in his parents’ basement at what, 32?? What some women will do in a recession… Good luck supporting a very grown `(#$)`@)&`)$^_` man!

  169. Mswitit says:

    Wow some of these girls are really pretty… but these girls are vying for the same Frank the Entertainer who has no job and lives in his parents’ basement at what, 32?? What some women will do in a recession… Good luck supporting a very grown &$+^*~^&_~#*++^ man!

  170. Ashley says:

    OMG are you serious i never thought this would happen wow i’m so shock omg i have to tell everyone. But i have to say the Entertainer looks more like he’s been working out or something because he looks really hot.

  171. Bian says:

    Half of the girls are straight up ugly……

  172. Sheila says:

    Kari is the cleanest, freshest and most normal looking of the bunch. The rest are just straight up dirty ho

  173. Sheila says:

    Oops, sorry, Ann doesn’t look like a trashy ho, just homely…

  174. Ben says:

    Felicia is deff the hottest of the bunch… the other girls looks like +!^%_!_%((#*!+_`

  175. Bethie GND says:

    Every girl on here looks like a man. Frank, im so sorry you got with all these ugly women.

  176. lauren says:

    cathy is the best and the most good looking girl on this show!!!!!

  177. K-chan says:

    I love how every Vh1 personality I love ends up getting a show. I have good taste. New York, Daisy, Megan, Chance, The Entertainer…I loved them then they ended up getting a show, ha.

    Hopefully none of these women are murderous psychopaths because I loooooooove The Entertainer! He’s so funny.

  178. stella says:

    They are nice ladies, but nothing for Frank !
    I think he should continue his affair with Brooke Thompson aka Pumkin from I love money … laugh :)

    Does anyone know when it starts ?????
    I’m from Germany and we all know that the german gets information, when it is already too late … haha.


  179. phil says:

    Maybe he should try to get buckwild back. What are these photos of best in show from Westminister Kennel.

  180. AngiRose says:

    I would have been more inclined to watch the show had it been about the Entertainer trying different odd things to get out of his parents’ basement, being nagged by his parents, and maybe meeting a girl or two along the way, but these “dating” shows full of bad and less than attractive actors and actresses are dead already. Please…No mas! No mas!

  181. MATT says:


  182. Sharra says:


  183. Kaylee says:

    Did anyone notice that all the girls have brown eyes but one??? (Melissa) Frank must have a thing for brown eyes….

  184. ballerballer says:

    That means he is not going to be on any more i love moneys thats if they choose to continue making i love money

    ps: i want to watch i love money 3.

  185. TorranTime22 says:

    WOW! Look at Miss Renee ya’ll. She is absolutely gorgeous. Girl, I don’t know where you from, but if you ever get lonely after Frank, I will be waiting. Good Luck with the show Misses. You are a dream come true. Know that I am routing for you Renee. GO ON WIT IT!

  186. BostonJon says:

    Yea Renee has my vote, she looks like the girl next door, the girl you can take home to Mom. She looks like they type of girl you would not want to date, but you would want to Marry!

  187. Blake says:

    All you haters better remember that the more you hate, the more air time you give these girls. Any publicity is good, whether it be good or bad, The more you hate, the better chances there are of giving one of these girls one of their own shows. Look at Frankie! So ladies, don’t be hurt, or discouraged, hold your head up! Be proud of who you are. NO ONE really cares what people say on here. It’s not easy getting on one of these shows! Good for you!!!!!!!! Anyone who actually sits here and tries to hurt you has NO LIFe whatsoever and has too much free time, and just look jealous! Can’t wait for the show! Blake

  188. missy says:

    almost all of these girls are HELLA ugly theres only a few pretty ones…but its wateva goodluck to all them

  189. Petawho says:

    Its hilarious how only 4 different girls are mentioned over and over again on here? Its as if the girls themselves are signing on and making big deals over themselves. You know that no one knows anything about this show considering its a bottom VH1 show, its one of those shows to hold you over till the better shows come on. I only found this while looking for the Ray J blog.

    Felicia marry me, Renee meet me in paradise, Ann your hot. It doesnt matter if some of them might be attractive or not,(the thing is they arent) the thing is these girls are desperate to win Frank the Entertainer. Do these girls not have any morals. And I dont care what anyone says, they are all ugly. Including Felicia, Jen, Renee and obviously Ann.

    Why come on here and post about yourselves girls? Its obvious that you are the ones making up fake internet names rooting yourselves on. No one would want to marry you girls or date you with those hideous pictures. Nobody with class. Your all hoe’s ya know!

  190. Janet says:

    I don’t think any of them are ugly, and frankly I feel when people make mean comments it just shows everyone how jealous you all are they they are on tv and did something they want to do, and your at home probably taking care of 15 kids eating pizza trying to convince yourself that your better than everyone. I think that everyone who makes a rude terrible comment should post up their facebook, or myspace so that we can critize YOUR pictures. Or better yet, let’s throw in a pink background and see how flattering you all look! Oh look at the time, it’s time for work, do you???? Oh and btw, I will admit that I myself am related to one of these girls and I have no shame in saying that. The sad thing is you mean people don’t care who reads your comments. Whether the girls do, or don’t. Just before you post, take a good look in the mirror will you?

  191. Nicole says:

    These (__%#&*%!#&+$`$** es are busted! WTF!!!!!!!

  192. I got u says:

    Hmm pretty sure Jennifer was on Making the Band. Wonder if she is gonna be walking around the house singing all the I will give it to her thou she has an amazing voice (saw her on tour with Justin Timberlake) but like all of the girls on these shows its all about the exposure. i mean really who would WANT to date Frank?? Only good looking one is Melissa!

  193. Tonylev says:

    All the Ladies are beautiful, but I think Melody out shines them all! Smart,Sexy and Beautiful! Team Melody here!

  194. tonylev says:

    All of ladies are beautiful! Melody out shines them all! ;)

  195. RichHolland says:

    Go Team Renee. Judging from the video, she goes all the way. Scream it cross town “Half off today when you lay with Renee!” if her face is scary, just look away!

    But hey. Are you an easy lay? With looks like a horse, she must eat Hay. Gee. Maybe not Team Renee. But I did do her today. Yes I looked away. Give me a break, it was half off I say!

    She’s already screwed frank in redish/white lingerie, every which way. What more can I say? With looks like yours, youd turn my masculine self gay!tramps like you make me pray. Escape Frank, go!! Run away!

    I’m taking back my, “Go team Renee” You made me gay. My eyes hurt from looking your way. Oh no. Not that. My privates are diseased from laying Renee. They hurt, they burn. Make it go away!

    Go! Felicia. Way hotter then that trick Renee.

  196. Holly says:

    Well you know they just want to be on t.v. because he has no money!

  197. Precious Pam says:

    What next.!!

  198. Devin says:

    Be careful as to what you say, for it may come right back at you on another day. Jeolousy is an evil thing which can destroy your life of everything. Sleepless nights are a real pain, especially when you reach out, and it’s in vain.
    Each girl deserves credit for their dedication and lightheartedness to try out for a tough show like this. It’s really sad how some people can be so cruel and evil to these girls. Why don’t you be happy for them for you will feel much happier with yourself. Stop trying to get attention for yourself – you must be some kind of nut. Actually, no one cares about you and the CRAP you spread!

  199. Isthisforrealz says:

    VH1…will this trash ever end?

    These girls’ parents and families must be so proud.

    If you are really desperate for fame, isn’t there a more respectable show to go on???

    And the super trailer…my Lord! I have never felt so much second hand embarrassment in my life. DO THESE GIRLS REALIZE THIS WILL LAST FOREVER? YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS CRAP BACK! Making out in a basement, falling on your face on the concrete (I almost peed my pants there), stumbling around drunk, “I wanna get freaky”…
    LOL. What is this??????

  200. rumerhasit says:

    Rumor has it that people can get sued for slander, and that these girls have more control over this site than you realize. Keep up the harassment, your digging your own grave. Ps. thanks for visiting the site over and over! :)

  201. FRANKIE'S GIRL says:

    I wish I had tried out for this show but I probably wouldn’t get on anyway. It seems so awesome and I LOVE FRANK! The sad part of the show is maybe he just might find the real deal – Frank I Want You!!! You girls are so f*%$+ LUCKY.

  202. danielkrieder says:

    The thing is. In The Good ole U.S of A. The is such a thing as Freedom of the press (and in case if you’ve spent to much time in the basement) There is freedom of speech as well. Meaning because you have decided to put yourselves out there, and because you make it obvious that you are in fact the Renee that is on the show hat is posting up a storm and causing a ruckus. We as Americans can say and voice whatever opinions we want to about you, within reason of course. If we posted your address or telephone number or full legal name directly on here that would be slander and or defamation. But the fact is you signed up for this and I haven’t invaded your personal life. The show itself will be giving full use of your last name within time anyways. If they were to trace all the comments on this site, half would go back to you. Who’s stirring up a &)~%$)&$(_&&*!$~ storm now?

    To be walking around in lingeries with a bottle of whip cream in one hand and the most manly voice used asking Frank to see your kinky side. Most men when they get excited, they get into it. But Frank lays there like a dog waiting to be given lethal injection. He’s just quiet, subdued ready to take his last breath of air. then you engulf him like a virus. You are no Kim Kardashian. You have no business blinding Americas eyes like that!

    Look at Perez Hilton, he is way worse to the people on his site then any of us have been to you, what do you think you could get us all for? Our honest to God opinions? You can’t sue over hurt feelings. For a first comment, I did nothing wrong but voice my opinions. There is a lot to read on here, so many opinions have been formed just by reading all the posts you’ve made about yourself already. You’ve been hard at work today let me tell ya!

  203. TonyNY says:

    Frank you are luckiest guy eva brother! Kerry, Renee, Cathy…how could you eva chose just one? Dam, I gotta get me a reality show in my parents basement man. I can’t wait for this show to start, even my girl thinks those girls got it going on…Well man keep up the good work, and send some of them gals my way brother! Chic’s dig Pizza guys and pool men…who’d eva think…

  204. Megan2 says:

    OMG Frank I was so excited when I heard you got your own show!!!! It looks so funny! Finally a good show! I’m so jealous of these girls, your lookin good nowadays!

  205. PRETTY HeftyOne says:

    Like VH1 but like shows to give chance to us bigger girls to find luv 2, not 1′s who don’t need help. I overwait,kinda pretty, have fantasties too. Get more ratings with such show. Don’t think will watch Frank slip way far from me again 2 dammin sad. VH1 Get Real People From Ordinaries World. Frank its not tooooooooo late to change u mind. There’s more like me to LUV. XOXOXOXO FOREVOR ps Ann is favourite of my freind.

  206. devin says:

    all these gurls iz hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. devin says:

    all these girls are type ugly

  208. CATHY GROSAM says:

    So CATHY was on the first season of “I Survived A ^^!_*`&+`((_`%# anese Game Show”!!!! She doesn’t care about Frank the Entertainer. She just wants to be famous! Who the hell is on I SURVIVED A ^^!_*`&+`((_`%# ANESE GAME SHOW! That’s desperate for fame! Well guess what CATHY, you are gonna LOSE & hopefully ur reality careeer will be over and u are a SKANK!!!!

  209. Lucinda says:


  210. Rae says:

    Some of these girls are super cute…others not so much. It will be interesting to see how this show pans out!!!

  211. vshizzle says:

    christy, melissa, and tammy are the winners of this group. Bet it will be a good show, still waiting for another Rock of Love, or something with Brett Michaels, hopefully. I love New York was good too.

  212. tamirah says:

    so of your girls are so ugly you can do better wait you can’t because your mom and dad picked them out right they picked them out because you live in the’re house right so you need to move out so that you can make your own deciges.

  213. Jessica says:

    Mellisa….. TOTALY HOT!!!! As for the others…. they can kiss my _))&_$!)+((@%_#

  214. ayana myle says:

    This show is boring..First of all who wants to see someone date in a basement and it would of been better if they had nicknames..and were in a watching*

  215. Christine says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing this new show, Cathy is absolutely beautiful! I bet shes funny too!

  216. Joey says:

    Man all these girls are hott! I’d date every single one of them! Franks a lucky dude!

  217. me WATCH says:

    Well sweeties, especially mouse Renee, your day has almost arrived…too bad your ‘peak’ is a miserable debut…maybe you’ll get one of Frank’s loser buds to continue to be your fb… Don’t quit your day suck-up job….have a nice life and lets hear it for the day this lame aXX series ends! But my vote is for Kara.

  218. Kidzzone25 says:

    This is predictions:
    1.Stephanie,Mandy and Cathy
    2.Kari and Tammy
    5.Christy and Melody
    *WINNER* Dana
    What do ya think

  219. Christina says:

    Mine is different:
    1. Stephanie and Jess
    2. Ann
    3. Melody
    4. Christy
    5. Kari & Tammy
    6. Renee
    7. Cathy
    8. Kerry
    9. Melissa
    10. Dana
    and Jennifer wins it.

  220. stefany says:

    what are these ladies last name and sges

  221. LIONHEARTED says:

    To All of the Cast: Good Luck to All and hope you all have fun and enjoy watching your show tonight.

    FROM: A BIG Fan of VH-1 – Pete from NY

  222. smalltowngirl says:

    I like Frank. He’s lucky to have parents with a house big enough to give him the basement to live in. Times are hard and I hate to say, we were raised in the south to not leave home. To move out into another place while our parents were just a street over just didn’t happen. But that’s the southern way. I guess it’s why so many of us southerners are still at home. If Frank gets a girlfriend maybe they can move into a nice place. One without plastic on the couch. But I will take his parents over that New York and her loud mouth mamma and questionable daddy any day.

  223. sharifa (shar ree fa) says:

    i think jenny iz tha best girl and i think annnie iz ugly

  224. Loretta says:

    I think Frank is nice looking, yet looks aren’t everything. I know how it feels to look for love but not finding it. I don’t think any of these girls are right for him. If you can go on tv and be on a list for a man to choose you, you aren’t there looking for true love. I think you are looking for attention and your chance to be in the spot light. I am just as pretty as any of those girls, yet I wouldn’t stoop to that level. I guess I really don’t know how to find true love either, where do you begin to look? Bars? I think not. I think if its meant to be it will.

  225. mike says:

    That was the best show ever that girl mandy is slammin — she needs her own show

  226. jules says:


  227. Selena says:

    hey Frank i hope get rid of Mandy,Tammy.Renee da hoe,Melisa ,Jessica ,Dana,ANN!!!,Cirsti,Cathy

  228. James says:

    This show sucks so bad! what a waste of air time!

  229. Brian says:

    Nice :-) great so far…its gonna be a good show. Fank finally got his own eh..Good job buddy

  230. Small Town Chris says:

    this is the best show i have ever watched on vh1. amazing, interesting, funny, and such a breath of fresh air. can’t wait till next episode.

  231. Fantastic Fan says:

    Hillarious and very Amusing!!!! Just love the show, you, and such a great cast. Thanks vh1.

  232. kelly says:


    I think you are a very attractive guy. I think you should stop going for the fake girls with way too much make up and go for a down to earth real lady who will appreciate your family. good luck

  233. Laughing Through Life says:


  234. aimee says:

    WTF??!! really ima say it again is this lowered expectaions..who picked these girls??!! Christi, Felicia, Jennifer and Melissa better be the last 4..they are the ONLY pretty girls on here…maybe a better photographer would do some good…but no bueno!!

  235. Julie says:

    Why is everyone obsessed with looks here? I happen to think all the girls are attractive in their own way. So Frank should pick a girl based on looks alone? I’m a pretty big girl, and if I were in a room with all these women… chances are Frank wouldn’t pick me. But I’m also a very loving, caring, wonderful person. Doesn’t that mean anything nowadays? Hmph… Love the show so far anyway.

  236. WANT TO BE FRANK says:

    JULIA, Here’s a guy I bet is making SUPER BUCKS I’m sure and has become quite the actor. You DUM BLOGGERS who hate on this DUDE will see that he will come out smelling better than any rose. Understand the reality of it all, any of the girls could possibly end up witha chance to make as much $$$$$$$$ as him if not more someday. In any reality, there has to be very stupid people. Julie, sadly, today’s ratings are not made with a “Walton’s” or “Little House” world.

  237. louis Peppe says:

    Dear Frank.I am 45 and I liked u on all the shows u did so far but U now I have to say having a son 18 and a daughter 21 if u ever dated my daughter who is beautiful I would say your dad when consieveing u should have shot his load in the sink LOL

  238. Lisa says:

    MANDY looks at least 40!
    Stephanie is a tv model wannabe -glad she’s OUT!
    Anne will be in the next batch to go…..

  239. Karen says:

    Frank I am very happy for you and especially that you finally have your own show. I hope that fifty one minds compensates you nicely; I hope that you find what you are looking for and I hope that she is genuine and that things work out for you. I think you are awesome!!

  240. DLASA says:


  241. bella blonde says:

    omg some of these girls are so disgusting looking! i think the only attractive one is felecia. anne freaks me out with her giant nose and her freakishness. GROSS! why on earth would u pick some of these girls for the show?

  242. victor says:

    Jennifer is the best one on the show!!!

  243. david says:

    I love these shows its better than Rock of love except the women ARE SO DAHM UGLY

  244. Helen says:

    UUmmmmm….what happened to Gia?? She was on the first episode, now she’s gone! She even in the photo of the 15 women. Anyone know what happened to her???

  245. Miles says:

    I was damn sad when you lost ILoveMoney each time. But now you have your own show?! Hell yeah Frank. Get out that basement and take Kerry and Jennifer with ya! ^_^

  246. Winter Time says:

    Stephanie looks like an Orangatan in that stupid orange bowl wig! And she didn’t even know Frank. And his Mom approved of her? WTF?! I’m glad she was gone, day one. Tammy! Ugh! Her hair is white bleached blonde! She has brown painted-on eyebrows, black false lashes! I really hope he gets rid of her. She’s no good. Jeez! Renee is to needy. Mandy should have been given more of a chance, although she probably would have been kicked off eventually. I wanted to see more of her. She would have made the show interesting. I’m glad Kari is gone. Glad Jessica is gone. Dana is not that cute. Hope she goes soon. Ann is weird. She’s not his type and never will be, gimme a break! Kathy is gorgeous. Felicia is gorgeous. Jennifer is pretty. Everybody else is just blah. (yawn).

    Their house is totally nice too. Who would leave that nice house? His “basement” is bigger than my apartment.

    Frank is so damn FINE. I KNEW he’d get his own show. His face, his body, everything. He’s so cute!

  247. Tony says:

    Lol..I just finished watching this week shows via my DVR…. The only thing this show has going for it is that it’s filmed in Brooklyn. This show is far from reality, plastic on the couch? Get real. Now that Mandy is gone….show will be boring.
    I would suggest VH1 do a reality show on people going to a school on “How to get on a reality show” I believe this would be more entertaining & real. This show Frank is so staged it ridiculous. …Regards, Tony from Bay Ridge Brooklyn

  248. connie says:

    i cant believe Mandy got is gone,frank had no choice but to get of her being that his mother made him.i think mandy needs her own show on finding love.i dont envy any woman that ends up with frank with a mother like wonder hes never found anyone shes the one that turns them away.he def needs to not only get out of the basement but get the hell away from his f………. mother.Mandy is a catch, too bad she didnt get to show us.

  249. Roulett Strategie says:

    I cannot believe this is true!

  250. Vera says:

    I just watch that show, because Frank is hot!!! My take on things is that, I agree Stephanie just was trying to get on tv, and didn’t know Frank, and she looks bad in that orange wig. However, low blow calling her an orangatan, on last comment. Glad she is gone. Glad jessica is gone, she is too immature or “like, like, duh”. I can’t believe Kathy is still there after her drunk situation, and her literally arguing and cussing with Frank. That’s just more to come from her, if she is already doing that now. Even though Frank thought it was nice that Felicia shared her breast CA scare with him, I think it was out of place and she was trying to play some sympathy card with him. I mean that comes a little later, not when you first meet him. Unless you are trying to explain to him why u have fake boobs. But more powere to her. Sad to say, even though Ann is NOT CUTE, she is not stupid, but she probably is just using Frank to be on tv herself. MTV is using her to put the outcast on the show. Nice union. I really don’t see why Dana is considered to be hot by Frank, I’m tried of her hippy hair and earing combination, she looks not all mentally there. I like Jenny, I just want her to open up more to Frank, so they get to know each other. I’m not sure what Tammy is trying to imitate, with that blonde hair. She obviously looking for a man to pay her bills. Lastly, Mandy didn’t seem to always create trouble, however she shouldve known she was going to start something up with the mom, the minute she mentioned Franks’ family is lucky to have her. She reminds me of maybe his older sister though anyway. Not a good match

  251. mitch says:

    Where is the house located? It looks like Mill Basin or the Howard Beach area?
    Does anyone know?

  252. bjr says:

    This is the worth reality show yet. Why is this guy living in his parents house at his age and why do the house in their house. His mother needs to get a grip on the fact that she cannot pick a “love” for him. I can’t watch this again, because even this girls have no ambition. Let’s get a better concept next time.

  253. Biscuzzio says:

    Just like every other reality show this one is ridiculous, but for some reason I found my self watching it?!?!
    I think its hilarious that these chicks are looking for “love” from some dude(early 30′s?) that still lives in his mothers basement haha Unless you disabled in some way there is no reason to be dependent like him. Lame Sauce!

    Anyways enough ranting, Felicia threw her pain and strength out in the open. Thats not easy to do, she has my vote! Frank would be an idiot to not go with her. But at the same time she would be an idiot for goin for him.

  254. stacy cox says:

    do the cast contestants get paid to be on the show??

  255. Kristina says:

    Tammy is so beautiful and sweet. Frank is an idiot for getting rid of her. She’s too good for him anyway!

  256. Jon Dee says:

    As a avid reality tv viewer, i was always pulling for Frank the under dog. After seeing( new york )get a show and the 2 horse brothers, i was like why not the entertainer. finally VH1 gives the person who deserves it most,and bam,they screw him. his show gets to take place at his parents new home. Not a mansion like that washed up flavor flave or those UGLY horse brothers. I mean are you serious,are girls now days that pathetic,that they look for love in the likes of flave and horse boys. Anyways,not that i hate Franks show,and no disrespect to his parents,but mom&dad really hurt your show. again,not trying to be disrespectful, but if you get another chance Frank,your mom has to go. she’s trying to make the show more about her,than be supportive of you. Anyways,good luck!

  257. Tony says:

    Yes, this house is in Bay Ridge I know the house & the block. And no I don’t know Frank. I would suggest that frank give up his acting career & get a real job!!!

  258. Shannon says:

    The cupcake shop they visit is in Bay Ridge. Not sure where the house is. But didn’t they live in Long Island?

  259. THE STALLION says:

    Can’t believe some of the girls that are left. Kerry and Cathy should be gone for I can’t find anything very special about them worth keeping unless you have the urge to get stabbed in the back or want to stay drunk. Felicia I don’t think is the nicest or the sweetest of them all. Christi, I couldn’t get by that voice or Annie’s for that matter. Dana, I don’t think her mother approves and she is quite the shy dresser isn’t she (her clothing – yuk)? Jennie is not for you – you could never make that girl happy. Melody is cute and seems nice but rather quiet & reserved. Melissa and Renee seem very funny and are my favorites to watch. I also have enjoyed Frank and his family so far too. I hope I’m not disappointed in who wins in the end. Good Luck Buddy!

  260. joe smoe says:

    yo frank….99.9 percent of these girls are butt ugly…i dont know who picked them but they trying to play you….theres only one who is really hot and thats jennifer the black chick….i never been with a black chick but shes fine as hell….either pick her or get a new cast…

  261. 5th Ave says:

    I thought you said that you were from Long Island. I know the house you’re living in, in Bay Ridge. Let me guess, your next romantic spot is going to be the 69th st pier? I can’t believe you let your mom punk you out of sending Mandy home. That would have been a real show. It’s obvious you got paid somewhere living in that house. Why don’t you just get on with it, marry Mandy and buy your own basement. I know this isn’t the same basement as before. The original one was tiny with a pull out bed and one window.

  262. mark v says:

    franks mom is wreacking the show….she should stay out of the way…why would they have her have so much input??

  263. VH1 Junkie says:

    The show is filmed in Brooklyn at a house bought and furnished just for the show. Frank is from upstate NY (Clarkstown to be exact). If you think back on past video footage his basement bedroom was tiny and the house looked different.

  264. Ree says:

    Frank’s mom was a juror on one of my trials. :-)

  265. asdf says:

    Ann looks like a transgender

  266. GAIL says:

    IT will come down to Ann & Christi and frank will totally break Ann’s heart when he picks Christi…..Make it down and place your bets right now!!

  267. Why Me says:

    For some crazy reason I what this show today. I have a comment. Today jennifer was kick off the program over showing her boobs on a web site. That’s it. She didn’t have a boyfriend on the side, she wasn’t a man dress like a woman. She just show her boobs on a site and this frankie said he looks at a little porn. Why would someone like Jennifer or stephanie even want to be on a show like this. They wouldn’t have a chance in heck of being pick.
    Frankie what’s the real reason? I know the reason, you know the reason and the producers of this show know the real reason. One good thing about the Ray J show ever person has a chance regradless of what they look like.

  268. LORDV8R says:

    Ok…where’s the link?

  269. eugene says:

    i am in love with christie i wish we could be friends

  270. big noses says:

    where did vh1 found all those ugly girls with big noses?? It should be called franks ugly girls with big noses and weird hair styles…omg i dont see any decent good looking girl in this show. One is uglier then the other sorry girls.

  271. Heather says:

    This show is boring. Bottom line. I was a fan of the other shows Frank was on but now it seems like he (along with the girls) are reading from a script. A very bory script at that. Really VH1? This is up there with “New York goes to Work.” PLEASE put out another I Love least those cast members were entertaining.

  272. TJ Ellis says:

    ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE WOW didn’t think she would last long on the show, but WOW girl r u doing ur thing keep it up go all the way

  273. David says:

    She is a beautiful woman but hard to understand her talking.

  274. A Real Observer says:

    Good show but could b even better if there were more every day ladies in the competition instead of models, singers, etc. Most women relate better to Miss Nobody from Nowhere & that’s why Annie seemed such a hit in the beginning until we found out she was just a 2-faced creepy “famewh*re”. Sorry, that’s how I see it. I want the most realistic lady to win which I think is Melissa right now or 2 others I’d pick as well……. Honestly, I don’t know what to think of Jen & her cyber photo.

  275. samantha says:

    to be honest you should just drop the show and move here with me i’ll take care of you

  276. Danielle says:

    I can’t get enough of Annie!!! I love her so much I wish I could be her friend and I don’t care how corny or stupid that sounds. Frank should be with Annie because I don’t see anything not to love about her! I’ve lived and traveled all over the nation and a few countries…I’ve modeled, acted, professionally danced and she seems more real than anyone I’ve ever met. She is a truly beautiful person. I LOVE YOU ANNIE!!! ~Danielle~

  277. lichalopez says:


  278. kadijah howard says:

    the girls look nice but all of them is not for you

  279. angel says:

    i hate kerry and cathy they just are so annoying. every one in the house is trying to get renee out why? everyone there should just focous on frank. i really want annie to win she is sweet, corky, and frank just has a good time with her.

  280. Becca says:


  281. Sierra says:

    This show should be called. FRANK THE LOSER!

    And if the mothers of this contestants are reading this.. I want to personally let you know you failed as mothers! Women like you don’t didn’t deserve to have kids.
    You all should be ashamed that you instilled with in your daughters such a poor sense and guide of what a good man is.

    As for the girls.. no one knows their child better than its own mother. I watched one hour of that show and she never had any thing positive to say about her son. Do your selfs a favor and get the hell out! Why would any of you want to compete for a man that is so disrespectful to his mother.

    If he treats her like the hell do you think his going to treat you?

  282. Ms. Fortuna says:

    I’m sick of the “big nose” comments. They’re just ridiculous. Just b/c you’re used to watching people on TV that have had their noses wacked by a plastic surgeon. The only girl who has a big nose is Annie and maybe Dana. The rest of the girls have beautiful noses. They are nice prominent proud noses not big. They also have big beautiful eyes too. All of you wished you looked like these beautiful girls. Namely, Cathy, Felicia, Kerry, and many others. These girls are the best of these reality dating shows on Vh-1 so far. Favor Flavs were to ghetto, Bret Michael’s were to slutty and plastic and stripper whorish. Ray Jay’s are nice, but not as nice, but who wants to see Ray J when you can see Frank? And the “Stallionare” girls were nothing either, in comparison. By far, the girls from A Basement Affair are the best, most attractive girls without plastic surgery. Period.

  283. AmP says:

    This show is a joke but for some reason I enjoy watching this loser try to find a Sucessfull Woman to take care of him so instead of MOMMY taking care of him he’s looking for a filler such as the women on here girls you always have to remember once a mommy’s boy always will be a mommy’s boy and there is strong competition an ties that will never be severed. Also the Mom is very involved in his desision making so remember he’s looking for someone that’s actually what his Mom would want not what “HE” wants!!! An as far as Renee’, girl go home!!! you are very obsessive and need counceling its kinda scarey. Huh good luck Frank a loser such as yourself and an achiever in life will buttheads. Goodluck to all…Love is Love & Lust is Lust

  284. lxi276 says:

    lol you people are pathetic hahahha

  285. Gina says:

    So, if this guy picks a girl how is he going to move out of his mamma’s house. Is he going to move into his girlfriends house and leach off her? Nothing more unattractive then a lazy, dumb man. And his mother is one miserable Schifosa. Antiques? It’s a crap house. 2 episodes is enought for anyone to have to be tortured to watch.

  286. Mat says:

    Was renee on girls gone wild? there is a girl in the commercials which could pass as her twin.

  287. Brinley says:

    I love this show it is hilarious!! And no it isnt all totally 1oo% true but duh, that is reality tv show for you. Its amusing, Frank is a nice looking guy and the girls are definitely a variety to pick from because they are all so different. And give Frank a break he lives in their basement and it is his life he can do what he wants. His mom is funny because she is so blunt and loud but you have to admit it gives the show its spontaneous factor. Anyway Renee is annoying!!!!!! My pick- Kerrie. Shes perfect for Frank and hopefully she makes it to the end. I love her fun lovin spirit!

  288. Clerissa says:

    Frank rocks, seriously, I have always thought he was a cool and real guy :) I hope he gets a real girl.

    Check out my youtube video


  289. Josh says:

    Annie is my all-time favorite. She doesn’t seem fake at all. She’s really sweet and really smart, and Frank would be lucky to have her.

  290. Robin says:

    Cathy & Kerry are big time butter faces. They have horrible NY accents. Dana is pretty ugly too. The prettiest and nicest one on the show is Melody but i don’t think Frank will have enough taste to pick her. After seeing him with that low class other butter face on I Love Money, Cathy, Kerry, & Dana fit right into what appears to be his taste. I don’t know how Destiny fit into his taste, she is very pretty and appears also to have a brain and talent. Frank, quit with the butter faces!

  291. jack&crack says:

    How is any of these women going to get him out of the basement ? Maybe “Frank needs another sucker” might be a better name. WTF, women with no support competing for a guy with no support other than VH1.

  292. Alex says:

    i HATE!!! Dana i hope a elephant falls from a 10 story bilding and lands on her and ends up crippled 4 life!!!!!!!!cuz shes full of s**t and frank keep up the good work. 1 more thing Kerry looks good but she looks like a carrot with a wigg tell her 2 lay OFF the tan ur MOM she gets ratings.

  293. Enlightened One says:

    LIL Annie wasn’t truly an underdog because she had her own agenda for her own little piece of fame and to smear reality shows. Please don’t say she deserves her own show – what would it be about how gross can we talk as women or how do you poop ur pants? Come on people, smell the roses here. Who has the best human qualities on the show now? It’s not manly-faced Fleashiette whose big nose is up in the air somewhere, critical & can be nasty Chatty Cathy, Hard to get into the clinging always nice tune of Melody, Devious Danger Dana, and not so perfect Kerry L’Orange, and beer crusher Melissa who is better than a trash compacter. Frank has really made great choices so far & will surely be burdened with his decisions – you think or am I just crazy?

  294. Jessica says:

    I hate Dana she is a fake #(^&(**_&@(+~@~^_ herself. melody didnt do nothing to her. she should of went home!!!!!!

  295. james says:

    I wish all them sluts that isnt there for him would just drop dead. Lil annie shoulnt of went home she was a good girl if i had her Phone number i ould call and ak her out.Frank made a mistake.

  296. Afroditi says:

    this show is great! a reality sitcom…

    I love Kerry soOoo…she looks like she would be the best girlfriend. Kathy and Frank seem to have the strongest connection. Melody is sweet but def not for him. Dana? You are so corny. You are ugly skin deep girl…serious issues. But how can we blame you when you have a mother like that as your role model. Shame on your mother…hope she didn’t bear anymore children. Enough with the old jokes too. Besides being ugly, you prove that you are brainless with the old, saggy, v jokes…

    Franks mom is my hero! Dad’s a cutie too!

  297. speakdatruth says:

    Cathy Nardone was in a hip hop video this past summer where she showed alot of “skin”. She was a total bimbo there just like on the show…poor girl. The link to the video is You gonna have to log in to youtube cuz the video got flagged for “inappropriate content” so you can imagine what the hell she was doing in that video lmao

  298. Stacy says:

    I hope none of these girls win bc Frank is not a man i would compete for . He lives in his parents basement @ 30 years old and has no job . Obviously , being an entertainer did nothing for him . He only got the show because of being on I love New York . He’s a lame .

  299. jay says:

    frank you have to pick kerry what more can u ask for what a woman love the show

  300. pretty says:

    dana needs to go home, she is such a drama starter and i hater her. she makes a little thing a big problem. frank should have been sent her home when he took the poll and all the girls said dana…..

  301. frank says:

    i like renee she seems deep and real.i think in the long run she will be better for frank.she might be a little quirky but i think she’s better than the rest.she just needs a little confidence in her.i really don’t think you find love on a reality tv show either.there all a big joke!!!!! frank is immature he is 30 and most of them are in there 20′s give me a break

  302. Frank says:

    I have never seen a more homely bunch of girls , it’s painfull to watch. I really think Frank could do so much better then this bunch of inbred white trash .

  303. Sabrina says:

    Frank – if you get this – please take it to heart. Get rid of Dana!!! She will be the kind wife that will probably land you in jail because you’re going to want to smack her. Don’t be blinded by her looks – underneath is the she-devil. Deep rooted, twisted, emotional, psychological issues…..spare yourself and your family…

  304. david says:

    frank u idiot melody is the sexiest one on the show, kerry is a porn star who want sleep with u so she just ain;t that into u dumbass, kathy is cross eyed and has to spread her legs just to get this far, dana is a ~#@+~~%#~(`$~*^) ing wacko who is fat, felicia is hot to but she has a secret we just don’t know it yet.

  305. STACY says:


  306. ray says:

    one of the worst shows on tv. guess there will be a season 2,3,4 and so on. these girls deserve alot better then a leach for a b/f. the only bright side to this show is Kerry. she is one attractive lady. shoe probably will be next to have her own show.

  307. shell says:

    I hope and pray that karry win the show because she look just like him and the only one that I see that cry over him !

  308. Danny says:

    Yo, frank messed up when he let the girls choose tonight. He should have picked Cathy from the get-go, she’s the only one who gave it up anyway.

  309. Cindy says:

    Geez Frank really messed up, kathy is a reality show freak, she has been on more than one, and kerry isnt any better, shes on u tube. that relationship is doomed

  310. Samantha says:

    Ok so he picks Kerry witch is great then he dumps her what a dum ^+(_@((++@_&%!% and Frank told Kerry she was not aloud to talk to any of the girls after the show even Cathy thats crossing the line right there

  311. coffeecake100 says:

    i agree with phil buckwild should be back!!! I loved her!!!()()

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