For The Love Of Ray J 2 Recap – Episode 11 – Ain’t No Fun If The Homies Can’t Smash None


And now for something that is truly evergreen:



Seriously, homey-smashing is like the Douglas-fir of plot points on this show.

There are three girls left. Two of them like to dance and party:


One of them likes to rest:


And that’s great. To each her own. It’s just that Mz Berry is doing nothing to revise her grandma image. Maybe it’s a defiant statement, her way of saying that this is who she is. Maybe she doesn’t realize what people are saying about her because she’s hard of hearing. Hearing’s usually the first thing to go, right? We should be happy she isn’t yet senile.

Ray addresses the girls and tells them that they’ll be meeting with three women who are important to him. In response, Plat says, “His mom, oh s***!” More like, “S***, s***, s***!” Anyway, Plat can relax (kind of), because the group of women they’re meeting with does not include Ray’s mother. It’s Brandy, his Aunt Portia and his niece whose name is pronounced “Sa-Ra.” We never get an official spelling on her name. I’m going to assume it’s Sa’ra, because every great person needs a name with an apostrophe. Michel’le taught me that!

Anyway, Sa’ra is pretty great.


“Are you here for the love of Uncle Ray J?” she wonders. They don’t call him that, sweetie. And if they do…it’s nothing that should ever concern you.

So they sit and talk.


Remember how last episode was a series of repeated discussions regarding each individual girl and the thing (or in rare cases things) that would keep her from being with Ray? Get ready for the sequel! Brandy, who’s rocking a wet look…


…brings up Plat’s ex. Plat interviews that she thought the grilling ended with the lie-detector challenge. Idealist! Also discussed: Mz Berry’s “experience” and Luscious’ homey-smashing. Luscious that she’s sick of the topic. “Find something new to talk about people,” she exhales. AMEN! Except, of course, they won’t.


In a one-on-one, Luscious admits that she and Ray do have mutual friends and people outside the house have been trying to knock her down since she’s been there. Sometimes it gets the best of her, but she’s trying to be a good person. Moving on, Luscious thinks that besides herself Platinum is the best girl for Ray, and concerns about her ex are unfounded: Platinum wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t here for Ray. That’s the theory at least. I think we have four years of VH1 viewing under our belt that suggest otherwise.


In her one-on-one, Plat says she has strong feelings for Ray and she sees something more and more every time she’s with him. They have a mental connection. She cries about their really, really good bond. I don’t think this is what she meant by “mental,” but who knows. When Brandy asks who she thinks Ray should choose besides her, she says Mz Berry!!! Wow, I haven’t seen such betrayal on TV amongst girlfriends since Rayanne slept with Jordan Catalono, leaving Angela crushed. Oh, there was also that time that Plat grilled her then-fellow Wolf Packer Heartbreaker into oblivion. Plat just doesn’t think he and Luscious have a connection. She’s getting a little too comfortable with her honesty, if you ask me.


Mz Berry thinks she’s the best woman for Ray because they smile at each other and she can tell he’s looking at her from behind his shades. Ray might want to invest in darker sunglasses. She can’t see either of the other girls with Ray. Brandy says she thinks Berry has a beautiful energy and spirit. Even though Brandy’s not sold on finding love on TV, she does believe that it has hit Berry. Ha, I kinda love Brandy for openly criticizing the conceit of this show, and I love 51 Minds even more for keeping that in.

At home, Brandy gives Ray her rundown of the girls.


Luscious doesn’t know who she is yet, Plat is a walking red flag because of her ex fixation and Mz Berry is actually here for him, so she’s Brandy’s somewhat reluctant pick. I love that Brandy sounds put out to actually have to name someone. Keeping it one hunnid runs in the family.

The grilling is not yet over, as Ray has a bunch of friends coming over to ask the girls the same questions, albeit more rudely and while talking over each other:


Berry says she’s trying to figure out what Tom Green is going amongst Ray’s homies. Yeah, welcome to my world since last season, Berry. Speaking of Green, he tells Luscious that like her, he is half Filipino and was born in the Philippines.


Since Luscious is host to actual moving brain waves, she doesn’t believe him. Someone who goes by “Shortie Mac,” asks Mz Berry if she’d turn to stripping if Ray went broke and asked her to.


The beer is more amusing to Mz Berry than he is. And rightfully so. I’d rather stare at that screen shot for an entire hour than have to listen to him. Seriously, everyone who just joined the party is so convinced of their hilarity without actually displaying any. It’s like watching a freshman improv class.


They kind of ambush Luscious and guess what topic comes up! Her stamp-collecting hobby! Just kidding: her homey-smashing. She tells them to ask Ray about it.

Before they have a chance, in walks Snoop, whose married status supposedly suggests expertise in these matters of connection.


He has one-on-ones with the girls, asking them the same damn questions that already have been posed by Ray, Brandy and each other.


He does have his share of one-liners like, “The hardest part about settling down is knowing that it’s worth settling down for.” He convinces Luscious that he’s wise. She points out that this is the first time that she’s ever talked to him because, really, you never know with her.

Snoop delivers his opinion to Ray:


He liked Plat the best. Luscious gave him the run-around regarding the homey-smashing (she initially told him the girl who smashed the homey wasn’t there, that “she was last season,” which: HA!). Mz Berry is too kid-having. Platinum is just right.

Then Ray takes even more opinions, this time from his homies.


It’s a whole bunch of conflicting views and blah blah blah. Someone says Platinum was silver. These guys are, like, pewter at best. Tom Green likes Luscious. Someone calls Mz Berry “grandma.” Then Shortie Mac mentions the homey-smashing, and Ray determines that he must have found this out via Dre Sinatra, since he didn’t tell any of them that. For a brief flicker, Ray and I are emotionally one:


Anyway, all of his friends start chanting, “Luscious! She smashed the homey!” over and over as if it were funny enough the first time to warrant repeating.


Ray tries to get them to shut up, but he’s obviously outnumbered. He soon surrenders.


Luscious, though, is more confrontational. She shows up in the middle of the chant and chastises them for being rude and disrespectful. “This is my life!” she says. To be fair, that is something that’s easy to overlook on reality TV.


Despite taking part in this, Tom Green comforts her. How very stand-up of him.


At this point, she’s crying. Ray throws his friends out. Since they haven’t hurt the feelings of someone who’s so out of their league, they should be kissing her feet for gracing them with her presence, a few of them start a reprise of their chant. I think it’s safe to say that all of these guys are on the market, ladies. Go wild!

Ray ends up apologizing to Luscious.


She seems unwilling to forgive him. She says this never should have happened. Ray agrees, and says that didn’t think that it would. He points out that Snoop Dogg didn’t take part in it. Hadn’t Snoop already left, though? Also, what does it say about your friends when they make Snoop Dogg look like a perfect gentleman in comparison?

This conversation does not provide the emotional closure that Ray had hoped.


Luscious goes to him to say that she doesn’t feel like he respected her and that he didn’t try hard enough to stop it. Ray says he couldn’t do anything about it, and that his face was in the pillow when she walked in, because they didn’t listen to his request to “be quiet.” Luscious says that she doesn’t feel like he controlled the situation: she wants to go home. Damn! Well, she can’t quit him, of course, so he quits her: “If you want to quit on me, you don’t even deserve to be here anyway,” he tells her. He’s not mad, but shocked. He invested so much in her. We’re talking TV time, people! “So instead of me getting super emotional, I just think you should leave,” he tells her. Duh.


In her exit interview, Luscious says she doesn’t hold anything against Ray, “but I could only take so much.” You and me both, sister. Keep ya head up.

Finally, Ray meets with Plat and Mz Berry to tell him what happened with Luscious.


Ray admits that he could have stopped his friends sooner and that he places the blame on himself. So that’s admirable. He adds, though, that because of the input of his friends, “At the end of the night, my opinion was going to be this,” meaning having Mz Berry and Plat as his Final 2. So all that drama and anguish for nothing? Slightly less admirable.

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  1. CS3 Fan says:

    Rich, thank you so much for insulting Ray’s friends as much as possible in your post!! What a bunch of losers. They only WISH they could get with someone as beautiful as Luscious. And she was RIGHT ON for getting the heck out of there. Ray, you should be ASHAMED that you let those so-called “MEN” disrespect her like that.

  2. lenia49 says:

    Ray J, Ray J, Ray J,

    I don’t want to hate on you and your aspirations to find love but you have got to be the craziest looking fella that I have seen on TV lately. I believe you are worst that Flava Flav(?). You are not on this show for love you are on TV like everyone else is on TV. You want to promote that men are absolutely disgusting and they see women as sexual objects. How dare your mother and sister take up for you when you treat women like this? When you are in love you don’t have to molest 20 to know that.

    You have one woman that needs to be brought into the game about Proactiv, one chick is picture perfect for the role of Glenn Close, and the other chick is treated disrespectfully for “smashing the homie”. Please answer this question, how many homies have you smashed?

    Please Ray J find love but please don’t find it with your pants.

  3. Rach says:

    Why is the homie-smashing an issue at all? The inflation of the significance is par for the course on reality TV, but I don’t get why it came up at all. Are people supposed to sleep with one person per city of residence, or is it only within the cliques of the famous that people aren’t allowed to have multiple relationship?

    What about people who live in small towns? If there’s only a few thousand people in your county, wouldn’t any smashing potentially be one of a homie? The concept of finding love on VH1 is laughable enough, but Ray J’s facade of hurt feelings at the prospect of someone “quitting on him” in a show where every couple days he has to give one the boot is just ridiculous.

    Silliest. Show. Ever.

  4. Jammonius says:

    Hey Luscious,

    All the best to you. Ray doesn’t deserve you, having shown himself to be a chump who can’t stand up for someone who made it to final.

    I hope we see you in, say, the next season of CHARM SCHOOL Luscious. You’re cute and smart and capable of a lot of class, charm and leadership potential.

    Tell Ray J to go screw himself and grow up.

  5. Rose says:

    Ray needs to grow up!! these beautiful girls need to get a life.What He did to Luscious was so wrong, i loose all respect for him, some things are better left un said,life is about treating others the way you wanted to be treated,money does’nt make a man, a man makes money, Ray i hope you will read this,Humbleness and Kindness , thats all we really need in this world. i hope your show is a joke and not for real.Ms. berry needs to respect her children, go home and spend time with those kids, you can’t turn the clock back,that shows what kind of a mother you are.I wish you all the best,and i think you’re cute looking Ray ,but please be nice, everything is only for a matter of time.

  6. Chyllah says:

    I really like watching reality shows, but I have to say that Ray J is a kid, how could he have friends like that insulting the girl, it was so wrong and he was laughing and pretending to tell them to stop, he is such an idiot. I hope this is it for him, Vh1 please do not bring back this show for another season, enough.
    And Luscious,keep your head up you deserve much better.

  7. Missy says:

    Glad to see Luscious stand up for herself! As for Ray, he doesn’t deserve you, he is nothing more than a little boy. The way he allowed his so called friends to disrespect you, shows his maturity level, for him to say he handled it the best he could is ridiculous, so as a man he is basically saying that any woman that plans on being with him can expect for him to allow others to trash talk them, while he buries his head and that when it comes to his friends he has no backbone and no control of the disrespect they show a woman he is with, not sure which is sadder to have such loser friends or to be this spineless as a man! What real woman would want to be with a man like this! Maybe this helps explain why this is for the love of Ray J “2″-I don’t think this guy will find love until he fixes himself.

  8. Little Boy, Not A Man says:

    Who that ugly troll think he is? She left because he let his “friends” talk about Luscious like a dog. That was the most disgusting recap I have ever read. That’s why I don’t even watch this crap. I’m so proud she left that piece of a joke that I could sing.

    Good that you got on them Rich, it made it easier to bear.

    Make no sense. Bunch a men acting like straight fools for the expense of down talking a woman. I don’t care if Luscious slept with a freaking…punch bowl! They had no right to act like that, and Ray is too much of an asshole to even care.

    “Damn! Well, she can’t quit him, of course, so he quits her: “If you want to quit on me, you don’t even deserve to be here anyway,” he tells her. He’s not mad, but shocked.

    He is mad, mad that she had a enough common sense to ditch his stupid ass.

  9. Lucian says:

    I am disappointed with this show. I mean I have been watching it for weeks and I really did not expect this type of disrespect. The other two girls should RUNNNNN!!! Its a sign of the future with Ray and his friends. I wish I spent my time watching something else. This is some real nonsense like Luscious said. I think they blew this thing way out of proportion. After all she slept with the guy long before she knew Ray and only a little boy would kiss and tell. Ray and his friends are little boys. Wonder what Snoop had to say about this.. I am not going to watch the other episodes.. The show is over as far as I am concerned… Sooo disappointing…

  10. Eboy says:

    Ray j
    I think that you did rite by letting her walk out that door.. Bra, she’s not strong enough for you first of all, secondly she tryed to hide smashing a homie..If you ask me you just made her a star, and if she can’t handle your homies saying those words about her then let her push on because smashing a homie is not that serious. She is beautiful no lie, but; that’s all ray..(Her Beauti)..

    P.S. Ray, you can look at her an tell that she is hideing something else too…Just because she is pretty don’t let her play you..

  11. Tina says:

    Ray j can’t control his friends those his friends. Thats how his friends are and Luscious you deserve better, he can’t control his friends thats how he friends are i understand how you feel but girl you deserve better. I will have to say Mz. Berry is the right choice for him because she is a mature woman and she is a strong woman and she dosen’t play games around the house. MZ Berry and Ray j they are a cute together. Ray J if you are reading this i think you should pick Mz. Berry. And for Phatinum to me i i don’t think she can’t handle Ray j lifestyle. because she said that that is over her ex to me i don’t think she not over her ex, i think that she not telling Ray j everything about her ex that’s how i feel. Ray j if you are reading this take my advice please pick Mz. Berry. But the decision is up to Ray j and pick the right one and make the right decision for yourself.

  12. Britany says:

    Dayum b your friends were childish as hell real talk oh I have one question for you if you have time to answer it…To be real boo WHY IN THE WORLD would you have a TV show about love? Im sorry but thats a chance for fake ass females to come around. You dont deserve that real talk i got mad love for you b but I dont think haveing a TV show is going to find you love. I think you should just let fait deside like every one else. 1 love b


  13. kay says:

    no of the girls right for ray j anyway.luscious is whatever,platinum i still dont understand how she get this far and ms. berry the best choice for right now between her and silver.

  14. COCOCHANEL says:


  15. daneen says:

    It’s a T.V. show “get it”.But to keep it real,”How can anyone out here in this world not see the truth luscious smashed the homie. She probably did it to get close to Ray J anyways.Yes, people make mistake, but it’s no mistake she ended up on the show[golddigger]is what they call them.By the way, for the ones that have so much to say, your probably the same.Did somebody toot your horn,”but for T.V.” I hope he picks Mz.Berry because she is what people calls,”classic” and probably not a golddigger slut.

  16. psnuggles says:

    I agree with everyone else who says that Ray J is not looking for love and he is a big kid. It’s so obvious that he still needs to grow up. Luscious got what she deserved because earlier in the season she was being mean to some of the other girls following behind the so called Wolf-pack. What goes around come around. Mz. Berry is serious and knows exactly what she want but I don’t think Ray J deserves her. Maybe he will be better off with Platinum because she isn’t serious but Raj isn’t either. Maybe both of them will grow up and mature together.

  17. Dave says:

    I’m glad Luscious left on her own, what’s Ray’s friends did was messed up. She left with a little of her dignity and having stood up for herself. I was disappointed with how Ray handled things.

  18. Bea says:

    Luscious should SUE Ray J’s pants off for publicly defaming her on network television!!!

  19. darlene peoples says:

    Ray J need to check himself. I watched th3e show again today and Ray J did not defuse the situation at all until he saw luscious. Ray J has no respect for women at all. I felt so empowered as a woman that luscious left the show with her dignity and respect. I somewhat lost respect for Ray J when he surfaced those pics of him and Kim. But now I have truly lost respect for him Ray J need to finally gro the F!!! up once and for all. My son is twenty five years old and he has morals and values that you don’t have. I can even email you what my son thinks about you and that’s from one man to another so you know your sh!! is raggedy.

  20. scrappy2206 says:

    You are known by the company you keep. Those ignorant guys appear to represent Ray J’s true personality. WOW!!! Way to go Luscious.. Mad respect to you and I have absoutely none for Ray J. Another thing, what’s up with Ray J’s man boobs. That sh#t is disgusting. Also, SMASH THE HOMIE!!! What about all of those women that he’s been with. I’m done with this show!! A HOT MESS!!

  21. Marcus says:

    Hurting someone feelings is crazy and I always watch the show but I think after doing and having your team or family do what they did with elle was so so so wrong and I just think kids will be kids. Hugs elle they are just boys trying to be men.

  22. SnyprHeiress says:

    I can’t stand stupid girls like Platinum. I cannot stand when a younger girl talks s*** about another woman being old. Mz Berry is 32. Platinum is younger. She talks so much about how Berry is “old and boring” while she is “young and fun.” Reality check: there are a LOT of young women that don’t live to see 32, let alone, Platinum’s age. She needs to be thankful she is where she is as far as age and hopef to live to see 32. S*** happens all of the time, all of a sudden.

  23. unknown says:

    Tom Green is awesome way better than Ray J other friends the finale I know Platinum is going to win Ray J can’t handle married women he doesn’t want to sit down yet just having fun and making money.

  24. Supermodel4u305 says:

    Ray J and his friends are idiots. This only confirms how fake Rays”caring’ about these girls and their feelings is. Im glad Lucious left. Also, Tom Green is awesome. HE should totally have his own dating show.

  25. Vince says:

    Ray J here’s the clang..Mz Berry’s been around the block picked up some baggage on the way and coming in a bit
    weighty for you, though with some experience, for her its very easy to be able to say why & what she’s here for and what she has to offer etc etc. Her jealousy streak appears to get the best of her most times which is something I believe in your line of work will always be an issue, How then, even if there’s a tinge feeling of jealousy toward the other girls can come to the surface with such intensity, can we imagine what it would be like if you were together? I think she lacks emotion control.I don’t think she is the right one for you. On the other hand Platinum in her situation with her X and so on would not be in the same position emotionally so jealously is not the case here. I think Ray, your work is cut out for you. I think Platinums’ are due to her past with her X. Her expections are that of a normal person, and Ray they are like yours too, to know,and to feel sure that the other is on the same page with you. From what I have seen she has always been straight up 100 about her situation which is what you
    want from all. I think that’s how it should start straight up 100. She is a strong person, genuine, has control of emotions and carries herself and her light like a real woman. Yo Ray, She started her move forward by being there and being real with you, Remember Ray It does not come easy, I think she’s the right one for you. You know what you suppose to it!, Just do it!! Pick Platinum.

  26. holden says:

    How can anyone take this show seriously. Its pure comedy at best. He’s not going to pick Ms. Berry bc he said it himself, ” some are TOO serious “. Just like Unique last season and he ended up picking Coctail bc she looked like Kim Kardashian’s twin. He’s going to pick platnum now bc she resembles a plump as Kardashian! Then he’ll be back for season three….

  27. luscious family says:

    Ray j I hate you! You and your family bunch of looser, who are you anyway? You know “Karma”not good good

  28. jenny says:

    im happy she left bc he did not even stand up 4 her….also im glad she stood up 4 herself bc he didnt….he sed he wants a strong woman but he was not strong 4 her…..WAT HAPPEN 2 KEEPIN IT 100!?!?!?!?!?!?

  29. dawnecia says:

    i think you did the right thing by not stopping her but sometime everyone make mistake but people dont know how to let them go so people can move on with there life you cant let your friend choose for you not even your family that is for yourself to do put i hope you pick Mz Berry because she have alot of love for you and send home platuim because she still love her ex boyfreind but who am i just one huge fan if i was there i would be there for the right reason and not just because i can be on television

  30. Sista Sweetz says:

    Ok not even addressing ANY of the ladies who go booted off…with exception of Luscious! who needs to get over herself – its par for the course..the situation may rear its ugly head often due to you cant control people; so YOU and your MAN would need to be the adults and mature people to handle and shut those folks DOWN!(The hommies were truly out of line-they know it and Ray knew-he did nt find it funny and IT IS WHAT IT IS) SHE WAS not strong – cant handle pressure! and good she is gone – Plat ok so she is honest and true blah blah; however she is young, not well versed enough and not mature to handle a this mature man – if he wanted a new hommie/lover/friend she could fit; but he wants to really be handled, taken care of and have that safe place..MZ. Berry is it..she did not ask him to a ba DAD or to be a father to her kids..but he could be a friend; being mature does not mean he would even meet the kids so early in the relationship; also she can hold down home and cut a B* short if she had to. Do misunderstand maturity for being old, slow or dumb!! She is pretty, sexy and he is very attracted to her.. She will win!! fyi – below lenia49 -what planet are y ou on – worst than flav flav your a mess – Ray is not disgusting and you need to stop watching if you feel like that – wow grow up….Ray do your thing! IT IS WHAT IT IS!!

  31. Rhonda says:

    First of all let me just say that i did watch the show and I have been watching them ever since season 1. I don’t believe that ray j is on this show to find love I really don’t know why he is on this show. Everyone already knows that there is going to be a third season because he is going to find some way to miss up with whateva girl he picks to be with him. But let’s get to what happen on the show with his homies. Let me say this to mz berry for you to have made a comment was out of line because if it would have happen to you i doubt that you would have been that understanding to ray and his friends. My girl had ever right to walk off that show and for him to make it seem like he was kicking her off come on now. Everyone saw the show I do believe that she said that she was going home and then you just had to come back with agreeing with her. Like you had done something there to make it all about you. What happen to her was not about you it was about the fact that you let your homies disrespect a woman in your house. I don’t believe that a man would have done that I believe that a boy tring to be a man would have done something like that and you did not do anything but prove my point. If you want to find love ray j do it like everyone else does stop cheating,lying, and making sex tapes and go out and find a woman. Leave the tv shows out of it. Or maybe thats the problem you can’t find a woman on your own so you need the show to help how sad

  32. nancy says:

    Luscious needed to go anyways because obviously she can’t handle pressure very well. Boys will be boys and yes sometimes they go too far but as long as Ray J knew what really happened me personall I would’ve just let it be…but that’s just me maybe I need to be there in season 3 cuz u know there will be one lol

  33. Blondie says:

    Man Ray J has the worst two left as his finals! Never judge anyone for there past because the word “past” says it all! I think Luscious was the best choice. Mz Berry is far from winning because of her package and Ray is clearly not ready to take the role of step dad and the baby daddy drama and bottom like Mz Berry is just not for him she is older, not good looking and would never put the spotlight on Ray J she would more like take it away! Ray is a person that shines and always is in the spotlight and I think a girl like Luscious would bring that extra touch of shine! I dont see Ray J ending up with either one of his 2 finalist so when is For the Love of Ray J 3 scheduled to air?

  34. fashioncrackhead says:

    so soo happy that lucious is gone…she was wack & couldn’t be trusted! and then for her to be known for smashing a homie is extremely tacky…she supposedly is celibate, and reads the bible everyday…whatever!! his friends had every right to act like that…she’s a HOE!

  35. redbearwoman says:

    Ray J still wears his pants beneath his butt, like a little teenager, not a man. Ray J broadcast his sexual exploits with Kim K, and bragged about it, like a little teenager, not a man. Because he is still a BOY, Ray J. did not protect this young woman from the disdain and embarassment he KNEW would be incited, for he had already alerted them all to put her on blast. I am the mother of three adult black sons – not one of them would have put a young woman in such a vulnerable, misogynistic, careless, juvenile way. His father should be ashamed of how he has acted on this show.

  36. Stace says:

    Listen Ray, none of those girls are good for you! When you realize they are all ridiculous, give me a call ; )

  37. Regina says:

    Ok now Ray J you said you wanted a woman to tame you down and you already know who she is (Mz. Berry). But I bet you gonna pick Platium bc she is not ready to calm down and neither are you, so lets just be real about this thang. If you picked Mz. Berry you know there would not be a Ray J 3 so you are not really, really ready to calm down. Luscious can’t get mad bc she smashed a homie and your boys went off on her, its like getting mad at the mail man for delivering your mail???

  38. Ms. Lam says:

    Frist off I want give Lusious a standing ovation for telling she wanted to leave,, it didn,t make her a quiter, it makes her smart enought to know a loser when he shows his true colors. You, Ray J left your so called frinds degrade this girl on national tv and did nothing about it but as she said put your head in a pillow just like n osterage. Hide you coward, you make me sick, you and your punk ass friends. You sleep with all these girls and then have the nerve to put don,t this girl for a relationship she had before you, shows what kind of women your looking for , yes Ray J yes Ray J. as for the older one of the two that are left is this really the kind of man you want around your child, that tellls me your not muh of a mother either, better think twice. Ray J you will never appear on our tv again. You and your so called friends are ignorentand hurtful.

  39. ShanaBlues says:

    Sigh! Where do I start? Ok, this is my opinion on this tv show, Ray J, and the ladies. First of all, trust, as someone said before, there will be another “For the love of Ray J” sequel part 3. I just can’t see him choosing either one of these women. Although both have some nice qualities, they don’t seem to be his type. Both have what the other one doesn’t.

    Now, Ray J! He is still a young stud, rich, enjoys the spotlight, blah-blah-blah! I don’t think he’s really looking for a serious, long-term relationship right now, period. He loves his freedom too much. Playa, Playa! Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

    Mz. Berry is mature, sexy, attractive, and seems to be down for him. Regardless of her age and the baggage that comes with it. Platinum, well, um, where is the attraction for her. I mean, I haven’t seen it and next week is the last show. She isn’t over her last boyfriend and that is asking for trouble. You can see it in her eyes.

    So, I guess there will be another sequel next fall. Good luck with that, Ray J!

  40. Deseray Smith says:

    i feel that lucious smashing the homie is old and should have not been used against her love for ray j…..but now since she is gona its between platinum and mz.berry..i think mz.berry should be chosen..even though she has kids in all maybe its what the kids need…is a father figure in there lives..platinum is still kinda young and desnt have much experience…go mz.berry you can do hard

  41. Wil44 says:

    Ray wants a strong woman??? Are you kidding me??? Is he strong???He cannot even make up his mind who to choose among these women without asking his sister, his friends, Snoop dog, Danger, Aunt Portia and even his niece. If he is man enough, he doesn’t need other people’s opinion on who to choose. And what’s this crap about him wanting a strong woman? How does he define a strong woman anyway? Does he mean somebody who will continuously take crap from him and his friends? Does he mean somebody that he could disrespect anytime he wants and the woman will still smile and take it with a grain of salt? If this is Ray’s definition of a strong woman, then he has a lot of growing up to do. Ray for your information, a strong woman will not take crap from anybody. She has dignity and she knows where she stands.
    By the way, what’s up with the home smashing thing? Don’t you have a past too, Ray???? They say, whoever hasn’t sin, can cast the first stone. Why do you have to throw this at Luscious face all the time? All your friends, did they all have decent pasts? Exactly, so who are all of you to judge Luscious????
    I think that Luscious handled everything like a mature woman and frankly Ray, she is too good for you because you have a lot of growing up to do. Luscious is very attractive and mature and it was a blessing in disguise that she did not end up with you.

  42. rebekahmichelle says:

    all i gotta say is this: ms berry…why u really fallin in luv like that when u know damn well ya’ll will never work out…lifestyles totally opposite, and he aint lookin for luv…not on a show anyway…cmon ur older than me and if u have more “wisdom” as u put it then u should know better…luscious did the right thing but cmon girl…u signed up for this u know whats up. and platnum…well aint got much to say bout her…she looks like a lizard with her eyes to the side and she needs to clear up that skin…they have medication for that if over the counter dont work mami!

  43. DVYOSO says:


  44. Ms. Bungee B. says:

    I just sat here and read all the post and want to ask a question. Don’t you all realize this is TV? You always keep someone on the show to have some type of controversy otherwise people would not watch the show. Heartbreaker is a very good example. She was a s*** starter. He kept her on as long as possible.
    Luscious was the obvious person to go to next because of the homie smashing incident. She knew what she was getting into. Now, I don’t believe she was on here for Ray J because first of all his D.J. said the night he smashed her it was at Ray’s house or Ray was in the house.(Look back at the episode)That was not a good thing but I guess I was the only one who picked that up. I didn’t lose respect for Ray J for the incident but I lost respect for the producers. I am pretty sure they cut out alot and only left the part that will make people react to the show, the way most of the post are doing. You can’t control your friends.
    Platinum, I did not see him having a real connection with her. It had to be off screen. She never seemed to have anything to say. Now, because of that she would be the obvious choice, in order for him to have a Season 3.
    Mz. Berry, there was an obvious connection between the two of them from the beginning. Ok, she has kids. So what, they have their father in their life, didn’t anyone of you hear that. Ray J does not have to play daddy. Get real people. As far as her age goes people she is only 3 years older than him. Some people act like she is 10 or more years older than him. Age ain’t nothing but a number anyway. She is still young and has her whole life ahead of her.
    This is a reality TV show because of that I think he will pick Platinum because he is just really out to have fun but if he was really serious about settling down, he would pick Mz. Berry. Will there be a Season 3, only if they pay him what he wants. It is all about the Mighty Dollar, in my opinion.
    Someone posted something close to what I am about to say, “You are like the company you keep.” So we all know what Ray J is like.

  45. MsMaryMac says:

    First, I’m glad luscious walk out on ray-j. event though he tried to make it look he ask het to leave. Too late ray I’M LEAVING ANYWAYS beacause you can’t run your own house and control those hoodlum friends of yours! And whoever he picks, he not going to be with them anyways!!(where is cocktail??) pick them and leave them Ask Chance and Real! this show is a waste of time! not watching no more. I’ve had ENUFF!!!! and brandy talking about mz berry got baggage! So do she!!! and I have to agree with the other post on here. I’m sure ray-j smashed plenty of HOMEY!!!

  46. MRS"ORTIZ says:

    This type of situation must have been very frustrating. You know just because lucious was with someone Ray new doesn’t make her any different them him. Ray you know you’ve been with quite a few girls come on now. (the porno with kim)_??? yeah does that make you any better than lucious? No cause EVERYONE knows kim after that episode. Real personally at that… any ways i think Lucious would have been the best one for Ray. Mrs.Berry is to dam old looking for someone to look good with, And the old lady gots 2 teenagers come on grow up already Mrs.Berry and quit trying to get back at your husbund for what ever he did to you… Platinum… Well theres not really to much to say about her other than she’s but ugly and is confused. go home girl. Ray get it together and quite letting the righteous girls slip right through your fingers.

  47. Ann says:

    “Luscious” did the right thing by getting out of there. Ray J. is just a big phoney. He claims to be looking for love, but he is really looking to jumpstart his career with TV time. Whoever he picks for his finale, he will dump her right after the show just like he did to “Cocktail” last season. He’s really all about himself and his homies. None of those guys would hesitate to “smash a homie” if they could get their hands on someone as lovely as Luscious.

  48. DiMarco Raineri says:

    I think if Ms. Berry had her own show, I would patronize and buy every product that would advertise for the show. Myself and 20 other friends agree that Ray J is to ignorant for Ms. Berry, he is a middle class raised individual who lost his good home training and young educated black men with degree’s don’t approve of that kind of behavior.

  49. MsShantae says:

    I don’t see Ray-J in the same light any more after episode 11. He seemed like a ponk, letting his friends be disrespectful and not putting them in there place. I felt they were disrespectful towards him (a man) and he did nothing about it.

  50. MsShantae says:

    I felt that the homies were being disrespectful to Ray J also, and he did nothing about it. I see him in a different light now.

  51. MsShantae says:

    I felt that the homies were being disrespectful to Ray J also. And it say’s alot, that he did not check that situation at the door.

  52. susie walker says:


  53. lenia49 says:

    All I want to say is why is Brandy checking on his girls when she does not a relationship of her own. Ray J sucks and if VH1 brings him back I seriously will stop loving this show.

  54. skepticalsays: says:

    I think its great how much you people hate on this show but you still sit there and read everything and know everything about it…who are you kidding? your just as into it as everyone else. dont show your lack of intelligence please.

  55. torrie says:

    It’s so degrading what went on. Luscious deserves so much better. I was so happy when she walked out, the rest of the girls should have followed. I’ve lost so much respect for Ray. Him and his friends are a bunch of losers.

  56. Re says:

    I agree with Ann.. Ray J is not taking these girls seriously.. I hope Mz Berry doesnt get her feelings hurt.

  57. deeann says:

    Luscious did the rite thang by leaving!! She was highly disrespected n ray j shouldve taken more control of that situation . By his homeboys doin that if they were to end up together his friends would a,lways embarass her n disrespect her

  58. The BADDEST says:

    RAY J IS VERY HANDSOME. I THINK THAT IF HE REALLY DOES SOME SOUL SEARCHING HE WILL FIND A WOMAN ON HIS LEVEL. THIS REALITY SHOW THING IS NOT FOR ME. THERE IS NO WAY THAT I COULD FIND MYSELF COMPETING WITH A BUNCH OF HORNY AND SOME (GOLD-DIGGING) WOMEN JUST TO BE WITH A CELEB. I MEAN THINK ABOUT IT. A LOT OF THE time these male and females go on reality shows just to get recognized and THEN>>>they end up on a video or have thier own TV show….I guess there is no such thing as having to have real talent anymore! I think Ray J should pick MZ BERRY. she is not that old..she is not even 5 years older than him. People should kill that grandma crap because she is a classy female that doesn’t have to be eye candy to get his attention!

  59. james says:

    Onesimple question…..Where are the Black women?

  60. james says:

    Why aren’t there any Black women being looked at?

  61. jestagypsy says:

    I didn’t know Ray J was looking for a virgin and that he was one too. Luscious you deserve better. And Ray J you deserve Mz Berry to straighten your life out. Don’t be saying you are looking for something serious and pick something else. You can’t play both sides.

  62. Lol. What? says:

    skepticalsays: Says:

    January 22nd, 2010 at 10:38 am

    I think its great how much you people hate on this show but you still sit there and read everything and know everything about it…who are you kidding? your just as into it as everyone else. dont show your lack of intelligence please.

    You use the wrong form of ‘your’ and you want to sit and talk about people’s intelligence? Aren’t you doing the same thing by just POSTING here? People can’t watch the show, but enjoys Rich’s intelligent spin on the stupidity is wrong? GTFO, and take your false sense of intelligence with you.

  63. Sicofbi--hes says:

    First let me say how really disturbing it was to watch one of the earlier clips showing the ” wolf pack ” attacking other girls on the show AND having Ray J choose those three mentally distrubed women/girls to be finalist! I guess the show is faked anyway so it really doesn’t matter except that it shows young people that evil women win the prize. Very sad and the women who don’t get picked should feel lucky! If Ray picks platinum ( LEAD ) he will deserve the fat ass turkey swinging armed bimbo he ends up with. Mz Berry should not waste time on Ray and should know by now he is the one who is not real.

  64. Ms. YoYo says:

    Ok, Luscious cut the crap!!!!! U know how the game go. U should have know that u smashing the homie was going to come back up…… I don’t feel sorry for U. U can’t turn no hoe into a house wife! U really should have been let go along time ago! An Ray is not ready to settle down so all these hoes are wasting there time!

  65. purpleheels19 says:

    First of all,all of ray j’s homies are busted with a capital B…..they are all ugly, when they teasing home girl about something she did before ray j,I think it’s cause they could never have someone her like her,last season i was like dam how all his boys gonna be ugly,thats ray need to find some different boys cause they crampin his style for real.

  66. gloria says:

    platinum? jaja more like phatinum she is fat and insecure