Fantasia For Real Recap – Episode 1 – Faces Of Tasia



“It’s very important for me to keep my face out there, ’cause that’s how I pay my bills,” says Fantasia on the premiere of her new reality show, Fantasia for Real. After seeing her many faces in the show’s 30 minutes, I hope she’s collecting overtime.

Some people wear a lot of hats. Singer-actress-memoirist-reality TV personality Fantasia wears a lot of wigs. And expressions! As someone who’s made a career out of expressing herself, clearly Fantasia for Real found her in her element. There’s such an array of emotion, in fact, that you could practically convey the action of the show’s storyline just by reading her expressions. So let’s do that.

Here’s Fantasia’s happy face:


You can tell she’s happy when she’s smiling. You can tell she’s thrilled when you can count her teeth.

Here’s Fantasia’s for-real face:


It’s mostly serious, but the hint of amusement suggests that Fantasia has a sense of humor about most everything she encounters (surely, her silliness is a major part of her endearment).

Here’s Fantasia’s really real face:


Those six people are her family members, all of whom (except for her child daughter Zion) appear to be otherwise employable.


While Fantasia seems to be a good sport about supporting so many people, this situation can lead to her frustration face:


Here, she laments the inertia of her 28-year-old brother Teeny, who still lives with her and aspires to be (or even maybe fancies himself as) a music producer, but has yet to see much return on his endeavors. This is probably my favorite face of Fantasia’s, and most likely her least favorite emotion. Funny, that correlation.


Anyway, Fantasia’s frustration is totally warranted when, at the end of the episode, Teeny decides to rip up his sister’s pool house to visit a studio:


But she can use it, too, so at least he isn’t totally inconsiderate.

Here’s Fantasia’s I’ll-keep-my-drank-thank-you face:


When Fantasia’s mom talks about organic wine, Fantasia’s Aunt Bunny…


…whose visit just happens to coincide with the filming of this reality show, says it’s a hoax, just like “all this green stuff,” which isn’t really green. I think she means stuff billed as eco-friendly, and not stuff that is actually green. Otherwise, her dress has a lot of explaining to do.

Here’s Fantasia’s she-ain’t-your-child-face:


Here she hits back at potential criticism over the fairly extravagant birthday party brimming with gifts that she threw for Zion:


She ain’t your child, just a weekly guest in your living room for 30 minutes every week. Mute your impulses and don’t judge anyone, reality TV viewers!

Here’s Fantasia’s going-back-to-work-right-now face:


With all these people to support, how does she ever have time to be away from work? Case in point, here’s Fantasia’s look-at-me face:


And seriously, look at her:



When she performs, she is an ocean of emotion. But sometimes an ocean just ain’t enough. Here’s Fantasia’s effects-of-the-industry face:


The music industry tends to beat down its denizens, and Fantasia, who’s had a rocky few years, is no different. That’s where you come in! Here is Fantasia’s persuasion face:


Fantasia wants a song called “Move On Me” to be the first single off her upcoming album, but so far, her record company isn’t sold. Undeterred, she describes the song as, “My favorite…your favorite, too, right?” As someone came up via the vote-based system that is American Idol, this direct address of potential music buyers can be considered a return to her roots, right?

Here’s a bonus face:


It’s not a face of Tasia, but of Teeny’s girlfriend, Santezja. Most amazing matching of eye makeup to a shirt in reality TV history, y/y?

Shout out to Diva…


Also, a parting message:


Hope you’re on board the Fantasia train, otherwise it might be a maddening 365 days for you!

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