Secrets Of Aspen – Episode 3 Aftershow


Hey, guess what, guys: Secrets of Aspen resident frenemies are still at each others’ throats! In this week’s Aftershow, Laura charges that her friend/not-friend is a loser and has the bedside manner of a little rat. Awww, cuddly!

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s Secrets of Aspen Aftershow at its video page.

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  1. John C says:

    Seriously?! I have not and will not watch this retarded @$%* , but from the previews it looks like another shouting match between trashy women with too much Botox. Seen it before TOO MANY TIMES!!! Why not focus more on the music that this channel was started for? I hear enough unhappy people all day and this is the last thing I want to come home to.

  2. donie grange says:

    Please tell me who sponsers “Secrets of Aspen”, so I don’t buy any of their products. by the way did anyone connected to the show ever been to Aspen? Good thing I have a off switch on my tv.