Is For The Love Of Ray J VH1’s Best-Looking Show?



Complex recently compiled its list of the 50 Hottest Reality TV Girls, and impressively, women affiliated with VH1 take up a dozen of the slots. Of that dozen, half of the girls are from For the Love of Ray J (the most represented show on the countdown, alongside The Real World — keep in mind though, that show has had 24 seasons, while Ray J has had two). Among the hotties are Danger (No. 42), Mz Berry (No. 32), Caviar (No. 30), Luscious (No. 22), Chardonnay (No. 18) and Cashmere (No. 14). The other VH1 girls are Viva Hollywood‘s Jenn Pinto (No. 44), The White Rapper Show‘s Misfit (No. 40), Myammee (No. 39), Deelishis (No. 29), Hoopz (No. 10) and Adrianne Curry (No. 8).

So, what do you think: is For the Love of Ray J a babe magnet of a reality show? According to the list, it’s turned out twice as many of reality TV’s hottest as America’s Next Top Model. In fact, my favorite thing about this list is that ANTM is represented as much as Flavor of Love (both come up three times). That is two giant orbiting balls of “Wooooooooow!” and LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! And I know that Complex skews “urban,” but damn son, where’s the love for Rock of Love? No honorable mention even, for that show’s willingness to constantly put itself out there (via silicone and…other stuff)? [Complex via ONTD]

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