Celebrity Rehab 3 – Watch The Premiere!


Celebrity Rehab 3 premieres on-air Thursday at 10/9c, but the first episode is online now. As with all Rehab season premieres, Dr. Drew checks in this new batch of patients, which includes Dennis Rodman (who’s convinced he’s the show’s biggest star), the bombshell-dropping Mackenzie Phillips, and a particularly sympathetic Heidi Fleiss (as Drew explains, “The only thing in her life is parrots and speed and Vicodin”).

Heidi set off some overseas controversy by recently proclaiming, “Thank god for abortion” on Celebrity Big Brother. She actually utters the same words on this show, and since this was filmed months ago, she actually said it here first. Dibs! But for real, this is heavy as usual, so much so that another Heidi quote may put it best: “F***.”

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  1. mary says:

    my husband jack and i were under a total of 11 different doctors, who had prescribed 11 narcotic meds for him, and 17 narcotic meds for me, for various malady’s. we were taken off of our insurance program, and therefore dould not afford the meds….we were in the situation that we had to quit “cold turkey” as we sat home sick, sore, emotional, hot, cold, sweatty, shaking, vomiting, we happened to catch the dr. drew’s celebrity re-hab…and i didnt see one person that was cast on that season that was nearly as sick as we were…i wish we would have been able to have more help, it was the hardest thing i’ve done, jack too, but, to tell you the truth, we have never felt better..not in pain, look 10 years younger, and kicked the demons all alone. just the two of us…ah, the power of love.

  2. Robin says:

    Kari Ann Peniche… wow I hope you read this. You need sooo much help with your attitude, addiction, anger and social skills. Hopefuuly Dr. Drew can get thru to you this go round. In my life I’ve never met someone who needs it more.

  3. Heather says:

    My heart goes out to each person because of the deep pain and unhappiness they are obviously experiencing every second of every day. I was once in that exact spot and I wish that I could convince them all that if you can make the commitment and become sober that life can be beautiful again. Even if there are painful moments that take you by surprize… My mother suddenly passed away when I had been sober for 3 years and despite my deep and continued grief I stayed sober through it all. Despite the loss I found that I could still find a deep appreciation for little things like a good book or a hike in the mountains. I no longer chase being “happy” but now treasure being content. I was lucky to have survived and truly am thankful. If this could be conveyed to addicts at the beginning of recovery it would give such hope. I remember the first 90 days thinking that if this was how I was going to feel for the rest of my life then what was the point… I promise from the bottom of my soul that it WILL get better even on a “bad” day. It is so true that your worst day sober is better than your best day high. Please hang in there because it will be the best gift you will ever receive.

  4. Batman says:

    What everyone must understand is that addiction is a disease like cancer. People don’t choose to live these lives of misery and pain… there is so much misinformation about the disease of addiction… it is insidious… and hopefully this show educates people about what addiction really is… a progressive disease that results in death unless properly treated. It is the only disease where people are guilted and shamed for receiving treatment. These people are sick, human, and in pain… I wish Kari Ann Peniche all the best because she is suffering from a chronic disease and needs all the support she can get. Addiction is the #1 health crisis in our country.

  5. sin-d says:

    Didn’t Tom Sizemore and Heidi Fleiss date I thought they hated each other. How can they be on the same show together

  6. Sue says:

    Where is the message board for this show?
    What happened to all the VH-1 messsage boards?

  7. ShopCrumbs.com says:

    Why can’t I watch episodes 1 and 2 and even 3 on here? I’m so frustrated!

  8. rob king says:

    yes where are the mess boards. the mods really cant be afraid that mike and ray would really take aggressive action towards each other. hey mods you need to let the boards publish. its about recovery not you. but if yoywere in recovery you would know that.

  9. 3570337 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3570337! SCK was here