Let’s Talk About Pep – Watch The Premiere!


VH1 staple Pepa (as seen on The Surreal Life, The Surreal Life: Fame Games and The Salt-N-Pepa Show) is back with Let’s Talk About Pep. Her new reality show premieres Monday, January 11 at 10:30/9:30c on air, but the first episode is available for viewing online now (see above). The show’s format is based around girl talk — Pep and three of her friends dish on their love lives and we see what they’re gabbing about via a series of flashbacks. Pep’s story is particularly prickly — she’s been celibate for four years and she’s ready to break her dry spell. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the sharp-tongued Kittie. Her date continues VH1′s commitment to the portrayal of foot fetishism. Titillating stuff!

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  1. Lane says:

    Really Vh1? Yall are starting to replace Love shows with this? If no love show after The Entertainer Bye bye Vh1 Hello MTV

  2. Jessica says:

    Hopefully this show will get higher ratings than Secrets of Aspen did at 0.500 million viewers!

    I can understand that Vh1 wanted to have shows with a more redemptive feel, but it is sinking them in ratings. So what’s next for Vh1?

  3. Msprity says:

    OMFG I am that chics fan club president!! My man says I act just like her!!

  4. Cee says:

    I thought the show was hilarious!! Keep up the good work girls, looking forward to next week!

  5. Trice says:

    WTF? ‘Nuff said!!

  6. pmh says:

    I thought the show was cool… It’s nice to see 4 strong, confident, independent, successful black women on tv not acting a fool with some class. I couldn’t take another reality show with black women fighting and acting a fool, that fake over the top drama/diva stuff is getting old. This is a good look for older women. I hope it does well…

  7. Bunnyface says:

    I thought the show was fun and hilarious! I love it and can’t wait until next week! Kimme is funny, nice to see a woman in charge of her sexuality!

  8. Glodeana says:

    I watched the show last night and I thought that it was beyond trashy….so sad!!!! Pepa…..I do not know what to say….Jacque…she used to have so much class I do not know what happened….The former Mrs. Jason Kidd….please get together…..Ms. Kittie…looked like a woman on the corner in the night!!!!! VH! Please Cancel the show….because it shows black women in a bad light!!!

  9. Deedee says:

    I watched this show last night, loved it! Will be tuning in whenever I can.

  10. Jessica says:

    I love the show, Salt & Pepa was cool, but this is great! It is like the Black Sex in the City. I wish it was an hour long show!

  11. vee says:

    I think this was great and I miss Hveing times like this with my friends Well thats life but Im glad that there are still wemon out there who can still have fun and are not all up tight about life and sex keep this show going

  12. vhviewer says:

    For all of yall out there wondering, BJ from the hot tub scene is BJ Askew from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

  13. myaqbee says:

    Kittie…freakin Hilarious.She said she likes to go Camando under a lot of her clothes…LOLis kittie in the entertainment business she seems familar??? So I’ve already characterized each cast member to a sex and the city show. Kittie..Samantha…Jumonna kid..Charlotte…Jaque…Carrie….Pep….Miranda..I wonder if that was done on purpose? Anyhow Love it!!

    I agree someone said that the last show with Salt and Pep was boring. It was that way because Salt was so stuffy and trying to live a pefect christian life. So, what if you’ve gospel on us everyone has a past, god does have a sense of humor other wise why did he make laughter the best medicine??

  14. Tyne says:

    Is this show suppose to be the black version of ‘Sex in The City’?

  15. Tesi says:

    Meet the black-version of Sex in the City…

    Kittie as Samantha. Jacque as Charlotte. Joumona as Miranda and Pepa as Carrie.

  16. MsParker says:

    I love the show it really reminds me of Sex in The City Kittie,Samantha Jacque,Charlotte, Pep is deffinitely Carrie, Joumana,Miranda..Peps dates hair caught on fire LMAO i just thought about Michael Jackson and the pepsi commercial and Laman Rucker is finnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee:)))Kittys date Markuann is a cutieeeeeeee in a Thugish way Delicious!!!!!!!!!! Thick eyebrows and suckin her toes dammmmmmmmmmmmm VH1 Thank You!!!

  17. Lisa says:

    The Men are Fine!!!The Ladies are crazy lol Markuann sucking toes damm Kittie when you are finished with him send him my way pleaseeeeeeeee Burberry tie ooooooo damm and Laman “lickin lips” Mr Geri curl made me laugh not the cutest but amusing

  18. Natasha says:

    Show is hotttttttttttttt! Suckin toes Miss Kitty you are so luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and he is Fineeeeeeeeee ..Jacque you better give him some before i do and Pep he should of worn a swim cap lol

  19. Lashawn says:

    This show was just what it was a “show” all scripted and phony. Markuann is a nobody who works at BET in a menial position most of us entertain him as he is harmless and very low functioning a pathalogical liar does not reside in Harlem, Jersey or Pennsylvania. Pepa…..no sex in four years YEAH RIGHT……..Jackee…….looking for attention. Jason Kidds wife not even a friend of Pepas actually Salts church mate from CCC and we know her elevator is stuck between floors……I will continue to view as it is “comedy”

  20. TRACEY says:

    @Lashawn it seems like you have a vendetta against the whole show ..It baffles me how people try to put down a great show.How do you really know What Jason Kidds ex Relationship is with PEP you must be have grown up with them or even invited over to Thanksgiving dinner or maybe you were at all the games lol Jackie lookin for attention Markuann MENIAL position a nobody wow LOL Lashawn Thank you for keeping this great show on your lips Thank You VH1 for a funny grown and sexy show never mind the Haters

  21. Charles says:

    LOL, this show has created quite a stir. I must agree with Lashawn as the show is scripted as for it being horrible, hey its reality tv what do you expect. The men on the show are not representing eligible black men as they should but hey neither are the ladies. Markuann, ladies give him a break at least his hair didnt catch on fire, BJ man get some waves or ceaser!!!

  22. MISSANDREA says:

    Charles i agree with you but if one person does not like it and truth be the matter I was looking forward to seeing Mr Markuann this 2nd episode he has the most personality out of the guys and made the show funnyyyyyy and Kitty she has a mouth a old ghetto ass and Pep whewwwwwwwwwwwww chile damm

  23. SexyNatalie says:

    Hey watched the show and let me tell you I LOVE IT!!!!!Bring the fun back into TV Sex and The City meets the Golden Girls LOL The Guys are sexyyy I have a crush on Markuann mr Feet licker for real! I went to his website he is a cutie!!!!!! Markuann.com ooo and Jackie love the haircut and Kittys Loud ass mouth damm Joumana real ditsy :) and Pep makes a good show Mr geri curl plays football ive met him in MIAMI

  24. Joe says:

    this show sucks major booty… i thought it would get better, but it has only gotten stOOpider and stOOpider… i like the salt n pepa show—i think she is overacting and making it not so reality and more scripted seeming

  25. wow says:

    If you dont like the show this is not high school dont try to convince us. Change the F’in channel ree-rees. Lashaun crazy, she is acting like a baby mama. lol. And has a deep seated interest in alll the characters far beyond the show, but doesnt care for the show… confused. stop googling them and get a job.

  26. Vanessa says:

    This is the best show on television today. I love this show. I have never said this about any show ever. It is a fantastic peek into African American women being real. Men take a look at what is is really like. Great Show.

  27. Shante' says:

    Does anybody know what restuarant Kitty went to with her date?

  28. Shante says:

    Does anybody know What restaurant did Kitty go to with her date?

  29. PJ says:

    WoW! I feel so liberated now watching weekly “Lets Talk About Pep.” My libido has increased twofold and give thanks to Pepa for revealing her anxiety to snag her a man along with her single girlfriends. Kittie keeps me giggling with her antics (the juiciness is contagious) throughout the show. I’ve never been to the Big Apple but after looking at the show I need to be where they are. Great Fun! Keep the episodes coming.

  30. marvin says:

    pep i just wanna say hi first of all and second i wanna comment on how beautiful you are baby, i watch ur show every time it comes on and all i see from you is a smart, beautiful woman who has searched all over to find her soul mate and i think you and i have something in common wish i was on the show to prove it to you, that asian guy is not ur type of man, yeah he can cook or what ever but as far as romance goes he does not fit ur quality of a real man, he just wanna cook you dinner might as well be your chef instead, but keep doin ur thing, and i will be watchin, love ya always, marvin

  31. tasha gaddy says:

    yo i have been trying to see pep since her last reality show i could not even sign up on her latest show for some strange reason and just wanted to let her know she is so sexy and a incredible woman she may not be gay but dam i am in love with her tom is a serious lucky me so upset to see her kissing him i wish her the best i know this might be impossible but i will leave my number 917 7163189 all love