Is This Celebrity Rehab‘s Most Intense Offering?


The detox episode of Celebrity Rehab is always full of its nightmarish imagery (think Amber Smith in what looked like a catatonic state on the floor), but nothing we’ve seen could have prepared us for the seizure that Mindy McCready had at the end of this week’s episode. Mackenzie Phillips’ initial laughter in response only made things more surreal. (To be clear: Mackenzie obviously wasn’t laughing at Mindy’s seizure — she was laughing because she thought Mindy was goofing off.)

This capped an episode that also featured Mike Starr vomiting, cursing at Shelly and then walking around seemingly without regard to anyone else. What could even compare to the displays of human behavior found in this episode? Jeff Conway’s screaming and crying fits? Shifty’s crack smoking? It’s almost scary to think that this show is only getting more intense. What could the future possibly hold?

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