Haiti Earthquake – How To Help



MTV Networks is presenting Hope for Haiti, a global telethon to air commercial-free across all of its channels as well as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, BET, The CW, HBO and CMT on Friday, Jan. 22 at 8PM ET. George Clooney, Wyclef Jean and Anderson Cooper are doing their part by leading the event. You can help by following these links:

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  1. stephanie marie cruz says:

    let’s pray for the people in haiti

  2. stephanie marie cruz says:

    let’s help the people in haiti

  3. Elizabeth Normandin says:

    There but for fortune, go you or I !
    These are the words from an old Joan Baez song…they put all of my feelings together in one sentence.
    Please contribute to the Haitians as much as your means allow. If you can’t afford to send financial help, Prayers are available to all of us.

  4. Katrina Turner says:

    Lets all keep the people in Haiti in our prayers and lets all do our fair share to help. We would want the same if we were in the same situation. May GOD bless them.

  5. tedra prophet says:

    my heart goes out to all the haitians and their families. to all those in greef we here in Antigua and Barbuba are hoping and praying for the best and we are confident that the Almighty Father we show you the way. my heart is in pain for you and if there is any way possible that i can offer my services i will gladly do so.

  6. Leanna Gundy says:

    As a God-fearing virtuous woman, this is a job of El-Shaddai. If I had a million dollars, I would commission all the orphans into warm beds in a placement home or orphanage ASAP. I see homeless children, covered in dirt, on the news;thus I feel GOVERNMENTS(as in America, United Nations) are not moving fast enough to place those BABIES in a secure-stable environment, as of yesterday. What do I have to offer? I am offering my LOVE, LIFE, and GOD to place these children,IMMEDIATELY, into a home of ANY parent, couple, or family who are willing to give their LIVES to make sure these children have a stable future. Please AMERICANS, all nationalities, offer a commitment with whatever you have, even if it means raising a Haitian child the rest of your life. I would like to see Oprah Winfrey,and any other ABLE MINISTER, open another orphanage and foundation for the Haitian children. May God bless us all.

  7. jessie says:

    My heart hurts for the peopel of haiti i pray for thoses who lost loved ones and freinds and family and i pray for those who are still stuck inside the rubbel or in torn down buildings keep the faith rescue is comeing Lets us all be lucky we have freinds and family and loved ones hug those who are close to you and be thankful for what you have I just ask that other countries beside the USA will help Haiti yes we are the most powerful country but there are other countrys that can help dureing this horribal time GOD BLESS HAITI!!!

  8. dantra sims- says:

    all that is so sad i gave the goverment 100 dollars

  9. Yamileks Rodriguez says:

    well all the things that happen out there in haiti was really painfull for others well i feltt really hurtt cuzz i am frommm dominican republicc and it hit over there andd nott only in haiti people died i thought thatt in dominican republic people died too because it hitt there too …..:(

  10. minato-alvin says:

    Charles Henri Baker (born June 3, 1955) is a Haitian industrialist and former Haitian Presidential Candidate. Baker was a candidate for president in Haiti’s 2006 election. He initially billed himself as an independent and allied himself with the Komba de Chavannes Jean Baptiste and Evans Lescouflair party.

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