Rocky Is Rocking VH1 Tough Love 2


In the bonus scene above (from this week’s episode of VH1 Tough Love), Rocky talks about her progress on the show and her deepening connection with the guy Steve has set her up with, Jason. It’s great to see Rocky succeeding, and it’s also nice to see her guy come around to realizing what we knew all along: this woman is completely lovable.

Check the gallery below to see shots from this week’s episode!

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  1. Rhon says:

    The girl that used to be “fat” is annoying. She hangs her mouth open all of the time. Just saw her name, Jenna. She makes herself more and more unattractive each day.

    I sometimes wonder are these people actors who are trying to improvise. People who have a storyline and are making up lines as they go.

  2. Ra says:

    The Jenna girl is annoying. She constantly hangs her mouth open for extended period of time. She bugs me.

  3. Tamara says:

    The Girl who is known as a gold digger, who was caught scrating her ex boyfriends car and slashing tires! She was on the tyra show and was accused of discriminating against her Overweight friend! not sure of her name but i have a picture of her on there I believe her name is keniesha so she needs help in more than just relationships!

  4. Richard Farmer says:

    Taylor is the best and I wish i was the guy that was the one she care about in my heart she could get it together if she be love the right way she seem like the person that like a lot attention and affection

  5. Nate Fetcko says:

    What a lucky guy. he is an idiot not to want to be with her. I wish I could get a shot to be with her. show her that a guy like me wants to be with her!

  6. Bobbi says:

    Jenna is so annoying!!! She does anything for attention, she doesn’t like the guy Steve fixed her up with until the other girls say they like him. Pleasssseeee she should be thanking her lucky stars he likes her, she is such a whiner! I can’t stand her!!!!!!!!! Steve should have kicked her big a– off the show the first week instead of making the viewers put up with her whiny a–! Get a life Jenna!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Delphine says:

    Where did the message board go?

  8. Michael Southern says:

    OMG! imagine if one of the young ladies made the same comments about afro americans or Latinos as she did about Jews…I bet it would have never been aired or have caused a national up-roar (rightfully so) So why is this acceptable about Jews?
    Don’t get me wrong I don’t think any of them should be racist and am glad they are not…but why is it OK to show her being anti-semetic. Oh and all our last names don’t end in stein and we are not all doctors either.

  9. popstar says:

    what happen this is like so sad but not really hahahahahahahahah not hattin %~#!~)$`$#(%)@+&+ es

  10. popstar says:

    this @&(!~&)$~^`*`@`+ is so _!(#++^!%%$)#+*` ing studip not hattin )#$$^^#+$($&~*)&* es

  11. Linda Kaminski says:

    Jenna is annoying and big mouth, she still looks fat to me because her action make her “fat” and the gold digger is ugly.

  12. Ellen says:

    That was some dialogue out of the mouth of Alicia. Hasn’t she learned that it’s never appropriate to voice one’s anti-semitic/racist/intolerant thoughts? It’s bad enough for her to think that way, but for her to openly discuss some of the most stereotypical and derogatory garbage about Jewish traditions, names and culture, and then make jokes about it is abhorrant. She deserves to be deemed undateable, and being that Steve is Jewish, perhaps he can give that girl an education – something she desperately needs.

  13. Brent says:

    Jenna can be annoying, but I completely understand where she is coming from. It’s difficult to move on when you have seen and heard terrible things said about you. Stop hating on her so bad guys. She has self-esteem issues that need to be worked out, but honestly, most of the people here commenting on how much they hate her have probably never had a meaningful relationship.

    Maybe it was just the way that the show was edited, but did anyone notice Liz was close to tears when the promise ring was brought up? I think she misses Dave, but she seems like the type of girl who will not say it out loud, but just keep telling herself to get over it. She is too insecure about it, sometimes prince charming is not about every best quality, but about the x-factor, that thing you can’t put your finger on. The thing that even with millions of flaws and imperfections make us want to be with that person anyways. And that’s what I think she had with Dave, she just wanted to follow procedure.

  14. Karen says:

    I have missed a couple of episodes, what happened to Rocky?

  15. Cini says:

    I didn’t particularly find what Alicia said about not wanting to date a jewish guy offensive. I am an African American and trust me, I am very sensitive to bigotry of any sort, but unless I missed something it seemed like she just did not believe that religiously she would be compatible with a jewish guy. That is not anti-semitic that is just a personal preference. Most Jewish people, just like some devout Christian people have very strong religious beliefs and traditions and she likes the religion which she is and does not want conflicts. I respect her for knowing this upfront before getting into a serious realtionship with someone and having to face these problems in the future when feelings are already invested. For the record, Kim on the Real Housewives of Atlanta said she doesn’t date Black men and I wasn’t insulted at all. People have a right to have a preference without it being racist.

  16. ralph says:

    I think tina is hot i like the classy professional look she can email me any time.

  17. David Saltori says:

    I am so glad this girl stopped acting like she so hot. She reminds me of the girl version of Bubba on forrest gump. So tired of ugly girls on this show thinking there so hot.

  18. K.Boo says:

    What was Taylor accused of? I didn’t see her charge.

  19. Raychel says:

    i dont get why rocky is on the show..she was on other vh1 shows and im pretty sure shes just their to get her face and name known

  20. justin says:

    wow tht punk rock girl her songs suck i heard the one lol tht was enough 4 me she

  21. justin says:

    the gtirl with da flower was cute until i foundout it was fake

  22. Kelly says:

    Jenna is rediculous. Her LAME excuse of being fat is just a cover up for her extremely boring, insane, jealous, insecure self. She makes the show so annoying it’s not even funny. I guarantee you she won’t find love on this show, or probably anywhere else. I know that’s harsh but it’s the truth. I love this show, and I’m soooo sick of watching her.

  23. Laura says:

    If a guy isn’t interested in a girl, like in Sally’s case, then why is he kissing her goodbye…and then while he’s kissing her grabbing her chin as if he wants more or is enjoying it? A high five would have been just enough to say hey I’m not interested.

  24. Suzy says:

    Is Taylor a man underneath all that make-up, hair and sleazy clothing? Her/His voice sure sounds like it and facial features sure seem like it. Just wondering

  25. Princess [[Renee]] says:

    Ew wtf is up with this gurls FACE. it looks like she had bad acne when she was younger but constantly picked at it! And those CHEEK BONES! EWWWW. this gurl is a LOS

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