Secrets Of Aspen – Watch The Aftershow


If the new VH1 docu-soap Secrets of Aspen offers what its title says it does, this 10-minute after show could be dubbed Secrets of Secrets of Aspen. In it, Laura, Kat and Brooke all dish on the Secrets of Aspen premiere. If nothing else, this behind-the-scenes look proves that Laura is every bit the arm-chair philosopher that the premiere found her shaping up to be. In this bonus footage, she spouts off quote after delicious quote. Our three favorites are:

“The only thing that you leave this world with is the legacy that you leave with other people.”

“A good friend stabs a friend not in the back but from the front. And I was just trying to be a good friend for Brooke.”

“I expected her to give back when I kind of extended the olive branch, but she just kind of took it, whipped it out my hands and started whacking me over the head with it.”

Explains a lot.

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