Secrets Of Aspen – Episode 4 Aftershow


This week’s episode of Secrets of Aspen may have contained the show’s most outrageous offering yet: Laura set up the date auction to ensure she’d go for the most cash. In the Aftershow clip above, she explains herself (and denies paying for herself), while her castmates attempt to hold back their vomit.

Check out the remaining segments of this week’s Secrets of Aspen Aftershow at its video page.

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  1. Deven says:

    If I hear one more woman with big tatas say she’s “volumptuous” I’ll vomit. I thought Laura was supposed to be intelligent. There is not an M in the word!Skip the Botox one week and buy a dictionary…..

  2. heyyo says:

    Laura is growin on me. She’s kinda a b*** but kinda funny and hot.. uses big words like she’s all smart and sh***.

  3. lucy says:

    she sooooooo paid for herself.

  4. Angiedee says:

    Wow…another show glorifying ugly/horrible people. How bout something positive for a change VH1? Watching Laura is almost painful. Shes broken, old, plastic, and sad. Oh..did I mention shes OLD? Can we see some fresh people on your channel please?