Danger Spent A Week At A Psychiatric Hospital



TMZ reported earlier today that Monica “Danger” Leon was taken in on 5150 psychiatric hold earlier this month after shaving off her hair, arousing the concerns of her friends. According to Danger’s rep, her problems stemmed from postpartum depression (Danger’s baby was born in October), but the former For the Love of Ray J contestant is now “fine.” We reached out to Danger for a personal statement, but have not heard back.

BallerAlert has an anonymous account of events that may have led to her hospitalization, and ONTD points to a series of erratic tweets, which may have been posted around the peak of her depression. There is no word refuting her most recent tweeting, which is in regard to Danger’s second pregnancy. [TMZ]

[Update: TMZ reports that Danger has denied that she’s pregnant with a second child, says that she was on a 5350 hold and that she shaved her head not because of postpartum depression, but because she was inspired by Britney. If Danger made the connection that Britney’s head-shaving is the single most resounding symbol of her instability, as she did it in the throes of her months-long fame meltdown, TMZ did not report it.]

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