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Below, Jen, the latest contestant booted from I Want To Work for Diddy 2, talks airheaded tendencies, racial tension in the house and the “little thing” she had for Dalen…

How was your time on the show?

The whole experience was really great. It was interesting being put in that kind of environment and just living with people that I wouldn’t normally hang out with. It was one big experiment.

What do you think about your elimination?

If I had stuck up for myself a little bit more, I would have been able to save myself, but at that point it was getting very intense dealing with Ebony and Ivory. Our personalities don’t really mesh in any kind of business sense, because they are just so loud. Even if they’re wrong, they’re loud and intense and they formed an alliance against the white people. It was really stressful for me to be there because I felt like I couldn’t even fight with these loud loud loud personalities. I’m kind of more laid back and whatever. But yeah, looking back, I’m like, “Well, I guess someone had to go,” and I’m fine with it. It was just very abrupt, unlike any of the other ones.

Do you think that Diddy was unfairly hard on you?

I think that it’s just ridiculous that he would call me argumentative or controlling when there’s Ivory and Ebony standing right next to me. I don’t know why he had it out for me, but he did from Day One. Even in the [first] interview, he didn’t say anything to me, he just stayed quiet. All these other girls were getting s*** for backstabbing and being not trustworthy, and all these really big character flaws, and I’m glad that I kept it together and stayed true to myself and everyone. I don’t like being two-faced. I think it’s completely disgusting.

You were characterized as being slow and an airhead. What do you think about that?

That’s fine. I’m comfortable with who I am. I laugh at myself, too. It’s not like I watch the show and I want to slit my wrist or something. I think it’s hilarious that I space out and say things like that. I know I’m not dumb. It’s such an easy, low blow, you know? They want to say that the pretty girl’s dumb? Granted, it did take me a while to communicate with him, but I think it was made to look a little bit longer than it actually took. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

You mentioned before that Ebony and Ivory had an alliance against the white people. Can you explain that?

Looking back, I should be more aware of racism as a whole. But growing up in Detroit I’m just so used to being around a ton of different cultures, and a ton of black people with everybody getting along. I dated black guys, so it’s not that weird. Then to start living with people from the South, who are completely racist against white people…Ivory, I felt, had a huge chip on her shoulder against white people. Like when Diddy asked, “Who would you hire?” “I would hire Ebony.” And then Ebony said, “I would hire Ivory.” Why not Dalen? Why not Dan? To be honest, I think Dan or Dalen are better candidates than either of them. Every single one of them said that me and Dan should leave.

Was this something that you only noticed after you watched the show, or was there actual racial tension you could feel while you were filming?

I definitely felt it while I was filming. Coming home, talking about the experience with other people, I was like, “I can’t believe how racist black people in the South are!” And I guess white people too, but I didn’t hang out with any white people from the South. They everything revert back to race. Always. I guess that’s the way the world turns, and how it is in some places, but I don’t know, I think it’s crazy. When you’re picking someone to form an alliance with, just because, “Oh, you’re a black woman, I’m a black woman, let’s get together on this!” It’s wrong, it’s completely wrong! It was like, “Let’s get this white bitch out of here.” That’s how I felt, and it’s manipulative, it’s sneaky, it’s lying, it’s cheating, it’s everything, you know?

On the other hand, there is a sort of social phenomenon of some women not getting along with other women as a whole, though, regardless of race.

Absolutely! That was very hard to deal with. Ebony nailed it right on the head at that Zen garden, saying, “You’re insecure because you’re always trying to go against the grain and prove everyone wrong and knock down these stereotypes.” Obviously, I’m an easy target! I know that, and I’m fine with it!

What did you think about John’s comment that you were an asset to the group because you are good looking? That was something Ebony specifically called out as racial.

I mean, John’s an idiot. We had this fight were he called me out saying that I wasn’t pulling my weight, and I was just a pretty face, and this and that. He basically said that if we went into elimination, he’s going to put me or Ebony up. He wound up coming back to me and saying, “Oh, I would never put you up for elimination, because you’re hot.” He’s a total chauvinist, and just an idiot. He thought that was an apology? Something as shallow as, “Oh, you’re hot, so of course we want you around”? I mean, bitch, please. I would rather you not apologize. When Ebony reverted it back to race, she was kind of right. John was kind of an ignorant pig, but of course I felt so uncomfortable because there I am saying, “Well, he’s the one apologizing to me, and now she’s making it a racial issue, and it’s making me very uncomfortable.”

In the last episode when you were “tipsy,” you were kind of canoodling with Dalen. Was there attraction there?

Yeah, we had a little thing going on for sure. Neither of us acted on it, because the situation we’re in is kind of awkward: we were trying to get this job and be serious. If it was The Real World or something, for sure would have went down. But being I Want To Work For Diddy, you’re not really sure what kind of expectations [they have], or what they’re going to see and say “You’re not a good candidate because you had sex with this person.” But also, Dalen had a girlfriend, and I didn’t want to be that girl on the show, the skank. Plus Ivory would always say things like, “Dalen tried to come over to my bed and get in my bed a couple times.” And Ivory would always call him out and say, “I’m telling your girlfriend!” And he was telling me, “God Jenny, I just wanted Ivory to go home so bad! I just wanted her to leave before you so bad!”

During your first challenge, you volunteered your services as a model. Was there selfish motivation behind that?

No! It’s like saying, “I’m a computer programmer,” when you hear, “For this challenge, you have to program a computer.” Why wouldn’t you step up!? And everyone was talking s*** about me. I’ve modeled all over the world. I’ve been published in big-name magazines, and you’re not going to take me seriously? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard! I love how they tried to spin it: “Oh, Jen just wants to model, she wants her picture taken.” No, I want to win, honey! That’s what I want to do, and I’m good at what I do.

What do you have to say to people who watch the show and come away thinking that you are an airhead?

I think Dalen said it best: I have airhead tendencies. You’re taking about 70 hours of footage cut down into minutes. If you believe something you see on TV, that’s fine with me, but you are obviously the one lacking common sense, not me.

Any final thoughts on Diddy himself?

Well, leaving the filming stage, I was thinking Diddy was kind of an assh***. But now watching the show, I’m like, “You know, he’s kind of funny,” just being able to use his intimidation, because that’s what he’s doing. He’s intimidating us and f***ing with us. And I think it’s hilarious.

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