Fantasia For Real Recap – Episode 2 – Faces Of Tasia


In the words of ‘Tasia last episode…



Because Fantasia displays such an array of emotion that you could practically convey the action of her reality show’s storyline just by reading her expressions, we’ll continue to do that, just like we did last week in the premiere-episode recap. We start with her I-mean-business face:


This is her talking about storming her record company and demanding “Move On Me” be made a single. She’s sick of people asking her where her album is so she says it to a label exec straight-up: “I feel like ‘Move on Me’ is a single, how ‘bout it?”


He disagrees. And so, ‘Tasia busts out her Missy-got-my-back face:


Missy Elliott “who by the way loves ‘Move on Me,’” according to ‘Tasia, has offered to produce something even hotter for her album, according to the suit. Fantasia doesn’t care. She wants it out and she wants it out now. “I don’t want to come up here anymore,” she tells the exec. “Next time I come here, I’m not coming to fight. I’m coming with my gun.” Well, no one ever accused her of lacking in passion! It seems like a great time to segue to her murderous-intent face:


Don’t let the soft eyes fool you, here’s what she says as accompaniment to this expression: “If Teeny goes over the budget, I’m going to kill him.” She sets Teeny’s studio-building budget at $8,000. Teeny, as you can see in the first screen shot of this recap, ends up spending five times that amount. Fantasia doesn’t actually kill him, but if she did, he’d probably end up looking like this:


He wouldn’t die, just come back as a zombie but instead of moaning, “Brains…” he’d be all, “Income. Must consuuuuume…”

Anyway, this leads to Fantasia’s over-it/irritated face…


…which leads to her kicking Teeny out…


…and Teeny doing so while saying that we’ll never see him back in that house, which yeah right.

But! There is a kink in the emotions. Fantasia ends up putting on a remorseful face when she sees the result of Teeny’s work…


“I wish my brother was here to see me see it!” she said, surveying Teeny’s admittedly banging but over-budget decision…


And, you know, he wasn’t there to see it, but at least the cameras were! Next best thing in these uber-connected times.

Of course, don’t get Fantasia’s remorseful face confused with a reconciliation face…


She still doesn’t want to talk to him. Why go over-budget on compassion, too?

But at the same time, why not spend more money? Fantasia now has to furnish that studio, so she puts on her buyer’s face:


“I like…different thangs,” she says. “As long as nobody else has it, that means ‘Tasia wants it.” At the very least, it’s refreshing to see her spend her own money, for a change.

Speaking of that, when Aunt Bunny visits Teeny in his new living space, he wants to know why Fantasia feels like she has a right get on him for not having a job.


Because supporting a grown man who refuses to work is damn frustrating, is probably the simplest answer. Does he really not get that? Does he really not get anything? One thing he does get, apparently, is roaches in this new living space:


This leads to the quote of the week (courtesy of Bunny): “You can’t defog when I’m in here! You can defog when I leave!” If only he approached his employment status with the same immediate-action response as the roaches! Then he wouldn’t be fighting with his family, and there also wouldn’t be roaches…maybe.

While things are looking down and infested for Teeny, they’re looking up for Fantasia, who puts on her triumphant-return face…


…and rejoins a stage production of The Color Purple. The footage we see suggest that everything’s coming up Fantasia! For once!

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  1. Chevelle says:

    I like the show cause Fantasia is dealing with issues that some families deal with everyday. I’m glad that she finally gave her brother the boot cause he seems spoiled by evryone for some reason and he needs to learn to make it on his own. Fantasia did; she followed and realized her dream. He need to do the same. he in the mean time need to put the footwork into it. And realize that everything dont come for free at the benefit of fantasia. And her mom needs to quit babying him also and quit making light of the things that hes doing or not doing. I think maybe she needs to get evryone out of her house where it can just be her and her child. Even if she has to hire a babysitter or nanny to help her out. Everyone needs to be independent. And there comes a time that fantasia needs to just step away from evrybody that hindering her cause in the long run she will be left holding the bag and no one will be around. I love You fantasia and keep up with the good work.

  2. dennis says:

    I’am so glad you put his a** out!.I know that’s your brother. But it’s a time and place of everything.He went too far. you should tell him to sell one of them cars. you got for him. because in the real world $40G’s. i could start a real job like doing lawn care are something. For him to do some sh** like that make happy that go out here and work damm hard for everything i have and that’s not much.

  3. Richard says:

    Oh ‘Tasia
    I am a black man who in the late 80′s and early ’90′s had a bit of success in the entertainment industry.I moved from Indianapolis, Indians to Los Angeles right out of High School. I was the oldest child in my family… 2 younger sisters and a father who had been gone for 20 something years.Before I moved, I was the sole provider for my family, even at an early age. My Mom was collecting Welfare , my sisters were still in school. I had been working from the time I was legally able and all my money went to them. I moved to Los Angeles and the first job I got was as a dancer in the Michael Jackson Music Video. Many followed that one. Because my family struggled with finances, I found myself in the same situation. Even though I was almost 3,000 miles away, I was expected to pay for everything in their lives. And at first I happily did. I had promised my Mom, as so many of us black males who’s father left, that I would take care of her “when I made it”. The key here is my Mom not my sisters.These were able bodies grown people that we are talking about. I tried to do what I thought I needed to do. I love my family, but truly I found that all I was doing was enabling them to leave their dreams and goals behind. It took me sometime to realize, but when I did I had to make changes. Keep in mind that those women were my life and I had done everything for them for years. I finally got it. I am not helping them… I am taking away their ambition. Although at the time they did not understand and called me everything but a child of God, they eventually got it.They understood and as a result they went on to accomplish things they never dreamed, and here’s the kicker,… out of necessity.
    I know that it was not easy to cut “Teeney” off , but I swear to you he will someday thank you. He will see that it is necessary to put his own dreams in motion, that your intentions have always been well meaning. You hold firm , he’ll thank you for it someday.
    Congrats on your new show and you can believe that I’ll be there every week. God Bless you, “Tasia”.
    Richard L Gaines

  4. MARIE says:


  5. nita says:

    Watching this show has made me vow to not purchase anymore of Fantasia’s music. My husband and I work really, really hard for our money and to support someone who is not handling her money or her responsibilites. Fantasia only concerns should be her daughter and herself. Everyone else in that house can work and should be working. Even her mom can work. To try to take care of overgrown people is ridiculous to me. My parents and my husband’s parents both taught us the value of hardwork. I really enjoy her music but I respect myself and the money that God provides for my family too much to waste it knowing that it is going to a group of people who are leeches and are waiting for the “world” to give them a handout.

  6. Brittany says:

    I like the show and it was bout time for Fantasia to put her foot down and let her brother Teenay get on his feet. Hopefully her single “Move on Me” will be on the radio real soon & the fans like me will call in and request it!! Your aunt Bunny tripps me out and she really do act like Madea but she keeps it (REAL)though & it was real what she said to Teenay.

  7. Moiciara says:

    I’m really feeling this show, because it’s nice to see an reality show with such a talented Artist such as Fantasia and the fact is that the management needs to let up the reigns and let “Move On Me” be the 1st single because I’m loving it I’ve been singing around the house for the past week lol. Love You Tasia stay focused, hungry and dedicated ow xoxo.

  8. Ally says:

    Although I like Fantasia’s singing, I’m not fond of the show. As an African-American woman, I’m embarassed. Why do we always have to go on TV and show the world how uneducated, impulsive, and irresponsible that some of us are? I take my hat off to her for going back to school to obtain her GED (I did when I was in my early 20′s) so that is all good, be a great example to your beautiful daughter. But this show reminds me of a less ghetto version of Frankie & Neffie. My apologies if I sound harsh, I would just love to see her do well and get her life in a healthy place off camera..And I am not even going to go there on the family…

  9. Rashod says:

    I just wanted to say i cant wait until the cd come out the 1st cd was great i bought 4 copies and the 2nd cd it was alright but i know you coming harder so just keep ur head up and and have faith and by the way im in love with move on me realtalk. NC finest Lumberton

  10. Keewi says:

    I like the show, and I really wish her the best. It seems to me, Fantasia’s Aunt Bunny is the only one who really understands & know that Teeny need to get it together. Fantasia’s mother act like it was just something petty that Teeny did. Fantasia, girl you better than me, because everybody would of been out the door.Except Aunt Bunny.

  11. Neika says:

    If I was Fantasia I would slap the HEll out of TEENAY!!!! 1st Off, Who the Hell do he think he is?????He should be ashame of living off his baby sister like that….He ain’t no better then a person off the streets, who don’t know Fantasia!!! All he do is use that poor child for what she got, and thats not RIGHT…. Teenay GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS & GET A JOB…YOU ARE MAKING YOUR SELF LOOK LAZY,SORRY,FAMILY GOLD DIGGER,SPOIL… Believe me thats not a good look for you suger…Fantasia THEM PEOPLE ARE GROWN!!! So treat them like IT… Your whole family act like KIDs… You Should Only Take Care Of Your Child & Mother, because she gave you LIFE!!! God Bless!!!

  12. Veronica Brooks says:

    Fantasia,I just realized you had a show on. I’m loving it. I didn’t see the american idol show the year that your were on. But I would love to if you have any extra tapes:) You are fantastic. You look great,and I love those hair do’s. Don’t let the nay-sayers discourage you. God is on your side, and he will lead you.

    As for your brother Teeny, he’s a bit loud and obnoxious, but cute. Don’t be too hard on him. Because God is leading him also. By the way, your studio is gorgeous.

    Thanks for this opportunity to talk with you. I wish you the best.


  13. msrobinson says:

    I believe Fantasia is really doing what’s right by putting her foot down with her brother.Family or not if she looses everything Teeny would not be able to support her and her child.I think he needs to grow up and stand on his own two feet, it seems as if he feels like Fantasia owes him for what she has accomplished.Good Luck Fantasia on your journey!!
    P.S. You have to put
    your foot down
    or you will
    be taking
    for granted.

  14. Mrs.Roberts says:

    Tasia,Tasia,tasia,tasia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man u r to reel for the people dont change for anyone! I feel that ur mom needs her own house with her own budget. You need to be able to go home relax, chill , consult the Lord in peace.When can u run around the house necade really free like free urself or truth is u never get a break! Ok u know those were my songs! Also tasia i know u read these blogs have u ever thought of making a R&B Gospel album I’m saying i seen u commenting on stc on bet. Erupts wife sings gospel r&B that would be playa or even do a song with them!this is my email just think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Until then do u and let ur brother live his life! tears or no tears

  15. JOYCE says:


  16. Monike says:

    Love It Fantasia’…keep it going much footaage..I so cant wait from week to week!!

  17. Tomika says:

    Your brother should not live off your hard work, that is not your job . He is a man or at least he call hisself one, he needs a job to subport his habits. You should not lay the stress or burden on yourself to continue to bless him the way you have been. God blessed you and yes it is okay to help family but family needs to help themselves too and not depend on you. Just because you are blessed doesn’t mean he is intilted to everything you have. This is where people mess up because they try to pull everyone with them .

  18. Mary J. says:

    I really want to watch this show but its hard because Fantasia brother disgust me. He is about me,me, and more me riding her coat tail. But most of all I see on national television the stereo type white america has put on our black men, don’t want to work, just want a hand out, uneducated or least he talk like it. We have some strong black men that are really trying to have something by working for it and doing what needs to be done to be successful. I dont like this portrayal of black men.

  19. TDixon says:

    Tasia needs to stay strong and stick to her guns. She needs to worry about herself and her beautiful daughter and stop trying to take care of her whole family. I know family is important, and so is her and her daughter dreams. Everybody is an adult and is able to get out and get a job. If not kick everybody out, and go your for dreams. When she is broke and don’t have a thing, who is going to take care of TASIA?

  20. Lois Suttles says:

    I think that Fantasia did the right thing by putting her brother out. He is a grown man and needs to stand on his own two feets. She has given him to much already. It seems he want’s everything handed to him. How many cars did Fantasia buy him? She needs to start rebuilding her future. She is a beautiful person and a great singer.

  21. friskay says:

    ok..tasia’s brother teeney, tiny or what the heck over is a bum. if he has a woman that woman needs to be smacked. i cant believe that grown a.. man is USING his sister. girl wake the heck up cause family will use you before a friend. get a job tiny. such a freaking turn off. and to see him on tv proudly saying he dont work is crazy to me

  22. Dee says:

    Hey Fantasia how are u. I thinking your brother out was wrong. People talking all about you taking care of your family and kicking your brother out is your problem. Let me say something. Family is blood and your brother is blood. No matter what he has done wrong. U need to forgive him and pray. Not for what he has become but for what he could become one day. Times are rough. And family is all you got. When my mother tried to kick my brother out he left and got shot with 3 bullets in the back and one on his arm. I am grateful he is still living and with an angel by our side to guide him. We don’t see his fall outs we accept him for who he is today because you never know what tomorrow may bring. I think he should come back home. Not at an apartment that is roach invested. You just made him suffer. I love you girl but god loves his children too much to see a family breaks apart. Those are your blood. That is your brother and not some stranger you let move to your house. Good luck on your music, follow years dreams no matter how much your fall just get back up and reach the stars again because you are a star today and tomorrow. Love u girl.And God bless. Go get your brother back.

  23. shaene says:

    You go Fantasia i wish u all the success u ever wished for. I pray that the almighty will continue blessing u wth the power to touch more people in a positive way as your story and voice has touched me. I love u Fantasia and remember,’the sky is not the limit the limit is as far as you push it.’
    SHALENE WILSON author of ‘Poetic Wings’

  24. LaTonya says:

    I have loved Fantasia since American Idol; I actually didn’t really care for the show until that point. None the less I have enjoyed what I have seen, and I honestly feel some of her pain only because I know that these kinda things happen with family when money becomes the focal point. I want to wish Fantasia the best at her career, and the best for her life. We only have a onetime event to live, and if we allow others to live it for us then we have missed our time to shine. God has anointed her voice to do what she does, and with that comes a great responsibility…but one thing she can definitely say that whatever God anoints he approves, so he (God) got her back. Stay strong my sister and just trust the very one who made this all a reality for you…….put it in his hands and allow him to do it, but be smart all at the same time. I understand loving your brother the way you do…I have two brothers and I had an uncle who was like brother number 3, but when he passed June28, 2008 it shocked me into a place that I wouldn’t wish for anyone… do what you have to do to make him a better person, but don’t allow anything to interrupt that love. Live, love, laugh baby girl……you got people praying for you out here… (My mother is one she has been praying since the Idol and never stopped.) Be strong and stay real…please stay real.

  25. joyce barnett says:

    This is ridiculous!! Tasia does not need to be supporting six people on her income,, Mom I can see. As far as her lazy brother goes, he would not see a red dime from me. It is hurting more than it is helping. No, no , no ten thousand times.

  26. Diane says:

    Fantasia Ilove your show, but you got to get it together
    with your brother.He is a grown ass boy, because he is not a man yet, your mom says he want to do something to
    make you proud of him, you will be when he do something using his own money.don’t let that brother of yours bring you down.Instead of your mom telling you to work it out with him, she needs to be telling him to be his own man and take of his self.Love you tasia ,
    God bless you!

  27. tonya lampkin says:

    yes i have to agree that was alitlle over not right at all. your brother should have notice the blessing that was presented before him.(and that is to have a sister that would even think about giving him the chance to get rich with what he was gifted)sad to say some people can be so selfish with a chance of a life time and to add insult to injury(just blow that chance) just by looking at your story that aired a few years ago. and seeing how hard it was to even get to where you are now that my god shouldnt go unrecognized. but in the end if you give a man a fish he will always be hungry. but you teach him how to fish and he will see his own way. and that is written god bless hope you show is successful

  28. Doonie says:

    Tasia I’m a big fan of yours and I love your music. I’m kinda skeptical about your t.v. reality show. The reason is because your show focus more on your family than you. Yeah I would like to see how your handling life situations, and your sweet daughter, and you get your GED. But I’m tired of watching your sick brother. All i’m saying is make the money and don’t let the money make YOU!! Your very talented and I wish the best in all your career moves and hurry and drop the CD!!!!

  29. Doonie says:

    Tasia I’m a big fan of yours and I think your very talented. Your show don’t get my undivided attention because tooo much is about your ungrateful family. I want to see how your handling life situations,you having out with your daughter, working on getting your GED and your singing career not looking at your brother every five minutes.Keep your head up and please make that money but sweetie don’t let the money make YOU. Hurry & drop that CD and God Bless!!!

  30. ladywt says:

    Nita yo ass is crazy! pay attention to the show. she was 19 when she received all this money and of course she wanted to take care of her family. She has admitted over and over again that she has created a monster. She now knows better and shes trying to do better. Either you are a fan or NOT!!!

  31. ToyLow says:

    Tasia….your Brother is 28 and does not have career..That’s jus GROSS

  32. Niyana says:

    Fantasia i love your shows ,but your brother is a leach .He needs to find him a job and get his life together and have his own life,Make his own money and stay in a ADULTS PLACE !!!!!!!!

  33. samantha says:

    Hi I think your brother is taking advantage of you. He should be uplifting you. I hate to see black men act like that. He should know better, he know the struggle you had in your life, and he was a part of that struggle too, he should not want you to go back to where you was before American idol. I AM ASHAMED OF HIM. THE ONLY PERSON I FELL SHOULD BE LIVING WITH YOU, OR A MATTER OF FACT YOU SHOULD BE TAKING CARE OF IS YOU’RE MOM AND YOUR BABY. Everyone else should leave. You help enough, it time for you to be your own woman. I love your show, but you must cut your brother out the show. I will buy your album. I love you very much. And I think you are an inspiration to young women who is struggling right now in their lives. I wish you the best. Can’t wait to see next week episode. Make us black folk’s proud. By the way I think your manager is very cute, tell him I say hay how you doing .

  34. Michelle says:

    Fantasia, I don’t even know where to start. I am so disappointed, digusted, perplexed… need I go on. What I have seen displayed in your reality show is nothing short of ghetto and distasteful. With the economy the way it is and the way people are struggling day-to-day to make ends meet… you have the audacity to say you need a hit desperately because of the number of people you have to take care of. And these are not disabled people, but rather well-bodied people who can very well take care of themselves. When you won idol and started making money, I understand that you wanted to be a blessing to your family. However, you can do that without totally taking care of them. This includes your mother. I understand that your mother is an evangelist; certainly that generates some revenue. I also understand that she has remarried since divorcing your father. Where is her husband? HE is to be her source of support… NOT YOU! I would be surprised at all if you didn’t have her husband living in the house with you and that tidbit of information just hasn’t been shared in the show. And with me saying she has remarried, that brings up another questions… why does she hyphenate her name Barrino-Barber? I’ve never known a woman to divorce and remarry and continue to use/keep the first husband’s name and hyphenate it with the second husband’s name! Now that is some MESS if ever I have seen a mess. I would say it is country… but there are country folks who know better than that. That’s some mess you would see on Jerry Springer.

    Understand something my sister… the only person you need to be taking care of is YOUR DAUGTHER. I am truly bothered by what is being shown on your show! In many instances on the show you appear to be slow or disconnected. Your family is being reflected as totally disfunctional… especially your brother Teeny. He really appears to be troubled. And you have enabled his behavior. I really do not feel any sympathy for you. What your family is doing and has done to you… YOU have allowed. In life I have learned that you teach people how to treat you. You do this by ACCEPTING their behavior. You have ALLOWED these people to leach off of you. You have ALLOWED your money to be ran through like tap water… and I am sure you yourself have did your share of unnecessary spending in an effort to “keep up with the Jones’.” When will we learn to live within our means? Listen my sister, you don’t have anyone to impress and you don’t have to buy ellaborate and/or extravagent things to prove to the world you are successful. There are literally millionaires that walk among us daily that people would not even know or recognize all because they are low key.

    There is one last thing that I want to address. The bible tells us to honor our mother and father that our days will be longer upon the land which the lord has given to us. There is nothing that disturbs me more than when a child disrespects his/her parent(s). I don’t care if the parent(s) is wrong up one side and down the other. There is a way that we are to talk to them. There are just some things that we shouldn’t say or do. You have really crossed the line here. And to do it on television. I lost all levels of respect for you when you displayed such behavior. Regardless of what my parent(s) may have done to me or not done for me, I would never ever ever part my lips to curse them or show such disrepect… and especially in the eye of the public. There is NOTHING cute about that. Nothing at all. You should really feel ashamed; and I would say that a public apology is warrented in that you did what you did publicly! Two wrongs don’t make a right and you will reap what YOU sow. Sister you don’t want karma to come back and bite you in the butt. It could come back through your daughter or some other way. You just never know. That’s the thing about karma… you never know which way it will return to you. That’s why it pays to treat people right as you go through this life. Even if you feel like you are being done wrong or have been done wrong, continue to treat people the way you want to be treated. The bible tells us to love our enemies and those that spitefully use us. The same people you do wrong on your way to the top… you’ve got to meet the same people on your way back down. That’s real!!

    I am sure that it is your hope that this reality show will help you; however, I feel that it will hurt you in the long run. If not with your fans then certainly with your family. I am all about family. I believe that a family should be supportive of one another and have each other’s back. Stop airing your family’s dirty laundry in the streets. There are some things that should remain within the family. You are truly sacraficing your family for a dollar.

    I pray that you will get sensitive and in tune to the voice of God and allow HIM to direct you.

  35. Nikkki says:

    Sick of the whining! She had her chance and she blew all the money! Now that the economy sux, she gets a reality show?! REALLY???? Hmmmm, recession sux, and she must be feeling it! Too bad about the little people!!!!!

  36. Krishna says:

    Teeny is the epitome of a stereotypical black male: lazy, uneducated and a momma’s boy. He will leave once the money runs out. And Fanny’s mother is pathetic as well…sponging off Fanny and expecting her to take care of her and the whole family. Lazy mother.

  37. Temetra from Milwaukee says:

    You go girl….. for handling all your situations that shouldn’t be! I’m glad that you have put your foot down and don’t let Teeny or any one for that matter take you out of your comfort zone..straight up

  38. Jules says:

    I am digusted that that dog is treated so inhumanely by her brother, and they all ignore it. I saw Fantasia has a dog herself and it looked to be treated well, so why would you stand by and ignore this situation. I saw a dog kept in a crate for no reason since he was there and it looked extremely distressed and when it expressed its feelings by barking ferociously what did he do scream at it. This is why pit bulls have a bad rap because people like you treat them badly and then they do behave accordingly. I will never watch this show again because I cannot support this having two happy healthy pit bulls myself!

  39. Arlea says:

    I really respect evereything about you and you should never give up:

  40. Tamra says:

    Fantasia’s relationship with her family is unhealthy. When she won the 1st round of A.I. & went to Hollywood, they assumed they did too! (Her money is their money)These people depend on Tasia like a welfare check. They are leeches that will leave her devastated, played out and a broke has-bin in the end: much like the leeches in MC Hammer’s life. Something is wrong with Fantasia’s Mother which explains why Teeny is a poor excuse for a man. She still makes excuses and handicap this grown azz man. Is he the “Pseudo” man in her life? No wonder a lot of black men grow up dysfunctional and are lazy. They are a lot like Teeny: sorry & no good for nothing. When Tasia’s mom drop the grandchild off at school, she could be going to beauty school or something to earn a livelyhood. What is wrong with these lazy people? Aunt Bunny is the only one that makes sense. However, Teeny is fine living in his Roach Motel with that aggravating dog. Now, he sees how Tasia feels when she’s irritated by him. I hope that Fantasia will focus on paying her bills & mortgage off in case her career takes a sour note. At least she will always have her home. Why is Teeny still driving after he stated that he doesn’t have a license at the age of 28? What is wrong with the police of NC? (lame)

  41. Diva says:


    Fantasia has a 27 year old brother who:
    1.Has NEVER had a job.
    2.Lives in Fantasia’s house.
    3.Drives a Chrysler 300 that she purchased.
    4.And spends her money like a crackhead who just hit the lotto.

  42. keondra williams says:

    i love the show gurl stay strong :)

  43. Velteena Stanley says:

    Fantasia I think that you are the best. I am 55 yrs old and you are my idol. You can only help people, family so much. A person has to want to help themselves. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Jesus was there he couldn’t help everybody not because he could not but because they would not accept him and those that did, does stand out on their own. I am sure you here it The Lord will make a way, well He has already but what are we doing. Enough is enough, you have to live for your child. All the adults that are not trying they need to as my grands say keep it movin. What goes on in your life is your choice. We cannot always do good but we can treat other right. This is all God expects of us. Also it will be nice for you to do a gospel cd. I love to hear you sing He’s done enough. Gospel is definitely you.God bless and do the Godly things not trying to do the goodly things. My prayers are with you daily and family. God bless.

  44. LATISHA .Y says:


  45. Mystique says:

    I too am disgusted, literally sick to my stomach, to see or even hear her ignorant brother refusing to work. He truly does have a sense of entitlement to YOUR cash. I hope you don’t end up with a 50 yr old brother, still leeching off you. That’s why parents put kids out at a certain age, so they can learn how to survive on their own, if they face hard times they can always count on us,come back home…temporarily, but here he is not even your child, he is a grown, lazy, bum…and best believe he will call you every name in the book, list stuff he claims he’s done for you in the past, but FOR HIS OWN GOOD AS WELL AS YOURS, don’t let this man back in your house and get rid of everyone else,except your mama, unless she has a husband who should be taking care of her. I know you might say, “forget ya, it’s my money, and that’s my brother!”, but girl listen to the voice of reason, He needs a real job, his own place, and his own money. He is just sickening, you hear that bum my, I mean teeny?Best of luck to tasia and her daughter, her you can spoil!!

  46. jonna says:

    fantasia i really luv your show but….u should have been put teeny out and should not feel bad because he is old enough and should be on his own,even his girlfirend agrees with you and he takes everything for a joke.dont let him bully and make you feel bad to where you allow him to move back.he needs to get a job and take care of himself and if he needs help,then he can ask for your help and not demand you foot the bills he have a daughter to look after and she should be your main concern and your mom should have your back on this and technically if you WOULDNT have won american idol none of them(mom included) would have what they have everybody should be thankful and not making you feel guilty about putting teeny out…you’ve done that right thing once again but hopefully you’ll stand by your decision and let him stay gone and if your mom doesnt agree then shame on her…

  47. Tyana,10 says:

    i think that Teenay wanted to do something for Fantasia.But i think that bunny was tryin to give Teenay some advice about coming back to the house to talk to Fantasia.i know that fantasia and teenay set a budget at $8,000.00but teenay went 5x as more.

  48. Blackface Records says:

    Fantasia was dating this guy on the low. Her brother is trying to be like this guy… Become a member of Jhonny Boy network and watch his jorney

  49. Blackface Records says:

    Fantasia was dating this guy on the low. Her brother is trying to be like this guy… Become a member of Jhonny Boy network and watch his jorney

  50. Blackface Records says:

    Fantasia was dating this guy on the low. Her brother is trying to be like this guy… Become a member of Jhonny Boy network and watch his jorney

  51. Shawana Cornell says:

    I really love the show. If the person reading this can pass a message to Fantasia, please tell her that I am praying for her. Tell her that I love her spirit and her energy is so contagious. She has a beautiful smile and tell her that if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Tell her when it gets too hard, listen to the song, For Every Mountain. The verse that I love the most, for every moutain you brought me over, for ever trial you’ve seen me through, for every blessing, Hallelujah, for this I give you praise. If this message ever gets to Fantasia, please tell her to praise Him anyhow. Praise Him in spite of what it looks like. Tell her to Keep her head up. Also, I LOVE her bomb style hair do’s, called my stylist so she can check out online since she doesn’t have cabl.

  52. I'm Praying for you says:

    Fantasia, I enjoy your show. I also enjoyed seeing you and your mother on the Gospel show. Your brother has big dreams with no money. Most family members try to lay a guilt trip on you when you get money.Now singing is your career stay focus God gave you a gift. Don’t let your family blow it for you. They should earning the money you give them, somebody can go to school for business/management, somebody can go for law. Your main responsibility is your daughter. Your brother is a grown dusty behind man. He needs to start acting like one.

  53. crystal says:

    What we see on Fantasia with regard to her lazy, no future having brother is quite prevalent in the inner city where there is no father and mothers emasculate their boys. There are no demands, standards to met, expectations, they are allowed to hang out on the couch all day and this is the result – a 26 yr old man without a vision smooching off of his sister with no remorse. In fact he seems to think he is entitled to her $ that she earned and his girlfriend tolerates this nonsense, so imagine him as a father, what a disaster. Women you are not preparing your sons to be independent, productive members of society when you tolerate this nonsense. Fantasia need’s to put this bum out of her house, for good.

  54. ROSE says:


  55. ShaQ says:

    Fantasia you have a good heart and a good soul. I just want to tell you that family is important, but family can bring you down. Sometimes if you do to much for family, you can end up hurting them more than helping.

  56. CHIPMUNKS144 says:

    $40,000 that’s is way to much money oh yeah and 8,000 dollars c’mon teenay get out of my house fantasia was in the house she say TEENAAAAY!!!!

  57. Brenda says:

    I have been enjoying your show. I think that Teeny needs to get a job and be on his own. You have helped him but you can not support him for life. Why you can’t give Ricco a chance at one of your shows and let him sing a song. You can not let everyone spend your money.

  58. nay-nay says:

    Fantasia you are a truly blessed jewel, just keep god first, and he will continue to take you places. Have you ever thought about starting a group. If so please hit me up. Need a background singer I’am in need of a job.

  59. tasha says:

    i love the show.u go girl

  60. SheLaLa says:

    I have been watching the show from the start. I glad to see that it there is no coonery. I will say this you need to cut all of them lose. Your mom I can see living with you because she affords you the luxury to travel and perform while providing your daughter with a safe environment. However, Teeny has champagne wishes on a lil jug budget. He has no license, no job and no prospects. He can’t see that he has been afforded a gift that you didn’t have, nor did you have to share with him. Perhaps when he looks at this show after filming has stopped-he see himself for who he really is a MOOCHER (sp.). His desire is to use you and your money up until it is dry. Take control of life, your money and your destiny. Love ya gurl

  61. Rhonda Fowler says:

    Hey Fantasia, I really like your show, I think your doing the right thing with your brother Teenee.It’s ok to help family. But you really have to think of your daughter, if your not right then she won’t be right.Thats really your only responsability.You have to think of her future. You said you can’t sleep, eat, do the play, your work period.You hit it on the nail. Time to think bout you.Thats not being selfish, if anything your family is selfish for putting all this pressure on you. I admire you for taking care of your family.But it’s time to stop. LIke you said everyone is grown. “Love is tough” “Tough Love” Love you Tasia can’t wait for your next album. Not tryin to lexture just have a lot of love for you.I told the same thing to one of my sisters that made it in sports.And it’s 12 of us. Yes 12 brothers and sisters. So I know exactly what your going through. Love you girl, keep your head up!!!!!!!!

  62. Rhonda Fowler says:

    Hey Fantasia, I really like your show, I think your doing the right thing with your brother Teenay.It’s ok to help family. But you really have to think of your daughter, if your not right then she won’t be right.Thats really your only responsability.You have to think of her future. You said you can’t sleep, eat, do the play, your work period.You hit it on the nail. Time to think bout you.Thats not being selfish, if anything your family is selfish for putting all this pressure on you. I admire you for taking care of your family.But it’s time to stop. LIke you said everyone is grown. “Love is tough” “Tough Love” Love you Tasia can’t wait for your next album. Not tryin to lexture just have a lot of love for you.I told the same thing to one of my sisters that made it in sports.And it’s 12 of us. Yes 12 brothers and sisters. So I know exactly what your going through. Love you girl, keep your head up!!!!!!!!

  63. sasha614 says:

    I love the show. I love you Fantasia! I am glad that you have begun to set some boundaries with your family. They need that, codependency is a sickness, lol. In any event, on the show when both brothers are explaining themselves and how they feel about aspiring to do their own thing; they sound envy hearted. Thats just what I see. The older brother seemed like he was really coming from both sides with feeling like he wanted to stand on his own two feet- (which everyman should want that) but he also looked very jealous when you were getting all the nods from the other famous folks. But one can also get in trouble judging someone else’s motives, but you have to protect what you worked hard for- family or not. But I love your energy girl! You keep it movin!!

  64. Tracylee says:

    It’s really how Fantasia says “I came from nowhere and rose to the top.”yr not supposed to diss where you’re from! High Point<3

  65. shame says:

    I can’t imagine how a family that was brought up believing and living for the love of GOD has come to this. I could only imagine the humiliation that this family has brought unto themselves by being on a reality show.

  66. Pam says:

    Love you Tasia…YOU ROCK. Make a Move On Me is the joint. Anything you sing is a hit. Family is important. Don’t let your family ruin your career for you.Grown folks need to take responsibility for themselves. Too much of your kind of help has proven to be handicapping.You have a heart of GOLD. God has truely blessed you.

    LOVE YOU…Fan forever

  67. Deborah says:

    Love the show!! Fantasia you’re fantastic. The show needs to be at least an hour!!!

    Tashia — you do your thing! Stay strong. Do NOT back down on your position with your brother! I know from experience! I have someone just like him in my life! DO NOT let guilt rule you. Toss those emotions!! It’s hard but it’s needed!! Trust me.

    If you back down, you will never be free to do your thing. He will destroy you!

    If you don’t back down, you will force him to become a man! He’s living in a dream world. He needs some hard reality.

    Hold your position and stay strong!!

  68. Shana says:

    Take some advice from Keyshia Cole. I think you guys families are very similar. Keyshia said she needed some peace in her life and she has distanced herself from her family. She is waiting for the ‘right time’ to reunite with them, but not now. They brought too much drama in her life and they were stressing her out.

    I can see thats exactly what your family is doing. Especially your brother. I’m glad you’re woman enough and realized your mistakes you made as a teen and now taking responsibilities and going for GED. But…your first priority should be your daughter first, and you second. Everybody else needs to give you a break.
    You need to concentrate and sorry,but your family is taking some of that concentration.

    Good Luck !!

  69. Marchingbandmajor says:

    Tasia, you are the realist.I must tell you i love your show every tuesday its the topic of the conversation.Oh and here in Palm Beach we LOVE you.You have only been here twice to my knowledge and every time you come you set our city on fire.Keep up the gud work and hell of a job on the Celebration of Gospel.oh and dont worry about Tenny he will be ok. he is entirely too to be so sensitive.And, can someone tell aunt bunny that she was not born to be a mediator.with all due respect this isnt the brady bunch let life work itself out.and to “Tracylee”, who said that tasia dissed her upbringing,SHUTUP.You cannot be a hater your entire life.Tasia came from nothing to the top and obviously ur still on the bottom because you are hating.Tasia do Tasia.We love you and hurry up and drop your single and the album cause we waiting patiently.

  70. Jennifer says:

    Tasia I fully support you on throwing your brother out of the house. He’s a grown man and should be treated like one. In the real world there’s no one to do everything for you like buy expensive cars and cloths, give you money for whatever you want whenever you need it. YOU WORK FOR IT! You say you can’t work when things aren’t right with your family, but what happens when you loose everything you worked so hard to get. Where will your brother be then? Can he foot the bills for the entire family when there’s no Fantasia? Think about it

  71. Fantasia Fan says:

    I love this show. I pray that tasia receives everything that GOD has for her. She is a very annoited and pointed sister by GOD. Stay bless!

  72. alexandria says:

    Keep your brother in check he is a grown man but still always love him and pray 4 him LOVE YOU FANTASIA IM YOUR BIGEST FAN!!!!!!!!! LOVE,

  73. rayshaun says:

    Fantasia I have been watching the show and I am praying you do not let your family pull you down. They now have contacts they never had before and they should be doing something with that. You now have your own studio I no that stressed you out a little but honestly I was wondering what kind of studio you were going to get for 8000 and he ripped the walls out. Teeny just needs to step out side of teeny and take a look at the world. But he is still your brother and you and your brother need to get in that studio and make great music together and I can’t wait to hear a gospel track from momma barrino stay strong and stay family and I will be praying for all of you

  74. Missy says:

    I just watched the show and I think it is a great insight into the life of Fantasia. I however think that “Teeny” is a joke. This is a 28 year old GROWN man living off of his sister with no remorse. For some reason he feels she owes him something when in reality she only owes herself and her child. Teeny needs to get off of his lazy a– and get a job! He says music is his passion, well get a j-o-b in the industry. I am disgusted by his mentality and anger towards his sister. She is his sister, not his meal ticket. The sad part is no matter what he does if he fails he is going to blame Fantasia. Tasia, although I know difficult should do exactly what she did, cut him off, and make him stand on his own 2 able bodied feet. Even his girlfriend recognized his laziness…you go girl! While watching his behavior I began to think of Joe Jackson and Ike Turner. Displaying much of the same anger with the world I just hope he doesn’t turn to drugs and or alcohol, but if he does it is his fault and his fear of standing on his own and possibly failing. Tasia do not take on his demons.

  75. Ramona says:

    Fantasia, I love & support you. Watching your show clearly, shows that you are not in it just for Zion, and yourself. One thing I would ask, please tell Tenny, please don’t be a Jermaine Jackson. Fantasia, continue to blow us away with your music and most important keep GOD FIRST.

  76. Lynn Jacksons says:

    Fantasia, please, please, please let Teeny’s lazy’s, want to live off of everybody,can’t sing, old ass go somewhere where he has to get a job to take care of himself. You are doing way too much for the girl. You have one child. She is your responsibility. I can also understand you taking care of your mother because I’m sure that she is your daughters care giver while you are worker. LET THEM ALL GO! LOVE YA GIRL!!!!! STAY FOCUSED.

  77. Nadia says:

    Ok. I am a Fan of Fantasia, I luv her Sultry, raspy, soulful voice. But I am not a Fan of her family, they r trifling. I am 29, and if my Brother made it or Sister or whatever, you think I wold want them to take care of me and support me like I am their responsibility, no. They should take the burden off of her and work on what their dreams are, not jus live off hers, a supportive family would do that, so that she can stay focused. If she feels obligated to enable them, she needs to seek out some counseling to help put things in perspective. Her brothers are immature. Teeny, loud, irresponsible, immature and sloppy, AND ungrateful, shoot live with them roaches, that’s how u get the steam to get what you want! Her other brother, in order to get your own sometimes you have to follow and support the other person in the background until they have an open door. I just feel they should allow her space to work and dream and get a dream of their own and stop making her their sole foundation.

  78. A mother says:

    I enjoy the show I am not in the same situation as you but I have observed some things that are concerning. I wish your mom would step up and stop mediating and guide you guys. Your brother needs to hear from his mother that he should not have gone against your wishes. I am so glad it wasn’t your last because he could have put you in a bind. I think that you shutting down everytime life happens is not healthy. There will be issues you will be faced with and as long as you confront them with God first then you know everything will be fine.

  79. M. McLeod-Sims says:

    Is it me or does the part when Teeny says, “Shhhuuut up, you getting on my dam nerves” sound like it should be a ringer… make some money Teeny

  80. Caramel says:

    There is so much than can be said, let me start by saying I’m enjoying the show.

    Fantasia Baby, you may have to pull a Keisha Cole on your family!! I was totally blown away when you stated that you were finacially taking care of six people. I understand unity in a family very well and there can be unity without all of them thinking that this includes your money that they should be united with. Your brother Teeny needs to get a job, you can’t allow him to live off of you the way he does; he did a fabulous job on the studio, well I’ll be here is a possible job option for him and be in business for himself until he establishes himself as an artist; doing studios for people who are in the business, he probably will make more money doing this than singing (cuz I didn’t think he was all that great). I know you love your mother but where is her back bone? She shouldn’t be allowing her son to take advantage of you the way he does. I can see you supporting your mom, because after all she gave birth to you and I’m sure she helps you with your daughter tremendously and I’m sure without her you couldn’t do what you do! Every one else who is a healthy & is able working body adult needs to work for a living just like you do. This won’t stop until you stop it!!

    Family is a beautiful thing and one that is united is even more beautiful, but you have to get them out of your pocketbook!! I know it’s easier said then done, but if you keep this up you will be broke and let’s see how quick the family will be in uniting!!! Practice in saying NO!! Stop letting your brother Teeny play mind games and lay guilt trips on you to keep getting what you he wants. At some point you will have to draw the line; when will that be when your accountant tells you that your bank account is zero.

  81. tamika says:

    teeny is so funny and fantasia can really sing.
    go with move on me , gurl you know wats good ant thats how you made it to this point today…

    love u gurl, stay crazy and funny tenny!!!!!!!!!!!1

  82. justiona says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,Fantasia just wanted you to know that i watch your show every monday and im areally big fan of yours and i was just watching your movie Fantasia Barrino story: life is not a fairy tale and that was a great way to tell people that life is not a joke so i just wanted you to know that so i will talk to you soon and p.s your bro xavier is cute and dont take it the wrong way it’s just a comment talk to you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  83. justiona says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,Fantasia just wanted you to know that i watch your show every monday and im a really big fan of yours and i was just watching your movie Fantasia Barrino story: life is not a fairy tale and that was a great way to tell people that life is not a joke so i just wanted you to know that!
    P.S your bro xavier is cute and dont take it the wrong way it’s just a comment talk to you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  84. samantha s brown says:

    Fantasia you are grate person i am in the same place as you with my schooling i can’t read very good can’t spell very but try to do it all love you wish i can mate one day will. P.S. I love the show

    Samantha shanea’brown
    22yaer old

  85. tinkerbell says:

    well i love fantasia period i mean give your child the life you didnt have so spoil her with gifts and love but i have to give it up for tasia’s hair stylist whom ever you are you did the damn thing on miss tasia’s hair you BAAAADDDD lol and rico damn boi you can saaanng plus you sexy as* hell too but fantasia keep up the good work ma always love

    birmingham rides for you gurl friend

  86. 4049409 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4049409! SCK was here

  87. 4757956 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4757956! SCK was here