Celebrity Rehab 3 – Will Mindy Be Okay?


“I’ve seen people overdose and die and I didn’t get that scared,” Mackenzie Phillips said of her roommate Mindy McCready’s terrifying seizure last week. After viewing this sneak peak of this week’s Celebrity Rehab 3 (premiering Thursday at 10/9c), it’s easy to see why. There’s only one obvious positive about Mindy’s episode–it seems to shake Dennis Rodman out of his ambivalence toward his treatment and his housemates. Dennis even runs out to catch up with the waiting ambulance so that he can hold Mindy’s hand. Is this a turning point for him? And will Mindy be able to continue treatment or will she need to leave the house for more acute physical care? Find out tomorrow.

– Jessica Suarez

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  1. John D says:

    Shelly’s smug,condisending attitude and facial expressions would make any alcoholic/addict resist treatment if they were not there because they wanted to be.The simple act of talking to a person as if they were a guest instead of a client can have a profound effect in tearing down a wall of denial so the suggestions of recovery can be considered.I have a great amount of respect for what she has achieved in her sobriety, however, she may want to brush up on her people skills.

    Sincerely, John D Alcoholic/Addict

  2. xBenji65 says:

    That was pretty scary.

    but sorry I couldn’t help but laugh when the girl was laughing

  3. Lee Gillilan says:

    I truely love this show. I am sooooo glad mindy is okay. I have always loved her voice and she is very pretty. I thought it was nice to see Dennis Rodman finally stepping up and being a man hahaha. As for Heidi, you are a good person, and I am a sober 35 yr old woman who would gladly be a friend to you if you ever needed it :) My mom loves birds too so you would fit in with our family :) Love ya Dr Drew keep up the great work ;)

  4. Mike D says:

    I am an RN and my concern is the staff response to Mindy’s seizure. She should have been rolled onto her side to prevent aspiration of fluids into her lungs. I am hopeful the staff is better trained.

  5. Univ Precautions!!! says:

    I would like for Dr Drew to address the scene in which he took Tom S.’s blood without using gloves. VERY bad example for all healthcare professionals – totally ignored universal precautions. He should publically state that he was wrong not to uphold the medical standard and if others do the same, they put themselves AND THEIR PATIENTS at risk for infection and cross contamination. How do you send a note directly to Dr Drew or the producers?
    –Concerned in CO

  6. Amy Scaccia says:

    Mackenzie Phillips I am praying for you to make it through all of this, I am so sorry for all the bad things that have occurred in your life. You are full of goodness, kindness and love so evident in your interaction with your cast mates. I wish you much happiness and strength to follow through on you new life, the clean and sober life you have chosen for yourself. God bless you my darling and keep doing what you are doing, stay on your path and I know you will shed the incredible sorrow and come forward with a new and happy life for you and your family. I will always keep you in my prayers.
    Love, Amy

  7. marcus says:

    my prayers are with Mindy. I have suffered from seizures due to my alcohol use. I have six years sobriety and I feel much better! quit using, go to meetings, find a sponsor, read the big book and work with other alcoholics and you can maintain long term sobriety.

    good luck to all in recovery

  8. A laugh a minute, I guarantee you says:

    This show has to be the funniest thing MTV has come up with since Celebrity Deathmatch. From the “Dr” to the patients, it’s a laugh a minute.

    Watching these losers in action is an absolute hoot. What kind of failed human introduces himself to new people with the line “I played bass for Alice in Chains”? Look up loser in the dictionary, you’ll see his photo. Talk about hanging onto the past while ignoring the present.

    The mix of narcissistic “celelebrity” losers led by an equally narcissistic “Dr” and a criminally incompetent staff may not sound like a hit but just like a car wreck, you can’t help but look.

    Kudos MTV, you may have set the cause of drug and alcohol rehab back a hundred years but you’ve created a new form of comedy.

  9. Adrienne says:

    I am so glad that a reality show finally had the opportunity to deal with the seriousness of seizures. So often when you see seizures portrayed on any television show it is for laughs. This episode shows that seizures are absolutely no laughing matter and that they are VERY serious! There needs to be so much more awareness and proper info given about seizures and those they affect. They are scary, serious and completely uncontrollable. The stigma around seizures needs to change so that the general public understands just how serious they are and how to deal with them should they ever se anyone seizing. I’d appreciate it if Dr. Drew would do a PSA about seizures and perhaps even become a spokes person for seizure disorders.

  10. Rick says:

    Drew, I’m assuming you suspect this, but Mindy is not entirely forthcoming about her alcohol use. Not long before she got to rehab, she was downtown Nashville, in the bars swilling by the bottle, saying it didn’t matter because she’d be on celeb rehab soon.

  11. shackney25 says:

    I just saw the episode were Mindy has a seizure, and i was very upset with how they handled it. I have been an epileptic for 15 years, i am 18. The way the TRAINED STAFF handled her seizure upset me. He said ” Just make sure she doesn’t bang around” and put a pillow in front of her face. Rule one of seizure action is to turn the person on their side so they don’t chock on their saliva, and keep their face clear so they can breath. he did neither of those, at one point she had started turning colors because she was coughing and struggling to breath, and if she wasn’t coughing she had her face in a pillow I hope Dr. Drew educates his staff to better handle this situation.

  12. Sherry says:

    I totally agree with Mike D!

    I have been having seizures for over 30 years and the whole time Mindy was having her seizure I was yelling at the tv for them to turn her on her side! I know exactly what that feels like and it’s very distressing. It’s almost like the airway is compressed or something and you can get air in, but pushing it out is very scary – even for someone that has been dealing with this for so many years. I can imagine what she felt like.

    The first thing I tell anyone that could be around me during a seizure is to turn me on my side and DO NOT stick anything in my mouth. I am totally shocked at the staff’s lack of knowledge. If I remember correctly Dr. Drew said that seizures are very common among addicts during detox. There may not be anything they can do to prevent seizures but they should know the proper way to handle them!

    Also, the guy said that the seizure “wasn’t that bad”. Let me tell you dude, that may not be the worst seizure you’ve ever seen but it was a bad seizure. When a seizure like that is over, you are totally exhausted. It’s hard to understand until you have experienced it.

  13. MichelleRN says:

    Again as an RN I cannot believe that the person who responded to Mindy’s seizure was a licensed nurse. If you are going to operate a detox center you better make sure your staff are knowledgeable and have some basic equipment to handle this kind of emergency (portable O2 tank, oral airway,IV ativan,valium,etc)It’s a miracle she didn’t get aspiration pneumonia.

  14. Catherine says:

    This show is so dangerous for alcoholics and addicts who might be considering getting help. It is unrealistic and the “staff” response or lack of to the medical withdrawal needs of the clients is so unethical. Not only was the response to Mindy’s seizure incorrect but Shelly’s response of immature disgust at Mike’s vomit was ridiculous. As a recovering alcoholic myself (and Shelly has confirmed she is also), I have seen so much throw-up I would never act like a 5 year old around it. Also due to sanitary regulations, a real medical facility would have 1. not left it on the floor throughout the night due to sanitary and exposure reasons and would have 2. repetitively checked on him to make sure he was okay. Finally, putting Tom Sizemore and Heidi Fleiss in treatment together? That would never happen at a legitimate treatment center. This show is not about creating awareness of addiction treatment, just about ratings. Please know that there is real help out there and sobriety can be a wonderful life. Check out respected, legitimate treatment centers, medical detox centers if necessary, and 12 Step Fellowships. Alcoholics Anonymous gave me the chance to stop killing myself and learn to live a life of miracles. People can recover and it is worth it!

  15. nurse betty says:

    OMG. I’ve never seen someone leave a seizing patient supine(flat on back)with a pillow placed strategically over the airway! Will! You are a nice, nice guy! But I think some seizure management skills are in order at PRC. Mindy was shaking her head back and forth because she could not breathe! Her saliva was in the back of her throat and she was fighting for air! She was gray because she was hypoxic! Then to top it all off, it is stated while she is postictal, “That was not a bad one.” Really?
    Dr. Drew, I hope to God you saw this footage and have instituted some much needed training.

  16. Graham M says:

    After watching Dr. Amen give a brain scan to Mindy and state that there’s damage to her temporal lobe was scary. Scary because while he circled the area to the sides of her brain, the temporal lobes, and describing the damage, Mindy interjects saying “that’s exactly where I’ve had the worst head trauma, my ex banged the back of my head against the headboard really hard.” I’m sorry, but for Dr. Amen not to correct Mindy and tell her that the area she states was injured is actually the occipital lobe. Then Dr. Drew says, “that may be the source of the seizure, that area,” clearly indicates that Dr. Drew needs to brush up on gross anatomy of the brain, or how to speak to patients so that they are clear as to what medical tests actually reveal. To let Mindy continue to think her seizure were caused by trauma rather than alcohol was a huge opportunity wasted…no pun intended.

  17. nurse betty says:

    OMG. I’ve never seen a health care professional leave a seizing patient supine(flat on back)with a pillow placed strategically over the airway! Will! You are a nice, nice guy! But I think some seizure management skills are in order at PRC. Mindy was shaking her head back and forth because she could not breathe! Her saliva was in the back of her throat and she was fighting for air! She was gray because she was hypoxic! Then to top it all off, it is stated while she is postictal, “That was not a bad one.” Really?
    Dr. Drew, I hope to God you saw this footage and have instituted some much needed training.

  18. Spacetracy says:

    PEOPLE DETOXING FROM METHADONE SUFFER TERRIBLY and should be treated with more respect than Shelley can give- I FEEL YA MIKE!
    I have to say that Shelly(spell?) is not the kind of person you want helping you when detoxing off of Methadone or Heroin. What a bee-atch! NOONE and I mean NOONE understands what it is like to suffer detox from Methadone (worse for me than Heroin was) except those who have done it. I used to live in Seattle (cap. hill and west sea) and I had to leave in 2001 to get well and who the hell hasn’t heard of AIC? Don’t they have bios on the patients when they come into treatment and why would she not know AIC unless she was trying to be rude. Check out any target and you’ll see AIC!!!
    I think some people really need to get back on something because the drugs she did must of used up all her dopamine. AND what’s this crap about methadone? Methadone saved my life. Yeah I hate taking it, but it keeps me normal and living a normal life instead of out there copping for drugs. We now have a successful business and I hate to say it, but I quit everything for one year and I had to get back on the methadone treatment plan because like Shell- I had no love for life… like a black cloud over my head and I ached from head to toe for one whole year.So think what you like… I know methadone keeps me normal and NOT HIGH!!! I’ve been clean off everything else (not even a sip of beer) for 9 years so get real when it comes to Methadone treatment. SOme of us need it!!!! I’d rather be on my 105 mg of methadone a day then be a +`&)@)`##*~@&+&#_ like your Shelley. I understand what it’s like being from Seattle and shooting up on pike and pine and broadway at the Jack in the Box… etc. I used to hang out at the Ok hotel and we ALL respect and know who Mike is. He’s a GREAT GUY and deserves his street cred!!.. Tom and Heidi reunion made me bawl my eyes out. People who do drugs are actually some of the nicest people you will meet-so many people mistake users for all being loser !*^~@$^*$%@)&(^ holes when most are just really hurting inside and take too much in.

  19. blakmira says:

    I would like to know why Dr. Drew did not mention to the doctor doing the brain scan on Mindy that she was on two or three different types of anti-depressant pills plus a painkiller (as she admitted in her first interview)? Instead, he just attributed the seizure solely to alcohol, as she’d “claimed” not to have a problem with pills.

    It is a known side effect of all chemical anti-depressants that they can cause seizures, with or WITHOUT alcohol. It’s quite disturbing that Big Pharma is given a free pass on their toxic prescription pills by Dr. Drew and VH1.

    And then just to blindly accept that a head trauma in the back of her head was the cause of injury to the frontal lobe in her brain?? — you don’t need to be a brain surgery to realize that makes no common sense.

    What’s up? Surely someone else noticed this too?

  20. Eva says:

    Mike D, and all other medical personnel I AGREE WITH YOU. It was disturbing and infuriating to see that the “tech” staff do not know proper procedure of a seizing patient. I am a physician and to see that person who is hired to care for people and calls himself a “tech” not know the BASICS to roll her on her side to secure her ability to breathe and not aspirate her saliva or other contents was ridiculous. He kept on saying, “the most important thing is she doesn’t get banged up”…NO, the most important thing is that she BREATHES!
    DR. Drew, you may consider training your staff adequately.
    Dr. Flores

  21. celebrity smile says:

    that is such an awesome show

  22. bjwilliams says:


  23. pmink61 says:

    I agree so much with what Amy Scaccia posted on jan.21st, when she addressed Mackenzie Phillips, Amen to you Amy!!! I must say tho, that I would like to add Mindy and Heidi in these “Best Wishes” I am an addict and married to one, and do think of suicide , when you feel worthless….what’s the point!!! I commend all of you who have the resources and most of all “THE WILL” to love yourself enough to go on…PEACE and HAPPINESS to all of ya……Sincerely

  24. braden says:

    I would like to find out exactly what happened to mindy,my wife has gone throught the exact type of seizures since october 2009. they still do not know what happened. does the doctors think mindys seizures are stressed related. or is it some type of pills mindy was one. I would like to know PLEASE!!!!!!

  25. Coco says:

    I am also concerned about Mindy’s lack of admitting that she is an addict/alcoholic. Why is this never addressed? It seems to be a focus with regards to Dennis – rightfully so- what about Mindy??