VH1 Tough Love 2 Recap – Episode 5 – 10 Things We Loved About This Episode



Yet another shocking chapter in the Tough Love saga!


The first thing we loved about this episode?

- Jenna fighting the power with a cover-up


If nothing else, this is when her difficult nature still seemed just charmingly cynical. Even political: “Why is it confident for girls to take their clothes off for guys?” she asked after Steve announced they’d be taking part in a pageant that included a swimsuit challenge.

There was something even refreshing in her interviewing, “This is the f***ing stupidest challenge we’ve done so far. There is no f***ing point to it.” At least she was thinking critically, you know? It’s always nice to have an example against which to compare those who actually are drinking the Kool-Aid. Sadly, her dissent would soon turn into a descent…

- The wool pulled over the girls eyes…


In a wonderful bit of duality, they were blind to the fact that the judges were blind during the beauty pageant.


Thus the focus was shifted entirely to their personalities. Sadly, though, none of the judges got to appreciate Jenna’s daring little reveal:


Who says she isn’t taking this thing seriously? When you flash your boobs on VH1, you are clearly in whatever to win.

- The talent portion


So, Taylor’s rendition of the ABC’s was just gorgeous. I’m sure kindergartners around the country are jealous of both Taylor’s pitch and her ability to breathe new life into an old standard. Clearly, everyone was impressed:



And then, as if to provide an X-rated (but just as outrageous) counterpoint to Taylor’s kiddie song, Rocky delivered an acapella rendition of her own, “Who’s the Bitch Now?


Later, one of the judges called the lyrics “trite.” As if! Look, there’s a lot you can say about Rocky’s ode to emasculation, but anything that includes the line, “I’ll put a strap-on on, and you’ll take it like a man,” is far from clichéd. Good, bad or terrifying, it is like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

But the best talent belonged to Liz, who showed us all the stuff her mouth can do with beer:



“I don’t know anyone else that can do this. This is talent. This is skill at its best,” she said. Yet more non-triteness! I’ll drink to that. Viva singularity!

- Jenna’s politics

Jenna on healthcare: “I would trust my government to be able to figure that out for me because I am not well-versed in healthcare.”

Jenna on global warming: “It’s hot right now…”

Steve on Jenna:


What a twisted, hilarious mess.

- Sally’s victory


The girl who at first glance seemed entirely too timid to succeed in any single TV-based challenge, is seriously dominating them all. The quiet ones always sneak up on you! Respect.

- Taylor’s rock climbing


She did end up reaching the top of the wall, which is pretty impressive, but not after a hell of a lot of LOL-worthy wiggling:


And really, at the end of the day, it’s the wiggling that matters, amirite?

- Rocky on paintball:


“I am gonna bang out my opponent,” she said. Someone please tell Rocky that paintball does not involve strap-ons in any way. I would, but I’m kind of afraid to…

- Taylor at last does the best


For being able to calmly explain her disappointment to Willy Northpole over his comments after their date last week, Taylor showed a shocking amount of restraint and maturity. So, it was inside of her all along? Who knew?

- Steve’s reaction to Alicia’s Antisemitism


Alicia said some incredibly questionable (if not flat-out phobic) things about her date Jeremy attending Hebrew school. Among them:

She was willing to go out with him “as long as he isn’t Jewish.”

“I don’t want to be Jewish! I ain’t givin’ up Christmas!”

“I don’t want to have a wedding where people wear little hats and stuff.”

Instead of blowing up at her, and giving her the tongue-lashing she probably deserved, Steve just smiled in a good-natured way, told her that she was being presumptuous to assume that she’d be marrying a guy she went on one date with, and informed her that Jewish weddings are “a lot of fun” (not at all surprisingly, she’s never actually been to one). In the face of prejudice, Steve (who’s Jewish, btw) provided a model of tolerance. Very smart.

- Steve’s reaction to Jenna


Crying on her date at the prospect of having to fly through the air on trapeze alienated Jenna from her date and landed her in the hot seat. And that’s when the real drama started, with Jenna crying over, uh, crying and being called out for it and even getting into it with some of the other girls who said her negativity is affecting them (“She said that she’s not here to make friends!” said Taylor…although, that kinda makes me like her a little more).

Anyway, Steve was incredulous at her display…


…telling her, “I am not a doctor! I’m a goddamn matchmaker!” and “I can’t believe I got another five weeks of this s***!” If it’s any consolation, Steve, we’re all in this together!

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