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Below, Dalen, the latest contestant booted from I Want To Work for Diddy 2, talks about being double-crossed by Ebony and Ivory, dressing mannequins in his likeness and his controversial comments regarding Poprah…

How was your time on the show?

I enjoyed it. It was a good experience, and it opened a lot of doors afterward.

What do you think was your ultimate undoing? Ebony and Ivory betraying your alliance?

Yeah. I feel like I tried to stay one step ahead of everyone, but in the end, they were one step ahead of me. I should have not put my trust and faith into them, and looked at them as enemies from early on.

What about voting against Daniel? As we saw with Kennis, the panel doesn’t take kindly to disloyalty amongst alliances.

Well, I never had an alliance with Dan, it was only Ebony and Ivory. It was just that Dan picked me to share his prize with him. So I actually did hold true to my alliance. People just assumed that Dan and I had one because we were on the yacht together. But you can only be so loyal in a competition when you’re all vying for one spot. At the end of the day, someone’s going to turn their back on someone.

During the party setup evaluation, you got raked over the coals for dressing the mannequins in your likeness, and not using Sean Jean accessories. Do you think that was fair?

They told us to use different accessories but they didn’t give us any. In the previous challenge where we had to dress the male models, we were able to use our own ties, so what made this different? Mr. Combs had changed the logo to a more classic look. To do that and still include baggy jeans and sweatpants is contradictory. That’s why I took the initiative to step outside the box and add bowties and ties and scarves. It wasn’t so much me copying my style, but making a classic look and getting away from the urban appeal.

During the planning stage of the party, you said you’d have black panthers walking around if you had more money. Were you kidding?

I’m pretty sure I meant it. I wanted something extravagant, something that would blow people’s minds, and definitely black panthers would do that.

They might eat people’s heads, in addition to blowing their minds.

They’d be on a leash and whatnot.

You said that Poprah should have died in the fire she was in as an infant. Do you stand by those words?

No, man. That was harsh. That was a heat-of-the-moment type thing.

Why were you so resentful of her to say that at all, though?

I felt like she just kept picking on me. She kept coming at me for no reason. But everything’s good now. I understand that she was just there for the time being. At the time, I was just a little upset.

What doors has the show opened for you?

I currently do styling on BET’s The Mo’Nique Show. I’m doing small-business advice and consulting. I’ve been doing interviews, too. Me and my mother are working on a book right now.

Jen told me you had “a little thing” going on. She says nothing physical ever happened, but you were both attracted to each other.

Are you serious? No. I could tell she maybe liked me or had a crush on me because she had never dated black guys, but naw. For me, I was there for one purpose.

What do you think of Diddy?

My opinion for him hasn’t changed much. We didn’t get to interact with him seriously on the show. He did his thing and left. I think he’s an excellent business guy, and he’s about his business. That’s pretty much all I can speak on.

Keep up with Dalen via his site and follow him on Twitter.

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