VH1 Tough Love 2 Recap – Episode 9 – Mythbusting


We’re on the second to last episode of VH1 Tough Love 2. There were a few breakthroughs this week: Jenna and Angel let go of their pasts. Rocky embraced her future. And all of the women learned about what to expect from a real relationship, one based on honesty and acceptance. All this and a heaping portion of blah blah blah.


Despite the positives, Steve said everyone had a lot of growing to do with very little time left at the house. And since VH1 Tough Love is about challenging the ladies’ self-limiting beliefs, I wanted to dispel some myths from this week’s episode, too

After Steve dismissed the girls from group, Taylor parroted some of Steve’s advice at Jenna, urging her to spend some time with the woman in the mirror. The warm, orange, French-manicured mirror.


Jenna’s reaction during confessional: “Stop talking to me. You look like a drag queen and I want nothing to do with you.”

But there’s nothing wrong with looking like a drag queen. In fact, it’s really hard to do it well. Taylor probably wouldn’t take it as a compliment, but she should.

Later Steve sent the girls out for makeovers. This time the makeovers made the girls look 40 years older. Taylor tried to get out of the challenge by claiming that latex on her face makes her “claustrophobic.” Maybe she meant allergic? But according to the CDC, only 1-6% of the population is allergic to latex. So I think the word she was looking for was “pissed.”



The challenge wasn’t over yet. Steve then had all of the girls meet with some single seniors to talk about how holding out for the perfect man could leave them old and lonely. This left them all old and crying.


As if that weren’t painful enough, Steve later sent them off to mingle with a bunch of young single men, so they could learn to look forward to aging with dignity and grace. “I want to rip my face off,” Sally said.

Still, the makeup was meant to put Sally in her sixties–the same age as Goldie Hawn, Helen Mirren, and Susan Sarandon All these women still look great. And all of them still have their faces. So Rocky was the only one able to have fun and flirt, despite, looking like someone in the cast of Cocoon.


I don’t think this guy was fooled by the makeup. Rocky’s hands were a dead giveaway–they easily look 40 years younger than the rest of her. This is called an inverse-Madonna.

At the end of the episode, Taylor’s poor attitude during the challenge, plus her ongoing battles with Angel and the other women at the house, put her in the hot seat again. Her explanation: “I didn’t come here to make friends.”

That’s not a myth.

With the myth-dispelling aside, let’s go through a few additional points. There were a lot of tears this episode, because Steve did everything except tell them that they will all die in their own arms.

Watching Jenna cling to Jeremy, her uninterested longtime crush, was painful. So it was great to see this episode begin with Jenna brushing off Jeremy for good. She–literally–learned to hold her head up high.


Adam and Angel have the longest connection on this show, thanks in part to Adam’s honesty. For example, check out how he described his dad:




Tina’s date used this picturesque setting to tell her that he’s “not the marrying type.”


It’s almost like a Tennessee Williams play. Or an Elvis song. “Miss Augusta Rae, I thought I made my intentions clear.” That sort of thing.

Taylor has always dealt with criticism by lashing out. The women have always used two ways to deal with Taylor: 1) confront her or 2) completely ignore her. This week had the best examples of these coping strategies.

But when she went for the “low blow” and claimed that Angel’s family didn’t love her enough to visit her at the house…


…it was like someone dropped a bomb in the room. A warm, orange, French-manicured bomb.

– Jessica Suarez

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  1. femmefatale26 says:

    I don’t know why steve brought taylor back. I have never seen anyone as self absorbed, selfish, and immature as her. If I were willie I would grab my kid and run in the other direction as quickly as humanly possible. for her to take such a low blow on angel and say that her family not being there was her fault, I wanted to punch her right in the back of the head. Someone really needs to put that fat little oompa-loompa in her place. She thinks she’s the cutest thing to walk the face of this green earth, well I got news for her. She could be a cute girl but she is the ugliest person I’ve ever seen because of her personality. She is completely unwilling to change and no one needs to waste their time on that bag of hot air… GROW UP TAYLOR!!!

  2. jenna says:

    i loved seeing rocky with her daughter on this episode. it was so touching, her daughter seemed like such a good girl. usually i think rocky is a little crazy, but seeing her maternal side on this episode totally changed my view of her. =)

  3. LeeNan Hayden says:

    My Dear Darling Steve, regarding the episode1/17/10. I am so disappointed.i am 61 yrs young! You are so adorable but so wrong. the 61 of today is not the majority of what your show exposed tonite. My fellow female comrades of today are awesomely beautiful and we take care of ourselves better than then young women on your show. We are so totally aware of our bodies and independence and decisions we make. Taylor is right on! Put that make up on girl! Proud 0f YOU!Age should not stop your taking care of your self! The make up for 20yrs later…over exagerated.Steve, my sweetheart,the 61 yrs young women are amazing, and better than when we were in our 20′s & 30′s, etc. I think you know that. The aging make up you put them in was not true. It makes me sad because I really thought you were the most
    adorable and real man/person until I saw tonite. How could you put the gals thru that aging process. It is not today my darling Steve. I would hope your mom would agree as lovely as she is. Steve, Steve, Steve…too bad the show has already been taped and my comment cannot be used for this episode. I respect your knowledge of relationships, but, you are are guy…respectfully…would love to meet you my darling and chat about life…Peace and be well

  4. Eric says:

    What’s the deal w/Angel Moore. She’s so pretty. She looks Filipino or Hawaiin or some sort of Euroasian. What’s her story? Her real story? I wonder? And what’s the deal w/Jenna Santana’s square jaw. Santana is a Hispanic sir name. She’s a sweet sensitive girl which is why she’s so emotional. What’s the deal w/the way Vh-1 is portraying Taylor? She cried more than anyone when the single old ladies were telling their stories. No one wants to focus on the good. That blond girl with the southern accent is annoying. She does not ask intelligent questions. She is really annoying.

  5. Olivv says:

    Team Taylor. The the other girls are stupid, and annoying. And wtf,when you get old you are allowed to wear makeup, and the mojority of old people don’t look like that anyway, so why was everyone getting mad at her for putting on makeup. Going to the restaurant or whatever the way the other girls were dressed is unrealistic.

  6. Supermodel4u305 says:

    Angel and Jenna are super super annoying. Angel just gets more annoying by the episode. I really can’t help but like Taylor the most because the rest of those idiots are fake and weak. Go Taylor!

  7. marie says:

    I like taylor. The other girls are petty and annoying. So what if Taylor wants to put on makeup big deal. If I was looking that I would have wanted to make the best of the situation and deal with it. Instead of whinning.

  8. Layna says:

    Taylor…. U GO GIRL!!!! You are my favorite one on the show!!! I love you and think you are an amazing woman. Your choice to wear make up was right on. I would’ve done the same thing. I don’t leave the house without it. Make up is to enhance your beauty or to mask any flaws you may have… You worked it girl!!! I work in the beauty industry and I am soooooo proud of you!!!!! Jenna is a hot mess!!! She’s two-faced, back stabbing, ugly, and she cries too much. Go in a corner and feel sorry for yourself… your lame. Angel is the fakest one on the show. It was your choice to be a stripper… own it!!! You looked like a complete ass when his mom asked you what you do. If you are ashamed of it why did you do it???? Grow up. You had a trashy job that no self-respecting woman would ever take, so take responsibility for it!!! Liz…. is your hair parted too far over? It looks like a bad wig. A lil’ advice, shut your annoying mouth and practice parting your hair where the part should go. I think “y’all” should try to be more like Taylor, say what you feel and live your own life…. Who are you to judge anyone???? P.S. I love the show and everyone else, minus Liz, Angel, and Jenna… you’re gross.

  9. Tim says:

    This is such a great show even for a single guy. Bottom line is that the truth really hurts when it comes to change for both men and women. It is very unfortunate to see soooooo many beautiful women who are lost and not even living on this planet. They are not even aware of there surroundings these days because of all the pressure to be beautiful. It is like they are so self-conscious about their image that they wouldn’t know a good man if one fell in their lap. When they see a good man with good looks they run for the hills and completely ignore him in passing in the grocery store. IT IS SAD!! Not only that but they are so busy texting and talking on the cell phone or hanging out with friends or other guys that they miss everything. When will they “wake-up”, “grow-up”, become accountable and stop playing little princess party-girl, get some courage and go after the guy they want. Oh yeah, it is the year 2010 ladies, being OLD-FASHIONED is no longer a valid excuse for allowing your looks to do all the work for you.

  10. Jeremy Madrigal says:

    as long as Taylor sees herself as “perfect” just the way she is she will never have a real, meaningful relationship. nobody i know wants a girl like taylor as an actual girlfriend, she is a piece of eyecandy, and way to high maintanance. with Willie being a dad, there is no way he is going to keep her around for long, she is a perfect example of what not to be when you grow up, but first Taylor has to grow up. somehow she needs to be humbled and her i’m better than you attitude permamnantly broken.

  11. Jeremy Madrigal says:

    is it me or is “rocky” not getting any tv time? trust me i am not complaining one bit! i stopped watching i think my kid is a star because of her. and is it me or can we say plastic surgery addict? she looks like a pretty version of Hiedi Fliess, and that isn’t saying much anyways. this is a horrible looking cast this season, Sally, sweet little Sally is about the only good looking one this season.

  12. TVannie says:

    Taylor was way over the line when she made the comment about Angel’s parents. What kind of a person does that ? The kind that has no heart. She is putting on a show. Steve told her that her relationship with her boyfriend’s daughter was key, she put on the best mommy show I’ve seen in a long time.

    If Taylor was not around Steve, she would already be out of her relationship because she would have completely shown her true gold-digging self.

    But on the other end of the spectrum, I hope that Liz and her guy work it out. I think they are really in love. Although, he should have told her that he was married before. Telling her now is kind of far along in the relationship. I hope they can move ahead.

  13. J says:

    taylorr is maddd uglyy… loll btw i dont noe why ppl acually watch this showw -__-

  14. words to layna... says:


  15. AmeRisIaNGrl31 says:

    Taylor is awesome and keeps it going. Why were the girls tripping that she was putting make-up on? I’d be laughing if I was there. Seems like Taylor, the 2 black girls, the 31 year old and Rocky are the only ones learning anything and I think Jenna cries way too much and is annoying, she should embrace her new body and own it, there is a way to be secretely insecure. The white southern girl is overly picky, why is she on the show? I’ll take the guy if she doesn’t want him! And how can Steve really help these girls if they’re always overly sensitive and crying? AnNOyINg!!!But in the end, will be excited if all the girls end up with a potential future mate especially Jenna, big ups to her and changing her life on tv, her dude is gorgeous and doesn’t seem that into her but for her, I hope he is, maybe he’s just not outgoing. And lastly, Taylor doesn’t look like a drag queen, she’s gorgeous and just cakes on too much make-up when she doesn’t have too. Wish all the girls luck and hope to see them happy and in love!!! Positive thinking in all aspects of life goes a long way!!!

  16. Bree says:

    Rocky was so right when she called Taylor both narcissistic and insecure. She’s narcissistic in the sense that she is overly preoccupied with herself, but that narcissism and the way she carries on as if she’s the hottest thing to ever walk the earth is clearly a thin cover for deep, deep issues of self-esteem. No one grooms and preens like that if they don’t have something to hide. I think she’s probably tried for years to develop this veneer of overwhelming confidence, but inside, she is very sensitive, and is afraid to show people who she really is for fear of rejection. She exists in a delusion so severe that I can barely imagine it. You can tell she’s not the “f you, I’m gonna do what I want, and I don’t care what you think” kind of person she pretends to be by how much it affected her to know the girls were having problems with her. If she genuinely felt she wasn’t there to make friends, she wouldn’t have approached the girls and ask if anyone had a problem at all, let alone be so upset by it. She’s scared to change and make herself vulnerable, but it’s the only way to get better. I thought she was learning that last season, but she seems worse than when she first stepped in the door. Overall, I feel sad for her, and really wonder what could have happened in her life to make her this way.

    I wish this season focused a little more on back stories like it did last season. Yeah, we know one or two things about the girls, but I feel like last season the women really worked to think about how their pasts have affected who they are, and trying to come to terms with those things. For instance, it really explained Taylor a lot when we learned that she had to give a baby up for adoption because she couldn’t afford it. I think this season has focused more on drama and superficial things, i.e. this ridiculous old age challenge. Do a challenge about going out with no make-up or without your hair done if you really want the women to set aside their vanity issues.

    Also, I’m really happy for the girls that are finding love! I hope Tina finds a guy who wants to marry with whom she clicks as much as Quincy.

  17. Lafemme says:

    I just realized why Kanisha is from that show, Farmer Wants a Wife.

  18. HP says:

    I like the show but I wish it would focus more on the advice and not the silliness. Making the ladies dress-up like “old woman” was not only dumb but extremely disrespectful to the ladies who came to speak to the boot campers.

  19. Katie says:

    hello my name is Katie im 21 and from Wisconsin…i love watching this show.. every girls story relates to me in a way…i have never had a decent realationship and im getting SICK of dating…im just wondering how i apply for the show..so if you could e-mail me that would be great!

  20. erin says:

    Dear VH1,
    My husband and i have been watching since season 1, episode 1. We. Love. This. Show. SO. Much.
    We cannot understand why it’s not drawing as many people as American Idol, and why none of our friends have already heard of it (and been watching as avidly) as ourselves. Maybe it needs to remain less well-known to maintain its integrity, but if not: get to marketing! This is a diamond among the coalheap for VH1.
    It’s a great premise, it’s engaging, and yes there’s definitely a train-wreck compelling quality as in so many other reality shows. BUT the thing that keeps us coming back is that the women are actually getting HELP. There’s no competition, it’s about growing up and getting ready to be ready for real love.
    Steve is my favorite… really, i think if he could clone himself every girl would walk from that show happy. The “hot seat” is HOT. Seriously. Stern/lecturing/scolding Steve is HOT. I wouldn’t want it to be overdone and become caricturish (?) but he’s got the moves, baby!!
    We’ll continue to tell our friends how awesome TL is, and we hope that it’ll get more play via advertising so we can enjoy this with more of our friends.
    Definitely Renew!!!!

  21. LovelyBones says:

    TEAM ANGEL! Taylor is TRASH!!!!!!! I don’t understand why anyone would take Taylor’s side on this one. Angel has faced every road block with grace and elegance and humor. I think she is a huge role model for girls out there who have had similar problems! She turned every one of her flaws into something beautiful and is so inspiring! I love her style too! Sometimes I just want to jump through the screen and rip Taylor apart! She looks like an orange sloth! I feel like if she ends up slapping Angel, Angel will be stuck with an orange imprint on her face for the rest of her life. Gross. If you are readin this Angel, YOU ROCK! Everyone I talk to who watches the show agrees that you and Adam are by far the best couple!

  22. sheilah says:

    I am a single woman over 50, who took offense at the implication that if you find yourself my age and alone, you’re a loser! Granted, some of the issues that the older women in the panel brought up are valid, however I’m sure they are still great people, who have meaningful lives. Most single individuals are actually OKAY, that is until smug married people or ‘arrogant reality TV matchmakers’ imply otherwise. Also, the over exaggerated aging makeup, gray hair, and flannel nighties that the ‘girls’ were made to wear was in no way an accurate or fair example of someone in their 60′s, or even 70′s. First and foremost these ‘girls’ all need to grow up and concentrate on being good human beings and contributing to society…the rest will fall into place….maturity has its benefits

  23. Rosie says:

    Taylor is a @$%!%@%!!! Steve should’ve NEVER given her a second chance. If she didn’t learn the first time, what makes him think she’ll learn now? She’s too selfish and like someone previously said “she is UGLY ON THE OUTSIDE AND INSIDE”. PLEASE GET RID OF HER STEVE!!! Don’t waste your time or the other girls time with her DRAMA! I think she wants her own TV show. . . .

  24. Anna Hoo says:

    The fear about Taylor is true, she can attack others around her, she will attack that little girl. Over anything, she will not make a good girlfriend for any man that has children, she needs to center of all. The guy need to run and not look back.

  25. joe scott says:

    You know i’m just puttin this out there… if only i had a chance to be on this show…God!!! As a guy i’ve been through so much and dated every single type of girl that is on this season… steve just let me get on there and have a little say!…me i’m a nobody…i just have a thing of two about relationships…

  26. Cocorona says:

    Every single one of those girls had a negative attitude about Taylor the minute she walked in. Angel is obviously jealous of Taylor as are most of the other girls there. Taylor is a confident, honest, beautiful woman who was a good friend to Angel. Everything Taylor said about or to Angel was the truth even if nobody liked it. That’s tough love.

  27. Cocorona says:

    Every single one of those girls had a negative attitude about Taylor the minute she walked in. Angel is obviously jealous of Taylor as are most of the other girls there. Taylor is a confident, honest, beautiful woman who was a good friend to Angel. Everything Taylor said about or to Angel was the truth even if nobody liked it. That’s tough love. Go Taylor!!

  28. areukiddinme says:

    hey cocorona …angel jealous of taylor sorry NOT…no comparison….for sure 2 diff. kind of people….the girls and steve said the truth also even if taylor didn’t like it that’s tough love…we all have good and bad things about us and we all can’t be liked by everyone….i’ll bet even you as well as my self…that’s LOVE…alot of you seem to forget they edit alot on these show’s so it seems as though things are different than they do when we see it. some of you take it so serious and write such mean comments..calm down a little…

  29. Huxley says:

    It actually pains me to watch Taylor when she speaks. She’s too ignorant to be ashamed of her behavior and is lacking any semblance of self-awareness. I have to tell myself that even reality shows are over-produced and her antics must be in anticipation of getting her own show because I can’t accept that a person could be so trashy and pathetic without it being an act. It’s like a car wreck. Taylor disrespects Angel for dancing despite the fact that she was doing it to support her son. Sacrifice of any kind is a huge part of being a parent. However, people seem to forget that Taylor had a child and gave it up because she couldn’t make ends meet. They both did what they had to do as mothers but Taylor can’t seem to wrap her make-up addled head around that. She doesn’t seem to have shame OR critical thinking skills.

  30. Delia Vega says:

    all you girls are doing do welll
    P.S. tell the shy one to step it up


  31. Michelle says:

    I want to see this episode and for some reason it is the one episode not on here…does anyone know where I could go watch it? I’ve tried this website, youtube, and hulu.


  32. charlie says:

    I would like to know the name of the seniors group Steve had on the show for episode 9. My mother can really use that…Thanks

  33. Mikama says:

    i will love to be a part of tough Love when is the audition i live in Florida