Fantasia For Real Recap – Episode 3 – Faces Of Tasia


In this episode there is…


raw human emotion!

(As usual, of course.)

Our first weekly face of Tasia is her retail-catharsis face…


Do you see the joy emanating from her pores? “I got a lot going on right now [with] my brother Teeny and the record company, and [I’m] bothered, so I think I should shop,” she said. Although her already supporting six (maybe five now with Teeny out of the picture?) people makes me wonder if spending money isn’t just the path to more bother, if she’s not worried about her bank account, why should anyone else be? And really, when she got in the store and said (literally!), “I love this, I love that, I like this,” well…there’s no arguing with joy, right?


In the end, Fantasia took home this lovely cabana, which she placed poolside and then laughed under it…


This is Fantasia’s hilarity-trumps-the-pain-of-estrangement face, which she unleashed as Aunt Bunny related visiting Teeny in his roach-infested, part-time dog kennel of a pad last episode.


Also, Fantasia said that she hadn’t spoken to Teeny for three months at this point, so that time really flew by, now didn’t it?

In the meantime, Teeny had been performing in some sort of local bar.


Even though Fantasia was nowhere to be found in his show, her name was still above his on the marquee…


That is cold.

Contrast where Teeny is in the shot above with where Fantasia is in the shot below:


That’s her at the legendary Apollo theater. Here’s Fantasia’s Apollo face:


Her excitement was justified as she brought down the house with a frenzied rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Rock Steady.” As good as her performance was, the highlight of watching her visit to the Apollo wasn’t the sangin’, but the schmoozin’…


Legendary enough for you? She seemed to hug him and move on, whereas I would have been like, “Why yes, Mr. Campbell, we can talk.”

Speaking of Fantasia’s music, here’s her move on, me face:


She began flirting with the idea of leaving her company when her manager gave her word that radio program directors said “Move On Me” was not a single after her label tested it. She said she loved her label but, “love don’t pay the bills.” As someone supporting the bulk of her immediate family, Tasia knows this far too well.

And speaking of family (because, really, when aren’t we speaking of family?), here’s Tasia’s if-you-love-something-set-it-free face…


That was her response to her hunky brother Rico’s desire for “independency.” He made clear his wish to carve out a musical niche for himself (he’s been singing backup for her since Idol).


In other words, there won’t be any marquees with Fantasia’s name over his. Not if he can help it, at least.

Here’s Fantasia’s party face:


I wonder if Fantasia covered Zion’s face when she inevitably watched this scene. Otherwise, the captured face covering was for naught.

Here’s Fantasia’s on-the-brink-of-reconciliation face:


But that never really happened. Though she eventually came around to wanting to talk to Teeny again, after he failed to show up for her birthday party, and even spent some face time with him, thanks to a meeting orchestrated by Rico, there was no happy ending to be found.


Teeny literally said, “Nobody understands me!” and also told Fantasia, “Nobody loves Fantasia for Fantasia…they love her for Fantasia, the American Idol,” which just seems mean and counter to any efforts to patch things up. Fantasia stormed out, and the entire episode ended in tears on both sides…



Teeny called Fantasia to apparently rant at her. He yelled, “I ain’t never done anything to you but be a goddamn brother.” He freeloaded, too, though, right? Surely, that’s something.

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