VH1 Tough Love 2 Recap – Episode 9 – Mythbusting


We’re on the second to last episode of VH1 Tough Love 2. There were a few breakthroughs this week: Jenna and Angel let go of their pasts. Rocky embraced her future. And all of the women learned about what to expect from a real relationship, one based on honesty and acceptance. All this and a heaping portion of blah blah blah.


Despite the positives, Steve said everyone had a lot of growing to do with very little time left at the house. And since VH1 Tough Love is about challenging the ladies’ self-limiting beliefs, I wanted to dispel some myths from this week’s episode, too

After Steve dismissed the girls from group, Taylor parroted some of Steve’s advice at Jenna, urging her to spend some time with the woman in the mirror. The warm, orange, French-manicured mirror.


Jenna’s reaction during confessional: “Stop talking to me. You look like a drag queen and I want nothing to do with you.”

But there’s nothing wrong with looking like a drag queen. In fact, it’s really hard to do it well. Taylor probably wouldn’t take it as a compliment, but she should.

Later Steve sent the girls out for makeovers. This time the makeovers made the girls look 40 years older. Taylor tried to get out of the challenge by claiming that latex on her face makes her “claustrophobic.” Maybe she meant allergic? But according to the CDC, only 1-6% of the population is allergic to latex. So I think the word she was looking for was “pissed.”



The challenge wasn’t over yet. Steve then had all of the girls meet with some single seniors to talk about how holding out for the perfect man could leave them old and lonely. This left them all old and crying.


As if that weren’t painful enough, Steve later sent them off to mingle with a bunch of young single men, so they could learn to look forward to aging with dignity and grace. “I want to rip my face off,” Sally said.

Still, the makeup was meant to put Sally in her sixties–the same age as Goldie Hawn, Helen Mirren, and Susan Sarandon All these women still look great. And all of them still have their faces. So Rocky was the only one able to have fun and flirt, despite, looking like someone in the cast of Cocoon.


I don’t think this guy was fooled by the makeup. Rocky’s hands were a dead giveaway–they easily look 40 years younger than the rest of her. This is called an inverse-Madonna.

At the end of the episode, Taylor’s poor attitude during the challenge, plus her ongoing battles with Angel and the other women at the house, put her in the hot seat again. Her explanation: “I didn’t come here to make friends.”

That’s not a myth.

With the myth-dispelling aside, let’s go through a few additional points. There were a lot of tears this episode, because Steve did everything except tell them that they will all die in their own arms.

Watching Jenna cling to Jeremy, her uninterested longtime crush, was painful. So it was great to see this episode begin with Jenna brushing off Jeremy for good. She–literally–learned to hold her head up high.


Adam and Angel have the longest connection on this show, thanks in part to Adam’s honesty. For example, check out how he described his dad:




Tina’s date used this picturesque setting to tell her that he’s “not the marrying type.”


It’s almost like a Tennessee Williams play. Or an Elvis song. “Miss Augusta Rae, I thought I made my intentions clear.” That sort of thing.

Taylor has always dealt with criticism by lashing out. The women have always used two ways to deal with Taylor: 1) confront her or 2) completely ignore her. This week had the best examples of these coping strategies.

But when she went for the “low blow” and claimed that Angel’s family didn’t love her enough to visit her at the house…


…it was like someone dropped a bomb in the room. A warm, orange, French-manicured bomb.

– Jessica Suarez

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