Poprah’s Video Blog – Episode 6


If you know anything about I Want To Work for Diddy‘s Poprah, it’s that the girl loves to talk. Seriously – just try and stop her! Since we can’t (and don’t want to), we’re going to be hosting weekly video blogs, in which she tells all about her time on I Want To Work for Diddy 2. Her take on this week’s episode is above. Among the topics discussed: Jen’s elimination, Diddy’s tie-dye and Ivory’s feet…

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  1. ReRe says:

    Poprah, eposode 6 was a hot mess! girl did you see the way diddy was looking at Jen when she was in his offfice….Oooh my God! girl i almost spit out my tea the way he was looking at her, that was so funny! and she didn’t make it know better. the way she was answering diddy’s questons all slow & then he was looking like (what the hell is this in front me) that was 2 funny…LOL…and then when he told Jen she’s not ready to work for him, Poprah, it’s just the way diddy said (bye bye) that was 2 funny! but girl, the way diddy was looking, he can surely look at you crazy!
    I really do like the show…it’s not a boring show at all…holla!!

  2. ReRe says:

    Poprah, you know that shirt diddy had on was a HOT MESS!! this is why people need to be honest as much as they can with peoples cause you just never know when a test is coming your way just 2 see how honest a person really is. Never be a YES person! it makes a person looked weak and stupid! this is why it always good 2 tell the truth no matter what…you can be honest but yet respectful at the same time. A person should not want 2 be lable as a @!^_`%%&)^!%$@_ kisser! I don’t care who you trying to impress or work for. holla

  3. bernique says:

    I’m thinking WHY in the HELL did Diddy bring YOU back! You talk on and on about… WHAT! Why state the already seen…You didn’t make it and now back to go on and on about NOTHING. Diddy please take her off!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Real Talk says:

    Response to the idiot named Bernique:

    The purpose of the blog is to discuss what’s been seen & recap. What type of gun was being held against ur head 2 make u watch, none? So if you dont like it dont’ watch, keep it movin. And by the way, while u hatin on my girl Poprah, where is ur show, where is ur fan base, what is ur relevance or purpose in life. Focus on that instead of posting stupid bs! Obviously Poprah brought ratings & Diddy saw something in her 2 bring her back, & she has a huge fan base, then & even more now. Follow @poprah on twitter u will see. I bet the only fan u have is blowing ur hot breath around ur bedroom.