Annie’s Video Art Is Not Like Video Games


Before she was the part-time pariah on A Basement Affair, Annie was on the Internet as “Caroline.” Confused? So are we! I think it’s best to just go with it and let Annie/Caroline’s soothing words take over for intellect: “My butt, my butt, I got a butt / I poop out of my butt / My butt, my butt, I have a butt / It’s not big, it’s not small, it’s just a butt.”

Annie’s now-defunct YouTube under the name “Scandalishious” is full of such…experimental work, as well as weird computer-voice poetry and hipster-fashion skewering. It’s hard to know what to make of this, which is somewhat reassuring: it’s at least nice to know that Annie’s off-air persona is consistent with her on-air one. (For more Annie weirdness, check out her Scandalishious site and MySpace.) [via TWoP]

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