I Want To Work For Diddy 2 – Dalen’s Exit Interview


Above, the latest contestant booted from I Want To Work for Diddy 2, Dalen, shares his shock over being eliminated, and being double-crossed by Ebony and Ivory. He seems upbeat, but is that a hint of bitterness we detect?

Check out shots from this week’s episode in the gallery below:

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  1. Rationale says:

    Is it me or deoes Phil come off as having an unusally high disdain for Ivory. He comes off as being obsessed with controlling her sexually.

  2. suitsman says:

    Shame you got tha boot,but remember, “It’s a dog eat dog world!” We can change the world though. Get at me!

  3. diva swag says:

    Dalen did it to himself. I actually liked him for a while, and had hoped he would win. But he flip flopped alot and hid behind the nice guy persona. But he is not that nice. U seen the way he got at Poprah lol.. But yea he was too into being protected with an alliance to go for his. But I hope Dan wins. If not him, then Ebony

  4. Clt says:

    I was rooting for Dalen until this episode. He wished Poprah had died in the fire as a baby? What kind of crazy mess is that? This is a competition for an internship. Not somebody’s life. Dan is not ready, but I can’t stand Ivory, Ebony falls back a little too much. It doesn’t really matter which one gets it though, I think they will all work hard.

  5. True2ubk says:

    Wow…Dalen is ridiculous. Talk about havin’ issues. I knew that he was hiding his crazy somewhere. Geez. Anyway, I think Ivory has the best shot at this and has really shown to want it the most. Tho, nobody seems to be stepping up or in the way I would. They are letting disasters happen and not taking in to consideration what the position entails and how each challenge is suppose to apply to that position. They just play the game. I guess with who is left, either one of them if given the postion, will eventually fill the position properly. Good Luck… Diddy!

  6. Ismail says:

    With the party challenge this is what should have happened for the music, theme, and how the models should have came in. They should have a DJ, and when they introduce the models they should play the intro to “Run this Town,” the Jay-Z joint featuring Rihanna. The intro from the beginning to when Rihanna starts to sing to the end when says “…is who’s gonna run this town TONIGHT” because the theme of the show is “We Run The Night.” Now just when Rihanna says …run this town tonight, the DJ should switch to the Quiet Storm Mobb Deep beat and the the model should walk out in all black or some fly &!*~$&%_$!@*+&) black Sean Jean outfit. Yeah that Quiet Storm, with the thunder and rain pouring on that track. And in the middle of that playing have Jay-Z’s lyric “All Black Everything” a couple of times and after the lyric mixed into the Quiet Storm beat, mix in Rihanna with “We gonna run this town” so:

    1. Rihanna “Run this Town” Intro only (No models)

    2. Quiet Storm instrumental after Rihanna says …TONIGHT, then the models walk out.

    3. While the models are modeling the DJ mix in “All Black Everything” in the Quiet Storm beat and at the end of that mix ( maybe 2 or 3 at a time) Rihanna with “We gonna run this town.

    Just an idea, I thought would have been cool.

  7. Savvy says:

    The jury had it right – NONE of those people are ready to become Diddy’s +@*~)@^`#$!##@^ istant or intern! They don’t even know the persona of the person they want to work for! “Sean John” is the real Sean Combs. It’s the business/corporate professional side. They should have first become familiar with the 2009 clothing line, then look at last year’s show to get some tips on how a function is run! The invitations should have gone out early, give the invitees’ 24 hours to RSVP, then do the personal call-outs to invitees to confirm the guest list. You also can’t tell me there isn’t a caterer in NYC to present something elegant & inexpensive! And Dalen hung himself by not using Sean John accessories. That would’ve saved the money he spent on accessories for catering. And as far as the venue is concerned, keep decor to a minimum (the night is sleek, bold; think NY) DJ is fine, but use Diddy’s artist’s music for the social period & appropriate trendy (whatever is club music now)music for the fashion show. Diddy can wear his show stopper design to end it. +@*~)@^`#$!##@^ ociate the man with his persona (look at his commercial for his “I AM KING” line for inspiration). I was a personal +@*~)@^`#$!##@^ istant for both a VP of a global manufacturing firm AND a VP/Branch Mgr. of an Investment Firm, so I have put together a number of events (I am now studying law) so I think I know what I am talking about. Anyway, this is interesting to watch & vent at the TV set

  8. realtalk says:

    Dalen is full of ish, he mad as hell he went home, and as always he’s fronting. First of all Poprah called him it out on being a lil b3otch and he’s showing it right now. And then saying she should have died in a fire as a 5month old baby. Who does that? He should have is a’ whipped for that, real talk. Then he threw Dan under the bus last week like a lil b3otch and that came right back on him cuz Ivory & Ebony did the same thing. Karma’s a b3otch.

    Personally I think he’s kinda soft, and I read on twitter he was really mad a Poprah cuz she told him to come of the closet and just keep it real, nothing wrong w/ being gay but stop pretending. And I believe it cuz remember Ivory said at the beginning of this ep, Dalen was mad at Poprah after elimination but they didnt show her saying nothing he should’ve been that mad at. Anyway, I don’t think none of them are ready to work for Diddy, the just sorry as hell, except for Poprah and she aint even competing for the job. Real Talk

  9. Janet says:

    What the heck was those people thinking letting Ivory go those last two is not going to be able to do it. Diddy is a piece of work to work for so maybe he need to get his kids to work for him. That Corn lady she’s a lil puppy but I know it’s all about money so do what it do girl. Ivory hold ur head up and continue to be strong and firm and don’t let anyone intimidate u I don’t care who it is and how much money they have just make sure u respect others tho but stand firm Ivory