Fantasia For Real Recap – Episode 2 – Faces Of Tasia


In the words of ‘Tasia last episode…



Because Fantasia displays such an array of emotion that you could practically convey the action of her reality show’s storyline just by reading her expressions, we’ll continue to do that, just like we did last week in the premiere-episode recap. We start with her I-mean-business face:


This is her talking about storming her record company and demanding “Move On Me” be made a single. She’s sick of people asking her where her album is so she says it to a label exec straight-up: “I feel like ‘Move on Me’ is a single, how ‘bout it?”


He disagrees. And so, ‘Tasia busts out her Missy-got-my-back face:


Missy Elliott “who by the way loves ‘Move on Me,'” according to ‘Tasia, has offered to produce something even hotter for her album, according to the suit. Fantasia doesn’t care. She wants it out and she wants it out now. “I don’t want to come up here anymore,” she tells the exec. “Next time I come here, I’m not coming to fight. I’m coming with my gun.” Well, no one ever accused her of lacking in passion! It seems like a great time to segue to her murderous-intent face:


Don’t let the soft eyes fool you, here’s what she says as accompaniment to this expression: “If Teeny goes over the budget, I’m going to kill him.” She sets Teeny’s studio-building budget at $8,000. Teeny, as you can see in the first screen shot of this recap, ends up spending five times that amount. Fantasia doesn’t actually kill him, but if she did, he’d probably end up looking like this:


He wouldn’t die, just come back as a zombie but instead of moaning, “Brains…” he’d be all, “Income. Must consuuuuume…”

Anyway, this leads to Fantasia’s over-it/irritated face…


…which leads to her kicking Teeny out…


…and Teeny doing so while saying that we’ll never see him back in that house, which yeah right.

But! There is a kink in the emotions. Fantasia ends up putting on a remorseful face when she sees the result of Teeny’s work…


“I wish my brother was here to see me see it!” she said, surveying Teeny’s admittedly banging but over-budget decision…


And, you know, he wasn’t there to see it, but at least the cameras were! Next best thing in these uber-connected times.

Of course, don’t get Fantasia’s remorseful face confused with a reconciliation face…


She still doesn’t want to talk to him. Why go over-budget on compassion, too?

But at the same time, why not spend more money? Fantasia now has to furnish that studio, so she puts on her buyer’s face:


“I like…different thangs,” she says. “As long as nobody else has it, that means ‘Tasia wants it.” At the very least, it’s refreshing to see her spend her own money, for a change.

Speaking of that, when Aunt Bunny visits Teeny in his new living space, he wants to know why Fantasia feels like she has a right get on him for not having a job.


Because supporting a grown man who refuses to work is damn frustrating, is probably the simplest answer. Does he really not get that? Does he really not get anything? One thing he does get, apparently, is roaches in this new living space:


This leads to the quote of the week (courtesy of Bunny): “You can’t defog when I’m in here! You can defog when I leave!” If only he approached his employment status with the same immediate-action response as the roaches! Then he wouldn’t be fighting with his family, and there also wouldn’t be roaches…maybe.

While things are looking down and infested for Teeny, they’re looking up for Fantasia, who puts on her triumphant-return face…


…and rejoins a stage production of The Color Purple. The footage we see suggest that everything’s coming up Fantasia! For once!

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