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Annnnd Ebony takes it! Though she was often described as “rough around the edges,” her hard work and determination clearly paid off, nabbing her victory on I Want To Work for Diddy 2 . Below, she talks about whether she’s started working for Diddy, what her winning strategy was, why she was fired from her teaching job as a result of appearing on I Want To Work for Diddy and what she thinks of her former castmates.


Thank you, sir.

Have you been working for Diddy?


I talked to Mike and Suzanne at this point last season and they hadn’t started yet either. Are you worried?

Yeah! I’m unemployed! I lost my job. I taught algebra and coached basketball and football. They said a teacher is a public servant, and the thing that got me was the profanity. That was a violation against our code of conduct, per our teacher handbook. I didn’t find this out until they fired me, but they did so Friday, October 30, which was a few days before the show came on. They said it was bad PR for the school. So I’ve been unemployed ever since, and they also denied my unemployment. This is the most broke I’ve ever been in my life.

That’s terrible.

It’s been tough.

Has anything good come from the show at this point?

Now I’m not afraid to step out and do what I love. I don’t regret it. No matter how broke I get, I don’t regret it. Nothing huge besides that. People want to pay you a couple hundred dollars to show up at a club. I haven’t gotten a team together yet. I’m hoping to have a job at Bad Boy.

How did they leave it?

“Don’t contact us, you’ll be contacted.”

Besides the final outcome, how was being on the show?

Amazing. It was an eye-opening experience, and kind of a more realistic look at that part of the entertainment industry. It’s not all glamorous, like people would like to believe. It gave me more respect for what Diddy does and the person that he is. That’s what I was most skeptical about. “Am I gonna go mess with a d***head?” But all that he does is for a good reason. Now I can respect it.

Was there any point when you thought, “I don’t want to work for Diddy?” He really got on you for walking around his office in bare feet.

No. With the shoe thing, I thought I screwed my chance up. I thought he was thinking, “This little ghetto girl has no class.” I had taken them off so I could run down six flights of stairs, and I ran back barefoot. I just needed a minute to adjust, but, uh, no excuses. You just gotta deal with the ass whoopin’ you got dealt.

Is the prospect of always having to be on your toes like that intimidating?

It just makes you better. How could it not? Remember when he said that the city of New York is beautiful, but it eats people alive? You could go missing and no one will come looking for you. Damn, he’s right. You either rise to the occasion or you’ll be swallowed alive, and my athletic background just does not allow me to be swallowed. I thank God for the kind of teachers, and coaches and mother that I had. There were times when I wanted to say something in my defense, but I feel like it’s better to be seen and not heard. Speak when spoken to.

As someone who was often called out for being rough around the edges, and who described herself as “raw,” that must be particularly difficult for you.

It is and it was. But you realize that until you own your own, there’s always someone who’s going to be in charge of you. Until you are the captain of your very own ship, that’s life. Period, point blank. Even when I worked at Taco Bell, the damn manager didn’t have a high school diploma, and there I was in college, working on a degree. He’s talking to me however he wanted, but it was the difference between keeping my job and being fired. You have to learn the way the chain of command flows, and you have to play your position. If and when I’m given the opportunity to do that, it’ll pay off.

What’s your ultimate goal? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’d love to be working with Bad Boy still. Maybe take over the women’s line, or the record label. With Dirty Money, I know he’s trying to take the label and brand to a different place that is marketable to people of all walks of life.

That’s quite a departure from teaching. Was teaching your way of biding your time while pursuing other stuff?

Teaching gave me normalcy. It gave my son stability. It was not lucrative, but it was my stability. At the same time, it was a box for me. I could have been content in my box, but I don’t want to look back and regret anything.

How old is your son?

He’s 8-years-old.

Does he watch the show?

Every now and again, when he’s not playing. That’s his mom, though. That’s who he knows. None of it is a surprise to him, not even when I had my hissy fits and lost it temporarily. He knows it, he sees it, he gets the business, too. He knows I don’t play.

Was he affected at all when Jon brought your past as a stripper to light?

He doesn’t know what that means. That was more of an issue for my mother and church. To them I just said, “I need you not to judge me.”

Diddy didn’t judge you.

Thank god. Regardless of the way Jon tries to make it seem like that wasn’t a low blow, that’s exactly what it was, and it backfired on him. I believe that a man’s intentions determine his outcome. It backfired because I’m a good person. I’ve worked hard to get to this point, and I will continue to work. I’m loyal and I’m transparent. You look at me, and you know what you’re getting. I’m not fake, and I think that bothered him.

Looking back, what do you think of your alliances with Dalen and Ivory?

The understanding was that the best people should be there. And yes, at the conception of our team, even with Blake, the best two people that were there were me and Dalen, period. That was an understanding, but I don’t have to align with anyone. I’m an individual. Then when we split, yes, based on personal experience and going strictly by resume, Ivory was the best person in the house. But there was a recurring question for me about her business integrity, and then you have to look at the person’s character. Would the person’s idiosyncrasies be a good fit for Bad Boy? And no, they were not. She’s confrontational, and about dividing instead of uniting and you can’t get anything done that way. When I really thought about it, Dan’s more like me than anybody. He’s young and green, but he’s passionate and loyal. Ivory is not.

It’s interesting that you say that when so many people on the show told Diddy that Dan’s heart wasn’t in this.

He’s passionate, but not necessarily about Bad Boy. That was my only issue. Dan’s passionate about life. He’s young, and nothing gets him down. Something new may be in front of him, and it may not be what he originally wanted to do, but hey, he’s gonna go hard for it. I think that he has other things he wants to do. I think this was a summer experience for him, like backpacking through Europe or spending the summer on a villa. These are experiences are part of something bigger than him.

Speaking of other cast members, Ivory told me that you were upset about what Jen had said about you and Ivory being racist. How do you respond to her allegations?

That’s not fair. Before Jen got herself eliminated, there was an elimination where I spoke on her behalf because she did that for me, and I believe in loyalty. I would have rode with Jen till the wheels fell off, and she knows that. I was shocked that she would open her mouth and say that.

Did you feel any racial tension with her?

Not at all. I thought that me and Jen got along better than me and Ivory. I mean, I guess I was wrong, but Jen and I laughed, we talked about boys, we talked about sex, we wore each others clothes. I was her sister from another mother, or that’s what I thought. When she got sent home, I’m the only one that cried and gave her a hug. I couldn’t believe that she played me like that.

Did you use any strategy to help you win?

I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so I kept my eye on Ivory and the way that she did things. I also watched Poprah. People will say things to me like, “We noticed you were always back in the cut.” Hello. I was being seen and not heard, because I was observing. So I noticed what people did right, what things to put in my repertoire, and then I watched what they did wrong so I knew not to repeat those mistakes. But at the end of the day, I think who you are is good enough. So I just wanted to be true to myself. I didn’t go in there branding myself a certain way. I didn’t want to be Queen Bitch. I didn’t want to be the next fashion icon. I didn’t want to be the it girl. I just wanted to be Ebony. Ebony has hustle, work ethic, and she’s down for Bad Boy. That’s all I wanted to be.

So, hopefully it all works out for you and Bad Boy calls you. But say they don’t? Or, say they do, and it still doesn’t work out for you there? Then what, Ebony?

I’m a go-getter. It’s not over. I like reality TV and I like that reality has made my mark on history. Regardless of whether I’m on TV again, there’s always going to be only one winner of I Want To Work for Diddy, Season 2. People can’t take that from me. But if I can take that momentum, I’d love to get into acting. I’d love to do some public speaking. I’d love to do a tour of colleges speaking on issues concerning my people: education, healthcare, college prep. I feel like my strongest weapon is my voice. It’s what saved my ass many times as you have seen. I wasn’t the most qualified based on resume, it was the fact that I was able to translate my real intentions with my voice. I’d love to be an actress. I’d love to have a fashion line. I’ve been sketching for years. I have all these ideas, and now what’s my excuse to not do them?

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  1. CPaige-Jax says:

    All i can say is wow i actually cried i though both of there final speeches were great but Ebony won me over but i didn’t think Diddy was gona be smart enough to see her loyalty hard woking and humilaty but she put it out there laid it all on the table and was so raw you go girl i have to say congratulation best show yet keep the making of the bands i watched them all, but the was Diddy’s best finally and i think he really got a good one, now i want to see if she worked out and what happen after you get the job. Y Go Girl! rep the south Ebonyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


    I think Diddy is So Hot. Seriously, if I were Ebony on he show and he stared into my eyes the way he did hers, Id be kicked off with a sexual harrassment charge!.. Sooo Hoottt… BUT, I honestly think it was unfair for Ebony to win and not the guy. His seach was way more pssionate than hers.

  3. Helane says:

    I would like to start by saying that I am very happy for Ebony. I do not hate her, I actually admire the guts she has to go for her dreams,especially because that was all she had as an unemployed person who lost her job due to “profanity”, and do applaud her courage and wish her the very best for her life.

    It is my opinion that since Diddy was looking for an %###+!*~!_$`@!# istant, that by not choosing David he made a calculated decision. I will not play the race card..because I am certain that others will, however in the case, David was the most refined and truly deserving of the prise. I am guessing that the reason that he chose the freakishly tall, manly looking,disrespectful, street talking unemployed Ebony is to really give someone an opportunity that they would never have had and honestly did not earn. is my guess that very soon there will be a “I want to work for Diddy 3″. David was the stronger competitor and in my opinion the more loyal of all the applicants. At the very least, he showed time and time again that he wanted to work for Diddy and not as one who wanted to use him as a stepping stone. Ebony states in the beginning of her “winner interview” that she wants to act, speak, do a tour of colleges, speaking on HER issues. That doesn’t sound like someone who wants to help Diddy realize his goals!

    Again, I mean no disrespect,but next time I will vote with my remote and watch something more “realistic” like Jewelry Television instead.

  4. Brian says:

    Sounds like reality tv is a show, I hope she does get hired by Bad Boy. Sounds a little shady P diddy..

  5. meanjean71 says:

    I really think Daniel should have won. Diddy and him seemed to really click and I didn’t see that same chemistry with him and Ebony. I think Ebony is a super sweet person and has passion but I don’t think she was the right choice.
    I do think it’s booty that she is not working for the man! What kind of crap is that. I thought that was the prize of this show? When does she collect on her prize?

  6. Just2lovely says:

    I am so happy for Eboni, but it’s not going to do her any good if she’s NOT working. I always knew diddy was one arrogant m********** how do you still have ppl from the first season that you haven’t given a job too? This is ridiculous you have ppl coming out losing their jobs and leaving their jobs behind all to come and compet for nothing. I swear it’s all about the money for these reality shows.

  7. cell;phone says:

    ebony was the best choices hpe it was real

  8. Chaundra says:

    I love I want to work for Diddy!! Working in HR, I am surprise to learn that the winners from Season 2 are not working yet? If not, what is the purpose for the show? Is it just for SHOW! My Lord!! Let them work already!! Goodness. This is peoples lives we are talking about? So Diddy, lets get these people working!!

    EBONY!OMG!! I love Ebony! I love her drive. You could tell she was the type of person that would do whatever it took for the team to win! I love it! I would hire her in a minute myself! I am glad Diddy was able to see all that Ebony could bring to the table. I hope that she will start working very soon. I hope another season does not come out with these people still not working. Especially since Bad Boy is a Brand! Keep the brand positive!

  9. Hybrid says:

    Shouts out to my teammate Eboni. Girl I got mad love and much respect for you. You are a hard worker – dedicated mother and football player. I send you support, blessings and love your way. P.S. your red carpet party was off the chain. You know the photos are going all over facebook. Luv u Blackshirt.

  10. FARRAH FOXX says:

    Wow Im somewhat disappointed.You mean to tell me you didn’t get the job and that you’re unemployed that’s not cool. I dedicated my time and energy to watch Diddy’s show and for him to have you guys not working that’s some BS.So it was all a lie? I feel so foolish.Ebony keep your head up . I Hope you get a job soon that’s so sad.Bad Boys needs to fix that

  11. FARRAH FOXX says:

    Im somewhat disappointed.You mean to tell me you didn’t get the job and that you’re unemployed that’s not cool. I dedicated my time and energy to watch Diddy’s show and for him to have you guys not working that’s some BS.So it was all a lie? I feel so foolish.Ebony keep your head up . I Hope you get a job soon that’s so sad.Bad Boys needs to fix that

  12. FARRAH FOXX says:

    Im somewhat disappointed.You mean to tell me you didn’t get the job and that you’re unemployed that’s not cool. I dedicated my time and energy to watch Diddy’s show and for him to have you guys not working that’s some BS.So it was all a lie? Ebony keep your head up . I Hope you get a job soon that’s so sad.Bad Boys needs to fix that

  13. I want new videos! says:

    Whatever happened to Classic Currents? All my favorite artists are still making great records AND videos yet you never play them. Brian Setzer has a new record.So does Tom Waits. Them Crooked Vultures are cool.Rino Starr has a new record out on January 12.C’mon all ready you lazy programers get up off your butts! Its 2010 I want new videos! NOW!

  14. Rochelle says:

    Ebony i think you was great i learn how hard you fight for your dream ,that you never give up !..Ithink vh1 and diddy is fake how can you have these people bust they #!@~_#)&`#+_@@# for you and they not working for you ….that bull ((*_*&~$#$@%`*$_ vh1 get they rating up and diddy get pay ..Ebony don’t give up …

  15. beth cooper says:

    I would just like to say I watched the finale and enjoyed watching the two remaining contestants, however Diddy himself was appauling. Seriously? Who does this man think he is? Compares himself to Obama and The Lord?? Are you kidding me? I agree that you should have to “prove” yourself to win this competition but honestly Diddy takes this to extreme. He seems to get off on watching them scramble around, trying their best to please him and win the job. Then to speak to them as if they are crap stuck to his shoe. What makes him so much better than everyone else?? He seems like a pompous ^_~`($$#(+$$@#$ to me who has a “God complex”. Think he needs to get real and learn how to treat people because this lame fame wont last forever.

  16. RoFernan says:

    YESSSSSS!!! Ebony, YOU GO GIRL!!! So happy you were selected to be Diddy’s Personal &#`)!@(_*%)$&($ istant! Great choice Diddy!!! :)

  17. RMT9775 says:

    Oh no no no. I can’t believe that after all the work and no work for ebony. I believe Daniel should have won, but hey she did a great job also. Now I’ve read that she has lost her job for participating on the show. Wrong thing to do. Now, yes it is the opportunity of a life time, but you should always have something to fall back on especially in these times. Ebony keep your head up. Diddy you better get it together. People look up to you. Keep your word and let that woman work for diddy like she came to do.

  18. RMT0775 says:

    Oh no no no. I can’t believe that after all the work and no work for ebony.I would have let diddy have it. I am a Brooklyn girl I don’t play that. I believe Daniel should have won, but hey she did a great job also. Now I’ve read that she has lost her job for participating on the show. Wrong thing to do. Now, yes it is the opportunity of a life time, but you should always have something to fall back on especially in these times. Ebony keep your head up. Diddy you better get it together. People look up to you. Keep your word and let that woman work for diddy like she came to do.

  19. Allicia Johnson says:

    If she hasn’t started work, that’s messed up. I wouldn’t want to go on any reality show knowing that the outcome isn’t real. I can’t believe that she hasn’t gotten paid, but Diddy’s getting paid for doing these waste of time reality shows. The shows’s name should be changed to “I want to waste time for Diddy.” I watched this show from the beginning to the end. They bent over backwards and did impossible work for an ungrateful mogul. I hope Diddy feels good about giving people the run around. If someone is going to work for me, then it’s a definite.

  20. Tiea says:

    I really hope she does get a job with Bad Boy. That would be real screwed up if they had her go through all this hoopla just for the show. This is after all someone’s livelihood and I wouldn’t take it lightly if it were me. Congrats to her. She was my favorite on the show and I really think that she deserved to win. I wish her all the best and hopefully everything works out.

  21. Victor says:

    Congrats Ebony! A job well done. You deserved it

  22. anthony says:

    you should have pick the white boy to work for you he did the most work and beyound by getting his friends to help when it was in desprite times and with the clothing runway show. he was the best.

  23. Paula says:

    I cannot believe this girl has not yet been hired by Bad Boy. Completely tasteless for Diddy and his crew to make all the “applicants” go through what they went through for this “job”. He’s lost whatever credibility he had with me as a businessman and a man – point blank, period…..

  24. Kendra Williams says:

    I am so glad u win girl.I love your swagg.ur swagg got u thr.u kept it real and yes i agree voice box is your strong go girl congrat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. cajunmeme says:

    I think this is BS for Ebony to not have a job. That’s what this was about. I’m really surprised tht Diddy didn’t stick to his word,that she would have a job. What was the point for all of that,if there is no job?
    This is wrong.

  26. cmack35 says:

    I want to say congrats to you Ebony. I am so proud of you and your speech was so profound, beautiful and from the heart. I felt every word you said. I say you deserved the job and pray that you have great success when you finally work for Bad Boy.

  27. Just Me says:

    I rarely watch anything from beginning to end but this show did it for me. Ebony props to you. I am happy for you and hope that this postion is all you want and more. No one is more blessed that whose who think they are. I have read many of the comments about you not working yet, I believe its because the show has to run its course on air first and then you work. Sort of like the dating shows. They are not allowed to have any physical contact until after the show is aired. Either way I am sure you will begin soon. I know nothing about Diddy or bad boy, have never listened to his music but really enjoyed watching the show. You brought a sense of genuineness to the screen and I knew you had it from the beginning. Congratulations!

  28. shell says:

    Ebony go girl u did a very hard job then everyone else on that dem show so keep it real and dont let P-Diddy play u !

  29. sanchez-lee says:

    It really sucks that Ebony and Susane worked hard to get the “dream job” wrking for diddy and now they are not working for this man who is full of himself. The humilliation and all th crap he put them through… all for nothing. Just for more air time ad money for sean combs as if he really needs any more. this guy like t see himself on tv, le loves the soun of his voice and he s nothing but piece of work. If the job was promised to this ladies nd they worked their butts off,,, the only fair thing todo… it’s to give tem the job. Yeah diddy and notice… lower case letters…. you suck

  30. Kat says:

    I understand airing time, But to be off work for that long and no income and no call??? That is a joke!! Why arent the people from last season working? Sounds like a waste of time…..looks like diddy wants the tv show…but dont want what it produces. Diddy is a joke!

  31. Mary Mac says:

    First Im happy that Ebony won!! But It’s mighty strange that Ebony is not working yet!! And the other ppl before her are not working either! If Diddy had all these ppl bending over backward and doing all this S#!T for nothing I’M BE SO MAD WITH HIS A$$!!! These ppl running up and down the damn street 20 and 30 blocks to get his sorry A$$ stuff! I will not watch this show ever again!!!! these ppl won and they need to be working!!!

  32. Kiowana H says:

    i love you Ebony u r real as hell i am glad u won congradulations u deserve it i inspire to be just as strong a black woman as u ur a true hustler u have a very strong work ethic and i love that i think u r a phenominal woman i hope every thing goes well for u and again congradulations

  33. joos says:

    i just wanna say that it’s hard for me to watch diddy’s programming anyway because all of his bands suck, and the only person left from any of that is the chick w/ the SMEdium teeth (whatever her name is). But if he doesn’t put Ebony to work, then this will be FOR SURE the last diddy show i watch. Ebony is someone that is blue collar. go getta type, hustlin type, and the type of person that i would want behind me. she’s a true competitor and somebody that’s constantly improving. She started halfway through our offseason (had never played football) and was our leading defensive player! she deserves a chance. Much more than those crumb bum bands he puts together!!!!

  34. Teddy Francis says:

    What can I do to get on the show?…I honestly believe I’d bury all competition, and take over the world with Diddy after. A reply would be much appreciated.

  35. Carlita says:

    Ebony…i really love the fact that u stayed true to who you are…not trying to be something or someone that u are not..i think that is one of the reasons you were picked…girl when you didnt have your flats in your bag… i was saying to myself she knows the rules…when you where high heels the isotoners go with you …But i am so happy for you because i know you will lead the way for others just like you …i really hope you start at bad boy soon they need people like you GOOD LUCK IN YOUR SUCCESS…I KNOW ITS ON THE WAY

  36. Virginia Atkinson says:

    I can’t believe white people bother to sign-up for the show, I don’t see one white person working for Diddy, white people are wasting their time signing up for this show, they’ll never get hired.

  37. Hustler23 says:

    I agree with anyone who says Ebony didn’t deserve to win. Dan would’ve been a better fit. This season should’ve been called “I Want Diddy to Give Me a Free Ride.” She was dumb to quit her job and put herself in that position where if Diddy doesn’t hire her, he’ll look like he’s doing her a disservice. What a great mother she is for putting her son’s life on the line like that and letting out on national television that she was a stripper. Ebony is a strong talker but not a hard worker. You can tell she uses the race card in her life a lot too. I’m a “minority” and I would be damned if someone thinks highly of me b/c of the color of my skin and not b/c of how well I actually prove myself. Hopefully Diddy doesn’t hire her off the screen; he’s better than that.

  38. Hustler23 says:

    This supposedly “strong woman” was sloppy, loud, argumentative, and disrespectful. Who would hire someone walking around Diddy’s office with bare feet? That’s ghetto. Not to mention she was the one who messed up his desk space with all of the Starbucks coffees. If Dan would’ve done that, this girl would’ve held this against him. But Dan didn’t call her out because he’s got class. It was strange that Diddy, his former manager, and everyone else who are supposed to be professionals chose someone like Ebony. I’m still in shock. They have to know that she wouldn’t last a week doing real work in the professional world where image and performance is everything. The only thing she did well was call other people out on every little thing, put all of the blame on Dan, and yell like a crazy person. I doubt Diddy is going to actually hire her. It made for good t.v. and gave us something to %_#&$`)()_&_$_+$( about in our free time but he takes his business seriously and knows how to “make it” in life. Unlike Ebony, Diddy works hard and isn’t ghetto. She’d make a great motivational speaker. Hopefully she and Bad Boy realize that or else they’ll just waste their time.

  39. brittany says:

    i had love the show yesteda i think she really did get enbony u are the dimond

  40. Valerie Hodge says:

    I happen to enjoy this show very much. I liked Ebony because she competed without being adversarial and she was consistently a team player. Her speech at the end topped Dan’s and his was pretty good. When she was nodding her head as he gave his speech, my heart sank. But I discovered that she was relating to the passion and convictions that she probably resonated with. I hope that young people are watching this show because real success is NOT glamorous and it does not just fall into your lap.
    Congratulations, Ebony!

  41. Key says:

    Helane sounds like hater to me.

  42. mrsducho says:

    I am very disappointed to learn that the winners from last season have not been employed at Bad Boy. In addition, Mr. Combs has not called Ebony to work and tell her not to contact him they will contact her. Especially in light of her losing her ability to support her family and stability, I mean they (the school) denied her unemployment, how does Mr. Combs sleep, I would find it difficult. Ebony’s life was put on front street for all to see and judge, for what appears to be nothing. It is very unnerving and really makes me think unfavorable of Mr. Combs. I always thought he was about uplifting the people that support him and his so-called brand. You know when you watch a reality dating show such as Ray Jay’s show, and then you learn the person that he chose and he have broken up you are not surprised. On the other hand, Mr. Comb’s show is an opportunity to work in an industry that all aspire, albeit secretly, or such as the contestants’ on his (Mr. Combs) show went all out for and to learn that it is all a big puppet show. You are messing with people’s ability to live and sustain their family. In her interview, Ebony was very gracious and I truly wish the best for her and her family. I hope that she can gain momentum and begin to reach out to our young ones and use her voice to inspire and move individuals. I do believe that she will land on her feet. Good luck Ebony, much love! I do know that my family and I will not support Mr. Combs on his next endeavor or his music until we know that the people he promised a job at Bad Boy Entertainment are employed.

  43. Senora Moore says:


  44. lolo says:

    I would like to say ebony you were the _)@&@`*)+%*`&$%* t girl,and i feel as though if they ask you if you accept the position and you say yes. You should not have to wait for months or even years to get a call. It seems fake to me,and false advertisement,etc. He feel like he is god because he got all this money. Well honey please he can fall on his u no what in a split second. God only no what he wants best for you in the future. I dont no why these people put these shows on national television,and make people make a fool of themselves. You keep your head up,and keep making a living the best way you no how. He cant face you because of what he said. Hell he got raisins in his face from what i see. Girl do you dont wait on bad boy keep it moving. He scared you might see to much of his dirt with his slick azz.

  45. LUGE says:


  46. Cassie says:

    I’m shocked to hear how the winners of these shows are left in the dark! That is a horrible, nasty thing to do to someone in this economy! I hope VH1 thinks twice before producing more shows like this, because it does more harm than good.

  47. Paulette says:

    Cograds. But good luck working for someone that can’t keep people or group’s on his lable. To me Puff is an +&)#()^`_#@%&`~ hole.

  48. mzkitty says:

    I’M RIDING WITH BAD BOY 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. daisy says:

    im srry but diddy is an #“!(@*%#%$%#$* hole who never had the intentions of hiring no one and that sucks for them. he was just trying to get face time on tv. im real tired of diddy like ebony is struggling plus she has a 8 year old what the (&#+~%*(!*$“*)( diddy give her a job or refer her to someone that really needs an #“!(@*%#%$%#$* istance.

    your an #“!(@*%#%$%#$* hole didy and i hope you dont get another show

  50. RoseMarie says:

    I’m glad you won I was rooting for you or Dan. What upsets me is that Diddy had you guys do all these ridiculous errands but for what “NOT TO GIVE YOU A JOB”!!!!! What’s the purpose of having this show? For Diddy to use people for his ego? There are three people (Suzanne, Mike and now Ebony) who have left there jobs on a promise that they will get a job with “Bad Boys Entertainment”..So tell me Diddy you talk a lot of smack about TRUST on your show..Who should TRUST you now??? I am so disappointed and disgusted with how this turned out..GIVE THEM THE JOBS YOU PROMISED THEM. THEY WORKED HARD AND EARNED IT..YOU LIAR!!!!!!!!

  51. Sunshine says:

    Some of you people need to chill out…and stop hatin on Diddy! Both Mike and Suzanne were shown on tv working for Bad Boy Entertainment a few weeks after the first season ended. Ebony wil be working in no time. Even smaller companies need a few weeks to get things sorted out with HR etc., so why would Bad Boy, such a huge company be different? Use your common sense.

  52. $o$hiny says:

    I would like to see the show “I Work for Diddy.” Maybe this show would resolve the discrepancy of whether or not these winners really were given the job promised. Diddy is kool, but it’s not kool to play with the lives of others & lead them down dead ends. DIDDY, show your integrity & authenticity, are these winners really working for you or not? “Don’t contact us…we’ll contact you.” What? With the economy & all & the way jobs are being lost that’s pretty bogus & questionable.
    A START date would suffice since the nation witnessed the hire date.

  53. LINDLOVVE says:


  54. rose says:

    I agree with $o$hiny. We all want to know if all the hard work these people had to go through was actually worth it. And it should also be through a tv show about these new hires working for diddy.

  55. Min-D says:

    I can understand why she cant work right away, due to the show & not wanting people to find out early about her winning, but they better hire her as SOMETHING! If they dont hire her im not watching this show anymore cuz i would feel tricked!!!!!!She has a child to take care of, she worked hard to win the show & if Puffy doesnt hire her then he’s a jerk….

  56. beth says:

    am lady hjeirit

  57. Jaybballin says:

    First this is one of the most upsetting articles I have ever read. Why isn’t she working somewhere so she can feed her child. These reality shows are a big ^*^!!!+&+&^*)*) fluke. And they shouldn’t people get their hopes up on something of this magnitude. Effin crazy y’all I hope y’all feel me

  58. ladystang says:

    I think if he doesnt hire her for real, then she should just go public! Let everybody know about it girl, if his word is no good…spread the news. I live very close to where you went to high school. Represent, and dont take no for an answer.

  59. rastaqueen says:


  60. john says:

    Kat you r soooo rte. Bad Boy and diddy are the biggest jokes ever. Diddy dont care about them and is only using the show to promote his wackazz new album!!!!

  61. chioma says:

    Diddy is a messed-up-buck-tooth entertainer, that delights at his own greedy personality!!! God hates exploites and Diddy is one of them.. i’m a dissapointed hard core fan :(

  62. kevin says:

    call me ebony your so sexy!

  63. brown sugga says:

    first of all anyone who goes on a show produced by directed by diddy is not successful from making the band to making his band they don’t last long so for anyone who wants to do anything for bad boy don’t waste your time it doesn’t seem real.

  64. plop says:

    I sure hope she gets hired. when you work hard, then you deserve to be given what you earned!!! Diddy go with God and give her the job she deserves to feed her child and herself. hopefully it will happen Ebony i will pray for you babe! Good Luck and just keep your head up super high!! Love ya girl and my prayers are with you!

  65. I'Risha Mooring says:


  66. westside says:

    You go Ebony! I am so proud of you! Going for yours that’s right and don’t let anyone get in your way.

  67. JesDora says:

    Congrats Ebony!!! I knew you were going to win!!Ur hustle and determination made you outshine the rest. Bad Boy would be a great company to work for…………but Diddy is a one year HITTER! Every one in his circle from Mace,Young Jock,112,Day 26 and etc… were all BIG for a year!!! Diddy looks out for self. In this time and age he better get right with GOD cause what goes up, MUST COME DOWN!!!

  68. Bla - Zay ! says:

    Ebony is definetly a strong woman maybe to strong for that type of position , What’s key in working in servitude as someone’s assistant is first you got to become the first three letters a ” ass ” then you you can become the
    “tant ” .

    No but seriously part of being Diddy’s servant or anybody’s servant for that matter , Is being humble and she was put in situation’s or under questioning , And she spoke as she was the ” John Gotti ” of the business , And you should never let your boss see that side of you .

    Oh and furthermore I hope she don’t start pounding those fist ! .

  69. Patricia says:

    No one is hating Diddy as someone mentioned. He is absolutely wrong for what he is doing to these winners of the show. He has not called the other winners before Ebony and I don’t think he is going to call her. Why would he do this? It is so obvious that he is doing it for his self. What he may not understand is that this could ruin his reputation. All before I knew this, I really admired Diddy for who he was and the things that he has done. I most certainly don’t support someone like this. If I had a twitter account, I would put him on blast! God bless you Ebony and the other winners who he hasn’t called yet.

  70. KB says:

    At least Diddy should give prize money as a consolation, since you won’t work right away or EVER! Sorry Diddy but this takes away from the show knowing that the people won’t work for you. I am a fan but you have the power to employ these people in some aspect.

  71. Danylle says:

    What I don’t understand is why people have to lie. Why go on a show to get a job and not get it. The way I was raised is to believe your word is your bond but the way I see it is that money is the show’s bond not honesty… They put these people through all these tests to just not be given a job and that is what the show is about in the first place. If I was “Diddy” I would be reflecting on the fact that all he learned was to be dishonest and people are now out of work. It is easy enough for someone who has money and orders people around to not think where the next paycheck comes from but for most of american’s they do…Understand this…It was his fan’s that put him where he is…it was our hard earned money that bought the crap he puts out but yet he can’t give the same to respect for the fan that gave it thier all for him on that show…I will say this for starters…you did lose one viewer and I am sure many more if they knew that no one got the job…One thing I can say for myself…i don’t lie to myself or others to get what I need…I work hard and do it honestly…Shame on you Diddy….Did you ever once wonder how you effected these people’s lives and what this did to them….Shame on you…This is one fan you did lose…

  72. Ms Candles says:

    I’m surprised that the folks are not working! Most folks gave up a lot to be on the show. Where is the integrity of the show? It’s not all about making money, Diddy! You said you have grown as a man, a person, where? If you run the city as you say, run the city……you brought some very good life lessons to the sport of the show, but now it’s time for them to work!

  73. Shakerra Jenkins says:

    Hey BO BOo

  74. shakira says:

    people are gonna get enuff of believing in sean combs he is snake ya’ll don’t remember what he did to craig mack! we have made this dude billions and he can’t give ebony and her son the cash she needs to excel don’t call us well call u hahahaha nawl ya’ll be hearing from my lawyer dig that. if i worked for diddy the first thing i wud tell him is ur not god you are a person and with all your worldly riches. i hope you can by yo trifflin tale into heaven. disgusting!

  75. STELLBELL says:


  76. GWEN says:


  77. Fever says:

    Is “I Want To Work For Diddy Season 3″ in the Makin?

  78. 2196655 says:

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