VH1 Tough Love 2 Recap – Episode 10 – Use Protection


This week’s Very Important Message from Steve:


Geez, dad!

This week on the second-to-last VH1 Tough Love 2, Steve sent the ladies on weekend getaways with their current connections. But first he had The Talk with Angel. Be safe! But Steve didn’t have to worry, there was plenty of protection to go around this episode. Here are some other birth control methods employed this week:

Method #2: Wearing a full body condom

Rocky’s transformation remains the most heartwarming. She’s learned to meld her wild side with her fiercely maternal side. After a hot day of boating around with her date Jason, she slips away to “put on something a little more comfortable” and comes out in this adorable onesie. She wants to take it slow with him and just cuddle in their hotel room. Least sexual piece of clothing since the Snuggie? Discuss.

Method #3: Revealing your previous marriage


Liz, the girl nicknamed Ms. Wedding Belle, ended up with a formerly married man. At least Liz knows he’s the marrying type? But his explanation for why he never brought it up before didn’t them any closer to marital relations either.



This guy would be sleeping on the couch, if the RV had a couch.

Method #4: Being a word nerd


After begging Jenna to let go of her past crushes, Steve hooked her up with another old college crush. Mixed message! During their date, Jenna’s college crush says gender “is just a social construction.” Mixed identity! If her date, Turner, were out with any of the other women, he’d be out the door. Fortunately Jenna loved that he “uses big words and knows what they mean!” So take this out of the “birth control” column and put it under “aphrodisiac” for her.


Method #5: Putting up walls


Last week Quincy told Tina he wasn’t “the marrying type.” Tina decided to give him one more chance during their weekend getaway. Unfortunately he’s not only “not the marrying type,” but he also doesn’t want to fall in love. Tina cried a little bit. And they probably spent the night in separate rooms.

Oh, as for Angel and Adam? They had the bed rocking all night long.


Some other things to note from this week:

- Taylor’s idea of commitment.

toughlove210vh100023Steve told Taylor she needed to show Willie that she was serious about their relationship, but she used her trip to show her commitment to Steve.

- Sally and Kenisha became less protective.


toughlove210vh100018Two women who couldn’t be more different actually have the same issue: they’re afraid to be themselves. Kenisha hid behind her alias “London Dupri.” Sally simply melted into the wallpaper. But that’s in the past now (and just in time! Second-to-last week!). “You are truly the first person I feel I can be just myself with. Because I’ve been so scared to be myself,” Sally said, tearfully. Awww.

- This week’s liberal use of traditional aphrodisiacs.


Picturesque sunsets, evening cruises, firelight, champagne, chocolate strawberries, red roses: the ladies’ first overnight trips away from the house seemed custom-made for romance. As if Steve didn’t make it clear enough during group, this was really their last chance at forming a connection with their men. Or at least seal the deal.

— Jessica Suarez

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