Secrets Of Aspen – Watch The Supertrailer!


Secrets of Aspen is a new docu-soap is set to premiere Sunday, January 3 at 10/9c on VH1. You’ve read the show description, you’ve seen the cast, now watch an extended preview of the eight-episode series above, in all its catty glory! Amid all the screaming, one woman is accused of prostitution and another, of being “a crazy, psycho crack-headed bitch.” This can mean only one thing: it’s gonna be a great season!

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  1. paul says:

    i loved the trailer i kept seeing a petite woman she was in a black dress and purple dress and a bathing suit who is she? can we see more of her?

  2. Christopher says:

    This show is going to be great, Brooke is by far the classy one, she seems adorable! The women “Laura” is definately what fake aspen wanna be’s portray to the best.
    She is the one people love to hate, and she knows it!

  3. tasha says:

    It’s Shana and shes my wonderful cousin. Aint she cute…….

  4. Barbi says:

    This show looks awesome!!! The girls are fabulous (especially Lisa)! Can’t wait til the premier!!

  5. Joe says:

    Was this even shot in Aspen? It looks like it was filmed in a hot tub on some sound stage anywhere. Same reality BS – different name. There is no secret as to what this will be, just another junk food TV show for grown-up(actually just ageing)cheerleaders. Not the Real ASPEN at ALL!

  6. Zach says:

    Good Lord… This is why people hate Aspen. I live here and that is SO not Aspen. You’ve flown in a couple hookers from LA, Miami & NY who will do anything to be put on tv and tried to drum up drama. Your show is what only people NOT from Aspen think Aspen is like… Congratulations, you’ve made a cliche. The American public will watch anything these days.

  7. susy says:

    Having lived in Aspen for the last 20 years, raising my family here, I can honestly say that this is EXACTLY what Aspen is. You whiners, complaining that these women do not live here year round? Who wants to be here in the off season? Someone who can’t afford a plane ticket. I loved seeing filming in my little town. The girls are gorgeous, fun, and crazy! I can not wait to watch, and I guarantee all of you haters will be doing just the same!

  8. Sheyna says:

    What other TV program has Brooke been in? She is stunning and is definately Hollywood material. vH1 is stepping it up with star quality beauty like hers.
    Best of luck for the show. I am excited to see ski scenes of Aspen mountain!

  9. darcy says:

    I have never seen Aspen portrayed with such filth. This new show is nothing like living in Aspen. I know a couple of these girls on this show, and it is all an act. Please don’t think twice that Aspen is like every other drama filled tv show like the Hills or something. Come to Aspen to have a good time, but don’t come looking for these stupid actresses who play up the drama.

  10. Maggie says:

    I’ve lived and go to school in aspen all my life. This is extremely gross and such a steariotype! Red Mountain second homeowners dont mean anything to what the town is all about. NO ONE WAS TALKING ABOUT THEM HERE!!! who the _&!%!)!%~~%!~*~+ are they anyways? no one i’ve seen.
    We aren’t fake here either, christopher! they are from NYC or miami so please do not judge everyone from aspen to be skanks like everyone on this show.


  11. Female Aspen Local says:

    Shana is a true Aspen local and one of the coolest chicks in town. Love her.

  12. Darren V says:

    As a gay man living for 20+ years, working in the Optic business I can honestly say that this , although scripted, is exactly what I will not miss about Aspen. I cannot wait to leave this town behind me after this season. Shana you go girl I love you!!!!

  13. max says:

    i’m 6 th generation born in aspen colorado at this makes our town looks so bad, iv never heard of these people or even seen them walking down the street, they are fake and have no true connection to aspen, we do have a large number a rich people that live here but the ones that truly care about this place live here more then one week out of the year and don’t act like this in any way, great these people have houses here but before you asked them to do a show i doubt the spent that much time here at all, the secret is that no one here likes these people and don’t represent anything about this town. Its sad that there are so many interesting aspects of aspen but you have to go make a fake element to it just for your little vanity t.v. show. stop making a fake show that makes us look bad we don’t like it. but if you’d like to make a show about the REAL people of aspen i’m sure it would not be that hard.
    oh and everyone in my family in my family are FARE from wealthy, live in one house and we only work one job each.

    thank you for giving such a false image of my home town

  14. daniel ryerson says:

    seriously this is the poorest for of television I have ever seen, I live in aspen and I refuse to have the good name of my home town ruined by the likes of some stupid television show. I am out raged at the sheer stupidity of this trailer. I this is a real community with real people not some crappy city full with dumb ^`)~+&`)+#)$#(# hookers from LA. congratulations VH1 you’ve made another trashy, horrible, deceitful show.

  15. aspen boy says:

    my god. this is going to be !`^+^$$~_~%%&#~& i doubt anyone who is watching this knows the first thing about aspen itself. nothing like this would happen. EVER.

  16. John says:

    This show is a bunch of BULL @_&+)*“`$)_(!&) Aspen is nothing like that at all. There is nothing like that anywhere. )!%&)_+!$%_!^&++ YOU susy you know nothing about aspen. You have not raised your family here at if you think this is Aspen. you just raised them in your ~&$%*%_`_~)~~_%@( house.

  17. Sarah says:

    This is the most revolting and horrific thing I have ever seen. This is the exact image that Aspen and the people of Aspen are fighting against. I have always hated reality TV and this is exactly why. This is a false portrayal of Aspen and just some dumb bimbos who want to be on TV.

  18. zgcracker says:

    Well, that’s about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. As a former Aspen resident my experience is that some crazy stuff does go on in Aspen, but this is pure s***. Aspen is the greatest place on the planet in all seasons. Thank goodness it is not like this.

  19. Truth says:

    This show is complete waste of money and is portraying an awful image of everyone who lives in that zip code- NO not everyone is wealthy who lives in aspen…
    By broadcasting this show like this you are helping develop a negative stereotype of people in the area. I have lived in aspen my whole life, and I do not appreciate being stereotyped as a filthy rich whiner. That may be the case with some people…but this is NOT how people live here!

  20. Megan says:

    This is pathetic. This is not Aspen, this is a bunch of dumb drama. Next time, at least pick real Aspenites.

  21. Logan Garrison says:

    This can not go on the air this is an embarrassment of our town, this is the exact image locals of Aspen Colorado have been fighting for years, this is not what our actual town is like, the residents of this town are not like this what so ever the population of aspen colorado DEMAND A RETRACTION OF THIS PROGAM!

  22. aspenite says:

    by far the worst looking show ever. honestly i live in aspen and its NOTHING like this.

    omg did you sleep with him
    omg lets get drunk

    how about go back to __)^*$!@^^@_$!%^ ing california!

    VH1 if your gonna have a show about aspen, maybe HAVE PEOPLE FROM ASPEN IN IT

  23. Ben Snener says:

    This show if *)!++~^%**&#_%&+ in stupid, I live in Aspen and its nothing like this, go back to cali you dumb (_)+&^_`(%`+@!~*# s

  24. Get over it... says:

    Aspen was built on cocaine….get over it…it is not some mystic place…It is a poorly monitored drug play ground for people with too much time and too much money. The people who live and work here (blue collar element) love to ski hard and play hard. I have NEVER seen so many people, eat healthy, hike, bike ski, and then go party their brains out at, snort coke, and party until the weee hours of the morning…that people IS WHAT ASPEN is all about…the under-belly is disgusting. These girls make it look like disneyland….and the story behind the story just scratches the surface of what this place is all about. There IS A HUGE prostitution element here too….you should see the girls the two local madams fly in during the holidays for all the scum bags who act like they are on a skiing holiday (with their buddies)….it is gross. That folks is the story behind the story…. VH1…kudos to you for keeping it as clean as you are…people here are vicious….it is a modern day Soddom…People of the world….the only thing good about this place is the skiing, the good food, shopping, and kush hotels….Get in, Get out and whatever you do, DON’T GET SUCKED IN…

  25. aspen smith says:

    It’s like a parody of another show. I live in, go to school in, and party in aspen. I can guarantee you that some crazy *)(**~))_)@!^!!_ goes down, but this isn’t it. Everything about this show makes the rest of the country love to hate us. Seeing them film this around town made me think to myself…I’m sorry for them, that they feel such a need to parade around like morons. I’m truly disappointed in city council for allowing this. And to you VH1? Next time put some thought into the shows you create. Maybe have some morals? Don’t take our dignity. Show we have to offer. The small businesses, family events, welcoming locals…that’s what we’re about. Not the Prada bags, booze at Social or Austin Martins in the *second* home owners’ garages.

    P.S. Brooke and Laura – you were both wearing stage clothes so suck it up and move on… After all, it’s aspen, `+`@`~~*%!`*)`^^( es

    P.P.S. Let’s notice how facebook shows – 304 members of “Aspen Against ‘Secrets of Aspen’”
    69 fans of “Secrets of Aspen
    Girls, can you handle that math?

  26. anderson says:


  27. anderson says:

    STAY THE @#$% AWAY FROM ASPEN! NOONE WANTS $%#@#$ing VH1 IN ASPEN!!! STAY IN LA! This is the farthest thing from aspen i have ever seen and it makes me sick to my stomach

  28. Adam says:

    Hahahahaha This _%+!*`%_#+)#+~~* is sooooooo +$(~`!^`#!($$~(% ing fake it’s STUPID. I live in Aspen and and these people need to stay the +$(~`!^`#!($$~(% out of our nice mountain town and go back to douchebagville Cali!

  29. Sherry says:

    Obviously these girls don’t hike or bike or kayak or do anything physical besides giving BJs.

    Man, this is not representative at all.

    So Susy says she’s raising her family here? I’ve had two kids graduate from Aspen High School and this isn’t my Aspen at all.

    Susy, who do you hang out with? You need to make new friends — there is a great community here that you obviously are not involved in. If I were you I’d expose my kids to the athletes and not the hos.

  30. Hunter M says:

    Pathetic. Sad. Stupid. This is not Aspen. I am a Aspen native and a member of this incredible community which your fake show has nothing to do with. Thanks for perpetuating stereotypes and contributing to the garbage that’s responsible for making Americans even dumber. These fake actors and producers need to get a life. But do it someplace else. We don’t want you here.

  31. Lizziysolo says:

    Ha ha ha! I think this show is gonna be AWESOME! I don’t care if it is scripted or not! Also, I dont understand why everyone is getting so upset about this show, or the women on it! Who cares! Everyone knows that this is not the life that EVERYONE in Aspen lives. So quit the $@(&!)^~%^+#~`!+~ in’ and dont watch the damn show if you think it is so disgusting and horrible! Nobody is making you!

  32. dougefresh says:

    What a hilarious trailer. I moved to Aspen in 1992.
    This whole scene represents a small microcosm of town – perhaps 5%. There does not appear to be any representation of the waiters who have PhD’s and ski 100 days a year, the savvy investment bankers who have moved here to get away from LA and NY to raise their kids because Aspen is one of the best school districts in the nation, the retirees who move here because they can go mountain biking and to a world class concert by Mozart with all their 75 year old friends who can ski better than 99.9% of the world’s population.

    Take this whole thing for what it is. A made for TV series appealing to the VH1 crowd of fifteen to twenty-one year old mostly females. It should be a laugh – if you let it be – and those who live here, own second homes here and visit here will always know that Apsen is one of the most beautiful places in the world with world class art, culture, music, dining etc. and will just a get a kick out of this short lived series that will be a blip on the radar.

    I know Shana (not well) and she is a fun loving chick that definitely represents the go out late and get up late crowd in Aspen. The other women appear to all be imports and will last one season (maybe two) here.

    Good work VH1 for some more non-Reality TV.

  33. mamma puma says:

    Here is my opinion on all this- all people are diverse eclectic and wonderful…I may not get along with all the other girls and guy 24/7, but they are ALL remarkable people within their own right, as are each and everyone of you who are reading this…

    Those of you who don’t support this subject matter- You all have a right hand a left hand and an index finger, that can choose the “on” button or the “off” button on a television set. You have the right to not push the play button on the internet, AND you have the right to close your eyes and ignore my post or continue reading and respond to it.

    Aspen means something to each and everyone of us in an individualistic, perhaps personal or impersonal way. Who gives a crap what other people may or may not think? In the long run how significantly is your day to day life you going to be personally impacted by a reality t.v. show? You can only control your own thoughts actions and reactions…

    Never-the-less: I commend all of the people who have taken a stand and voiced their opinions whether to attack me, or defend me (or those affiliated with me)…It is so awesome we live in a country in which our fore-fathers fought hard to secure so that subsequent generations could enjoy the absolute miracle of Freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of speech etc, etc. After All- “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

    This town had my heart from the very first time I came here in 2006. I obviously have chosen to live a unique life here, and I intend to do so for a very long time. The people here are passionate, beautiful, and diverse. The skiing cycling, fishing is un-paralleled and divine. The seasons (except mud season: ) ) are breath-taking. The opportunities are endless here. And the friendships I have made and experiences I have shared with my family…price-less. This subject matter is a new experience for all of us, but one fact is universal-


    And as individuals, we all have the right to convey that love in our own INDIVIDUAL, UNIQUE way, whether others agree or disagree with our methodology. From the stay-at-home mom, to the socialite who marries for money, to the homo-sexual, to the Jew, to the Christian to the loud mouth, to the recluse, to the business owner, to the part-time home-owner, to the full time home owner, to the ski instructor, to the investment banker, to the transient, to the service provider, and in my case- the start-up clothing manufacturer…we all have different plans and unique purposes.

    I promise each of you, I certainly won’t judge any of you…”for every ONE finger I point at someone else, I need to point FIVE back at myself.” If you choose persecution over opinionatedness, that is your negative energy and precious time (which you could be skiing instead of blogging) wasted..

    But I, like you will certainly have an opinion, and I have no hesitation in expressing it or rebutting that of another…. So have fun with the counter-bashing responses to my aforementioned diatribe….I will be sure to read them! This is turning out to be a fascinating experience!

    Happy Holidays to you all! And as one of my favorite people in the world is notorious for saying- “RELAX”

    Xo and blessings…

  34. Bornandraisedinaspen says:

    FYI: “Mamma Puma” is the character Laura from the show.

    Are there people like the ones portrayed on the show in Aspen? Perhaps. Do they represent even one tenth of one percent of the locals that live here? NO.  

    I’m still surprised some producers out there haven’t capitalized on making a true reality show about the people that live, work and play in Aspen. This show is not that. It is a scripted drama that has the slim-ist connection to the town it is laughable.  

    TV producers – There are real lives here and ones that are plenty interesting – interesting enough for a show. What about the ski/snowboard instructors? The restaurant owners or servers? The foreigner coming here to work for a season? The artist coming here for inspiration? The hotel workers? The outdoor enthusiast? Sure, throw in a cougar for comedic relief and to show that they do NOT represent Aspen and the people who live here. Don’t make a show about the cougars and try to spin it off as a true representation of the “Secrets of Aspen”.

  35. DdvBasalt says:

    vh1 im really dissapointed with ur poor efforts of this stupid show. it makes me sick people like the producers in the world all they care about is stupid drama thatas fake and money lots of it even if ur not even sshowing the real way of life in a place giving it a bad name. i know the people of laguna beach felt the same way. vh1 you suck and i will boycott watching ur chanel ever again if i ever see this show on tv

  36. DdvBasalt says:

    oh and mama puma shut the #)!+%~+`*&!&$+_& up u fake lil slut

  37. DdvBasalt says:

    and mama puma shut up u aint know what yur talking about aspen doesnt mean anything to u ur just a fake girl who gets around like crazy. oh and u know nothing of notorious so dont bring his name up and say relax. why would we relax when there stupid little fake cougars giving aspen a bad name

  38. Siam says:

    WOW. Secrets of trash-bin? ;)… I guess this is what gets ratings. I heard the cast went through lots of trials and difficulties to make this masterpiece happen. Hollywood as usual has little to do with reality but it’s about entertainment right? It’s funny to think, this show would be MUCH more weird and scandalous if it was TRULY based on Aspen reality. I give props to my friends starring in this new show both for what they did and will go through. You look GORGEOUS all of you and I hope this exposure brings you wealth and power to do whatever you wish in your lives.

  39. Get over it... says:

    Maybe instead of attacking this show and it’s cast, the people who really want to clean up the reputation of the town of Aspen should start within it’s own boarders. For example, they should focus on pressuring the authorities to crack down and stop turning a blind eye to the scourge by-
    1. Clamping down and getting rid of two town madams and then
    2. clean up the drug problem, getting rid of the drug dealers that are supplying their children with coke and RX drugs HYPOCRITES!

  40. aspenlocal says:

    This is the most nauseating thing I have ever seen. I live in Aspen and have grown up here and this is a completely false portrayal of the town. There is glitz and glam part of the town but even that isn’t this overdramatic and obnoxious. Very few of these people live in Aspen year round and actually know what Aspen is about. I am embarrassed for whoever is on this show and would objectify themselves to such stupidity. This is truly pathetic. I hope no one watches this show and that people still find Aspen appealing after seeing this trash. At least this doesn’t give away the real secrets of Aspen that make this such a great place.

  41. 007 says:

    what is going on…WHERE IS KELLY GARDNER! I heard she was on it and i was gonna tune in. rock on nathan!

  42. william says:

    WOW, I didn’t think people would actually sink this low…I feel sorry for anyone who believes this garbage television and the people who put together such an atrocity. I hope this show fails miserably

  43. Kent says:

    My God! This has to be the worst trailer I have ever seen! There are little children that could come up with something more relevant and entertaining than this! I’ll be glad when this show bites the dust!

  44. John says:

    Secrets ( not anymore ) of 4 stupid ladies that would be stupid anywhere. I heard that the town council is planning to sue VH1 for using our name in this garbage

  45. John says:

    Secrets (not anymore) of stupid ladies and a )&&~^##`!$!_$@+ that would be stupid anywhere. I think aspen town council should sue vh1 for using our name in this garbage

  46. Kim says:

    This really dumb’s down the town and the woman involved. Thank goodness that the true secret of Aspen will still be hidden to those who watch this show and us long term locals can still enjoy how special and beautiful this amazing town is.

  47. still laughing and loving aspen says:

    I think we have really lost our sense of humor…I don’t recall this sort of uproar when Aspen Extreme happened. There were coke dealers and *&_#_`_~)_!&_&%~! y women and obnoxious ski instructors, but I don’t think the world stopped coming to Aspen or felt like that was all we were. We all went to the Isis and cheered and booed and laughed at how outrageous is was. We all knew someone who had made a good wage working as an extra, cameraman, caterer,etc. We were happy for our friends and laughed off the craziness of the portrayal… I remember watching it at the Isis : howling at the inconsistencies (remember the coulior on the back of Aspen mtn or the phone booth up at Ashcroft??), cheering when we saw someone or something we recognized. Mostly, I remember it was fun and it made a lot of local people a lot of money. When the city and the rest of us get all bent out of shape, the movie/tv folks will still call it Aspen, they’ll just film it somewhere else….remember Dumb and Dumber? Embrace the madness. As an old time local I know would say would say, ‘if it ain’t weird, it ain’t worth it!”

    I plan to try and find a couple like minded friends, open a bottle of wine and decide which of us wants to be the ‘ho, which the psycho *&_#_`_~)_!&_&%~! etc. and have a good laugh!

  48. aspen lover says:

    this is not aspen. this show is bs no one in this town acts like this these sluts who are probably not even from aspen i would know this is my home town this show is not true this show is giving aspen a bad name. the way they are making this show look is not aspen its la. this is discusting this is not aspen this is so retarted. no one in this town cares about all that drama in the real aspen . the real people of aspen want to ski and bike and hike its an out door town. yes it is a wealthiest zip codes but its only because aspen is such a beautiful town i have loved growing up in town but this is nothing like it. people will do anything to get on t.v. these days. Just because the “snow melts” doesn’t mean Aspen becomes a town of sluts and drama, it stays the same. My family has lived in this town for years and the REAL locals of this town a great people. We are care about everyone and we are discusted with the idea of people from LA barging in and making a foul of us and giving Aspen a bad reputation. aspen is a genunine ski town this is such bs i cant even stand it and yes of course i am going to watch it when it comes out but only to see how much of the town is filmed for real and not a bunch of f-ing sluts making out it a f-ing hot tub. this show makes me sick.

  49. Juicy Lucy says:

    You would think they would at least find attractive and more “natural” looking women for the show (like the ones who really live here in Aspen)…instead they have these transvestite looking fake beastly women who belong in LA…and what is up with that one with the big mole on her face…yuck! and based on the trailer their personalities are just as ugly. Definately a false representation of Aspen….but I’m sure it will be entertaining…in a trashy kind of way.

  50. The Real Reality says:

    Aside from the judgement of this show being the true Apsen or not which is not importnat to me…the real reality is that some of these characters have families and little children back at home and sad to say will see one day soon see their mothers sell their soul to *&^% just to make a buck. Sad to say no forethought has been made on how this will affect their young adolescent children when they catch wind of mommy popping her boob out, kissing multiple men, being accused of a being a hor, perusing in a town with drugs… how deeply sad for THEM..what a wonderful role model mommy will be for her young girls. If mommy didnt have children it wouldnt matter… she could then have the FREEDOM to do what ever she wants with her life and no one should really judge her. But to have brought young girls into this world is selfish, self seeking and poor judgement. The apple doesn’t fall so far from the tree afterall…

  51. kyle says:

    i live in aspen and all this show is doing is promoting a false stereotype of what happens in my town. the show is based on people who are not from aspen and quite frankly do not belong in aspen. this is not even remotely similar to the lives that people lead living in aspen and is instead about tourists and the second or third home owners who “live” in aspen for a week or less each year. people who live in aspen are laid back, chill, and are just looking for a good time. most of them are not rich and many of them (including my family) live paycheck to paycheck and on things such as food stamps. further. MOST of the people i know work two jobs or more to live that way and i am insulted and ashamed of negative image you are promoting about my town the “most exclusive zip code”. do you know why it is exclusive? it is because to make it here you have to be determined, a hard worker and have common sense (none of these are portrayed in this series)

  52. lisa says:

    Shana has sexually transmitted diseases including herpes and hepatitus C.
    She has been in Aspen so long she’s the hole in Glory Hole.

  53. lisa says:

    Shana has sexually transmitted diseases including herpes and hepatitus C. She ain’t cool, she’s gross.
    She has been in Aspen so long she’s the hole in Glory Hole.

  54. mamma puma says:

    Hi Lisa. Companies can track your I.P. address (that means they have the technological capacity to track you down and report you to legal entities). I feel sorry for you that you have to attack someone else…. Hurting people always try to hurt other people. From what I know of Shana she has “brass balls” you won’t even phase her…and me? I just feel terribly sorry for you… You must be in pretty terrible spirits to be doing something so negative and hateful on Christmas. That is an indication of a pretty lonely person. Put a smile on your face, and go have a Merry Christmas… : )

  55. alabama says:

    I am sure none of these women are from aspen! Laura is a single broke mother of 3 From Orange County Ca, she does not live in Aspen. She cant get a guy to marry her to save her life or her three daughters life! what a pathetic existence of a human! she lies,steals and cheats! Go Aspen you are all so lucky to have this show shot on your beautiful mountain!
    These shows are made for People who are bored or middle America who cant get out to see the rest of the country, they have no Idea this is all made up and scripted bs except for the crazy part! thats necessary to get a pathetic part in one of these shows!

  56. JB says:

    Having lived in Aspen, and travel back frequently every year with long time friends still living there. This show is an insult to Aspen. You have 4 females all of very questionable employment stature representing a town under false pretenses.

    Only two things are going to come of this show.
    1. Those woman’s lives I get the feeling will be very much looked into now, and I know for sure VH1 will not be happy with what they find. These women were not vetted very well. And sadly their lives will be for the most part destroyed. And their kids will too I fear.

    2. Aspen will once again suffer from celebrity wannabes.

    Also I get a kick out of the same people writing compliments for themselves in this comment section regarding this insulting show.

  57. andy p. says:

    The hipocrasy is amazing. The nasty, negative, even slanderous editorials from so called Aspen ‘locals’ says a whole lot more about Aspen then a half hour soap opera ever will. The show has not even aired and listen to the filthy minds on display here…I am glad I will just be watching the show and not interacting with these ugly ‘locals’. This much hate is truly disturbing – Aspen may be a beautiful, but the ‘locals’, at the very least, know how to demonstrate that they are not.

  58. andy p. says:

    The hypocrisy is amazing. The nasty, negative, even slanderous editorials from so called Aspen ‘locals’ says a whole lot more about Aspen then a half hour soap opera ever will. The show has not even aired and listen to the filthy minds on display here…I am glad I will just be watching the show and not interacting with these ugly ‘locals’. This much hate is truly disturbing – Aspen may be a beautiful, but the ‘locals’, at the very least, know how to demonstrate that they are not.

  59. cole says:

    this is bull _+(&&^(&%~@%$#** this is no spen this is gonna make our town look bad. (“+~*!%#+!#%+#(

  60. Algrande says:

    Man, this show sucks

  61. LORENZO says:

    This so-called “Secrets of Aspen” is shallow and unentertaining. I live in Aspen, for real, and I met the actor “Star” last summer. She said she came into town for a “project” and to visit “family.” None of those actors really live here in Aspen. They were imported from LA and Miami just for the show. VH1 is known for its sleaze factor and they have succeeded once again with this show.

    If any of these actors are in town or now live in town, they should come forward to the Aspen Times or Daily News for an interview. The truth will out.

  62. jomo2009 says:

    I hope all the participants in this “reality” show at least get free STD testing.

  63. Realgirl says:

    That Laura is vile,shallow and pathetic! Get your own friends. What a letch…