Is This Celebrity Rehab‘s Most Intense Offering?


The detox episode of Celebrity Rehab is always full of its nightmarish imagery (think Amber Smith in what looked like a catatonic state on the floor), but nothing we’ve seen could have prepared us for the seizure that Mindy McCready had at the end of this week’s episode. Mackenzie Phillips’ initial laughter in response only made things more surreal. (To be clear: Mackenzie obviously wasn’t laughing at Mindy’s seizure — she was laughing because she thought Mindy was goofing off.)

This capped an episode that also featured Mike Starr vomiting, cursing at Shelly and then walking around seemingly without regard to anyone else. What could even compare to the displays of human behavior found in this episode? Jeff Conway’s screaming and crying fits? Shifty’s crack smoking? It’s almost scary to think that this show is only getting more intense. What could the future possibly hold?

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  1. Becca says:

    This season will be the most intense we’ve ever seen. We’re only 2 episodes in and it’s only going to get more intense as the weeks pass. I felt bad for Shelley as she took a lot during tonight’s show.

  2. Siouxie says:

    I’ve been watching this show from the beginning and, yeah, this season’s taking it to another level. Heidi and Tom Sizemore “reunited” on this show? That’s crazy!

    I was saddened to see how horrible Heidi looks now. I kinda admired her moxy back when she was THE Hollywood Madam. Also, Dennis Rodman – it’s shocking what’s happened to him. It looks like he’s bent on self destruction.

    But worst off all Mike from Alice and Chains. If you have paranoid ideations, maybe you shouldn’t be on reality TV?

  3. tom k says:

    rodman thinks every one on the planet knows him.
    basketball is 6th in the world’s most popular sports with volleyball 7th. he’s claim to fame is for being a party clown. he,”gets it”.yet,he’s a bored zen master.i hope he
    see’s the light for his kids sake.

  4. chopinion says:

    It was intense and disgusting.

    You have to show the disgusting stuff as to not glamourize drug use/the drug user.

    Poor Shelly. I can’t believe she didn’t even have protective clothing to clean up the mess. I would’ve called in a hazmat team. I would’ve used the bed linens as a towel to clean up then decontaminate the room. And wouldn’t an open window for ventilation have helped.

    I’m still not sure mr mike wasn’t faking. I think you get to the true colors of a lot of people wether it be from drugs or stress of the situation.

    I’m still unclear as to wether mr mike will be expelled for breaking property and abusing Shelly. If he needs a pysch ward fine. You must show these people that there are consequences to their actions even if it’s as simple as you can’t have this bed.

    I think Dennis is having the most trouble. And I got believe that all those tats and piercing are sending somekind of message other than being ‘cool’.

  5. mnchick says:

    This was by far one of the saddest episodes I have seen. Mike Starr was seriously agitated and psychotic. I feel terrible for Mindy McCready. Because of her a**h*** of a boyfriend she probably has a lifelong condition now. I felt terrible. My son is epileptic and it is a very tough condition to live with, especially if it is hard to get under control. Meds can be full of terrible side effects for epilepsy and can heighten or change certain behavioral aspects of one’s personality sometimes. This worries me for Mindy. Mackenzie seems most in touch with her addiction and addiction in general. Dennis is just…I don’t know what to think about him. I have a hard time watching when he is on. Lisa makes me sad. She is hurting so bad and it is painfully obvious. Drugs and alcohol cloud the mind and now that she is clear headed I think she has a long road ahead. Heidi looks terrible but has good potential I hope. Joey…he seems to be taking things well and I hope he can kick his addiction..seems like a nice guy.

    As for Shelley..I feel for her and think that she does a wonderful job. She has one of the most thankless jobs in the world and she takes it all in stride. I think she is actually very sensitive but knows that she cannot show that to the patients. She has cried on the show before if I remember right (1st season if I recall). She seems to work well with the patients. So I have to respectfully disagree with Mary on that.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I think Mike Star needs a psych ward combined with rehab. Mostly because of the amount and variety of drugs that he has done.

    Mindy, I love your music!! Please get well and sing again!! The country music world has missed you for to long!!

    Dennis is a fool! He has no idea and will continue to be an adict until he faces his own demons.

    Everyone else there is well on their way the hardest part is that because of their fame these people are constantly going to be put in positions where drugs and alcohol are always going to be readily available. Find a sober companion for the first year or so and let them help you.

  7. Liz says:

    Great show! I just don’t like the fact that the same episode is aired like 20 times before they move on to the next…! I am less inclined to keep tuning in , if that doesn’t stop
    I’m with all of you, Dennis is really not facing his issues, most likely end up in Jail, Poor Mac, she thought the seizure was a joke at first..Mike GET HIM OUTTA THERE- b4 he hurts someone!!!

  8. puddy says:

    What could the future possibly hold? Well the arrival of that nasty skank Miss Kari Ann Penice, that’s what. Considering the fuss they made in this episode about how bad it is to call the staff names, not follow the rules (like sleeping in and not particcipating in the mandatory activities of rehab) or “destruction of property”- these are all now grounds for dismissal.

    Yet one certain little wannabe got away with it on Sex Rehab for nearly the whole time. And she’s going to be allowed back into CR after getting booted from Sex Addiction for being a vile, filthy, disgusting piece of crap who couldn’t even answer a basic question without hostility.

    How much worse can it get? Folks- fasten your seatbelts. Ugly is just around the corner and her name is Kari Ann.

  9. me says:

    I hope suceeds in beating their addictions and with that have happy and properous life. Yes, even Dennis even though he says he has no problems. :) But I want to talk to Mackenzie. I admire your courage to be able to come out with your problems and let others know that they are not alone. I could trade you story for story except for your drug problems. I dealt with mine different and became very withdrawn and bitter. I have very bad nerve problems and shake inside. People would be very suprised at my real story if only they ask instead of listening to others that seem to know more about me than I do. I admire you all for what you are doing and especially you Mackenzie for what you have done. Dr Drew I wish you could sucessful help everyone that comes to you but I would like to see a little extra effort with Mackenzie. GBY all

  10. MommyFrazzled says:

    This episode was by far the most powerful of all the seasons. Mike had a difficult time, but I did feel for Shelly. She put up and did a lot in this episode I don’t know if I could ever handled! She does her job well and it must not be forgotten it is a job. She is not there to play. The role she is in is serious to the lives of those staying at the center. I think people may forget that because it is on TV. There is nothing scripted about recovery. I felt so bad for Mindy. And worse for McKenzie because the way it happened, I too thought she was just going on with her story. That was frightening and I was home watching!! I hope every recovers. Some I think will have to take several times but they can make it if they want to. Dennis I do not know about him but he should not say Alcohol doesn’t kill you because it does. It can damage you liver or other organs or cause you to drive drunk and kill yourself or someone else. People die every day from alcohol so he should take heed.

  11. Kristin says:

    Why can’t Dennis Rodman make the most of his stay there? Mac nailed it when she said he has “compartmentalized” the other memebers of the group from himself. Why can’t he empathize or feel the pain of others?

  12. Brian says:

    I think it’s going to be more dramatic than anything.

    I think last season was more intense with Steven Adler’s heroin problem, Amber Smith’s pill problem, Shifty coming back to rehab smoking crack on the roof, and Jeff Conway was definitely in rare form towards the end.

    I think this particular season is just going to be more dramatic. I think VH1 went to find Tom Sizemore to make things more interesting with that Hollywood Madam lady given she dated him. I think the only one on the show with possibly the most severe addiction is Mike Starr, he’s definitely pretty bad.

  13. mary mac says:

    I really can’t believe the good Doctor thinks that letting Shelly be abused is part of her job. It seems more about his ego and ratings and not a hell of a lot about good care. These celebrities aren’t gong to get well if they are allowed to act like animals.

    If I were Shelly, I’d walk out.

  14. Robin says:


    I agree with Mary.Shelly has no business treating people with substance abuse.She shows no compassion and seems to lack basic knowledge concerning withdrawl.

    PEOPLE PUKE WHEN THEY GO THROUGH WITHDRAWL!For her to dance around like a 5 yr old as if she had never smelled puke before and then have the audacity to bring another patient into her distress(Joey)is unacceptable.

    When the alice in chains guy commented on the tree while they were sitting at the picnic table she completely ignored him.She didn’t even give him the 2 seconds it would have taken to at least glance that way.She showed him no respect.

    If she is indeed a recovering addict,she must be also blessed with amnesia.I cannot fathom anyone being so heartless after knowing what it is like to be in the other person’s shoes.

    Take care,Robin

  15. Cristina in Tampa says:

    Seems like this season is going to be a BLAST!
    First of all…I will never EVER listen to or look at Alice in Chains the same way ever again! If being a “rock star” involves not being able to A. Make it to the toilet when vomiting, and B. Refusing to clean up the disgusting mess…withdrawls or not (been there, NEVER done THAT!) then I’ll stick with Barry Mannilow and Elton John! MIKE needs to get over his disgusting self and realize that he is a human being and NOT some animal! I have never in my life witnessed someone so disgusting in my life…Alice in Chains groopies….really?
    Next, Heidi:
    Heidi doesn’t even NEED to describe the extent of her drug abuse, it’s (literally) all over her face! Heidi looks HORRIBLE..and by the way she’s described her “success” and the field that she was in…wouldn’t risking her LOOKS be enough of a reason to at least not pick the one that turns you into a human pumpkin? Heidi needs a slice of humble pie 4-sure because millions of men are getting laid today without Heidi’s help or her “little black book”…(notice it in her hand as she entered treatment? that sort of on the same lines as Flava Flav and his clock?)
    Finally, Dennis Rodman:
    Maybe I’ve just been missing it..but it’s been some time since Dennis has been in uniform and on ESPN talking about his most recent win….I would think that his schedule is pretty much OPEN to a few weeks in rehab! I understand that he got this DUI because he is famous…and that really sucks..but why not get off the “juice” so he could work on becoming famous to THIS generation??? Pierced, brain-damaged, over-weight and ridden hard and put away wet – dude NEEDS a rehab…a LIFE rehab! It will be interesting to see just how much of this “challenge” he can really handle!
    ugh! did I mention that Mike from Alice in Chains is purely and utterly disgusting? …talk about practicing good handwashing….NEVER…I mean NEVER shake THAT dude’s hand! NASTY!

  16. Andrea says:

    I feel so bad for Shelly having to deal with Mike. It seems like he’s focusing on her. I work in a hospital and I’ve had to deal with situations like that before. It’s no fun. I like how well the girls get along together so far. Rodman needs to get a clue!

  17. Jen Marie says:

    As someone that has dealt with addiction myself through out my life it is almost ‘nice’ to see addiction portrayed as not something to take lightly. I think the detox shown in Rehab 1 & 2 made it almost seem like a cake walk. Now people can see what it is really like. I hope and pray that all from the current rehab make it. The numbers are not on their side but it is possible if you just stick it out. It’s a true life change to be clean and sober.

  18. NP says:

    If this show is really about treatment and not ratings, why is Tom Sizemore coming into the center while Heidi is there? As a previous substance abuse therapist, one of the cardinal rules was to not allow clients with personal history together to be in the treatment program at the same time. To do otherwise invites all kinds of patient distraction and acting out, not to mention safety issues in this case.

    The introduction of the former “teen queen” from last season also appears to be ratings related. There is no question that the woman needs treatment for a multitude of problems, but in my opinion she would be better placed in locked, highly structured treatment facility.

    This show is moving even more in the direction of tabloid TV, and should not be viewed as a glimpse into authentic treatment for addictive behavior.

    I hope the paychecks these celebrities receive for the show do not enable them to further abuse drugs and alcohol after the series is completed. I have my doubts about it.

  19. SK says:

    Hang in there Mack!! You can do this :)

  20. Jenna says:

    Is this REAL rehab? I man geesh…Shelly acting like a middle schooler about Mike vomitting. Whats worse is she picked up after him! I’m a counsellor and now way would I have done that…Mike should have been made to take responsibility, even if he had to live in that for a week. He did it and he should be responsible for his own actions while in rehab!

  21. Jenna says:

    >If this show is really about treatment and not ratings, why is Tom Sizemore coming into the center while Heidi is there? As a previous substance abuse therapist, one of the cardinal rules was to not allow clients with personal history together to be in the treatment program at the same time. To do otherwise invites all kinds of patient distraction and acting out, not to mention safety issues in this case<

    Yeah and WHY is that guy doing a 12 step by himself to round up Tom Sizemore? Another cardinal rule … NEVER do a 12th STEP alone! Too unsafe

  22. June George says:

    Can someone tell me the name of the color brain scan that Mindy McCready had. My daughter has seizures and needs that scan but I don’t know the name of it and the doctor said I need that in order for her to order it for us because not all hospitals have the equipment.

  23. Terese says:

    Mindy McCready’s seizure was just like my 16 year old daughters which started last year. My daughter also dislocated her left shoulder and has done it fourteen times, she has had surgery since to rebuild it. This was a real eye opener to my family who have not seen Brittany’s seizures. Mindy’s seizure was so much like one brittany’s, I hope people pay attention to what these girls go through. I loved the way the staff took over and put pillows around her to keep her from hurting her head. My Brittany has a long road ahead of her and one thing with seizures is that you take your Medication! Also taking care of yourself, thank you Mindy for allowing this part of Celebrity Rehab to be shown.

  24. Melody says:

    WOW. This show is the real deal. Some are really in denial. Some people do want the help,others dont. You got to work this program with complete HONESTY. I’ve been through the AA and NA programs. I’ve seen people die due to their addictions. The steps are a real tool that is useful in recovery. I feel for all of you. I’ve been there,too. I lost my family,due to Cancer. All I have left is my daughter. All I have left is myself,in reality. Come to terms with this deadly disease. Be good to self. I love watching the show…Melody

  25. TK says:

    I feel so bad for Mindy. Not only would that be horrible to experience, but to have it on tape too. I also feel bad for Mackenzie. She obviously didnt know what was really going on. If I were joking and laughing with one of my friends and she did something like that, I would think she was joking too, and I would laugh and carry on the same way. Im glad Mindy recovered so well, and Im glad that her and Mackenzie are good. That would be so hard to go thru. I got chills when I watched this. It brought tears to my eyes.

  26. lindsay says:

    i used to have so much respect for dr. drew but ive lost it all!hes all about the ratings and nothing more! when mike was going crazy because of the cameras,what did dr. drew do? absolutely nothing!!! u know why? because it makes for good tv!the same thing happened with joey! and to the person who said they brought kari ann back for ratings, of course they did!!!!people just love tuning in to see what the tantrum throwing little &@$*)&*(~`%*~`_*` will do next!! and the preferential treatment she gets is nauseating!!! i also agree with shelley being cold hearted. none of these people are gonna get better- theyre not even attempting to make them better. the show is for our viewing pleasure only!!!!

  27. Raisa says:

    I don’t know if any comment written here is made known to cast members. I would like to say to Tom Sizemore that, if he has not been told, that Heidie is “baiting” him. I am a retired mental health therapist and when I worked with clients, children or adults, about this particular issue, I used to say…”fishermen throw their line in the water hoping a fish will bite; name…is throwing you his/her line hoping you will bite,” and Tom, you always bite. Think about it, ignore her, no matter what she says or does. She is sick and you are sick, but just concentrate in your recovery. Hang in there, it will work, if you work it.