Secrets Of Aspen – Meet The Cast!



Secrets of Aspen is a new docu-soap is set to premiere Sunday, January 3 at 10/9c on VH1. You can read some info on the show via the press release, which says, “The half-hour, eight-episode series will follow six dynamic ladies on their quest to find love, pay the rent, and stay friends over the course of one summer season. Together they represent a cross section of Aspen’s modern women.” Now, you can check out that cross section — pictures and descriptions of the show’s stars (and the drama they tote like baggage) are below…



“Former beauty queen Brooke is the ultimate Aspen insider – she knows everybody and everybody knows her. Unfortunately, her intimate place in the ‘Aspen Tribe’ comes at a price – in the form of ugly rumors around town about how she earns her money. But rumors aside, Brooke still considers Aspen ‘her town,’ and is pursuing her passion for photography. Brooke also loves to travel – although only in Aspen’s off-season. Earlier in the year, Brooke stayed with Laura in California; that led to an ugly rift in their friendship – with Laura feeling that Brooke took advantage of her generosity, and Brooke thinking that Laura is using it as leverage in their relationship.”



“Miami born and bred, socialite Erin knows the South Beach scene inside and out. But in Aspen she’s a fish out of water – literally wearing designer swimwear to go fly-fishing. Yet when it comes to Aspen society and nightlife, nothing holds Erin back – with her outgoing bubbly personality and her trademark laugh, she blazes her own trail in any social scene. Erin never looks back and could care less what anyone thinks of her, so it’s inevitable that she makes waves in Aspen’s tightly-knit high society this summer season – especially with her BFF Ben at her side. ”



“By day Kat massages pampered Aspenites; by night she mingles with them in Aspen’s lively social scene. She also loves exploring her adventurous outdoorsy side on Aspen’s mountain trails. Kat got her first taste of the high life in LA, as a flight attendant on private jets — where she gave spa treatments at 30,000 feet. A winter visit to Aspen two years ago with her then boyfriend Alex turned into a love affair – with the city AND the guy. Unfortunately, her relationship with Alex ended in heartbreak – and while she still loves Aspen, its high cost of living has her scrambling between multiple jobs to make ends meet – even though she shares expenses with her roommate Star. Reluctantly, Kat has given herself one last summer to meet Mr. Right before leaving Aspen for good.”



“Aspen’s social scene is a hive of scandal and intrigue – and Laura is definitely the Queen Bee. She may spend the off-season in Newport Beach, California, but when Aspen’s in season, Laura’s in town — shaking things up and making friends and enemies in equal numbers. This season she’s back in town with big plans to launch a ski-wear line. Twice divorced, Laura is the proud mother of three overachieving daughters, but “mom” isn’t the first thing you think of the first time you lay eyes on this stunning beauty. When Laura sets her sights on anything – from another woman’s man to a business opportunity — heaven help anyone who gets in her way. ”



“Confident and beautiful, Shana is the Aspen veteran in our group. She’s been an Aspenite for 18 years and is plugged in all over town; she’s definitely part of the town’s ‘upper crust,’ and she’s no fan of Laura, who she sees as an opportunistic newcomer. Shana’s known for her no-nonsense style; she calls it like she sees it, no matter whose toes she steps on. To her female friends, like Kat and Brooke, Shana’s a mother hen; but when it comes to younger single men – her picture could appear in the dictionary under ‘cougar.’ She’s a successful businesswoman in the diamond jewelry business, with clients all over the country. Shana loves her life — and loves Aspen.”



“Star is newly single – and loving it. A San Francisco native, she came to Aspen with her then-husband and, like so many others, found herself losing the guy but keeping the town. Star is a woman of strong appetites and isn’t shy about going after any guy she finds attractive. Like Kat, she loves the outdoorsy aspects of Aspen – and also like Kat, she finds it a struggle to afford the Aspen high life, so it’s only logical that these two single girls wound up as apartment mates. However, Star’s never afraid to dish out advice, even when Kat doesn’t necessarily want to hear it – and the tensions between the two roommates can make for some serious fireworks.”

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  1. Khi says:

    *Yawn* This show looks like ^&$++@*+)&*~^_~&

  2. RJ says:

    I thought they’d be better looking.

  3. jenny says:

    this is ALL fake- they don’t even live in Aspen, nor do they rule the “social scene.” they were paid to do it, and it’s all scripted!!

  4. Geo says:

    Sorry, not on any list of mine to see. I don’t recognize any of these “actors” and they certainly don’t represent my town. Sigh, too bad, VH1, go back to trying to play music videos, maybe.

  5. Laguna Niguel Resident says:

    Looks like a fabulous show….if you are bothering to make a post, you have to be interested!!! it’s a guilty pleasure!!! There is a voyeur in all of us!!!

  6. ski bunny says:

    CANT WAIT TO SEE IT! Scripted or the real thing…who cares…it’s all for the sake of entertainment anywyay, right?

  7. Adrienne says:

    WOW so beautiful, looks like it will be amazing!
    I looked at some of the comments below and realized how cruel others can be, for what? jealous I would say, you rock!

  8. Kathryn says:

    Where did they find these sexy *%*^~*^~!)&_$_%%^ es?! Damn, girls! ;)

  9. Tom says:

    Wow these girls look really hot, but one comment, the Laura woman, needed to shave prior to her photo? Just a guy pet peeve. Can’t wait to see the show, c’mom Aspenites, your town needs the publicity.

  10. Joe says:

    Wow these girls look like trouble, especially Laura, guys love hairy women

  11. zgskier says:

    Ummm…VH1, you have one local in your cast. Don’t recognize half of them and a couple others are vacationers that offer nothing to the town or community. Not to mention their reputations are an embarrassment. Why don’t you add some legit locals to the roster and then I will watch. Otherwise, find another name for the show. I want to see the real Aspenites. Otherwise, good luck!

  12. Matthieu says:


  13. ben says:

    Really cause all my ho’s are fab everyone needs to relax and wait for the show cause your gonna like what you see drama drama drama thanku hello relax ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. Tim A. says:

    Can’t wait – they are all gorgeous and I can’t wait for the ‘loca’ hijinks to begin! It will be interesting to see Aspen uncovered!!

  15. Mamma Puma says:

    I love you Ben! Watch out world, because it is about to be Bennified!

    Home is where your HEART is people, not where you record a $*_+&#@!~`)()_~ le on a house…

    Please, will someone define what a “real Aspenite” is? I’m confused. Here- use the following example-

    My ex fiance has been going to Aspen for 13 years, he only owned a home for 4 years (three while he was with me)….But I will tell you this-Aspen is in his blood, and he has created a life there…is he an “Aspenite or a Wanna-be?”

    I love Aspen. I’ve built a life there part time over the past three years both with and without my ex. I skied there about 45 days last year. I will ski close to the same amount of days this year. Aspen is majestical. From first tracks, to the malt balls in the AMC, to Apres ski at the Little Nel, it is just heavenly. So people- Am I an “Aspenite or a Wanna-be?” Do Tell, I am curious…

    Television is television. You know where the off button is…to think that a production could desecrate your holy sanctum is absurd! So whiners- get over it…One show isn’t going to make or break the reputation of Aspen!

    The people who, for whatever reason, go to Aspen or anywhere else for that matter (local, transients, 1/2 time home owners, cast members)…well, they are all just humans. They are fallible. They take their problems with them regardless of where they go, stay, or live..Would you really want to be perfect?? I wouldn’t want to be! Are you any better? Don’t we all have proverbial skeletons in our closet?

    It’s funny that people love watching other real people! They discuss other’s imperfections. They ask questions like- “why would he or she put their personal lives under the public spot light?” Well conversely- why do the viewers like to watch? I think it is so they can escape having to deal with their own problems, thus feeling better about themselves…but hey, it is what it is!

    I’m comfortable enough to say- I don’t give a sh – - what people think of me! And neither should any one of the people of Aspen, the cast members or the audience.

    So sit back and enjoy the escape of watching the drama between a bunch of “kittens and pumas….” meow, hiss, purr…

    Don’t die an un-lived life…live it to the fullest!

    See ya on the mountain! It will be a little bit more economically fruitful because of the scores of production jobs, “rentals”, and money that was poured into the ailing economy of Aspen this past summer, all because of the show…Hopefully there will be a season two… will be the cold of winter, but these Cast members will be heating up Aspen! They already are! Go girls, and boy…!

  16. f this ver y much says:

    this is quite possibly the most ~%%@%_@@&#“#+%^#@ ed thing i have seen in a long time. none of these nasty silicone filled “women” are from aspen. they look gross. vh1 get the hell out of my town. you suck very much. i hope this show is a huge failure and is canceled quickly.

  17. SG says:


    Please do not try and recreate your own version of The Real Housewives, it’s not even done very well on Bravo.


  18. Kendall says:

    First off these ladies are pretty much glorified escorts. and the second girl Beauty Queen? I would like to know what pageant she won. I looked her up and all I could find was were she was a runner up. Looks like someone is starving for any attention.

  19. AspenLocalZG says:

    Kendall, we all know your fat. So get over it!

  20. Kathryn says:

    Love you, Mama Puma! :)

  21. Kathryn says:

    You said it best, Mama Puma!xo

  22. mamma puma says:

    ummm…Excuse me but Brooke is gorgeous inside and out. So in my book, she is a beauty queen…No, she is not perfect…(trust me I know first Hand), but none of us are…
    So to all you haters….you are all jealous …. while you sit at home watching on t.v, she will be rising to reality stardom, and laughing all the way to the bank $$$….xo2u brookie.

  23. Law says:

    Where is my Kristi Gilliam? She is hottest of them all.

    Looks cool, I’ll be there.

  24. cait says:

    you are giving aspen a bad name! none of you were even born here! leave my town! youre just a bunch of gold diggers that want attention from a teenage audience. sad.

  25. 81611 says:

    This is disgusting to see, this is not a example of Aspen or they people that live in it. It is sad to think that people will actually think of Aspen this way. Aspen is a ski resort and no one cares about the stupid escorts that live there. If you want to see the truth about Aspen, maybe you should learn how to ski first and then you would really understand. I hope this show never makes the air because it is an embarrasment for vH1.

  26. Mamma puma says:

    Hmm… So fun! Can’t wait till they see me and my girls ski! Ha!!!! Brook, Laura, Lisa, kat.. We will be tearing up the mountain and look purrrty doing it… We will re-define trail blazing! Meow, hiss, roar!

  27. EstyfromAspen says:


  28. PGirl says:

    Yeyh!! Go Brooke Lauren! All your Miss Colorado USA friends think you rock (esp the ones from Denver) Who cares what these mean people say. You are a beauty queen! We love you Miss Aspen! :) :) :)

  29. Aspenite says:

    Give me a break! None of these women live in Aspen, nor do they represent the sort of women who do. The only people they represent are the incredibly cheesy tourists who come to town wearing their furs and “Western wear” because they think its cool. Listen up ladies, that crap was out in the ’80s! Send these cougars back to their caves and hire some healthy locals who ski everyday and work 2 jobs – the true Aspenites.

  30. Salt says:

    LOL…This blog is some great entertainment in itself!

    So many strongly opinionated passionate people… love that!

    Aspen is so many different things, to so many different people. It continues to amaze me..Aspen..what a wonderful place for congregation; such a culturally, spiritually, financially, and physically diverse group of folks!

    Why so quick to judge? Is it who is judging? Why are their such adamant dislikes in other people? Is it a projection of what they dislike of themselves? Can you look in the mirror; accepting and loveing what you see? Who is the judge of that?

    Your town, his/her town, our town, their town…who’s town!? God’s creation. Gods children. Life is short; Love to live, Live to love, and learn to forgive!

    Share and share alike!

    I personally know each one of these cast members individually. All of them are so beautiful on the inside – now that’s HOT!

    Have an opinion, go ahead say it..yours counts too :)

  31. Chuck says:

    They don’t represent my town either but I don’t think they will make a show called Secrets of Bradford, Pennsylvania. I hope it turns out to be a great show!!! Good Luck Girls………

  32. Katie says:

    Um……….did anyone else notice the old lady on the show’s disgusting and obviously tattooed on mole on her lip?????

  33. yourdream says:

    Kat really flight attendant on private jets — where she gave spa treatments at 30,000 feet. you must be kidding that’s not even escort that has hooker written all over it what a joke. Shana the “mother hen” more like the pimp! Honestly are these girls are there because of a guy looking for a guy and f….. any guy that would be stupid enough to pay their bills. Erin is the only one that seems not to have the whole guy link to Aspen as in “losing the guy keeping the town”. Guess they will all be laughing all the way to reality world bank, at a high price because before all of Aspen knew you where all escorts now the whole nation does! I don’t think that will help landing Mr. Right maybe just Mr. Shallow and Mr. Stupid, only a idiot to date any of these girls

  34. Female Aspen Local says:

    I think Shana is going to rock this show. Love her and she is a true Aspen local.

  35. andy says:

    Ha! What a joke…I lived out here for years and they are NOT locals. All reality Bull Sh*t (period) what a make believe money hungry joke.

  36. Handy says:

    Long time local…these girls don’t live here. What a make believe money hungry joke this is.

  37. Pow says:

    Long time local…these girls don’t live here. Money hungry reality show is what it is. What a joke! Day late and dollar short.

  38. stephanie says:

    is the guy who says he’s single from aspen ? he is hot. i hope to see one of the ladies get with him. i’d like to see more of him

  39. mamma puma says:

    My opinion on all of this- All people are diverse eclectic and wonderful…I may not get along with all the other girls and guy 24/7, but they are ALL remarkable people within their own right, as are each and everyone of you who are reading this…

    Those of you who don’t support this subject matter- You all have a right hand a left hand and an index finger, that can choose the “on” button or the “off” button on a television set. You have the right to not push the play button on the internet, AND you have the right to close your eyes and ignore my post or continue reading and respond to it.

    Aspen means something to each and everyone of us in an individualistic, perhaps personal or impersonal way. Who gives a crap what other people may or may not think? In the long run how significantly is your day to day life you going to be personally impacted by a reality t.v. show? You can only control your own thoughts actions and reactions…

    Never-the-less: I commend all of the people who have taken a stand and voiced their opinions whether to attack me, or defend me (or those affiliated with me)…It is so awesome we live in a country in which our fore-fathers fought hard to secure so that subsequent generations could enjoy the absolute miracle of Freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of speech etc, etc. After All- “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

    This town had my heart from the very first time I came here in 2006. I obviously have chosen to live a unique life here, and I intend to do so for a very long time. The people here are passionate, beautiful, and diverse. The skiing cycling, fishing is un-paralleled and divine. The seasons (except mud season: ) ) are breath-taking. The opportunities are endless here. And the friendships I have made and experiences I have shared with my family…price-less. This subject matter is a new experience for all of us, but one fact is universal-


    And as individuals, we all have the right to convey that love in our own INDIVIDUAL, UNIQUE way, whether others agree or disagree with our methodology. From the stay-at-home mom, to the socialite who marries for money, to the homo-sexual, to the Jew, to the Christian to the loud mouth, to the recluse, to the business owner, to the part-time home-owner, to the full time home owner, to the ski instructor, to the investment banker, to the transient, to the service provider, and in my case- the start-up clothing manufacturer…we all have different plans and unique purposes.

    I promise each of you, I certainly won’t judge any of you…”for every ONE finger I point at someone else, I need to point FIVE back at myself.” If you choose persecution over opinionatedness, that is your negative energy and precious time (which you could be skiing instead of blogging) wasted..

    But I, like you will certainly have an opinion, and I have no hesitation in expressing it or rebutting that of another…. So have fun with the counter-bashing responses to my aforementioned diatribe….I will be sure to read them! This is turning out to be a fascinating experience!

    Happy Holidays to you all! And as one of my favorite people in the world is notorious for saying- “RELAX”

    Xo and blessings

  40. um wow. says:

    This makes me kinda sick… i was kinda exicted to see the show but born and living in the valley all my life then to see this?? i would be more willing to take a show into consideration only if they actually put people that has grew up here and know what it is really like to live in such a beautiful place. and there are a lot of those people around. maybe put some real women and not write a script in this show and it would be a bigger hit.

  41. Coffee Table says:

    Yeah, super super dumb. How about the college grad struggling to keep a job for the free ski pass and learning to mingle and meet a mate… or the guy who runs the cat at the top of ajax when it’s 2 degrees? or the woman who’s small business can’t afford skyrocketing rent in downtown Aspen and she has to move down valley to frikin glenwood? or the mexican family who commutes from the Basalt trailer park to take care of rooms in the St. Regis? THAT’s aspen.

  42. laura says:

    How is this a show about Aspen when they are all from California or Florida? This show is the worst thing that ever happened to Aspen. I am a local of 27 years and think this is a total joke! Do these women even ski? Enjoy the outdoors? Do anything but get weird injections to make them look like freaks and sleep with each others men? I hope it never gets picked up!

  43. laura says:

    film this show is Vail where this type of trash belongs!

  44. Leah Vreugdenhil says:

    Can’t wait to tune in to watch the drama in Aspen! Go Kat and Laura!!

  45. Leah Vreugdenhil says:

    Can’t wait to tune in to watch the drama in Aspen! Go Kat and Laura!!

    (Haters: Ease up, what do you really care anyway?)

  46. Tim says:

    As a 12 year Local I find it funny that Neither I or any of my friends has ever seen Your “18 Year veteran” Blah. Oh she has been coming up for two weeks a year for 18 years? Wont bother to watch.

  47. timmy says:

    Are you kidding me with this $(#“^^^_%`**^^~ Laura? Kat?
    These women just moved to town. Brook? She doesn’t even live here.
    This crab has nothing to do with aspen, this is what the ugly side of aspen is all about. Gold digging at its finest.

  48. timmy says:

    Are you kidding me with this )~$(++(%&`*))&!# Laura? Kat?
    These women just moved to town. Brook? She doesn’t even live here.
    This crab has nothing to do with aspen, this is what the ugly side of aspen is all about. Gold digging at its finest.

  49. Steve says:

    You’d think they’d get good looking girls for this show.

  50. Maria says:

    Really? These are grown-ups, right? Scarey……..

  51. Annabelle says:

    Where did they fid Shana? She looks like she got run over by a Zambonni. Yikes, what a Ho!

  52. David says:

    Ok in reponse to mamma puma… your right you should not give a hit what “people” think… people are jsut *&^%$ people and they dont pay your bills and they have no impact on your life. So go for it PUMA MAMMA!

    But what you should give a &*^(*%) about is your kids! Doesn’t your profile say you have 3 girls? That has gotta be total irresponsibility and desperate measures cause one day they will see this and they will judge what their mom did selfishly to get a little money right? It;s gonna impact them somehow as friends in school make fun or maybe as they explore the mom’s “work” on the internet. But then again.. you dont give a *&&^ right?

  53. keith says:

    who are these chicks? they wouldn’t last 20 minuets in this town before they would be run out of town by the locals. im 38 and came here in 05, it was my dream to live here and im doing it working 1 job. this town will eat you up and spit you out so fast if you act like this, i watch it happen all the time….don’t make the paper…

  54. Carol says:

    Holy s@!*#. As a psychologist I’m stunned at the failure of many of these women to have any contact with reality. Laura is actually a mother?! And she thinks she’s better looking than the other women? How sad for her children. And how sad for the US that these women are being presented as role models. If this is a hit we’ve sunk even lower than I had feared.

  55. Lexx says:

    Wow, I grew up in Aspen. This show is a sham! Non of these women are from Aspen except one . Shana is known as the biggest !~*)*^!`&*$_*()$# nightmare of all time. This show makes me sick to my stomach and in no way is an actual account of how Aspen locals truly live.

  56. Sweetart says:

    First, what is the point of this show? I struggled through watching the episode that aired tonight at 10pm. I see a bunch of miserable, single women who are trying to re-invent their youth. They should be called the Botox Bunch on a Get-a-way. There is more Botox in these women than fake boobs in all the Rock of Loves. The one woman “Shana” her Right Eye tweeks over and over when she gets upset after losing the 25yr old ( dancer) to the Fake Angelina “Laura”.. I guess that is the only muscle left untouched. I did not see Erin in this episode, I have no clue who she is or what she represents. She sooo looks like the Comedian ” Rachel Dratch” from SNL, Mad TV.
    Rachel has one thing though that this show does not and that is Talent.
    For those who live in Aspen, No worries. This show is a total Thumbs Down and my comment has nothing to do with Aspen.

    Cast ,Pretty to look at, but come on, where is the Entertainment? I am not sure it can be found in Frank’s Basement. But it is in Frank’s House. His Mother Rocks. There is a Real Woman. Love Her.

  57. mnchick says:

    OK first of all..I know I am in the minority but I loved this show. It’s The Hills for adults and of COURSE it is all scripted..just like the Hills. But come on…lighten up. It’s frivolous and fun and I would hope that anyone with half a brain in their head would realize 1) this show is scripted (I mean seriously…it HAS to be..they aren’t even good actors! LOL) and 2) While I don’t live in Aspen..never even been there I admit.. That these women canNOT be a decent portrayal of the majority of the residents of Aspen. Anyone who believes that everyone in Aspen acts like this all the time needs a reality check!

  58. ben says:

    Wow. Is this really Aspen? I just watched the 1st episode and the party looked like Millionare Matchmaker! I only saw 3 guys and like 20 women. lol It was quite funny to see the women all catting for A GUY. If the women really had all this self esteem they would not be so desperate for the males attention. When a man goes into the bathroom with you, its because you’re EASY. It doesn’t mean you won him. What kind of party was this? It looked like it was a small party at someones’ house. I was expecting a HUGE party at one of the nice eatery or bar establishments in Aspen w/LOTS of people. Not a party I’d want to go to, unless I was looking for some easy action.

  59. Patti Whitney says:


  60. skiguy says:

    Let’s get one thing straight- these women are in their 30′s to early 40′s. They’re too young to be labeled cougars. True cougars are women in their late 40′s and beyond, divorced/widowed, typically with grown children and are out looking to relive the youth that they never experienced.

    The show is rediculous. The women continually remark that there are hardly any men in Aspen. But apparently there are plenty of women living there. That just goes to show that women flock there looking for a sugar daddy. Proof again that most women are shallow and unambitious and can’t think for themselves. This is why a woman will never run this country.

  61. RealityBytes says:

    come on haters – it’s a tv show! relax! like someone said, you know where the OFF button is on your remote! I live in Orange County, CA and know better that The Housewives show is NO WHERE close to reality but i still watch it because it’s funny and makes us appreciate the normalness of our own lives. Yeah, this show is totally lame but i know i’ll tune in every week cuz it’s a complete train wreck! Laura is nuts – and she’s representing my own hometown! do i care, not really cuz it’s her mess of a world she has to live in, not mine. it’s a guilty pleasure like any other lame “reality” show. So until they bring back anything decent like Arrested Development, it’s something to watch and laugh at…

  62. LORENZO says:

    This so-called “Secrets of Aspen” is shallow and unentertaining. I live in Aspen, for real, and I met the actor “Star” last summer. She said she came into town for a “project” and to visit “family.” None of those actors really live here in Aspen. They were imported from LA and Miami just for the show. VH1 is known for its sleaze factor and they have succeeded once again with this show.

    If any of these actors are in town or now live in town, they should come forward for the Aspen Times or Daily News for an interview. The truth will out.

  63. LORENZO says:

    This so-called “Secrets of Aspen” is shallow and unentertaining. I live in Aspen, for real, and I met the actor “Star” last summer. She said she came into town for a “project” and to visit “family.” None of those actors really live here in Aspen. They were imported from LA and Miami just for the show. VH1 is known for its sleaze factor and they have succeeded once again with this show.

    If any of these actors are in town or now live in town, they should come forward to the Aspen Times or Daily News for an interview. The truth will out.

  64. ClassySoBelle says:

    Sweetart……..that was not Shana who lost the 25 year old guy to Laura……I don’t remember the girl’s name but it wasn’t one of the girls profiled here in the cast info.

    Laura is terrifying…..she looks capable of snapping and murdering someone if they cross her badly enough. I wouldn’t want her anywhere near me. And what was the deal with her going into the bathroom with that guy? Really??? And did she just come back out and start mingling again after as if that didn’t just make her look like a prostitute? I hoped she washed her hands in there before coming back out……ewwwwwww. I’m no prude, but I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I went into a bathroom with a guy that I had only met minutes prior and ESPECIALLY if it were on television for the world to see…..I would be so ashamed of myself. It is very sad that she has children, especially females, who will have to see their mother this way. How screwed up are they gonna be? Laura….you are a bad person, terrible friend, and an even more horrible mother. Shame on you. If you acted like a lady, you would have more men to choose from than you could count, and REAL men, too, not young boys wanting a summer gang bang. Ugly inside makes ugly outside, honey, and that is exactly what you are. Looks can’t save someone when they behave the way that you do.

    Kat seems like a lovely gal and I hope she finds the love she is looking for. Colorado is a state of stunning beauty so at least the scenery is nice!!!

  65. bruno says:

    Yikes. Lets face it gang, VH1 is simply trying to mimic and compete against MTV’s Real Housewives of Orange County by using Aspen instead of OC. Its a shame how far a network will go to gain ratings with this kind of outrageous fiction while a great brand gets tarnished…it’s right up there with the Dodge Aspen. Shame on VH1 for going this far. I think all the negative comments speak for themselves.

  66. ROBERT M. says:

    I saw the show for the first time and i saw some nice cuties yhat i would like to mingle with like LAURA,BROOK< and ERIN. where could i meet these women off the show. I CANT E-MAIL AT THIS TIME CAUSE MY E-MAIL IS NOT ACTIVE AT YHIS TIME.SEND ME A MESSAGE AT MY WEBSITE AND ILL SEE IF I COULD TRY TO COMMUNICATE.

  67. Kelley says:


    You have got to be kidding!!! You should be ashamed of yourself. I would think that you would want to keep a low profile with all of your dirty laundry. We in Orange County will enjoy watching you pretend to be everything you will never be. Remember Countrywide, Mission Viejo Christian, old married men and all your other lies and scams–Game Over.

  68. Jayla says:

    Wow…when I first watched Secrets of Aspen I just thought awesome another type of movie like the Hills. Young 20 year olds. Then I realized the only young one to be seen was Brooke and I love her so much… However, Laura one of the oldest ladies acts just like a high schooler… & to be honest I would know this because I do go to high school and she acts like one of the most annoying, back-stabbing, and self-centered people out there in television… why would you have this big moled person on television??? Especially one that does god knows what in the bathroom? How in the world is the owner of the house ever going to step into that house again?

    For Laura you should leave Brooke alone yes you helped her in the time of need, but it looks like she had already gave back to you, she doesn’t have to be your little dag any longer!!!

  69. Gerardo says:

    Laura and Brooke are smokingggggggg hoooooooottttttt!!!!!!!

  70. Victor DeFry says:

    Where’s the gay guy who tried to fly fish??

    That dude rocks.

  71. Victor DeFry says:

    IMO, the gay dude who tried to fly fish should have his own show.

    He roolz.

  72. John says:

    Drama Drama Drama,
    Interesting how the pretty 30+ year old high maintanace bimbo types never out grow drama. Brooke is a hottie hottie. The trick to watching this show is to turn off the sound. Then enjoy the great smiles, long hair, & the fake boobies.

  73. Roxy says:

    Everyone, Relax . . .yes, its over dramatic. Thats TV, right? I happen to have known Laura pesonally for years. We have had our ups & downs (as all women do, lol) However, it is so obvious watching this show that it over dramatises each girl’s persona and is very scripted. Laura is very strong willed and competative. One aspect the show does not highlight, is how intellectual and bright laura is. We went out together on weekends during college. I have never seen Laura leave a bar with a man, smoke a cigarette, or do any drugs, ever! She has always shown me to be a loving and caring mother. None of us are perfect, however I would love to have a perfect body like that after three kids! Laura, they don’t know you, and all you can do is learn from the experience and hold your head up high!

  74. laura's Friend for 11 years. says:

    Umm to all the ney sayers about laura’s parenting- 1. Laura is an ACTRESS (duh) 2. look at the show credits, there are writers. 3. I have been one of laura’s best friends for more than 10 years and she is not only an incredible woman, she is one of the best mom’s I have ever seen. Her children are incredible and it is a reflection on Laura’s parenting skills. As far as Danielle- you don’t know laura, because if you did, you would know she and her ex-hubby split custody (he is a great dad too). So, Laura gets to travel 50% of the time. Get a life and judge yourself. You are just jealous of Laura, her talent and over her beautiful family. When laura was doing the show, she flew back and forth every single week to parent her children and she flew her children to Aspen. She is totally committed to her kids. Anyone who knows her, especially as long as me knows what an incredible person she is. Get a life and if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all.

  75. angelstar says:







  76. Donna says:

    Laura is the worst! She is the reason some women don’t like other women. They aren’t jealous of you, sweetheart. They don’t trust you or like you! Yes, you are beautiful but that is ALL you have to offer. And in 20 years when that is gone, you will be a lonely old woman with no friends or a man. You are a 10 physically, but a 0 in every other way that really counts. The other girls are a 7 or 8 but also a 7 or 8 when it comes to integrity and personality. That means you lose! I shudder to think you are raising 3 daughters to be just like you. Any man will leave with a beautiful woman offering up the goods. But they won’t stay with you if that is all you have to offer. Wake up and see how shallow and horrible you are before it’s too late.

  77. phillip says:

    Laura fits all the standard descriptions of a sociopath. I’m not surprised that the gay guy who seems to have an impaired conscience also gets along well with her.

  78. Robert says:

    The only ones with any class on this show are Kat and Shana! Ben needs AA and Laura needs SA!

  79. Screw the Haters! says:

    Laura is a great mom, her kids are super cool! Lo’s a very talented actress, because you all buy the b/s of her role on this show! HA! It’s tough to know what is real and what isn’t on these shows. Lemme tell ya- about 90% is FAKE! Laura- you are a 10 inside and out! You carried this show, and good stuff is gonna come from it baby! I love you! All you haters- “go suck it!” Laura did her job well and ALL of her cast mates (especially Brook and Erin) should be thanking her for carrying this show as far as it has (woulda been canceled by now) gone on her back AND her back ALONE. We will see where Lo is a year from now compared to you losers!

  80. BEN FORTUNATO says:


  81. vcr says:

    All of these people seem delusional, but the most delusional is Laura who looks as though she is 50 trying to look under 40. At some point, do any of these people get that their lives look as hopeless as the people who are watching them? I saw two episodes of this sad display of humanity when I had the flu, and it was the best incentive for a speedy recovery.

  82. CYNTHIA says:


  83. 4988752 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4988752! SCK was here