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As he did last season, Master Matchmaker and VH1 Tough Love commander Steve Ward will weigh in with his thoughts on each episode of his show. Below, Steve talks about Episode 8: Liz being made to juggle two guys, Angel’s call home and why most of the women are starting to break through and made connections…

You had two guys show up at the pool party for Liz. That seemed like a precarious situation to put her in.

Dave really wanted to see her, and she wanted to see him. She wasn’t moving on, and we weren’t going to get anywhere until we resolved that. I just figured that since she didn’t have a lasting connection with anyone, instead of bringing an ex-boyfriend I would throw her into a frying pan where she would balance two guys at once. That’s a real-life possibility considering the way that she carries herself, and the type of making out that she does back in Kentucky. She could be making out with one guy one night, and a different guy the next night and then bump into them both the night after. How would she handle that? This was the perfect test.

We didn’t see too much of the moms’ interactions with the girls…

Not only that, you didn’t see too much of Alicia’s ex-fiance. It’s frustrating because there are so many good stories that just can’t fit into these little episodes. You didn’t miss too much, but basically the moms and Taylor’s dad all pretty much had endorsed the work at the boot camp. It was great, and it made the girls want to work harder. Kanisha’s mom noticed a night and day difference with her daughter. Her mom loved Keenan. It was all positive.

You intervened when you felt like Tina was ignoring her date.

I was watching this whole thing, like, “She’s gonna blow it!” I was concerned, too, because we didn’t have that much time left, and I didn’t want to introduce these women to other guys. I wanted to see them at least do well with the guys they were seeing, and she wasn’t.

Everyone else seemed to be connecting.

It’s getting to the point where they’re finally open. They’re not as defensive. They’re meeting great guys. They’re appreciating what’s going on: the opportunity to grow, change and evolve in a positive way. I think at this point, everyone was embracing it.

Was there any feeling, though, that time was running out and these women needed to hurry up and get their hooks into somebody?

Yes and no. I think more importantly, they realized that time was running out to finish the work that needed to be done. It was like cramming for a final exam – you now have to do that work that you didn’t do previously if you want to get a good grade at the end.

It was really depressing that no one came for Angel.

I hope you realize how serious that was. That was sad. My heart went out to that girl. But a main factor is that she’s been lying to her whole family. Plus, her parents are back home taking care of her son. Everyone else we asked wouldn’t come. It just goes to show that she doesn’t have much of a support group at all.

Things did work out for Angel after she called her parents. We’ve seen this common thread with her where she tends to get very anxious about what you ask her to do, but then finds that it’s not so bad.

Exactly. The biggest problem with Angel and Adam is that she has a hard time sharing her feelings and saying what’s on her mind. It’s going to be interesting to see how they end up. The girl is nonconfrontational, and I’m trying to teach her how to address things that really matter to her.

Any additional thoughts on Jenna’s treatment of her ex? The pushing and the pulling?

Wait till you see when I bring him back for that double hot seat. She’s holding onto something that’s not there. I don’t think it ever was, but she does. As crushing as it may be to find out that someone you really cared about never cared about you in the same way, at the very least it should give her closure. She should be able to move onto another relationship.

Circling back to Kanisha, she did the best this week for the first time in a while.

She managed to juggle her mom and Keenan very well, and she left a really good impression on him. She did by far the best.

Besides Jenna, this seemed like a drama-free episode.

Well, there’s a lot of animosity brewing between the girls and Taylor. A lot of the girls have completely resigned themselves to the boot camp at this point. All of them, actually, including Jenna, and they all suspect that Taylor is putting on a front. It comes to a nasty head in the next episode.

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