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Stephanie’s got something to say! We missed out on interviewing her the week after she was eliminated from A Basement Affair, but that just would not do, so she got in touch with us. Below, Stephanie says her peace on being “targeted,” being among the first eliminated and being accused of going on the show just for exposure.

I assume you’re dissatisfied by your portrayal on the show.


Tell me about it.

I was portrayed as a fame-seeker because I came on there being a model. The questions Frank asked me I could not answer, so I was also portrayed as not knowing anything about him, which was totally opposite. What VH1 didn’t show was when he did ask me what I knew, I told him everything I knew about him. And he was like, “Wow, OK.”

What did you know? Because you’d said on the show that you did do research.

I wanted to find out all of the information about Frank. I knew when he was born, his birthday, his hometown, his hobbies, what he liked to do. I knew he liked guitars, so I came up with this banging picture of me on the guitar. I was on my stuff.

Had you watched him on reality TV before, though?

Yeah, I did. He had a big personality, he was funny and fun. That’s why I wanted to get to know more about him, you know? Yeah.

Do you think Frank grilled you so much because he was afraid you were there for exposure?

Yeah, I think so. You know, on all reality shows, anytime you’re a model, it’s going to look that way. I just think I was targeted from jump. Just because I was being real and letting him know, “Hey, I model. Either you’re going to love it or you’re going to hate it. Either you’re going to bring me on the show or you’re not.” Before this show, nobody in this house stated that they were a model but me. Now that this show is out, everybody’s got YouTube videos, everybody’s got modeling pictures up. There’s all kinds of stuff telling the fans what their true motivations were. I was not the only model in the house. I got thrown under the bus for coming on and being real.

Did you expect that at all?

No! Oh my god, no! I’m thinking that I’m going to go on there and get one on one time to get to know more about him, like every other lady on the show, and it went totally opposite for me. Another person that threw me under the bus was that girl Renee. Renee was out there when I couldn’t answer the questions, but she wasn’t out there when I told him everything I knew about him. So she just needs to shut her mouth. She said a little slick comment about somebody trying to jump-start their career, and I hope she wasn’t talking about me because I’ve been in the game five years. She could Google me.

The exposure is a good thing, right? It’s like two birds with one stone: you look for love and you get exposure.


Because as a model, I imagine getting your face out there more could help you.

Like I keep telling everybody, I was a model for five years before I came on this show. My face is on products. My face is on a national hair magazine every single month. So it wasn’t so much of me coming on there for exposure, I really wanted to come on there to get to know Frank.

He said he had no connection with you. Did you buy that?

Not at all. Ninety percent of what happened in that house was not shown on TV. We had some great moments. When we took pictures, Frank gave me a great big hug, picked me up and everything. And I’m like, “Wow, OK.” There’s also a video of just me and Frank for like four minutes going back and forth. I’m holding his hand. So I think there was a little something there.

Was it insulting as a model to be kicked off so early?

It wasn’t so much insulting to me, it was more so…Frank was like, “Stephanie, you’re so beautiful, but you’re going home”. It taught me so much. It taught me that, hey, sometimes beautiful is not going to get you that far. It taught me that you have to expect the unexpected.

Do you regret not extending your research to watching those episodes that he was quizzing you about?

I don’t regret it, because after it was asked, if I were to really really sit down and think about it, I probably would have known why he got eliminated off of I Love New York and I Love Money. I watched the shows, but like I said, it was so unexpected for those questions to come at me that I kind of choked up. But everybody knows that New York said he was a loser when she eliminated him. I Love Money is kind of easy too. If a member voted you off, you gotta go home. And I think that’s what happened to him.

Frank’s elimination was actually one of the few times that didn’t happen. It was a stripper-pole challenge, and whoever held onto the pole the least amount of time and fell into the water got eliminated. And that was him. At least, that’s how he left in the first season.

See, I wouldn’t have been able to tell him that at all.

To me, though, it seemed like you were set up to fail, because if you answered correctly, he could say, “Well, are you obsessed with me on TV? Are you just into the Entertainer?”

Exactly! I knew they were going to get me. If I could answer those questions, I knew I was going to be portrayed as a stalker on TV. I was being honest, though, when I said, “No, I do not know.”

Are you angry about how it all went down? Do you resent Frank?

Let me tell you, I was very angry. That’s why I say that 90 percent of what went down in the house wasn’t shown. My final interview, I went off. I was pissed off because of how everything played out. I put my hard work into everything. My one-on-one present that I made for him was very creative. I know he would have loved it. My shirt, I took my time to make it and think outside the box to do it for him. And everything backfired for me and got thrown in my face.

Keep up with Stephanie via her MySpace and follow her on Twitter!

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  1. betsy baber says:

    Frank, I wish I was alittle younger because Im just who your looking for, heehee, Im 51 and I do have a boyfriend 38yrs.were not together now hes in El Salvador,my luck is like yours, and we been seeing one another 2 years, I also have an x that I cant get rid of but I will, I like you and I believe YOU are great ,funny, but eventhough your mom is great you need your own life and home, I just wish it couldve been with me, oh well we wont always get what we want, Ill be watchin you love, and furthermore, annie s ok but lacking if you know what I mean the others are gold diggers, I ve watched you for awhile on TV so I know you deserve a chance at a nice life and love ,best wishes and you can write me sometime if ever, ok ,with lots of hugs and kisses!!! Betsy

  2. Gina bina says:

    wah wah wah. somebody call the wah-mbulace. somebody always has to go first and she wasnt that interesting. i forgot about her until this interview.

  3. WANIS says:


  4. Ann says:

    That’s messed up. He said on the show that she didn’t know anything about him but she did, they just didn’t show it.

  5. David says:

    I never thought in a million years he wouldve ever picked any of the sistas not that I think he’s a racist I just dont think any of the sistas that go on the dating shows to date interracially are not the types of girls the guys like

  6. tootoo says:

    hes a loser. babygirl aint missin out on nothing. come on now, he lives in his parents basement

  7. LOL says:

    OMG- can we say DESPERATE… come on girl, “google me”… who are u that SUPER MODEL from the T.O. show? I’m sorry but the modeling that I see you have done has been low budget! No one remembers you… and how lame is it for you to contact VH1… You sounded severly uneducated in the footage and no wonder why they did not show many footage of you. Please stop writing all these comments on facebook like you some celebrity, lets just be real…

  8. Erica says:

    Come on, when you go on a reality show you have to expect this. You know they are going to edit the sh*t out of the footage! Why would they not do it to you?

  9. lala says:

    OMG! why does she look like a caveman?!?!! banging body… _)##(@+#)~$*+^$_ ed up looking face!

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