VH1’s Thing For Feet: A History



Ask your average schlub what VH1’s most celebrated body part is, and he’d tell you “boobs,” thanks to the sea of silicone this network has sailed on for the past three or so years. But times are changing! Repeatedly, VH1’s reality programming has shown love for feet (and the men who love them), boldly venturing into an area of kink that few networks would. (In fact, the only bit of resistance to feet in recent memory was Flavor Flav’s break down over Grayvee’s offering of pigs’ feet on Flavor of Love 3. And Flav is…you know, Flav.) With this week’s premiere of Let’s Talk About Pep featuring toes that “taste like meatloaf,” we thought it was time to collect the instances of foot worship that have helped give this network a leg up on its peers:

I Love New York 2 – Frank the Entertainer vs. Tiffany’s entire foot


After a sexy photo shoot with It and Cheezy, New York returned home to find something even sexier (as if that were possible!): the Entertainer waiting in her bathtub to take care of the feet that she’d been standing on all day. He ended up doing so with his mouth, thus proving Sister Patterson’s accusations of freakiness and giving us an indication of how much craziness he had in store for us reality TV viewers. Frank later claimed, “I’m not really into foot fetish, and stuff…” Right, right. This is one of those when-in-Rome-type situations. We get it. A clip of the scene in question is embedded below:

My Antonio – Antonio vs. ugly feet


Antonio announced his love of feet immediately on My Antonio, eliminating the first woman from his dating show on sight because he didn’t like her hands and feet. Later, that woman would claim that she was voted Best Hands and Feet in high school, which just goes to show that absurdity has a way of chasing absurdity. Beautiful! But not more beautiful than a later scene, in which Antonio took his ex, Tully, shoe shopping and presented her with a charm in the shape of a foot.


Plating a foot in gold is the perfect way to class up a foot fetish. Fact! Here’s some video tenderness of the shoe-shopping date:

For the Love of Ray J 2 – Ray vs. women’s shoes


In a turn highly reminiscent of the My Antonio scene above, Ray took Luscious and Just Right shoe-shopping for winning the dance challenge. Just Right suggested he try on shoes that turned out to be made for women. She went home that night. Put two and two together. Just saying.

I Want To Work for Diddy 2 – The cast vs. foot grime


At a retreat, the contestants were made to wash each others’ feet proving at last that footplay isn’t just for dating shows.


It just has a way of popping up, you know?

Let’s Talk About Pep - Kittie’s date vs. meatloaf


In the most explicit round of foot worship since the Entertainer’s go with New York, Kittie’s self-avowed foot fetishist of a date went to town on her toes, reported they tasted like meatloaf and then that turned out to be a good thing, because he loves meatloaf. He did this in ultra-nasty night vision (think 1 Night In Paris).

Kittie’s response…


…shared with a big part of the audience (at least, those who aren’t grossed out by foot-to-mouth contact). It all comes full circle. After all, what is this phenomenon if not tickling, both to experience and watch?

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