Secrets of Aspen Recap – Episode 3 – With Great Power…


It’s another difficult week for Brooke. And surprisingly, it isn’t Laura’s fault this time. Someone’s been going around town saying Brooke is a high-priced escort, and now Brooke feels like all of Aspen is against her.

She figures she has two choices:
A) “Live my life.”
B) “Hide from it.”


“Let’s do it, bitches!” AKA all of the above. Because when “live my life” means water-skiing on the reg, some people will assume it’s because she’s running away from something else …

But Laura isn’t entirely absent this week. Brooke and Laura have another argument while Brooke shoots a portrait of Laura for a charity event. Last week Brooke said Laura’s mole was as “fake” as the rest of her. But I disagree. Laura’s mole is the realest part of her. I’m not saying it’s the source of her power, just that it focuses it, like a dark brown face prism. Just watch how she wields it against Brooke.


Here’s Laura and her mole driving to the photo shoot.


And here’s Laura polishing it before the attack.


Laura turns to execute a frontal attack during her confrontation with Brooke.


And once Brooke tells Laura that “everyone” in Aspen is also scared of Laura, she gives her mole the credit it deserves.

The fight clearly upsets Brooke once again. But things are looking up when Erin offers Brooke a room at the house she shares with Ben, who is out in the jacuzzi having cocktails.


Ben isn’t pleased about living with a hooker (or anyone with a job really) and becomes the most stressed-out man to ever spend his mornings drinking in a jacuzzi.


Later on Ben tells Erin that Brooke will be a hooker “till the day I die.” And when you realize you want to call someone a hooker for the rest of your life, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. So he immediately starts whispering to everyone that Brooke is a “lady of the night” while she’s sitting just a few feet away.

So mean. So childish. So…like Laura. Let’s freeze on Ben:


We’ve never seen Laura and Ben in the same bar / restaurant / jacuzzi at the same time, so…


– Jessica Suarez

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